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The Road to Faith & Healing

Sometimes, it is the most challenging and frightening events in life that oblige you to take the deepest look into yourself. And often, these events pave the road to Faith and healing, since this is where the most extraordinary opportunities for growth of the Soul can be found.

Ultimately, meeting up with the negative experiences that have become embedded in you, the ones that hide in the shadows energetically and manipulate you without you even knowing it, offer the keys to true healing. Exposure to the proverbial “light” begins the process of transmutation of the covert vibrations that affect all physical matter and eventually invite dis-ease.

You would do well to always remember that all dis-ease originates in the etheric (energetic) body. Left denied or unattended, these fears, which originate in un-relinquished and consciously denied experiences, will eventually surface at some point in life. When you least expect it, they will poke their head into your physical existence, whether you are conscious of them or in complete denial.

It is precisely through the exploration of one’s deepest fears and wounds, that the Universe inspires healing through Grace, the sister of Faith. But arriving at such healing and renewing Faith in yourself and the Universe is no simple task. Often, it demands great personal struggle to arrive at awareness of exactly what has become lodged in the etheric body, silently and covertly lowering your vibrational quality to the point where physical dis-ease can manifest.

The first step in such a journey is to remember that your vibrational quality -- conscious and unconscious, known and unknown -- is tantamount to every event magnetized to you, as well as nearly everything made physically manifest during your lifetime. When you allow these hidden shadows to surface, and you let them serve as a rallying point for your conscious attention, you acknowledge that you are ready to begin the healing. And within that healing, the growth being orchestrated for you by your Soul is found.

Recently, a reader shared his experiences dealing with the forgotten shadows of his life, which came roaring to the forefront when they were awakened by a singular event later in life that brought with it an array of challenges, including the possibility of death. His story, told here, is one of complex turns, each of which exacts a choice to embrace Faith and reject Fear, or vice versa. Most likely, everyone has such a story. The end result, which has relevance for all, demonstrates how the twists and turns of fate, difficult though they may be to navigate, always guide you in exposing whatever lies dormant or denied within the depths of your being.

When you are forced to uncover your fears, and the physical events that have wounded you, and when you investigate the shadows you have harbored or denied, the Universe always reveals itself. Then, and only then, is real healing possible. In its wake, not only is your Faith in the Universe restored, the higher purpose of your Soul is made manifest. And in such a manner,, the road to Heaven is paved.


On an ordinary Monday in March, Daniel was referred by his Primary Care Doctor to a Specialist. He had no real symptoms to speak of, other than an occasional slight pain in his lower abdomen that seemed vaguely like the pain he had once years ago from a small kidney stone he passed. Out of an abundance of caution, his doctor decided to refer him to a Urologist to check it out further.

At first, his doctor referred him to a well-known Urologist within the usual Network. But the wait for an appointment was six months (such is the state of Allopathic Medicine throughout the world these days), and Daniel was about to head out on the vacation of a lifetime – a grand tour around the world that would take a year to complete. He had just retired, and had planned this trip for a decade now. It was to be the greatest gift he could give to himself after so many years of working diligently to provide for his wife, his family and so many others.

The idea of the trip was so important to Daniel, that almost every night for the prior year he had said to himself before going to sleep, “My intention at this stage in life is to discover the greatest things I can discover about myself.” Naturally, Daniel was thinking about the upcoming trip when he said this silently in his head over and over again. But the Universe, and his Higher Self, had discoveries in mind that would be far greater than a mere tour of the world.

Unable to get to see the specialist sooner, and anxious to be done with all his health check-ups before leaving, Daniel called his doctor and asked if he could refer him to anyone else, even someone out of network, to speed things up. After much wrangling, his doctor’s office called back to tell him they had found a Urologist that could see him in a few days who was right down the street. Daniel jumped at the opportunity.

Not thinking about what he was being referred for, and not really concerned either, when he walked into the Specialist’s office he saw a few things out of the corner of his eye that seemed off-putting. But Daniel ignored them, and when his name was called, he walked obediently into the small exam room. Once there, he noticed a strange, snake-like instrument lying haphazardly and unprotected across a dirty chair that cascaded onto the floor. But not knowing what it was, he ignored his feelings of discomfort and continued waiting for the doctor to arrive in the somewhat dingy, dirty examination room.

The doctor seemed professional enough, but he was noticeably stern and impatient as he commanded, rather than asked, that Daniel take off his pants and shorts, and lie back on the examining table. Slightly perturbed, Daniel remained silent and obeyed, if only to be finished with the whole thing as quickly as possible so he could be on his way.

