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QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations

Part Two:

September 2020 - Our discussion cannot be considered fully explored until we have included the recent Covid-19 question. Have no doubt, Covid-19 is a real and dangerous bio-genetically engineered virus manipulated and purposefully released to cause havoc in global populations. The overlooked question here is why a pandemic would be unleashed on the world now, and by whom? The answer is neither as simple nor as clear as one might think.

First of all, banish the idea that any of this is part of some short-term reality or plan. That is to say, if you think the purpose behind the current pandemic events is merely to compromise a coming US election, or that these events are simply part of a strategy being deployed for a few months, a year, two or even five, you would be mistaken. The true purpose has to do with a long-term global strategy of population reduction and population domination being implemented over the course of the coming 10, 20, 30 and 50 years beginning now on the Third Dimensional timeline. Let us explain.

We have told you in the past that the current pandemic was planned in order to incite fear, target specific genetic groups and create a catalyst for collecting and registering DNA. While the first two references here do indeed have short term impact that should be considered, it is the latter that has the most significance as it pertains to the long term strategy planned by these groups – the “cabals” if you prefer – including those in power currently and those that are not. Though you perceive the various sides as divergent, in fact except for the superficial surface trappings, each has the same long-term intention of fostering population control and populace domination, delivered in varying measures and in different ways globally.

We have often signaled to you the importance of your DNA, its electromagnetic ability to communicate with your Soul and, receiving back guidance from your Soul, its chemical ability to communicate with your cellular structure. Your DNA provides instruction to your physical being and form, and acts as chief communicator, relaying electromagnetically your physical state to your Higher Self as well as providing back to you higher guidance and intuitive instruction in the form of inner thoughts, desires and feelings. Using the planetary electromagnetic grids, much as a flock of birds does to migrate, your Higher Self instructs your DNA wherever you are on the planet, and your DNA in turn communicates back through those grids your progress via your current physical and emotional status. Your physical well-being has much to do with the smooth functioning and result of that communication.

In the near future, Nano technology will permit a new intermediary to intercept and, in certain cases, eliminate the effectiveness of that vital communication. Although various methods are being explored, from micro-chipping to DNA bio-engineering, the former is actually a diversion from the real effort that is based on DNA bio-engineering. In fact, despite the fact that micro-chipping has been available for years and new implants in animal brains is recently being flaunted in the media right under your nose by entrepreneurs who many consider preeminent, it is the alteration of DNA that is the real objective. The method used aside however, all of this actually advances technology that will one day be used to usurp and override your own higher guidance. (An important note here is that the current public announcements of these experiments are actually a sham, and such advancements are only in the very early stages of creation. However, the recent release of that information is intended to take the temperature of a willing populace with regard to allowing the potential use of such technology. Because Third Dimensional Earth is designated a “Freewill” reality, placing these technologies in full view fulfills the spiritual need to “inform” Human Angelics of what is being considered for eventual use on them. As we have said in the past, publicly releasing such information in whatever form is intended to mitigate the potential for karmic balancing. In other words, if you object and resist its usage, karma is created for the perpetrators. If you do not, the perpetrators are absolved because your silence is henceforth your agreement to incorporate this into your reality, and you have therefore exercised the use of your own freewill).

When perfected these methods will be used to re-engineer your DNA so that communication with your Higher Self is curtailed and suppressed in favor of whatever impulses those organizing these initiatives wish to replace them. Early efforts to non-physically implant subliminal influences reach back over 75 years, and the desire for this or that product or brand can be seen as the successful use of these strategies to the point where now your preferences are seen as a normal function of your personal desires. In fact, products now use “influencers”, to sway the desires of audiences, an interesting selection of terminology when considering what is transpiring. Nano technology that modifies the DNA takes subliminal influencing to the extreme, and incorporates new and dangerous uses for controlling thought, desire and, ultimately, entire populations.

To enact this new method of interference and “influence”, the first step requires registration of an individual’s DNA, an enormous feat to be sure. However, in the chaos and panic caused by an actual pandemic, such global registration of DNA can be done quickly under false, or at the least, dual pretense easily achieved through voluntary participation. Collecting DNA, with names attached in order to test for viral infections or for the purpose of contact tracing quickly achieves registration of a named individual’s DNA, and this then serves as a person’s primary identifier.

