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When it doesn't look like Kansas anymore...Events that change the World

On September 11th, 2001, the Twin Towers in New York City were felled in a stunning attack on America and, indeed, on Western civilization. Earlier that year, in March, the Buddhas of Bamiyan had been destroyed by order of the leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

At the time, we told you that the Twin Towers symbolized the mind of Western Civilization for that age, and that the Buddhas of Bamiyan were representative of the, then, heart of world Civilization. Years later, in 2019, an additional attack, called accidental afterwards in order to calm public sentiment, nearly completely destroyed the last pillar of this Trilogy -- Notre Dame de Paris, in Paris, France. Realized or not, up until that time Notre Dame symbolically represented the soul of the Christian-West world.

Though experienced separately, as unconnected occurrences, these events were actually a singular, unified act when seen on the world timeline. Together, they represented the destruction of the past and a transition from one era to the next – a door if you will – that closed on one era, and opened into the next. For those paying attention, as the saying goes, " doesn't look like Kansas anymore."

Now, a dramatic and shocking new event, on October 7th, 2023, pivots the world once again. This event has its roots in smoldering fires from a decade before in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, which now have reignited to violently spill over into Israel. Whether seen as being above or underground, and whether you choose to call it Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Isis, the Taliban or Islamic Jihad, these organizations are seen as one entity on the future timeline, with the main purpose of establishing a multi-cultural Islamic Fundamentalist state, or Caliphate, in the Middle East and wherever possible, as required by fundamentalist clergy interpreting what they consider to be sacred texts.

Warnings that such an event would take place was cited by various remote viewers worldwide beginning in July 2023, and this was also seen years earlier as well, in our book detailing future Third Dimension predictions, “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension; The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra.” The ambush in Israel by Hamas, and the subsequent conflicts emerging in Gaza and the entire region, will alter the world’s attention and direction exactly as originally outlined in that book in 2015.

We will attempt to broaden your knowledge of what exactly is happening there, and what will happen as remote-viewed on the world timeline, momentarily. But first, allow us to make a few observations about the manner in which such momentous events are seen on the timeline and foretold to you.

Ironically, when “Timeline Collapse” was first published in 2015, while it received praise from mystics and metaphysicians worldwide, it also received its fair share of “negative” comments. Reviewers wrote, “…this book offers a dystopian view of the future that is so awful, it could never actually take place and shouldn’t be contemplated...” Other readers expressed confusion when, two to three years following the publishing date, “…none of the things foreseen have come to pass…[and therefore]…the events predicted must be inaccurate and faulty.”

As we have said many times, the world timeline is dynamic. Many things can influence it, including mass consciousness, the number of Old Souls incarnated on the planet at any given time and group, as well as individual, free will. In addition, it can be altered by these influences, and this dynamism also means that events seen on the timeline can shift, happening earlier or later, as well as with differing intensity, depending upon a number of other factors, including those already mentioned.

But certain major events seen on the world timeline, though subject to shift, occur at different speeds, at differing points on the timeline or with altered intensity, are inevitable. We repeat – there are events that are written into the fabric of the timeline, that change the course of the world.

This is best explained in our book, “The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions”, which details the influence of energetic Beings symbolically called “System Lords” from the Ninth Universal Dimension, that incarnate physically in lower dimensions to “assist” the growth needs of Souls incarnated there by influencing the way events and mass consciousness unfolds in the world. Once incarnated in a physical body, these individuals are, for the most part, unaware and not conscious of their high Soul connection or origins (each has a life mission and personality traits consistent with all other incarnated beings on Earth). However, they do tend to rise to positions in the world where their influence in current affairs is felt and at times are a catalyst for events.

In particular, sometimes good and other times not, they tend to have influence over the social, spiritual and cultural backdrop of society, against which all Souls incarnate within a given historical period. This is so that the vast majority of Souls that are incarnated at that time can maximize their purpose in life and, through Soul growth that happens as a result of their interaction with life events, can expedite their personal transcendence to higher dimensional fields.

