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The Mechanics of Karma

The world was taken aback when Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, burned homes and brutally killed nearly 1200 Israeli men, women and children, who were simply going about their daily lives. The terrorists also kidnapped 253 Israelis, and forcibly took them their fate in Gaza. The depravity was live streamed, and photos of mourning Israeli families and friends continues to horrify people everywhere.


A few weeks later, Israel launched an invasion of Palestinian Gaza, vowing to end Hamas control there.  Israeli forces used full military might in response to the brutal and unprovoked Hamas attack, destroying anything standing in their path. In the process, tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women and children, who were simply going about their daily lives, have been maimed or killed. The invasion has been live streamed, and, reminiscent of the earlier scenes of Israelis lamenting the butchery of Hamas, photos of desperate, suffering and mourning Palestinians, who are unable to remove themselves from under the heavy weight of the Israel military, have anguished people everywhere.


On the surface, it appears you are looking at the historic definition of Karma being played out in real time, since “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” is the classic model of Karma at work.  But buried beneath the surface of these events lies a complex web of energy principles that require deeper exploration.  These energetic principles are what we would call the Mechanics of Karma.




As demonstrated by recent Middle Eastern events, in a system based on duality such as the one you live with on Third Dimensional Earth, understanding Karma mechanics is paramount to understanding the happenings that shape your world.  Karma is a basic element of “spin”, which is a prevailing factor in physical reality creation. Universal “spin”, in a manner of speaking, compels molecules to take form and materialize, as energy constantly attempts to find balance and homeostasis.


Since the entire Universe is energy-based, it could be said that everything you know is in a constant state of renovation, perpetually driven by the need to find homeostasis and harmony by whatever means possible. The perpetual, molecular impetus towards homeostasis, balance and harmonization is what drives the dance of creation universally, as molecules are constantly pulled into manifestation.  This becomes the basis for the reality created around you.


In this way, events have deep connections rooted in energy’s effort to balance and harmonize itself. Whether we are speaking of minor situations that you experience at a micro-level, such as with friends, family members, colleague and neighbors, or we are speaking of grand macro-level occurrences and global conflicts, such as those that take place between nations, cultures and races, when you witness extremes, whether they be of a positive or negative connotation, you are witnessing an energetic imprint that will ultimately seek to regain homeostasis. This is the law of Karma.


To understand this better, it is important to know that all physical actions and events, in fact all choices made in physical reality, carry a vibration. As such, they discharge and leave behind a vibrational residue. This energetic residue trail is perhaps the most important component of Karma, since it serves as the basis for whether the balancing events will take on a positive effect, or be of a more challenging nature.

From a metaphysical perspective, the intensity of the residue trail combined with the degree to which energy is pushed out of balance with itself also becomes an important karmic consideration. The depth and intensity of either the harmony or disharmony created by this combination, whichever is more prevalent, dictates the extent to which karmic rebalancing will be necessary. This in turn paves the way for how intense or important the life events meant to correct that energetic imbalance will be.

Regardless, it is precisely here that the mechanics of Karma branch off from the simplified “eye for an eye” definition you are aware of, into a more complex web of multidimensional underpinnings. Far more reaching than you might imagine, and nearly equally as opaque, hidden multidimensional catalysts and overlays are not only what pushes energy to find harmonization in the first place, it is what determines where, how, when and why the imbalance will be karmically balanced and corrected.  In that regard, certain observations concerning the mechanics of Karma become possible to explore.  


Surprisingly, first and foremost among these is the question of Karma based on Soul growth through Reincarnation. As we have informed you in the past, Soul growth through an increase in Soul consciousness is the primary goal of Souls incarnated in any universal dimension. In order to achieve this, Souls participate with each other at various levels of physical and metaphysical reality, through a wide range of lifetimes, situations and points on the timeline that permit experiential understanding and unique opportunities for Soul growth.


Often, it is the energetic residue – Karma – generated by events that enables the fastest growth for Souls, which they experience via their "physical avatar" life incarnations operating in physical reality. Such growth can be derived from lifetimes at any point on the timeline, and, perhaps most importantly, they can also be interconnected to lifetimes and reincarnations other than the current one.


Younger Souls excel at physical Karma, since it affords them quick learning and Soul growth, sometimes experienced in only one or a few lifetimes. As explained in the book “Wheels of Creation: A Guide to Life After Death, Reincarnation and the Journey of Your Soul”, each Soul within a Universal Dimension plans numerous lifetimes that are linked according to life missions and experiences on “wheels” that cooperate and have close relationship with each other. These groupings of Reincarnation-selves can be envisioned as actual spinning wheels, where each lifetime acts as a spoke in the wheel itself, which is dynamic and constantly in motion.