What happened next was as much a shock as anything else. It was the kind of shock that victims of violence feel, unable to fathom what is happening to them or react in real time, other than to scream with pain or leave their consciousness completely. Before he knew what had happened, the doctor had roughly pushed the small snake like instrument deep into Daniel’s urethra.

He writhed in pain, swearing at the doctor and insisting that he stop. But the doctor didn’t stop, and only pushed harder and more violently. When it was over, Daniel was left lying on the table with sweat rolling down his face.

Moments later, as he recovered his composure, he heard the doctor say, almost matter-of-factly, “Well, I don’t see anything wrong – you may have a small stone passing through your bladder that’s causing discomfort from time to time.” Then with a chuckle, he continued, “But that issue aside, I have to say you’re certainly quite the Princess when it comes to pain, aren’t you?”

Stunned, humiliated and feeling violated, Daniel slunk out of the doctor’s office and got into his car feeling like he was holding his breath. He could sense his eyes welling with tears, but he couldn’t quite tell if it came from a feeling of humiliation and horror, or the deep-seated pain he was now feeling in his lower abdomen and groin.

Daniel tried to ignore what had happened and move on with life, but the pain continued and wouldn’t let him forget. In fact, it worsened dramatically, and within a few days he was bleeding from the area, and began having even more serious symptoms that he had never experienced before. Adamant that he would not return to the awful “Specialist” that had done this, he went instead to his family doctor who ran some tests. As his symptoms continued to progress from bad to worse, Daniel finally received a call from his doctor’s office asking him to come in immediately.

His lab results, which had to be sent to a famed Clinic in Michigan for verification and analysis, had returned positive for an extremely rare, almost globally unknown antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria that infects the soft tissue of the body and had only been seen as the result of the use of contaminated medical equipment. Try as he might, he couldn’t ignore the impact of what was happening any longer. The strain, he was told, was potentially deadly if it entered the bloodstream.

Daniel was horrified. A minor ache that he barely noticed, with no other symptoms at all, had now become a potentially life-threatening matter with unbearable symptoms, through no fault of his own. The world tour was off, and he was advised to make sure his Will and papers were in order.

After a number of twists and turns, and weeks doing course after course of antibiotic treatments to no effect, Daniel’s medical team, which now included Rare Infectious Disease doctors, placed him on what they called a “last resort” treatment. This cocktail of drugs was so strong it had the same effects as chemotherapy does on cancer patients, destroying white blood cells and platelets. Finally, after a few months, the infection began to slowly recede.

In the aftermath, Daniel’s friends all advised him to sue everyone in sight. But all Daniel could think of was regaining his health. Still, he had the feeling that somehow, something more important than just inept medical professionals was happening here. Daniel’s intuition was telling him that somehow this journey was just beginning. He was right.

As the infection cleared, it left Daniel exhausted and spent. With little of his immune system still working properly, in the midst of pandemic, his pelvic pain was now reaching epic proportions. This was inconceivable to his doctors, who naturally assumed that the pain caused by the infection would subside, as would related complications with the exit of the infection itself. With no further infection detectable, in a last-ditch effort to ease his constant pain, they decided to send Daniel for physical therapy to assess and possibly address any damage done.

The physical therapist was a pleasant young professional specializing in the pelvic floor, with a kind, healing disposition and an intuitive nature. Although she didn’t know this particular infection, she vaguely recognized this type of pain syndrome and had seen it before, usually in women, caused by cellular memory and trauma to the solar plexus and root chakra. She decided to begin with a simple massage of the lower pelvic region to release the muscular tension and scar tissue she sensed Daniel was carrying in and under his groin.

As soon as she began therapy, using therapeutic touch in a gentle, circular motion that mimicked the rotation of the energy field within a Chakra, Daniel fell into what he could only describe as a deep trance. He began to feel as if a flood gate was opening in his bowels, and a wave of emotional energy burst forth in the region of her touch that he had never experienced before in conscious memory.

Daniel was speechless as he remembered in vivid detail the most traumatic event of his lifetime. That forgotten event, which had remained lodged in the solar plexus and root chakra, sprang to life and poured out into the open after being pushed out of his mind since childhood. That frightening event had been completely erased from his consciousness, and it had remained submerged in the deepest reaches of his subconscious for over fifty years.