This influence is especially true with regard to events that are occurring now, which you see emerging all around you, as we are discussing here. The current and upcoming world events are destined by virtue of their mass consciousness probability and, in a manner of speaking, these events will draw global populations into emotional and, at times, exasperating considerations and situations. Those interactions will oblige their participation so that their personal Soul growth is accelerated, especially during the current age of Ascension and mass exodus of Souls from Third Dimensional life incarnations.

In the duality in which you live, which is the nature of the Third Dimension, it is no small coincidence that what you are witnessing worldwide is being categorized as the final battle of good and evil. The problem for most however, is the deciphering of exactly which side of any conflict is good, and which side is evil. This, as always, will stem from the way you see the world, your life mission and the personality traits you chose prior to the lifetime that are also based on the parents, environment and situations you chose to be born into.

From the incessant paralysis of divides within the US Federal government, to the global struggles between religious fundamentalist factions; from the constant bickering worldwide between groups termed conservative or neo-fascist and those called liberal or communistic to the debate of whether an uncommon deadly virus is genetically engineered or comes from bats; from the aggressive push forward in their own backyards by Russia and China, to the reignition of age-old Middle Eastern conflicts; In nearly every case, the events you are witnessing are being energetically manifested in physical reality now in order to create dramatic opportunities for accelerated and advanced Soul growth.

Unfortunately, many of these events will not be easy to navigate. In addition, when these major events are remotely viewed and predicted as seen on the timeline, and foretold to you, their intensity is difficult to gauge or communicate. Such events on the timeline appear in close succession, since there is usually a direct bond, connection, or trajectory that they share. This makes the foretelling of such events problematic, since it means those hearing the predictions forecasted expect them to happen in quick succession, with heart-stopping intensity and immediate result.

But this is almost never the case. As we see from our prior example of the Twin Towers tragedy, the Buddhas of Bamiyan destruction and the fire at Notre Dame de Paris, though each event is dramatic and devastating in and of itself, they are not experienced by you as singular events, which they in fact are. Thus, their impact on your psyche is lessened, since they are separated by time and space. Day to day life continues, and, as they say, “…time heals all wounds.”

Regardless of this, to the remote-viewer these events are unified by virtue of their outcome on the timeline. For instance, as per our example, we would tell you that the destruction at Notre Dame, which formerly symbolized the spiritual center of the western world, was actually modified and pushed further out than when it was first seen as an event on the timeline. Yet that shift did not mean the event would never occur, and it certainly did not mean that it was not connected to the Twin Towers tragedy or the destruction of the Temples of the Buddhas in Afghanistan. Even now, these continue to appear as one event on the world timeline, though months, years and decades, as well as great world distances, separate them.

When events are first remote viewed and told to you, it is inevitable that the listener expects all the events to take place consecutively, in close succession and in dramatic fashion, with recipients and witnesses alike having little or no time to regroup. Usually, when events do not manifest quickly and in succession this way, even when intrinsically connected, they become disjointed and no longer have powerful relevance to the listener.

Most go about their day to day business, and over time this negates the impact of such events on the world’s course or direction. A busy population with little time and an ever-diminishing attention span (a trait entrained within you by design we would add), almost always forgets or shrugs off the predictive warnings given to them by seers. That is, until the events come home to roost.

Additionally, remember that although time, and subsequently the spiral nature of the timeline, has sped up in the past several decades (as the current age of Ascension hurls itself towards closure in the 26th Century), it is important to know that there still continues to be a “time-lag”, that stands between when thoughts and energy combine to physically manifest as reality.

Were it not for this important “time-lag” phenomenon, the manifestations generated, whether individual or en-masse, would be immediate and terrifying, particularly when originating from the undisciplined thought-forms generated by a younger Soul group that does not, as yet, understand how to control their musings or does not realize that their thoughts are the basis for the creation of reality. However short this time-lag has now become, it continues to allow what is originally thought and buried within mass consciousness to be tempered and modified before that event materializes and becomes included in the fabric of your physical reality.


