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Ascension Cycles Explained

The following is an excerpt taken from a new book in the Essence Path series scheduled for release this Fall and entitled, "Wheels of Creation: The Soul's Journey Through Transmigration, Reincarnation and Ascension". We are providing it here in response to a reader's recent question.

Q. We hear about Ascension as a 26,000, 260,000 and 250 Million year process. What is Ascension and which time period is the correct one?

"...Ascension can be broken down into evolutionary cycles that occur approximately every 25,000 to 26,000 years, every 250,000 to 260,000 years and every 250 million years. Ascension cycles are periods where universal photonic energies are magnified around specific Souls, Beings, Timelines, Planets, Galaxies and other Universal Bodies in extraordinary ways to facilitate and allow access to higher levels of consciousness and, as a result, multidimensional transformation that affects the entire Universe.

The increase in consciousness and vibrational frequency allows for evolution of the entire system, depending upon the Ascension cycle being experienced. Keep in mind the multidimensional aspects of this, since, for example, the 26,000 and the 260,000 year Ascension periods are Galaxy specific and may change depending upon the Solar System or Galaxy in question and its location in the Universe. For our purposes here, we are discussing your Galaxy and your Solar System, and the time periods used reflect that. Notably however, the 250 million year Ascension cycle is universally experienced.

Approximately every 26,000 years, your Solar System enters what has been called the Solar Ascension Cycle. Many miraculous things occur during Solar Ascension periods, some of which we have discussed elsewhere, but for the purpose of our current discussion we will approach this cycle from the Soul’s position within your Universal Dimension.

When a Soul is forged and cast out by Source, it enters a specific Universal Dimension and incarnates in various life forms within the many sub-levels of that Universal Dimension. Some sub-levels of the Universal Dimension pertain to physical being and some are Astral and non-corporeal in nature. As we have seen, the Soul incarnates various lifetimes through what we term a "Wheel of Creation", and there are many Wheels of Creation that a Soul manifests within any given Universal Dimension. Again, as we have discussed, each Wheel can have different numbers of lifetimes on it, and the lifetimes on any particular Wheel are generally interconnected karmically and otherwise.

You call the lifetimes on your particular Wheel of Creation a "reincarnation", and this is true to an extent. However, these so called reincarnations are not linear in nature and do not originate with you. Equally true is the fact that each entity on a Wheel of Creation, including yourself, is a unique and independent lifetime created by the Soul. That unique lifetime, or entity if you prefer, travels, even after physical death, through various sub-levels of your Universal Dimension, climbing through the Astral planes of the Universal Dimension until such time as it is reintegrated with its Creator Soul at the highest sub-levels of the Universal Dimension.

When all the lifetimes or “reincarnations” from every Wheel of Creation of a Soul have completed their independent journey through the Universal Dimension, including all of its Astral planes, and have reintegrated with the Soul, the Soul is said to be ready for "Ascension". In that case, the energetic opportunity for a Soul itself to "Ascend" to the next Universal Dimension is possible at any 26,000 year interval during the period of the Solar Ascension Cycle.

In addition to this, approximately every 260,000 years there is what can be termed the Galactic Ascension Cycle. It is during this cycle that the Universal Dimension itself evolves if the vibrational frequency and consciousness within the Universal Dimension has augmented to the point that Ascension is possible. As this occurs, the Universal Dimension evolves and merges into the next Universal Dimension, taking its place in a manner of speaking. This happens from Universal Dimension to Universal Dimension. In this way as an example, during the Galactic Ascension period, the Second Universal Dimension actually transforms itself vibrationally into the Third Universal Dimension, the Fifth Universal Dimension into the Sixth, and so on and so forth.

This Galactic, or Grand Ascension period as it is also sometimes known, is a smooth transition that represents the evolution of the Universe’s dimensional Time-Waves. In a sense it can be seen as a kind of reset of each Dimensional Timeline or Time-Wave. This is so because basically a Universal Dimension is a product of its Space-Time Wave, or, said in another way, the Space-Time Wave spiral is what ultimately creates a Universal Dimension.

At the 260,000 year Ascension mark not only does the Universal Dimension Time-Wave evolve, it is also the period where the greatest number of Souls within that Timeline have the ability to Ascend vibrationally in unison with the Universal Dimension. Therefore, even though Souls may Ascend to a new Universal Dimension if they are ready and wish to do so about every 26,000 years during the Solar Ascension Cycle, they are not obliged to do so and may Ascend in unison with their current Universal Dimension. In truth, most Souls prefer to remain within a Universal Dimension experiencing incarnations for an entire Galactic Ascension period of approximately 260,000 years, at which point they Ascend in an almost piggy-back manner with the Ascension momentum of the Universal Dimension itself.

Because of this, most Souls create Wheels of Creation, and lives, within the Universal Dimension that span the entire 260,000 year period. It is for this reason as an example, a lifetime such as your own might easily have connection on your own Wheel of Creation to a lifetime taking place during the time of say Atlantis. However, even a Soul that is ready to Ascend has the option of creating additional Wheels of Creation within the existing Universal Dimension if it chooses to have new experiences related to its growth. For that purpose the Soul can "hold itself back" from Ascension, and will instead Ascend during any 26,000 year Solar Ascension period thereafter.

For Souls that may not have reached the required consciousness or vibrational resonance required to Ascend, this also allows an opportunity to Ascend every 26,000 years instead of waiting an additional 260,000 years for the Galactic Ascension cycle to complete. In addition it provides those Souls that have reached their desired consciousness growth or vibrational integrity and are ready to Ascend, including those that have other universal goals or priorities, the possibility of Ascending prior to the 260,000 Galactic Ascension period.

Finally, approximately every 250 Million years there is what we shall term the Cosmic Ascension period. This cycle is relatively difficult to explain as it relates to discoveries yet to be made by your science, particularly with regard to what lies in between and beyond the Galaxies you have mapped that are part of the Universe’s composition. Suffice to say however, that it is the Ascension period associated with the phenomenon sometimes known as the Grand Attractor, and represents the Ascension of all planetary bodies and all galaxies in conjunction with that God Source. In a manner of speaking, this great mystery could be considered Ascension of the God Source itself, expressed through redesign and Ascension of all planetary, galactic and other bodies within the known Universe.

Great planetary and galactic changes occur throughout the Universe during the Cosmic Ascension period. In addition, it represents the particular cycle when the highest Angelic Beings, the “Sons of God” or Arch Angels, as we have called them from the Tenth and Eleventh Universal Dimensions, reach final reintegration with the God Source in the Twelfth Universal Dimension. In effect, the reintegration of these Arch Angel Souls allows the God Source, or All That Is, to experience Ascension ( and evolution) itself.

As a result, the Cosmic Ascension Cycle could be said to herald an increase in the very consciousness of God and Source itself, and this is the reason it is a period of dynamic planetary, galactic and universal change. It is also the reason the Universe appears to you to be "expanding." That expansion is indicative of not only an increase in the universal psyche achieved through reintegration into the God Source of the Arch Angelic Souls previously cast out by Source, it is the literal expansion of the Universe that comes from an increase in the consciousness of All That Is -- God, if you will.

As we have said, within your Solar System all of these Ascension cycles are taking place now and happening almost simultaneously. This is extremely rare and it greatly increases the energetic intensity for all involved within every sector in question..."

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