On a summer night in 1970, when Daniel was twelve years old, his best friend invited him to spend the night. He had done so many times in the past. The friend’s parents were out of town that weekend, but the twenty-year-old brother of Daniel’s friend, who was considered a local hero, home on leave from the military, would be coming back later that evening to watch the two boys overnight.

After the usual evening of pizza, gaming and fun, Daniel’s friend went to his room to sleep after making up a bed for him on the living room couch in the small house. Shortly after midnight, Daniel was awakened when he heard someone unlock and come in through the front door. Realizing this was probably his friend’s older brother, he didn’t bother to get up, but listened as the brother stumbled across the room, bumping into a small coffee table and knocking over the books and magazines stacked on it.

Daniel could hear the sound of him coming closer, but continued to feign sleep rather than sit up and act afraid or alarmed. After all, he knew who this was, and there was no reason to think he wasn’t safe.

Suddenly, someone was sitting on the edge of the couch with Daniel. There was a strong smell of liquor and he could hear the brother’s heavy breathing as he felt the sheet covering him being pulled down slowly. Daniel opened his eyes to see the glowering face of the older brother looking down at him, but neither of them spoke.

He was frozen and his voice was gone as he remained motionless, half confused and half astonished, with no context for understanding what was happening to him. The last thing he felt was his briefs forcibly pulled down around his ankles, and he seemed to leave his body as his legs were flung up in the air and held against the chest of his attacker, clamped tightly together in a relentless, muscular grip.

What was probably only a few minutes seemed like hours to Daniel, and he lay awake without moving all night in pain and in shock, afraid that at any moment his attacker might return. As an adult remembering the event now, he realized for the first time what had actually happened that night. But the twelve-year-old Daniel had no context for what had happened, no idea what this was, what it meant or what had actually transpired. Unfamiliar, uneducated in such things and naïve, he didn’t even know such possibilities existed, and he lacked the knowledge or words to tell himself what had taken place.

The next day Daniel left his friend’s house early. He was embarrassed and bleeding when he went into the bathroom. Still not understanding what this was, or what had happened to him, he nevertheless felt that something terrible and life shattering had befallen him. He told no one. And he never spoke with his friend again.

Daniel continued to bleed on and off for a few days, had pain and then began to have an unusual discharge. Unfamiliar with the potentiality and embarrassed, he still said nothing to anyone. Finally, when his mother noticed staining in his shorts in the laundry, she took him to the pediatrician. Daniel had contracted gonorrhea.

In the days when children were not educated about predators, and sexual violence of such a nature was hushed up and thought to somehow be caused by the victim, the ignorant pediatrician treating him accused Daniel of being sexually active and promiscuous at an inconceivably young age. The doctor gave a speech of disdain and disgust to Daniel’s mother, which the youngster could barely understand, and though it was never mentioned or spoken of again by his parents, the twelve-year-old was watched carefully, and punished without cause or further explanation for many months afterwards.


Coming out of his semi-trance state, which the Physical Therapy had induced, Daniel was astounded. His remembrance, and now his complete realization of what had happened to him as a child, overwhelmed him. He wasn’t quite sure where to go with it, and didn’t know if he should shout in horror about what he now recalled, or bury it back inside of himself as quickly as possible.

As Daniel’s ego fought to regain control of his demeanor, he nevertheless had two immediate revelations that came pouring forth. First of all, he thought, here at last was the reason he had never been able to make close friends with men his entire life. Even now, he couldn’t say truthfully if he had a single male friend, and he finally understood the origins of the feelings of discomfort and distrust he felt around most men since the age of twelve.

Secondly, he wondered if all the suffering and health issues he had endured the past few months, in fact, the very reason he was having life-threatening issues connected to this particular region of the body, had some link or connection to what he experienced as a boy. Clearly, the violent, invasive procedure performed by the apathetic and condescending specialist certainly could constitute a “rape”, of sorts. Could this be what had awakened the old trauma that had been buried deep inside him for so many years?

For the moment, he decided to only say to the Physical Therapist that during the session he had a dramatic thought of “possible” molestation. But since he related this to her with little emotion and in an off-handed way, the Therapist only made a simple clinical note on her paperwork (she had suspected it anyway), that read: “Molested as a child”.

For days afterwards, Daniel debated in his head whether or not to tell his wife or his family what had happened to him as a naïve twelve-year-old. Going over and over the events again and again, he finally decided it would be too much of a burden for those he loved, despite his blamelessness in the whole episode. He consciously determined it would be best to keep the whole incident to himself, and try to deal with the memories that were now boiling up to the surface, as best he could, alone and in silence. Without realizing, he had done almost the same thing over fifty years before.