When intense energetic residue is generated on one spoke, or lifetime, on the wheel, causing it to go out of balance, harmony of the wheel is re-achieved by the Soul when the imbalance is spread across other spokes, or lifetimes, on the wheel. Thus, for better or for worse, if what happens in one lifetime carries enough intense energetic residue (Karma), it will bleed through into other lifetimes on the same wheel, as a matter of balancing out the whole. This can occur in a way that is on-going, meaning back and forth between some or all of the lifetimes on that wheel.


In real terms, this means energetic imbalance that occurs in your life can be corrected and rebalanced by another lifetime or reincarnation on your “wheel”. But it also means that disharmony generated in a lifetime other than your own, on your Soul’s Wheel of Creation, has the potential to bleed through and seek homeostasis via your lifetime in the here and now. Realizing this is an important piece in understanding the age-old puzzle as to why bad things happen to good people, as it were, and many an illness, loss of limb or other such physical inconveniences or circumstances are often the direct result of such bleed-through.


The implications of such a system can be impactful, and can draw individuals with seemingly no connection into life events (good or difficult), and conflicts or challenges, that are little understood if approached from a superficial "why me" perspective. But once the metaphysical and hidden multidimensional factors are analyzed, suddenly Karma represents a system whereby homeostasis of Universal energy, and balancing of the Soul's life energy, is always the goal.


Through this system, Karma not only pushes the universe towards harmony through energetic balance, it also allows each Soul, via its physical lifetimes, of which you are one, to utilize Karmic energy rebalancing as a means of consciousness and Soul growth. Yet it should be recalled that your Soul is unaccustomed and uninterested in any subjective considerations you may have concerning what is good and what is bad, right or wrong. Instead, rebalancing and Soul growth can come through positive events, or equally, through extremely challenging ones.





Secondarily, because of the nature of Soul groups, many of which are linked into cadres with similar growth goals, Karma not only can be used for Soul growth individually, at times it can also impact entire communities, races and even nations. An example of this would be historic racial and cultural conflicts, as well as the enslavement or genocide of an entire race or Soul cadre. Such conflicts and circumstances are almost always based on, or generate, intense karmic residue created by such occurrences.


The intense karmic residue generated in those cases always needs energetic balancing, particularly within the Soul cadres or groups responsible for creating the karmic imbalance. Yet the Karmic imbalance is not always felt in every participant on each side of the conflict, and in many cases the cadre on the receiving end of the experience has permitted the events as a matter of Soul growth outside of Karma.


In that case, the Soul group initiating the imbalance is solely charged with balancing the Karmic residue. That said however, it almost always takes two to Tango, as they say, which means that groups and cadres generally share in the disharmony they create together, and therefore they usually both participate in the rebalancing experiences brought about by Karma.


In addition to this, there are also the individual Karmic implications for each Soul, or person involved. This is particularly true if the individual has contributed personally, through choice and free will, to the overall imbalance being created by participating in specific events directly. Thus, Karma can be generated simultaneously on both a group and individual scale.


Bear in mind as well that Karma mechanics rarely means that Karma is rebalanced immediately, or in close association with an originating event, either at the personal level or as it regards entire populations. Thus, massively energetic and karmic-generating events, such as the ones taking place in Israel, Gaza and the Middle East at this time, are not necessarily linked karmically. Neither are they a true karmic balancing of each other, as one might expect.


In fact, each can be a reckoning and re-balance for events that took place centuries and millennia before, or even based on future events happening on the timeline, since all time is happening simultaneously on the dimensional timeline and the linear measurement of time is a fallacy. Although you might see notable and immediate implied karmic connections, the truth is these events may appear to link up closely, but are actually rebalanced over far more expansive distances and points on the timeline than you are aware.

What sometimes appears to generate Karma, or be karmic in nature, actually is not. To understand this, we need to take a closer look at these two separate events, one where a small group of individuals cause trauma and tragedy, and another where an entire nation or culture takes violent action against another. Naturally, this is not to say that both events aren't terrible and tragic, but it is to say that one may carry more karmic energy and residue.

