The Power of Group Intention

Each individual attending or cooperating in a gathering or a group is present not only by conscious choice, but for purposes related to his or her own Essence Path, mission and unconscious goals. However, once a group forms it generates its own mission, goal and energetic resonance, and in many cases focused conscious intention arising from the hearts of several or many individuals joined in a group can have a far reaching impact on reality. For the most part therefore, group gatherings are never accidental, rarely inconsequential and their importance should not be overlooked. When individual thought and energy are unified, organized and focused in a group format, a new tangible power arise

The Question of Relationships

Many times the question of “relationship,” one you have with another individual or one you have with a group, comes into play. We would like to explore with you the basis for many of those relationships. First of all, it should be understood that each entity entering into physical incarnation comes with a particular set of desires and goals that it wishes to accomplish in the lifetime. These desires and goals are generated in various ways, but one of the principal vehicles used for achieving life goals are the “extenuating circumstances,” shall we call them created via the various relationships you form. These extenuating circumstances are most often generated when in conjunction with yo

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