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QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations

Part Three:

September 2020 - First, let us tackle the notion that these events, the transformation of the Third Universal Dimension into an unfamiliar arena where youthful (Soul) karmic exuberance predominates, DNA modification or any manner of chipping technology has the potential to affect your own Soul’s progress or the current Galactic Ascension process of the Third Universal Dimension in general. To do so, we must provide a basis for our discussion.

For some time now, an extraterrestrial Soul race that we have already discussed has attempted to fence off the Third Universal Dimension. The explanation is complicated, and for those interested greater details can be found in our book “The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions”.

Suffice to say here however, that this attempt is being orchestrated from a future timeline in a higher Universal Dimension, and is intended by that Soul group to rope off the current Third Universal Dimension from the Ascension process. Doing so would allow the group to use Third Dimensional Earth as a temporary homeland for the incarnation of their Soul species. It is hoped that this will provide the group with the possibility of repairing an accidental rip in the space-time wave (timeline) of their world, a premeditated accident that is proving to be their demise. It is hoped by the group that this will allow them a vantage point from which to undo the damage caused to the space-time wave that is threatening to end of their home System and consequently the future of their Soul race.

Many of you will find this information to be overly fanciful or the stuff of science fiction, and we do not wish to tax those among you who feel that way with information that is certainly multidimensional, complex and difficult to comprehend from your current perspective. However, it should be understood that this is the primary reason for the current bio invasion by the Soul species being experienced in your world today. Thus, for them their mission is literally a matter of life or death, and from their perspective anything done is justified to benefit their Soul species irrespective of concerns for the Human Angelic population.

Additionally, this has much to do with the manner and shape of things happening and soon to be part of your reality, including the current pandemic, Nano-chipping and the coming authoritarian regimes that will emerge as consequence. Those hybrid human-extraterrestrial Souls incarnating in human bodies and being placed in positions of power are being guided in their effort, whether you, or they, are aware of it or not.

The fencing of a Universal Dimension is problematic, both in terms of the actual fencing techniques as well as in terms of global dimensional repercussions. Fencing, especially if it is accomplished during a Galactic Ascension period, can at the extreme lead to the fall of the Universal Dimension itself since the lower dimensional vibrations at such a time can cause the dimension to fall out of sync with the Ascension and evolutionary process occurring in all other Universal Dimensions at the same time. In almost every case, the fall of a Universal Dimension will include all the dimension’s Astral realms, which includes the Twelve dimensional Sublevels. Such effect applies not only to the process of Soul Ascension for all corporeal entities, but also those disincarnate and journeying through the various Astral and other realms in spirit form looking to rejoin their Soul so that final Ascension to the next Universal Dimension can take place.

Hopefully, you are beginning to see a correlation between all these events, and if not, let’s summarize these for you so that you are equipped with the highest Truth when faced with decisions you will ponder soon:

- An alien Soul race bio-invades a Solar System by incarnating into the bodies of that System’s rightful inhabitants, placing its incarnations in positions of power, wealth and authority. Said Soul race orchestrates a plan guided from a higher dimension to replace the rightful inhabitants, and creates a long-term plan to control the populace in order to do so. The plan begins by interfering and genetically modifying the resident population’s DNA in order to suppress the real guidance coming from that group’s true Higher Selves. In the process, true guidance is supplanted (unknown to the recipients) by unnatural guidance orchestrated primarily by the alien Soul race. As this occurs, the DNA re-engineering also begins the process of making the physical human cellular structure, as well as the world environment itself, more acceptable and adapted to the alien Soul race.

-Next, because this is a temporary (temporary in this case meaning eons on the current timeline) situation, and this alien race is only interested in using the usurped world in order to correct a future anomaly on the timeline created in their own Solar System, they attempt to disconnect or fence off the world being invaded. But a problem emerges that could block their efforts since Galactic Ascension, and the normal elevation of the world’s vibrational frequency and consciousness, could halt the alien group’s plans by propelling the planet and the dimension, via Ascension, into a higher dimensional field at this time.

-The alien Soul race’s answer to this is to prevent the dimension’s complete Ascension at all cost. Knowing that lower dimensional fields, conflict, fear and lowered levels of the inhabitant’s consciousness will slow down if not prevent the Ascension process from completing, incarnated beings derived from this alien Soul group are guided to foment chaos, division and fear in all populations worldwide.

-If such a plan were successful the entire Universal Dimension, including the Astral planes that house countless entities and Souls waiting to ascend to a higher Universal Dimension, will fall out of the Ascension process, which in turn severs their ties from the course of natural energetic connections and evolutionary processes. Should this occur, the Universal Dimension may become “fallen” and the Souls within it that do not ascend remain in the dimension incarnating endlessly without any real purpose. At some point the former Universal Dimension, now in its own disintegrating space time-wave bubble spiraling out of kilter, becomes exasperated, and when the energetic discharge is complete it ceases to exist.