To better understand this, let’s examine some of the 2015 future predictions found in “Timeline Collapse” that we now see being birthed into physical reality, all of which are to figure prominently in the fabric of daily life in the future. By doing so, perhaps it is also now possible to see how major events interconnect over longer periods on the timeline. In examining those interactions, you should begin to see how the relationships inherent in these events form what is experienced as reality in your world.

Whatever your particular affiliations or beliefs, make no mistake, the relationship between these events -- remote viewed previously and now manifesting in reality – are important, poignant and closely linked, even if the dots cannot be readily connected from your current perspective, and even if they do not manifest within the time period you envision. Indeed, now more than ever, look beyond day to day details, partisan opinions, propaganda, social desire or biased media coverage, and begin to see the long-term trajectories that these events launch on Earth. It is there that you will begin to comprehend the magnitude of what the future holds.

Let us reiterate that the events described below, dystopian, terrible, deadly and profound though they might seem, are seen consistently as the major events coming up for the world on the unfolding dimensional timeline. The telling of these is not to condone them or frighten you, but to warn you in advance of the pending probabilities highlighted by those with the talent to tune into the vibrational frequencies generated on the timeline:

(The following predictions are excerpted and reedited from the 2015 book publication: “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension; The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra”)

- The War on Terror (Isis and the Islamic State), which is the end result of decades-long covert Western and US operations meant to orchestrate regime change in various Middle Eastern countries, as well as attempt to prolong use of the US dollar as the currency of choice for oil purchases worldwide started in the 1970’s, will spill out from Iraq into Syria. Although this is the actual start of what will much later become known as World War III, it will not be designated as such until the conflict spills into Lebanon and Israel, when the area will become engulfed in war in the mid to late 2020’s.

- The Islamic Caliphate conflict, centered in Syria by the mid to late 2010’s, will continue as a low grade, on-again, off-again international police action against “Isis” and Al Qaeda. Eventually, it will be designated a Syrian Civil War, in order to justify the continuing military presence of a coalition of numerous states, including the US, several Western nations, Russia and Turkey, among others.

- Unnoticed, over time the Isis/Al Qaeda/Islamic State machine will go underground and, under the patronage of several Middle Eastern governments and corporate sponsors, will covertly expand its reach throughout the Middle East and region for nearly a decade starting in the mid 2010’s. These organizations will go by different names, and will infiltrate many countries, including Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Sudan, Oman, Libya, Chad, Niger and Sudan, among others.

- When the visible terrorist conflict and efforts begin to spill out of Syria and into greater regions, the foundation of what will become known as World War III will be created. This is particularly true when it is seen that terrorist activities have spread out of Syria and Lebanon into Israel. As terrorists begin operating in territories where they have never held sway before and bring violence to the doorstep of diversely integrated populations, the massive response that ensues will quickly inflame the entire region and engulf the entire Middle East in war.

- Such a conflict will be irrepressible once the involvement of Iran is identified and added to the mix. The original Gulf War strategy instigated by the West as a result of the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001, with regime change in Iraq, Syria and Iran, among others being the goal, lies at the heart of this intensifying conflict. When terrorist activities spill over from Syria, into Lebanon and the borders of Israel, Western efforts will push to definitively end the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Caliphate will work covertly for a decade to train and fund the major underground Isis/Al Qaeda/Islamic Caliphate movements that will eventually emerge wherever found in the region.

- Eurasia (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, surrounding regions of Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan and parts of Iran) will also figure prominently in these conflicts, and activities will intensify there, especially between Russia and its neighbors, as Russia maneuvers to distance itself from the West and expand its borders. Alliances with China for mutual protection and benefit will be secretly made, and once accomplished, will embolden Russia’s push out from its own borders, as well as in the Middle East, while China will take advantage of these conflicts to promote and protect its interests in the New Silk Road it envisions linking East and West, which it plans to control.

