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Discovering Your EssencePath Book Two" by EM Nicolay

"Fear, Faith and Physical Reality," Book Two from the "Discovering Your Essence Path" series, builds on the themes begun in Book One providing a more complete analysis of the coming vibrational changes, description of the coming emergence of 4th dimension attributes within the 3rd dimension, the nature of universal dimensional overlap, the polarity of belief, emotion and thought and your relationship to the manifestation of your personal reality.


Book Two also examines further the reasons mastering Fear and maintaining Faith by understanding the purpose of your Higher Self during the lifetime is paramount to a successful life mission, and how your ability to carry light (en-"lighten"- ment) at the cellular level -- a component of the vibrational signature that identifies your Soul throughout the universe -- is being increased exponentially as we approach one of the most transforming periods in Earth's history.


Over a decade of telepathic work has led to the astounding revelations compiled in the Essence Path series. Like the other books in the Essence Path series, "Discovering Your Essence Path" Book One, "The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions" and "Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension," this book continues our journey into the multi-dimensional nature of the Universe and the Soul, providing new and unique levels of higher spiritual guidance and awakening.

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