Though he felt a slight shift, Daniel thought about the situation he had remembered constantly now. Somehow, he hoped that the memory break-through would be enough to make the physical pain vanish miraculously. But the pain, though somewhat ameliorated, continued. Returning to the doctor, Daniel kept his new memory to himself, but complained that although the symptoms seemed to come and go, they were challenging him almost daily. He had already undergone several CT scans, and an MRI, a few months before, which all had come back completely normal, but out an abundance of caution the doctor sent Daniel for a new MRI of the pelvic region.

The doctor’s call with the test results was a dramatic one. Over the phone, the doctor told Daniel that his MRI had revealed several new extensive lesions on the prostrate. In fact, the radiologist had identified the lesions as being 5 on a scale of 5 for the highest probability of fast-growing, invasive cancer.

The radiologist was so certain of his assessment, that the doctor was now not only recommending biopsy, but suggesting the possibility of skipping immediately to a radical prostatectomy in order to stop the cancer from spreading, since, according to the report, it appeared on the verge of doing so. Daniel was told a new Urologist, and his team of doctors, had all been notified and were on standby to schedule major surgery as soon as possible.

Daniel was stunned. He had gone from a slight occasional pain he barely noticed, to a life- threatening infection he never should have had, to rounds of antibiotic treatment that seemed to be endless and ineffective, to nearly constant pain, to a deadly cancer diagnosis all in only a few months. Diligently, despite some hesitation, he scheduled the radical surgery the medical team was recommending for him.

But as Daniel reflected on all this, prominent in his mind was the terrible experience of his childhood that he had recently remembered. He could not help but feel there was some connection to all of this that was still hidden and not being explored, some energetic component that Allopathic doctors would never question or see.

He wondered if perhaps this was where it all was going from the start, and no one had picked up on the start of cancer many months ago. That was how it was being framed for him by doctors. But try as he might, Daniel wasn’t satisfied with the logical explanations he, or they, came up with.

Somehow, both figuratively and literally, he felt strongly there was more to this story than he or anyone currently understood. Intuitively, he said to himself, “No, this is wrong. This is just not possible.” And the most glaring omission in the equation, which he still had not shared with anyone yet, was the childhood attack and trauma he had undergone that had been awakened as a result of what was happening to him.

Resigned to his possible fate, a few days later Daniel called an old, dear friend, and told her what was taking place. For the first time, as part of his story he mentioned the attack when he was twelve as a possible component in the current drama he was living through.

His friend listened intently, and then said, “There is clearly a message here that you could be overlooking, and I think you owe it to yourself to seek help and look at what is really going on energetically underneath the surface.” Before she hung up, she told him she knew of a Medical Intuitive who was said to “work” with Master Guides to uncover the higher purposes and reason hidden behind health challenges like his. Daniel’s friend gave him an email address to contact, and told him to write asking a simple question concerning the reason he was facing these health situations and what the outcome might ultimately be.


The response from the email address his friend gave him came quickly. It began: “Thank you for entrusting us with your question regarding a difficult situation. We were able to look into it, and this is the response we received from Spirit on your behalf…”

Daniel jumped ahead to the heart of the message he had received.

“ …The traumatic event you experienced at the age of twelve lodged in the root Chakra at the time of its occurrence. It was expected to be dealt with later in life, and thus it resided within the confines of the Chakra, without expression, for many years. We will not here get into the past life implications, but you should know that it is linked to a past life in the 12th Century in Asia Minor, when, as a foot soldier, you were impaled and bled to death after you were captured by an advancing foreign army.

The pain and agony from that lifetime’s trauma was planned for containment and expression in this lifetime, and it was the intention of your Soul that in this lifetime, when you were ready, these energies would be reintroduced. This was to allow for an opportunity to clear the karmic imbalances caused by the fear and pain that led to your death in the past lifetime experience. That energy has been carried forward into this lifetime for correction, albeit unconsciously, and was held within your energetic body until spilling out into physical manifestations of dis-ease.

In a way, you could say you were always energetically predisposed to magnetize such a trauma into this lifetime. This would balance out the past life event energies by forcing you to face it here and now as a result of a new trauma, namely the one that happened to you as a child. Consciousness growth in this lifetime would be achieved through the understanding that what happened in childhood, as well as what happened to your counterpart in the past life, was neither your fault nor your responsibility. Faith, in yourself and the Universe, would be regained by walking through it, coming out of it whole and meeting the suffering in this region of the body head-on.