- Although seemingly neutral in most of the conflicts of the 2020's and 2030's, China merely awaits the continuing shift in world power structures with its goal of worldwide leadership, if not domination, after 2050. Prior to that, China will work covertly and well camouflaged from behind the scenes, financing both sides of various world conflicts, providing all participants with enough rope to either hang themselves or destroy each other, until such time as it makes a bold entrance into the world melee from a position of strength and power. China's strategies hinge on alliances it has with extraterrestrial races and insight it receives from them that provide it with glimpses of future events seen inter-dimensionally happening on the world timeline, which it is told will ensure its eventual world position. Those shared glimpses into the future are also the basis of its covert bio-weapons programs; its transhumanism and AI agenda; its space programs; its indirect sponsorship of world terror, including Islamic terrorists movements, through its "aid" and financial investments in Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Africa, South East Asia, and around the world, sheltered by an "arm's reach" diplomacy and hidden under several layers of "aid and investment"; global sponsorship of organizations such as WHO, WEF and the UN; and China's continual support of both sides in any given conflict, including: Those between Russia and its Eurasian neighbors, those between various factions in the Middle East and Africa, and those stemming from political divides and social strife in the United States. China's strategy of bankrupting and exhausting all parties in any given conflict is intended to make future reliance on it inevitable, and the global conflicts it secretly sponsors through subterfuge are intended to help bring about global discontent, chaos and economic, as well as political, collapse. This will allow China to safe-guard its own self-interests and clout worldwide during the 2020's and 2030's, as it patiently awaits the opportunity to dictate the coming world order.

- Ukraine, which since the disintegration of the USSR has served as an international “Pirate's Cove”, where lawlessness and lack of oversight allowed covert international projects to be whitewashed, laundered and hidden there for years, will now find itself at the forefront of troubles between East and West. The events that take place there will decimate the region, and that destruction will serve to permit the area, together with most of Eurasia once the conflicts subside, to emerge as a modern, advanced society when it is rebuilt beginning after 2030, and especially after 2050. This will serve to pave the way for the entire Eurasian area, as well as the European regions of the former USSR, to become a global center of political, cultural and artistic renewal beginning in the middle to the late 21st Century. This acts as karmic balancing on the timeline, when destruction in Israel and throughout the Middle East ultimately leads to a renaissance and world cultural leadership position for Eurasia in the latter part of the 21st Century. This revival is karmically derived, as it is spearheaded in those areas formerly known as the Khazar Empire, the original home of the Ashkenazi Jewish people.

- Troubles in the Middle East beginning in the 2020s will eventually engulf the entire region in war, and conflict will include the participation, on and off, of the US, EU, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and a host of related nations. The conflict will be portrayed to the public in the West -- in the US, Israel, Europe, India and allied Middle Eastern states -- as a necessary war to defeat terrorism, barbarism and false religiosity worldwide. The opposing side -- which will ultimately include Russia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and various other Eurasian, African and Middle Eastern allies, will frame the war as necessary to protect ancient conservative and religious values ordained by “God” against the onslaught of Western atheism, decadence and Nazism. The conflict will be fought as hard on the battlefields as it will be through the global propaganda machinery of the media and Internet. When viewed on the dimensional future timeline, the global conflict of the mid 2020's, which will eventually become known as World War III, is karmically linked and seen as a continuation and unified event with the previous two World Wars, and all of these are also seen as karmically linked and a continuation of the Crusades that pitted Islam against Chistendom -- East versus West -- in the 11th and 12th Centuries CE.

- At a point of desperation, by the mid 2020’s limited nuclear exchanges will take place in the Middle East in various locations stretching from Mediterranean coastal areas to Iran. After this, the Middle East falls quiet, and outward fighting stops as the entire world reels in horror from the death and devastation that has been wrought. This lull will not last.