In and of itself, DNA as an identifier is not necessarily harmful (unless tampered with or corrupted) and you should know that in the near future this becomes the standard means of identifying everyone worldwide. Thus, if you have already provided DNA in whatever capacity, there is no reason to fear, no admonishment and your decision to do so is understandable and acceptable. However, if you couple this with the long-term strategy connected to it that we have discussed, it is the mapping and registration of DNA as an innocuous first step that paves the way for a more nefarious plan that is more concerning.

Many of you may be aware of various end-time prophecies. While most of these are misunderstood, misinterpreted or false, there is in fact some truth hidden in one end-time prediction that makes reference to a coming domination and enslavement of vast segments of the population. In these predictions the enslavement of the population blocks and turns most away from their higher guidance – from God, if you prefer using the religious terminology. Those prophecies further refer to individuals being “marked” or tagged by an unscrupulous Being or Beings bent on organizing a method of one-world domination. The prediction refers to that “mark” as a voluntary identifier that will be used to control individuals and will be accepted out of necessity by most world populations.

While it is not our intention to approve, disapprove or single out any predictions regarding events on the timeline, it is at the current junction that these prophecies may have some validity and relevance, although not immediately and not necessarily in the way you think. If, as we know is true, your DNA is registered and identifies you, and if, as we now see, Nano technology is able to insert itself into the body, or ultimately infiltrate the bonds of your DNA as will be revealed, then it is also possible to use Nano technology that interacts with your DNA to essentially geo-engineer a future human being.

Now as we have explained, your DNA is the communication intermediary between you, your Higher Self and your cellular structure. If by artificial means Nano particles can be used to block that electromagnetic communication, or worse, supersede and replace it with new information being fed to it by a controlling source, then not only is it possible to manipulate your thought process by implanting new guidance that feels like it is coming from inside you, it is also possible to trigger your DNA to corrupt and damage your cellular structure; And all of this can be accomplished remotely. Such a trigger could easily be used to cause any degree or intensity of physical dis-ease or illness within anyone not adhering to an established party line.

More importantly, such a Nano-trigger that attaches to your DNA could be easily introduced widely via vaccination, a concept already known to effectuate change in the human body. The fear and concern of a global pandemic is palpable, and naturally leads conscientious populations to demand both testing and vaccination, rightfully so. However, what if the current pandemic is only one of many health or other crisis yet to come, as provided for in a long-term plan intended to not only map everyone’s DNA but introduce “cures” that simultaneously inoculate you from hearing your own inner guidance? And what if those same cures carry the means to corrupt one’s cellular structure, causing possible irreparable physical harm and illness to be programmed by anyone holding the key to its location and that trigger?

This is not to imply that testing for illnesses, vaccines or any other healing methods are not effective, should not be used or are wrong. However, consideration should be taken into account that some forms of new testing may be the staging ground for longer-term strategies intended to provide not only an inescapable means of population identification but also the means to control and dominate all aspects of the human population. At the least, all those experiencing these events as they unfold on the current timeline need to be aware of such probability, as well as the impact it will foster.

As we have said many times, mass consciousness and the events that play out around you are never by accident or coincidental. They are connected to creating opportunities for growth and a backdrop against which all individuals must make choices and grow. As per the laws of Ascension, which we have explained elsewhere, as the current Third Universal Dimension evolves to a higher state taking with it those older Souls who wish to ascend at this time, it is replaced by a newly unfolding Third Universal Dimension, where younger Souls, eager to begin incarnations in the Third Dimension, will predominate. With respect to the emerging timeline, these younger Souls have opted to learn about freedom by having their freedoms curtailed, and such will be the many world scenarios created until the great reset of the timeline in the 26th Century when civilization as you know it will cease to exist and will begin over again.

Until then, the Draco-Reptilian hybrid agenda will predominate. This is propagated in large part by that Soul species, incarnated currently as they are in human bodies within positions that allow them to orchestrate control of large swatches of the world’s political and economic power establishments. The agenda is quite simply to control and dominate the newly incarnating population of Human Angelic Souls, while creating the ideal biologic and atmospheric environment to enable establishment of a future hybrid population for their own Soul species.