Based on this, that region of the physical body in this lifetime was already rife with specific weaknesses and attraction forces that were consequently built-into it. Thus, you were vulnerable, metaphysically speaking, to a renewal of trauma in some manner in that region of the physical body that would bring forth the necessary karmic balancing.

The past life trauma aside (disregarded even, if you want to discount it), the terrible event experienced as a child in this current lifetime, ensured that at some point you would need to clear that Chakra’s misbalanced energy. The traumatic rape as a child in this lifetime would now oblige you at some point to deal with these issues, primarily by dealing with this childhood event, but also, indirectly, the event in the prior lifetime as well.

Now that your energetic and physical body were primed by a horrible experience in childhood, one too traumatic to recall, recognize or deal with consciously due to your young age, it was submerged into your subconscious to be dealt with later. This would enable you to cure this event, and achieve growth from it, when your awareness and understanding had reached a point of being capable to do so.

So, the energetic component caused by the childhood attack remained present and circulatory, on an energetic level, within your root Chakra. And you were predisposed within that region of the body, so to speak, until such time as you could consciously understand these issues, recognize and externalize the fear and trauma that had been experienced, and, as a result, fully heal the energies surrounding these issues. In this way, events of the present lifetime came full circle, with the potential for Soul growth, when seen from a higher perspective, that would be derived from the traumatic encounters in both the current and past lifetimes.

As a child in this life, your ego’s ability to bury the trauma meant that its rectification would re-emerge later during the lifetime when you were ready to meet it. It is in this way that the energy from the original attack and rape remained silenced within you, festering in a sense, until the series of new health events were triggered by the botched procedure you endured.

That reawakening, as we would call it, occurred readily when you called upon the Universe to allow you to “discover” the meaning of your life. Though you thought you were to discover this meaning by taking a grand world tour to mysterious places you had never seen, your Higher Self intended you to uncover the real truth about yourself initiated by the attack you went through as a boy of twelve.

In fact, at their origins, the various small stones you had passed over the years as an adult, and then the one that caused the complaint for which you finally sought help, were small physical formations in the body of the metaphysical “anger” and resentment lodged within the confines of the solar plexus and root chakras. These calculi had emerged from time to time caused by the shadow energy that still circulated in the etheric and energetic body, poking at your cellular memory, which one day would lead you to your ultimate discovery.

Each time, as an adult, that you experienced those complaints, however, you “passed” on seeking them out, and in the process, you also “passed” on opening up to the discovery your Higher Self intended for you to make at some point in this lifetime. Free will enables you to do so, and because you were not ready to relive the childhood trauma and clear the energetic body at these times, the stones “passed” through you without complication.

But this juncture was different. With life reaching far into adulthood, the Universe, and your Higher Self, would now up the ante. The timing being right, particularly with your conscious expression to find life “discoveries”, it was time to deal once and for all with the submerged events and energies hiding in the shadows of your past.

It was based on this that you first went to your doctor. What happened next was a series of “coincidences” (there is no such thing) that led you to an apathetic medical professional who conducted what is usually considered an ordinary urlogical procedure with the glee and abandon of a sadist. His seemingly violent attack on your root chakra threw open a window that had been nailed shut for over fifty years. Now, there would be no turning back or denying what was needed, and your journey of discovery had begun.

But you were still unable to make the connection, and did not yet recall the traumatic events of your childhood, even following the violent affront. Now, with the window thrown open, but still not recognized or remembered by you, the Universe was obliged to become louder and more aggressive in presenting you with your wake-up call. Thus, the physical body developed a rare and painful infection, said to be life threatening, and you were now obliged to contend with this on a daily basis.

Naturally, the subsequent pain eventually led to the Physical Therapist’s wise and healing touch, and finally the entire awful childhood event came spiraling forward. Yet you still attempted to bury those findings, rather than release them, and made a conscious decision to deny and submerge them again by not telling anyone what had happened, “…for fear it would burden loved ones too much.”

Your conscious effort to again shut down this awareness, not deal with it in the “now” and not explore its meaning from an energetic view point, obliges the Universe to once again shake you to your core. In your case, this is now represented by a newly suspect MRI. See the lesions found in that MRI, if you will, as the next level of possible physical manifestation, should you continue to deny this event and not explore it fully in order to release it completely from the energetic body.