- The worst will appear to be over and the world will begin to reorient itself, but the world has not quite seen the last of this destruction. Use of weather-altering technology will be greatly increased, as enemy governments covertly continue to attack each other at every opportunity using methods that steer hurricanes, massive storms and typhoons, as well as trigger earthquakes and volcanic activity, in specific regions prone to these weather and seismic phenomena. Many areas in the Middle East, Eurasia, Europe, South America and Pacific will be targeted. The US will also feel the brunt of such covert weaponry and massive earthquakes will be triggered in the West, the Rockies and the lower Midwest, while hurricanes are steered in succession towards major population centers in Florida, the Southeast, the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people will remain oblivious to the existence and usage of such weaponry, so demands to halt its usage are either non existent or hold no real sway, as governments and other organizations scurry to cover up their usage. Biological warfare will also proliferate, and governments will struggle to maintain calm as they try to convince the public that these are naturally occurring pandemics, and attempt to force-inoculate entire populations against the bio-weapons being rapidly released into the world.

- As the remaining Islamic State fighters regroup worldwide they will disappear further underground than ever before. When they resurface shortly afterwards, it will be in Europe first, and their objective will be to seek revenge on the West for what they consider to be the destruction of their homeland. Secretly, they will attack several European Cities using small “suitcase” style dirty bombs. These are deployed unexpectedly, although not simultaneously, in major European centers, including Rome and Paris, among other places. Sleeper cell terrorists will claim victory over the West, as Europe becomes devastated and stands in disarray.

- The collapse of the European Union will begin, and travel will become impossible as countries close their borders and seek to police their own populace using Orwellian methods. A continent of small police states emerge and become the norm for decades to come. City States controlling smaller regions, similar to those seen in the Dark Ages, form, and towns will fortify themselves in an effort to find safety and protection. Digital surveillance of the populations, imported and financed with the assistance of China, will become so invasive at this time as to prevent people from leaving their homes or moving about for extended periods of time. Virtual reality will become common place as a substitute for real travel, work, visitation or excursions outside of the boundaries of the towns or cities where one is located.

- Facing bankruptcy from the expense of war in the Middle East, and the rebuilding necessary in both the Middle East, Eurasia and Europe, the West, and the US in particular, will be rocked by economic difficulty and hardship. Seeing this, China seizes its opportunity to exploit the West’s weaknesses, and, with the protection of Russia, moves to take advantage of the teetering US, European and Western economies. China threatens to invade areas within its Pacific region by making major shows of force, particularly in and around Taiwan, Korea, Japan and South East Asia. Seeing no alternative, and realizing that the US and the West can no longer offer protection, Taiwan accepts an accord for reunification with China similar to the Hong Kong reunification of the 1990’s.

- Sometime after 2025, with Europe in free fall and the US near or in bankruptcy, reeling from un-natural/natural disasters and still suffering extreme political division and social chaos, sleeper terrorist cells within the US become activated. Most of these were allowed entrance during the great border crisis of the 2010’s and early 2020’s, but some are homegrown based on partisan divides. Taking advantage of the situation in Europe and the Pacific, terrorists use suitcase dirty bombs to attack Washington, DC, striking at the heart of that city. The US Capital building is nearly destroyed and irreparably damaged. When this takes place, with no concrete enemy to counter attack, bankrupt from the natural disasters and expense of wars in the Middle East, and suffering the continuing dysfunction of divisive politics and factional demands, the US federal government, for all intent and purposes, collapses. With the US Federal government lying in near ruin and disarray, and no longer able to perform national governing or Federal duties, individual US states move to take over the former functions of the US Federal government, as a stunned populace comes to the realization that the US collapse as a nation is not reparable.