Difficult though it may be to believe, often large-scale mass-consciousness events are actually events that have been projected and generated on the timeline as a matter of Social and Cultural growth for all Souls incarnated at that point on the timeline. This can be the case in various examples that may include the horrific occurrences perpetrated by terrorists, the death and destruction caused by dramatic transit accidents or the mass murder of innocents caused at the hand of one person.

Though it may be an unpopular statement on the surface and taken out of context, usually all individuals involved in these events, including the victims, agreed in advance at a Soul level, to participate in them in order to bring awareness and change to the global social order. Although Karma still factors in somewhat, because the intense energy inherent in such events will always seek rebalance and homeostasis, for the most part Karma is minimized because everyone has "agreed" to participate on a subconscious Soul level as a matter of the higher good.

Agreement, on either a Soul level or by the individual lifetime, lessens Karmic impact because it lessens the karmic residue and intensity of the energetic imbalance. The sinking of the Titanic, Pearl Harbor leading to the US involvement in World War II, the attack in 2001 on the New York Twin Towers, and now, most recently, a terrorist invasion into Israel territory, are all examples of this type of mass consciousness event.

Again, this is not to excuse or lessen any responsibility the perpetrators carry for orchestrating such cruel and devastating atrocities. But it is to say that at a karmic level, such events may not carry the Karma you would anticipate, since they are, in a manner of speaking, preordained and made manifest as a catalyst for extraordinary Soul growth and a greater purpose on the timeline.

Following this karmic principle through to its natural conclusion, a tragedy such as the Titanic's sinking heralded vast changes in passenger safety for the entire world going forward. Examples of long-term beneficial effect could be given for all such events, including those mentioned here.

The same is usually true of some events that are termed “false flags” or insider jobs, where agreement to participate by all parties at a Soul level brings about change in the mass consciousness environment. We repeat that this is not to condone such acts, but merely to suggest that they do not carry the intense karmic residue one might expect or that similar horrific events might indeed carry. Conspiracy theories inevitably grow up around these events, because it is subconsciously recognized from a higher perspective that blame for who is truly responsible for the event has not been correctly placed.

In many instances, the true organizers of such events are not whom you suspect, and most happenings are holographic in nature, so the true impact is not measured in terms of karmic residue and energetic impact. In other words, the actual planners and culprits of these events tend to be overlooked, their impact is exaggerated and almost holographic (unreal) in nature, and, as a result, blame, karmic or otherwise, is inevitably misplaced since the situation has been orchestrated and manipulated to a specific end.

As an example, many believe the bombing of Pearl Harbor was permitted by factions within the US government at the time in order to muster public sentiment permitting the country to enter the War. Similarly, some believe that the terrorist invasion of Israel was covertly allowed to occur in order to justify invasion of Gaza. Both beliefs have a degree of validity, when the events are remote viewed on the timeline.

Similarly, and as an added note here, once two or more participants, at either a Soul level or a conscious physical lifetime level, agree to participate together in such events, however detrimental or awful the outcome may be, the Karma generated is also minimized. For this reason, it is important to express your "Truth" through your inner thought process, if not through your actions and choices. Always assume that not taking a personal inner stance (peaceful or not) is paramount to agreeing to participate in any prevailing energies.

Denial of one's state of Being, which should not be confused with being "neutral", whether in an individual or a population, lessens Karma and karmic residue, because if there is no objection on the receiving end of these energies, Karma is lessened or not generated at all. As an example, those living under dictatorship or repressive authority should be aware that by not taking a conscious stand in terms of their personal belief structure, they in fact contribute to their own state of repression. Perpetrators in such cases are merely subconsciously complying with their wishes, and intense energetic residue is not generated.

In other words, when you are told by someone that they have a conscious intention, as happens often in political systems, to take action that will affect you, if you do not find your Truth and state within yourself resistance or opposition to it, Karma is removed from the situation, and karmic responsibility is also removed from the perpetrator. Essentially, this is so because you have then been forewarned, and have therefore agreed to willingly participate, through your denial or conscious inaction.

To be be sure however, there are indeed numerous events that carry significant Karma and karmic residue that must be actively balanced according to the mechanics of Karma. War, military adventuring and the aggressive, or even seemingly "accidental" killing of single individuals, or of multitudes indiscriminately, almost always exemplify energetic events that carry major Karma.

Karma generated in this nature has far reaching roots and consequences, backwards and forward on the timeline, with entire Soul cadres and groups sometimes being involved. We would suggest that the current Middle Eastern crisis has long standing historic karmic (energetic residue) of this nature being corrected and balanced, and we would further suggest that these military operations are linked to Karma generated on the timeline that includes various past and present, as well as future karmic rivalries and traumas.

