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"Discovering Your EssencePath Book One" by EM Nicolay

"Your Essence Path and Other Quintessential Phenomena," Book One from the "Discovering Your Essence Path" series, is the first book in the series and builds the foundation for a unique understanding of the interaction between your Higher Self and your physically-bound self.


ESSENCE PATH provides the knowledge and techniques you need to begin the discovery of your Essence, or Soul path. In addition, Book One explores the nature of our causal reality and its relationship to thought, feeling and the fabric of life, the multi-dimensional nature of your Soul and its journey, the truth about higher guidance in the third Dimensional realm, the real nature of alien visitation, the world altering energetic changes we are facing and relevance those changes will have to our lives, how dreams and the astral state contribute to the fabric of your reality, and the reasons why increasing your energetic vibration through higher consciousness is particularly important during this monumental Ascension time period.


Over a decade of telepathic work has led to the astounding revelations compiled in the Essence Path series. Like the other books in the Essence Path series, "Discovering Your Essence Path" Book Two, "The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions" and "Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension," this book is the starting point of our journey into the multi-dimensional nature of the Universe and the Soul, providing new and unique levels of higher spiritual guidance and awakening.

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