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QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations

September 2020 - The following Three-Part Blog is based on recent thoughtful questions received from readers (our thanks to SM and SF) concerning the validity, pertinence and higher meaning of situations and events emerging now on the timeline of the Third Universal Dimension:

Part One:

Let’s begin by stating something that we have mentioned many times in the past. There is no right, wrong, good or bad. That way of seeing the world references Third Dimensional reality where duality provides spin as the basis for generating karmic fields and opportunities for growth are based on balancing these opposing energies. Indeed, there are two sides to a coin just as there are two sides to every story, as the sayings go. Although one side might originate from the negative polarity and thus present you with far greater challenges than if derived from the positive pole, neither side is actually better or worse and each has a purpose for existing as it does in balance to the other.

Based on this definition, the answer to any question concerning “cabals”, evil secret organizations – governmental or otherwise – and Beings bent on perpetrating evil in a covert way on an unsuspecting world, becomes rather moot. Clearly, there are many such organizations, groups and individuals doing exactly that, with most based on opposite belief systems and divergent objectives.

These individuals and groups are driven by unconscious guidance, which compels them to take steps that ultimately will create opportunities for Soul growth, many of which can be challenging to say the least. The steps they take oblige individuals into making specific life choices when forced to deal with the situations they create.

Some of these steps are currently in broad view, as we have discussed in the past, and most are perpetrated by various extraterrestrial Soul species with specific agendas that have incarnated on Earth at this time into human bodies. Through their actions these individuals are unknowingly being guided to create a global environment that will render Third Dimensional Earth a place where hybrid, non-Human Angelic Beings might incarnate in the future en masse in genetically altered, hybrid humanoid bodies.

Now do any of the various individuals, groups or cabals operating in this way consider themselves or their initiatives bad, evil or wrong? Of course they do not. They believe they are doing worthwhile work that their inner guidance is prompting them to do for the good of many. From their group's perspective in fact, they would no doubt find merit. But from the perspective of the Human Angelic Soul species, this is not the case. As a result of their inner guidance, they are completely deaf to the fact that at some point their efforts may be disastrous, even harmful and deadly, to the larger Human Angelic population.

So based on whatever beliefs you adhere to, when references are made to a hidden deep state cabal, naturally our question back is, “Which cabal are you referencing?” Are you referring to the one in power, the one that would like to be in power or the one that operates independently of them all? Are you referring to the one aligned with Europe and the Pacific regions, or the one associated more closely with the Eurasian and Russian advancement, which will become much more important on the timeline later in the mid to late 21st Century. Or are you referencing the ones working from outside any of these, attempting to infiltrate them, particularly the ones currently in power or operating on the inside? You would find the exploration of hidden agendas to be endless, with each side and its counterpart promising your deliverance and promoting its own agendas, philosophies and dogma.

To be clear however, there are certainly efforts underway in your world today involving these “cabals” where they are working aggressively to dominate each other. As a consequence they blame everything on their rivals, and as duality and division is created, the general populace feels forced to take sides and make a choice with respect to their own beliefs.

The great irony here is that although neither group is without blame, the fact remains that one of them always has the upper hand when in power. Subsequently, although the long-term agenda is essentially the same, one group is always able to spread a greater depth of propaganda and fear based on its leadership position. As we have seen, fear is used to create chaos and energetic disharmony, and the resulting electromagnetic pull attracts a reality that closely resembles the vibration of the fear being generated. That energy creates events of similar fearful resonance in your physical reality.

This said, let us answer a related but possibly unasked question in order to dispel any further doubt. Those currently making references to a “deep” state in an attempt to undermine their opponents are in fact the original “deep” state. By masquerading as something other than what they truly are, their mission is to detract from the damaging initiatives they are implementing in order to undermine current social and political structures and standards in order to impede the possibility of any enlightened alteration to their long-range plans.

Many younger, inexperienced Souls (regardless of actual physical age) find their positions attractive, and these issues resonate with them because they provide justification for the insecurities and fears they feel while incarnated (for the moment) among older, more experienced Souls. Since younger Souls desire their world to be “me” and all others like “me”, without differences or independent perspectives, they use the excuses and the scapegoats they are offered as justification for their attitudes and, particularly, for their fears.

In doing so they are able to decompress their own emotions via a target that they are told to admonish and are purposefully led to despise and abhor as being NOT like them. Most do not even recognize that they are being manipulated or that their fear and disdain originates not from the side they are told to despise, but from the side of the equation to which they have given their unswerving allegiance.

In this regard, let us inform you definitively of something else that is becoming more and more important to understand within the current state of affairs. There is NO such person and NO such thing as “QAnon”. This initiative is in fact a psychological operation (PsyOps) perpetrated by the current cabal that is in power in order to create a platform to disseminate disinformation, spread propaganda, incite division and mislead certain populations.

This operation has a specific agenda, and the great irony is that it seeks to stave off attention to the group it originates from and corral its followers into generating misinformation by pointing a finger of blame at groups outside itself. Those groups it refers to as the “deep” state cabal. In fact this propaganda campaign is the product of those from the actual deep state “cabal” itself. The real deep state cabal is none other than the one operating in open daylight and pointing fingers elsewhere from its position of current power in the US and beyond.

This is a case of the kettle calling the pot a kettle, if you will. The result, as per the QAnon objective, provides cover for the unseen and sometimes devious efforts of the group in power. It also generates fear and damages the reputation of others by alluding to them as the deep state cabal and the enemies of all “good” guys, as it were.

Although there is no fault in trying to change the world to fit your vision and fulfill your Soul's mission, this does not free these individuals or groups from any karma they generate in the process. Moreover, there is something uniquely disharmonious and karmic in perpetrating and hiding one's own injustices under the cloak of Truth and Justice, just as there is particular karma associated with any individual or group professing to represent law and order in order to cover their deceit and lawlessness. This is especially true when the group scapegoats others for the injustice and lawlessness they themselves perpetrate and perpetuate.

Such karmic imbalances will need to be met by such a group, and its followers, eventually. In the meantime however, the burden, as always, is on you and the level, as well as the integrity, of your consciousness. It is up to you to consider carefully if what you are hearing, seeing and experiencing is Truth that resonates for you, or if it does not.

Your awareness in this, and the choices you make based on these considerations, will either serve to free you from future tyranny or will place you directly in its clutches so that your future Soul growth comes via additional karma you generate and will need to balance. Whatever side, cabal, organization or group YOU choose to trust and follow, and whichever group you adhere to or see as visiting “tyranny” and chaos on you and your loved ones, is a reflection primarily of your consciousness and your Soul age. And that will determine how you navigate the coming tribulations.

Rest assured that the choices you make now have everything to do with the size, shape and potential disruption of the events you personally encounter in the future. Your beliefs, your choices, the state of your own consciousness, your vibrational integrity and your ability to rise above mass conscious emotions, division and fear will have tremendous impact on your Soul growth as well as your proximity to these events as they increase and crescendo in the future, as we shall now explore...

To be continued…

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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