In that way, the current turmoil has connections that include Hebrew, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine activities in the region over centuries and millennia. This turmoil also has karmic links to the Crusades of the Middle Ages, the Ottoman invasions of the 16th Century, World War I, World War II, the Six Day War of 1967 and, on an upcoming future point on the timeline, the dramatic energy being expelled as a result of World War III.  


Most notably, from a karmic perspective, World War III, which will bring vast destruction to the area, is now partly being balanced in reverse on the timeline by these dramatic current events. In that regard, the vast destruction and scorched Earth approach to warfare you see emerging in various regions of your world today, including in Eurasia, Syria, Sudan and Gaza, hint at what is to come during the severe and traumatic events you will witness in the conflicts to be known as World War III in the Middle East, Eurasia and Europe, as well as parts of North America through 2100. 




We have only hinted at the connection of Karma as it relates to Soul age, but this is also an important underlying factor. Young Souls, whose moto could be said to be “me and everyone just like me”, are more plugged into the physical aspects of Karma, meaning they seek out learning from Karma outside of themselves and related to the world viewed from their physical perspective. Younger Souls have a general propensity to want everyone to be and think just like they do, and, as a result, they gravitate towards situations, sometimes challenging, that use physical violence or force, in an endless effort to oblige others to be like them.   Those who refuse to comply, or simply are not like them, become the focus of their fear and disdain. Energetic karmic exchanges will naturally ensue, bringing in their wake accelerated Soul growth so these young Souls can mature more quickly.


Older Souls on the other hand, can generally be said to have a moto of “me and those different than me, with each allowed to follow their own path of discovery.” These Souls are usually more tolerant and introspective, and as a result their Soul growth is usually based on “Self-Karma”, or Karma that is experienced through internal and interpersonal struggles within themselves, or between themselves and close family, friends and colleagues.  Older Souls have no desire or need to force or oblige anyone to comply to their wishes, and would rather spend their time analyzing the world objectively. This includes why they see the world as they do, as well as what they can do to uncomplicate their existence and enhance their experiences.


The difference in Soul Age is important in that most physical Karma generated is the result of choice and action by Younger Souls. Older Souls however, act as a calming influence on this, and usually Older Souls are always able, ultimately, to calm the prevailing winds when energetic residue is being threatened or present.


As we have said before however, currently there is a mass exodus of older Soul populations from Third Dimensional Earth. At the same time younger Souls are incarnating on the Planet at unprecedented rates. This portends that events generating physical Karma worldwide, favored by younger Souls, with the accompanying violence and disharmony this usually entails, will become more and more the norm as the coming decades and century progress. As we have explained, the more disharmony and karmic energetic residue that needs rebalancing now or in the future, the more individual and global events that will be generated to keep the system in balance, energetic homeostasis of the dimension being required.




Finally, bear in mind that there is such a thing as karmic neutrality, or the ability to neutralize Karma. Neutrality is a fundamental precept in the mechanics of Karma, because it serves as the key to allowing energetic homeostasis to be maintained and energetic residue cancelled out.  Simply stated, the neutralization of energetic residue through intervention and conscious intention, allows intense karmic energies to dissipate.


The Christian phrase, “Turn the Other Cheek” is often taken to mean that one should allow another to take the advantage, and make no effort towards defense.  However, this phrase actually means that when both sides of a karmic event find neutrality, there is no longer a need for Karma or karmic balancing to be present, since homeostasis and harmony have been preserved.  


In fact, this is also the reason Kama is said to be “cured” and no longer active, once balance has been restored and the energetic residue is no longer present. Those Souls participating usually have no further interest in the karmic lesson at hand, and as a result, the entire episode is neutralized.


All sides of any circumstance have the power to neutralize any karmic event in the here and now by finding neutrality, whether the event is the result of actions of younger Souls, older Souls or feuding Soul groups. This is not only the true meaning of the phrase “Turn the Other Cheek”, it is also an entry point to “Forgiveness”. And this is why Forgiveness is heralded universally as a prime mechanism of “Grace”.  By far, Grace is the quickest road you have at your disposal towards Soul growth.


Allowing neutrality and Grace to be the keys to negating and rebalancing Karma, in your own life and in your world, is another matter entirely. But those able to understand how to consciously use this powerful combination are empowered to experience direct transcendence of their state, no matter what your situation may be and no matter how intense you find the physical and metaphysical reality that surrounds you.

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