Live Call In Book Workshop to discuss "Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension", the latest book in the Essence Path series:


When: To Be Announced

Time: To Be Announced

Listening method: Telephone Conference


Listen to EM Nicolay discuss your questions and some of the predictions found in the latest book of the Essence Path series, "Timeline Collpase & Universal Ascension."


To Register for the Workshop: Register Now using the form below to attend the Book Workshop at the designated time. You will recieve an email at the address you provide with the necessary Phone Sign-In Information (Email addresses are never shared). Please register at least 2 hours prior to the Conference to ensure receipt of the Workshop Sign-In Information.

[NOTE: This Workshop is free, but phone/toll charges may apply depending upon your telephone plan.]










To Submit A Workshop Question: You may submit Workshop Questions using the form below anytime up to 48 hours prior to the Conference Call. If your question is selected for inclusion, it will be asked by the Moderator during the course of the Conference Call. Time permitting, the Workshop may also include a live inter-active Question and Answer segment open to participants:














(Please check back again soon to see the schedule for new Workshops and Live Group EssencePath Sessions, or if No Live Workshop or EP Group Session is currently scheduled.)


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