-This can lead not only to the demise of the (former) Universal Dimension, those entities within it become known as a lost generation of Souls. The legends of Fallen Angels are entirely based on such a scenario, which has occurred before, specifically under different circumstances during the early to mid Atlantean Empire that took place during one such Galactic Ascension many, many cycles prior to the current one.


Having presented you with these Truths, let us now attempt to dispel any fears or concerns you may have related to it. First and foremost, the intent that we have described herein is not in any way meant to imply the plan’s success. As we have assured you often, the planetary Being known as Earth, in conjunction with Tenth and Eleventh Dimensional Celestial Beings will interfere to prevent the takeover of the Solar System by this group. This will be accomplished in the mid 26th Century, via a series of cataclysms that will ensure a reset of the global populations and the restart of civilizations. Those Human Angelic Souls incarnating at that time, will in essence begin again, while the alien Soul group will withdraw completely. At this time, which also represents the culmination of the Galactic Ascension period, the Universal Dimension itself will ascend, as prescribed in the natural evolutionary process.

With respect to any Nano-tampering with Human Angelic DNA, this is naturally more problematic, particularly if forced on global populations. However, if a Soul is just beginning incarnations in the newly formed Third Universal Dimension, then that Soul most likely is beginning approximately a 260,000 year journey or cycle, until the next Ascension period. As a result, one or two lifetimes happening now on a Soul’s Wheel of Creation, where hundreds or thousands can be manifest, will not deter it from its growth over the course of the coming Galactic period.

With respect to those lifetimes, of which you are one, although DNA is the main communication device when in physical existence, it is not part of the spiritual journey you begin once you have left the body you currently inhabit. Despite the fact that intuitive communication with your Soul and Higher Self is more pronounced and vital in the Astral realms, Nano-Technology has no impact there, and thus is not carried forth or applicable in the Astral realms following physical life.

Regarding your day-to-day reality and physical well being, this is where the work and responsibility fall on you in several ways. Will you blindly follow leaders and edicts you know to be cruel and do not trust, or carefully consider your own guidance? Will you lower your vibrational integrity through the fear generated all around you, or will you remember that keeping your vibration at a higher frequency allows you to not only avoid events in reality that will be of harm, but contribute to the vibrational integrity of the planet?

While you may not be able to resist the forced indoctrination, propaganda or inoculation you endure, your vibrational integrity has everything to do with how and if such technology can actually affect you. If you are subject to tyranny that bio-modifies your DNA and thus affects your communication with your Soul, it is your conscious intention that either allows or disengages that modification. Again, if your vibrational integrity is higher, even these technologies cannot alter, interfere or block the true connection you have with your Soul.

In a sense, more than ever before you are being tested. Will you work via your vibration, your consciousness and your intention to rise above any insult or invasion that is meant to infect your physical body, or will you undertake to do the work necessary to prevent such insults, even those forced upon you, from taking hold. Remember that you are a miraculous being, and you have control and therefore the power to delete, banish and avoid any insult, even ones forced on you by the unscrupulous. And if you are not able to do so, even while remaining in a state of higher consciousness, then know that eventually you will move on to higher Astral awareness, which is ultimately the journey that all incarnate beings will take in any case towards reunification and Ascension with your Soul.

Whatever means you use to increase your consciousness and vibrational energy is valid and worthwhile. But those practices must be consistent, regular and augmented at the present time. When you are ready, do not fear that anyone or anything, alien or otherwise, can interfere or dominate your physical body. Be the first to put out your arm for vaccination knowing that you and only you have control over your DNA, and your higher consciousness and vibration have the means to inactivate any attempt to genetically modify you.

Lastly, knowing that the experiences being generated on this timeline may grow more distasteful (for the wise) over the course of the coming 20, 30 and 50 years. Realize that most who do not approve of what they see happening around them will be well on their way by the time things become severe. Those who do not think of these things as distasteful or abhorrent clearly have their own reasons, and they revel in these things and use them as opportunities for growth long after you have cycled off the current physical lifetime. Banish all fear and remember that protection and rescue, as always, lies completely and totally within you.

Beginning now, are you willing to do the inner work needed – everyday -- to remove all fear, keep your consciousness high and look right through and beyond anyone or anything still existing in a lower vibrational state? Are you able to be of the world but not in it by virtue of your higher vibrational state? Through your thoughts and your conscious intentions, will you keep your own protection alive and in tact within you, making you immune from any potential harm, internal or external, that may come your way?

None of this is easy to accomplish given the nature of physical reality and the state of your world, but then again you were cast into physical life at this time to participate and not to be an observer. But there is one Truth above all others you would do well to place prominently in your heart as of now: When you can say, “Yes” to all of these questions, evil, oppression, disease -- and even bio-engineering -- can not affect or even see you because you are rendered invisible be virtue of your higher vibrational state.


© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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