Remembering once again that the body will always physically create what is lodged within the Chakra energetically, this should be seen as a real awakener. If you continue to deny and submerge what happened to you as a child, without fully exploring and releasing it, the next level of physical manifestation will be cancer in that region, as your invisible anger grows and spreads (particularly now that you consciously remember the past event). In this case, were you to check on this in the near future, you would find that the lesions found by the MRI are, indeed, positive for cancer.

If, on the other hand, you now recognize that you have once more submerged the childhood trauma, and refused to allow it to release by blocking it again and keeping it secret (out of embarrassment, or for whatever reason), and you alter your choice and begin to investigate the trauma and the energy you are holding, you will find your way to neutrality, and then you will find healing. At some point, the Universe no longer needs to shake you to attention, and it will be as if it never happened. In fact, it is quite possible that at that time, were you to test the lesions, they would either be found to be benign, or to have disappeared completely.

But do not expect this to be an easy exploration, for these energies run deep in the etheric body, and because they are present and past life linked, and also Soul connected, they must be exercised thoroughly using each and every method that for you holds belief, emotionally as well as physically. In some cases, you will need to work to heal them both on the physical plane AND, most importantly, on the energetic plane, in order to neutralize the energy and achieve complete healing.

We wish you love and light in this, your 'discovery' of a lifetime.”


Daniel read the Intuitive’s response to his plight over and over again for days. To be on the safe side, he decided to follow up with his doctors by scheduling a biopsy only, and not to panic or do anything radical. To prove to himself that there was nothing to fear, and to give himself time to deal with his thoughts and emotions around the situation, he scheduled the biopsy for weeks later.

Then he began his journey into the exploration of his traumatic childhood event, and all its connections -- from his own sexual fears and dysfunctions, to his inability to have lasting friendships with men, to his distrust of large groups, to questioning his feelings of morality and mortality and, particularly, examination of the vulnerabilities he felt around sex, his pelvic region and his root Chakra.

He found a therapist, and intensely explored a variety of methods to further unleash the energies hidden deep inside him. He explored energy healing methods, natural medicine approaches, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and a long list of other modalities. And he read everything he could find concerning psychology and conditions related to child exploitation and abuse.

Most of all, he told his family, friends and colleagues his own childhood story. Each time he told his story, it served to release more of the energy he had held within the Chakra and the body for so long.

From personal experience, he realized that efforts underway across the country to keep children from being educated about their bodies and their sexuality would return an entire generation to the disadvantages he had had -- priming them for sexual predators by keeping them embarrassed, ignorant and silenced, should such a thing ever befall them. He saw that well-meaning people were being misled to believe they were protecting their children by keeping them ignorant, and preventing teachers from educating them. As a result, he became an advocate for abused children, and began to support groups that worked to stop the ban of school books, or freedom to teach children about their sexuality, as well as other state-sponsored initiatives that would bring back an age of ignorance and vulnerability, which predators and bullies could easily exploit.

Daniel was feeling better than he had in years. A few weeks later, he noticed on his calendar that he had an appointment with a new and different Infectious Disease Doctor. He had made the appointment when he was still struggling with the terrible infection he originally contracted months ago. The doctor was highly recommended, but the wait for an appointment was extremely long, so Daniel had made the appointment at the time, and then forgotten to cancel it when the infection finally cleared.

He picked up the phone to cancel thinking that it was probably not necessary now, since he was still imagining that next would be the cancer biopsy, and then, possible surgery. But for some reason, mostly because it was too late to cancel and the office was not that far away, Daniel decided to go.

The new Infectious Disease Doctor walked into the room holding a stack of files and smiling. She introduced herself, and then, after a few short pleasantries, looked seriously at him, and said, “You can relax, you don’t have cancer.”

Daniel shook his head, as if to not understand what he was hearing. He hadn’t had the biopsy yet.

“I read all your files and your recent MRI,” the doctor continued. “The infection you were given from that procedure is a serious and very rare infection that most doctors are unaware of. It mimics cancer exactly, and forms lesions just like the ones found on your MRI. The fact that you had nothing appear on your MRI from 6 months ago, had this rare infection settle in the same location very shortly before the current MRI, have no other cancer symptoms and actually had a PSA that not only rivals that of a 20-year-old, but has gone down recently, is a pretty clear indication to me that this is a case of mistaken identity. These lesions are caused by the infection.”

The doctor took out an Infectious Disease Medical Journal, and showed him a little-known report that paralleled Daniel’s case almost exactly. Daniel burst out laughing, feeling the laugh release the last bits of any tension he was still carrying deep inside him.

A few days later, Daniel's biopsy was performed. The lesions were benign.

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