"When your consciousness, your vibrational integrity and your resonance are high enough,
negativity, evil and disease cannot see you."

Understand Your Soul's

Journey and Discover Your

Essence Path

Samuel Sessions, The - E.M. Nicolay, H.L

A new book in the Essence Path series: "The Samuel Sessions: A Collection of Sessions, Essays, Transcripts and Revelations for achieving Higher Spiritual Guidance, understanding the Nature of the Multi-Dimensional Universe and Discovering Your Essence Path".  An extraordinary compilation of spiritual guidance, essays, and revelations intended to assist us to discover a fuller understanding of the Soul’s journey.

The fourth book in the Essence Path series: "Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension - The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra" is a riveting look at world events on the future timeline of Earth from now until 2569, and an exploration of the Ascension of Human Angelic Souls to Earth's Fifth Dimensional counterpart, Terra.


Book Three in the Essence Path series: "The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensional - New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shifts of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of the Human Angelic Soul Group", is an in depth look at universal structure and the Higher Dimensional Avatars who act as guardians to human consciousness and the growth of the Human Angelic Soul group.

Over a decade of work has led to the breakthrough information compiled on Essencepath.com and contained within the Essence Path series of books. Our site is dedicated to providing you with valuable insights into the  relationship between your Higher Self and your physically-bound self as well as the true nature of the universe.  Please enjoy this site in the love, light and peace in which it is created and with the intention of assisting you to create a joyful, prosperous and successful life experience.

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