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"Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: A Look at the Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra" continues an extraordinary journey into higher levels of spiritual guidance, awakening and the metaphysical world.


The first part of the two-part book provides detailed information concerning the collapse and regeneration of the current Third Dimensional timeline on Earth. It details predictions of major world events, including the advent and aftermath of World War III as well as other cataclysmic global transformations seen to occur on the future timeline of Earth between now and the year 2569. It also gives insight into why there is a widening rift on Earth between those Souls destined to continue incarnating in lifetimes on Third Dimensional Earth and those destined to Ascend to a Fifth Dimensional version of Earth known as the planet Terra. Part Two of the book opens an unprecedented window into the ongoing Ascension of Human Angelic Souls to higher dimensional fields and provides a first look at lifetimes and galactic events seen on the future timeline of the Fifth Dimensional planet Terra.


Over two decades of telepathic work has led to the astounding revelations compiled in the Essence Path series. Like the first three books in the Essence Path series, "Discovering Your Essence Path" Books One and Book Two and "The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions," the latest book in the series, "Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra," continues our journey into the multi-dimensional nature of the Universe and the Soul, providing new and unique levels of higher spiritual guidance and awakening.

EM Nicolay discusses themes and answers questions concerning "Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension," the fourth book in the EssencePath series.

Moderated by H.L. Jang


Topics Covered Include:

-The coming clash of civilizations and the duality struggle inherent in Christ versus Anti-Christ consciousness

-The fate of England & Australia over the course of the coming 30 to 50 years as seen on the current Timeline

-The longterm consequences of weather manipulation, geo-engineering and the weaponization of nature

-The best and worst locations to be during the coming period

-The coming Bio-ET invasion of Earth

Essence Path Book Workshop - 12-9-15
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