Essence Path


Meditation and prayer are divine gifts that assist you to raise your vibrational frequency in a direct and immediate manner. The purpose of meditation is realignment with the higher self -- a reboot of the relationship you have with your Essence -- allowing you to raise your vibrational energy so you create a portal of communication between you, your Soul, your Guides and, ultimately, the God source.


Meditation and prayer truly may be see as one in the same. That is to say that meditation is in fact prayer, and prayer in its ideal form is a meditation. The practice of meditation or prayer at a minimum of once a day acts as a direct means of reinforcing the balance between your physical and energetic centers (chakras). In addition, prayer and meditation align you with your higher self, tuning you into your Essence path and continually balancing the communication between the spiritual realms and you.


We believe that practicing and using the Essencepath Guided Meditation series helps awaken new states of consciousness and awareness, enhancing cellular response, improving the energetic body's vibrational quality and activating DNA, providing you with new and heightened connections to not only your life path, but the higher guidance that resides within you. For that reason, we are pleased to make available a series of audio CD's, comprised of meditations recorded live during group sessions over the past year.


Each meditation is a guided visualization tailored to open you to specific aspects of higher growth. It is our hope that you will find the Essencepath Guided Meditation series an inspiring, helpful and rewarding part of your own spiritual journey.

Life Path Meditation


Learning the parameters and patterns that your higher self and you are constantly generating and creating is paramount to knowing your life’s path. And understanding your life path is vital to being more closely aligned with the positive intentions of your soul - your Essence path.


This meditation is intended to assist you to strengthen your connection with your life’s path and your higher self and finding your own truth. 

Life Path MeditationEssence Path

Chakra Balance & Clearing Meditation


This meditation is intended to assist you to raise your vibrational frequency through the clearing of energetic debris and blockage lodged within the Chakra system. In doing so not only do you raise your vibrational resonance, you reinvigorate your cellular structure so that you resonate from a pure and truthful alignment that allows you to attract health, joy and fulfillment. Each cell in your body is a microcosm of your Soul, and clearing the chakra system allows you to maximize the information, in the form of energy and light, that is bleeding through to the physical cellular structure.

Chakra clearing and balance is accomplished through prayer, meditation and intention, as well as specific meditations such as this.  As you are guided through this meditation, remember at all times that as you think, so life will be. Change your thoughts and change your beliefs in order to change your emotional and vibrational response. Work always to keep your thoughts clear, purposeful and balanced so that you might be aligned with your Truth, and in doing so come into harmony with your Soul and your Essence Path.

Chakra Balance & Clearing MeditationEssence Path

Ascension Mastery Meditation


This meditation helps realize your connection to your multi-dimensional nature and the universal God source, assisting you to raise your cellular frequency so that lower dimensional energies (typically the ones that oscillate in unison with negativity and physical dis-ease) cannot connect to you. The Ascension Mastery meditation bathes you in higher dimensional thought patterns that allow you to raise your conscious resonance so you are receptive to the natural evolutionary process referred to as Ascension.

Ascension Mastery MeditationEssence Path

Healing & Well Being Meditation


This meditation assists you in understanding the importance of healing yourself, those around you, the Planet and even the Universe as an important mechanic of enlightenment, evolution and Ascension. Individuals, groups, societies and cultures that come together with the intent to heal themselves, their communities and the planet have miraculous power to not only dispel and quickly grow beyond limited belief structures and organized dogma but to channel higher resonances as well. These higher healing frequencies allow them to achieve healing on a cellular level, and individual healing exponentially augments the energetic mechanisms crucial to allowing mass consciousness and the Earth grid itself to become potentially transcendent.

No true healing or well being can occur in a being without "healing" first occurring in the connected spiritual and etheric realms, since the etheric body is always affected by dis-harmony first and this is the energy that communicates a "condition" into the physical realm.


This guided meditation connects you to your energetic being, bringing you on a journey of higher vibrational healing that, once resonant within you, can be projected and spread to your loved ones, your community and the planet itself. In this way the healing and well being of each individual, each community and each society has the potential to become a shared destiny for everyone.

Healing & Well Being MeditationEssence Path

Connecting With Life & Essence Meditation


This meditation helps you realize and invigorate life through connection to your Higher Self and your Soul Matrix, assisting you to access the wisdom of your Soul and receive guidance concerning the nature and purpose of your current lifetime. The Connection to Your Essence meditation highlights your association with a higher spiritual nature and provides a meditative vehicle for downloading information and awareness coming to you from your Soul and helping you to understand your life lessons, your karmic associations and the reasons you chose to experience the life you are currently living.


You are guided in great part by the Soul, or OverSoul, that includes your lifetime as one of its creative accomplishments. Once you, as an extension of your Soul, are created in physical form it is intended that you act as Creator yourself and thus you are invited in this life to evolve to your maximum potential. Principal to your growth and your understanding of the parameters and the purpose of your lifetime is the level of connection you have to your Soul and your Soul's other lifetimes. This connection, when strengthened through meditation and the resulting increased vibrational wisdom you receive in the form of higher consciousness facilitates completion of the goals and lessons outlined by your Soul and by you.

Connecting with Life & Essence MeditationEssence Path

Manifesting What You Desire Meditation


This meditation assists you in understanding the life you have created and helps you transform your subtle energy so you can manifest the life you now intend. Everyone has the potential to achieve "perfection" -- all the joy, happiness, peace, prosperity and health they desire. These things however, may be edited "down" from that perfect ideal and this is usually done subconsciously by an individual in order to meet the specific goals and growth they and their Soul have outlined for the lifetime.


Understanding the parameters and the mechanics of attraction and physical manifestation provides you with the ability to actively influence and even change your vibrational thought patterns so you can re-order your subconscious energetic expression. Then, in conjunction with your Soul, you are free to manifest life in all its most positive aspects.


When you feel all is possible, when you believe and have Faith in yourself, in your higher self and in the universe to deliver to you what is perfect for you, you change your vibrational state and you begin to change the dynamic and attract the perfection that is available all around you. The Manifesting What You Desire guided meditation assists you to rediscover the intrinsic vibration of "Faith" and helps you navigate the field of creation, placing you in your Essence and assisting you to visualize into manifestation the life you desire.

Manifesting What You Desire MeditationEssence Path