Their strategy to do so is a long-term plan, and only the first stages of that plan are now being implemented. Is it any wonder that those seeking to identify your DNA are suddenly focused on testing younger audiences and school children? Those of a certain age, who perhaps are aware and know better, are being ignored and in some ways bypassed while laws will soon be enacted that oblige all younger individuals, as well as younger working populations in various fields, to be tested and, ultimately, vaccinated.

Because this is a long-term global initiative, be aware that what is currently being experienced with the pandemic is only the beginning of a 20 to 50 year program that eventually will cover the globe and include all physical incarnates. Seen from this perspective the valued health care system will be used to meet a decades long series of crises, of which the current pandemic is the first. The “cures” that will be introduced to meet these crises will ensure over time that all beings on the planet are in some way inoculated, and therefore directly affected.

Do you not question that this pandemic began in China, under a regime well known to resort to severe measures of controlling its population? Have you questioned why Russia, knowing its brand of political leadership and its totalitarian regime, is so quickly able to administer a vaccine to the general populace? Knowing that viral diseases have gone uncured for centuries, do you not question how any world scientists can so quickly introduce a cure for this particular virus?

Have you questioned yet why 5-G Technology is being so rapidly deployed without proper testing for its effect on human biology and electromagnetic fields, or why it is said to be necessary to space those towers at tight intervals and in close proximity to residential, in addition to commercial, neighborhoods? Do you wonder if such technology might provide the perfect communications device for triggering Nano-Technology implanted close by, in say, someone's DNA?

And, having already begun the mapping of a population’s DNA, is global Nano-"chipping" underway? And what of US political and other leaders who claim a “cure” will be ready within a matter of months? Will you be surprised, as you will soon be told, that one vaccine may not be enough, but you may be required to update the vaccine repeatedly over the coming years in order to be properly inoculated?

Now more than ever, you would do well to question what you are told as well as the intentions and motives of those who are in control of your institutions, whether you agree or disagree with them. Whether you receive testing and inoculation is not the question, but what is the question is whether knowing what you know you agree to allow these methods to work within you. Here freewill is not so much allowing or not allowing tampering with your DNA, but whether you allow it to effect you, and here, as always, you are in complete control.

This becomes part and parcel of your experience and, in a manner of speaking it is a test of who you are, what you believe the Truth is and your mastery over your own physical condition. Will you allow your fear to make any implantation effective, or will your freewill and consciousness be used to block its effectiveness, even if you are forced and obliged to comply.

The difference is subtle but important. As you become conscious of this, bear in mind that you are never powerless, just as you are not powerless in the freewill choices you make, which also extends to your emotions, thoughts and intentions. Because these technologies are being perfected and since this is a long-term strategy being implemented by each and every “cabal”, whatever side it is on, these initiatives will be slowly rolled out regardless of the regime over a long period of time. In this case one side is not more conscious than the other, and one side is not older Souls versus Younger Souls. Essentially, each side, as we said earlier, is a different side of the same coin, and therefore will have the same agenda to a greater or lessor extent merely with different trappings. The effectiveness of these efforts will be analyzed endlessly by whichever “cabal” is in power, and the platforms of each will be expanded as their efforts are tweaked through the coming decades.

Do not fear that there is no turning back from what we have discussed here however, or that all this is imminent or necessarily your personal destiny. Realize instead that the choice, as always, rest with you and those that will continue after you into the future. Remember that these occurrences are not coincidental or arbitrary, and will create the scenarios and structures that provide each individual with the opportunities or challenges they desire for Soul growth. Will you stay, leave, ignore, support or rise above these initiatives? Countless populations have faced these and similar issues in the past, even if they seem daunting in current time.

To be sure, some have succeeded and some have succumbed. But from a spiritual, higher and non-physical perspective all have found themselves exactly where they needed to be in order for their Soul to gain maximum growth through these experiences. That said let’s explore some further implications surrounding these situations…

To be continued...

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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