- Those States that can, create their own regional unions. These include the Pacific Union with California, Oregon, Washington and parts of Nevada; the New England Union with New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and portions of New Jersey; the Union of Florida; the Union of Texas; and the Midwestern Union with Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. As in Europe, in the former US states that are not aligned in greater unions or where chaos predominates, smaller independent City-States will also form, including areas such as Salt Lake City, Denver, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans and Atlanta, among others. The Hawaiian Islands will emerge as an important independent Pacific nation, and following Constitutional changes will become an international financial hub and banking center. Russia will attempt to push incursions into Alaska, but suffering its own economic and political hardships at that time, will fall far short based on the fierce resistance it receives form the former state militias residing there.

- A few of the larger, more financially astute State unions and regions will be able to reinstate social services and other social programs quickly, albeit on a level scaled down to State residents. Some will enter into foreign treaties with other countries, including China and Russia, and will also be able to create defense militias to enforce and tightly control their porous borders. These borders will close and become an important factor in the future, as chaos reigns in non-union former States.

- Other former US States are not as fortunate. The bulk of foreign mercenary sleeper cells activated will cause vast trials and tribulations throughout the former US states. This will appear to the outside world as a second US Civil War of sorts, although in reality it is not. Individuals residing in former US states where chaos reigns will suffer greatly, and will seek protection by whatever means available to them. Many of the Midwestern, Western and Southern former US States will see nearly complete chaos, with virtually no rule of law present, and no remnant of a legal process or police enforcement. Independent partisan militias, neo-fascist warlords and cartels will quickly organize to fill the void and control the non-aligned territories within the former US States. These groups will soon begin a new phase of conflict.

- In time, the neo-fascist terrorist militias, warlords and cartels that form within the former US States will begin incursions and border raids into the newly organized State unions, terrorizing populations there. When these raids begin to cross international boundaries, into what is left of the Mexican state and Canada, these countries, in conjunction with the more powerful US regions that have, by then, contracted alliances with foreign powers, will ask the United Nations to assist them to police lawless US territories.

- China and Russia, then the lead entities at the UN in the absence of the former US Federal government, will agree to send troops to police these former US territories, and an International Police effort will be established that will fulfill the prophecies of the Dragon and Bear (China and Russia) uniting to “invade” North America. Though more of an occupation than an invasion, this will be in place until well after 2050, and will fulfill the karmic energy balancing of the former US “police” actions that were implemented worldwide from the 1950’s up until the 2020’s. The karmic re-balancing through such an occupation brings the US entity’s historical cycle full circle.


As we have said, remember that the inevitability of these events is best seen when you understand their relationship to exacting global karmic balancing on the timeline, as well as the desire for each individual to use these events in order to create Soul growth opportunities at this precise moment in history. Realize that these events are being ordained and created as a result of global mass consciousness, and by the predominant Soul groups currently inhabiting your planet.

For the most part, those Souls seek to create a background against which they can maximize experiences that will expedite their Soul growth so they may cycle-off their current cycles of incarnation within this dimension. The ability for Souls to “cycle-off” at this time is facilitated in large part by augmented planetary and dimensional energies related to the current age of Ascension.

Those unique energies are present in your Solar System, and universally, approximately every 260,000 years. This allows Souls in the Third Dimension the opportunity to energetically ascend into Fifth Dimensional life incarnations (known as "Wheels of Creation"), if they so choose and if they are vibrationally ready to ascend to higher dimensional frequencies based on their Soul age and their current lifetime cycle accomplishments. This is explained in some detail in Part Two of "Timeline Collapse", in the section dedicated to understanding the current mass migration of Souls from Third Dimension Earth reality experiences now, to life incarnations and future reincarnation cycles (Wheels of Creation) in the Fifth Dimension on the planet Terra, Earth's designation in the higher Fifth Dimension.

Like it or not, over the course of the coming days, months, years and decades, the events seen on the Third Dimensional timeline that are predicted here, and summarized above, will dramatically affect your world forever, at least until the end of the current Civilization comes about through global cataclysm in 2569. Hopefully, knowing them will allow you to discover your own Truth and place in the world at this time, and these tools will help you prepare to navigate these events successfully when they arrive in your own neighborhoods.

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