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Divine Intervention brings a New Year Blessing

December 27th, 2021: Several times over the past two years we have informed you of numerous facts hidden behind what has been termed the Covid-19 Pandemic.

To begin with, we informed you that Covid-19 is a bio-weapon, created through multinational collaboration, deployed for the purpose of generating extreme fear and panic on an unsuspecting global population. Next, we informed you that a “cure”, which represents a bio-weapon in and of itself, would be made available by those sounding the alarms, and it would be touted as safe and effective by the perpetrators.

The cure is a genetic realignment that instructs your own cellular system to create something foreign to itself in order to spur an immune response. The actual results however, are anything but total immunity. Instead, unbeknownst to most, this genetic remedy acts to curtail the natural cellular communication you enjoy with your Soul through the planet’s electromagnetic grid. This unnatural blockage blinds an individual's inner sight, alienating them from their true Soul purpose and hampering their access to the divine guidance coming directly from the Soul. As a result, many are left feeling alone, lost and rudderless. As a consequence, they become vulnerable to even greater manipulation by external malicious and devious forces.

Finally, we informed you that in addition to the extraordinary financial benefits realized by certain global industries, such as the military and pharmaceutical Cabals, the “plan-demic” was orchestrated at the highest levels by individuals working in conjunction with other-dimensional extraterrestrials who have secret treaties with several of your world governments. We told you as well that these governments and individuals believe they are working for the benefit of humanity in exchange for new defense and other technological advancements. What is not known however, is that the extraterrestrials in question, who are from the Draco star system, are actually implementing their own long-term plans for a bio invasion of Earth.

Those plans call for the intentional altering of Earth's environment, as well as transformation of the biologic and cellular nature of humanity itself in the long run. Their ultimate purpose is to make the Human physical body accessible for incarnation by members of this extraterrestrial Soul group. In addition, through a transhumanism genetic program, they intend to "lock-out" the Human Angelic Soul race from future physical incarnations on Earth, as well as within this sector of the Galaxy.

Matters were made worse by powerful individuals in charge of creating policy based on the Covid-19 bioweapon, who pushed to enact programs and mandates, for financial benefit, that obliged the use of experimental vaccines, which can be said to be bio-weapons in and of themselves. To make it easier to force compliance with those misguided policies, mass hypnosis was used, and most of the world’s global populations, especially those in the West, found themselves caught up in a mass psychosis propagated by media and official governmental agencies. Their sophisticated initiatives, combined with their ability to censor reason, opposition or descent (even among respected scientists and medical professionals with differing views), allowed a self-propelled mass hysteria to take hold, the likes of which your world has rarely seen.

That mass psychosis reached crescendo when viral variants and mutations began to appear, as by-products of the overly aggressive vaccination programs implemented in the midst of pandemic crisis, and subsequent viral immune escape. Naturally, in the face of a viral bioweapon that is, in fact, a real physical threat, the fear and panic generated off of the original weapon, as well as its subsequent variants, has been further used to hypnotize, cajole and sway public opinion.

Forced compliance with the ill conceived mandates, which eliminate the sacred gift of Free Will, has quickly become a principal objective of public policy. As variants have emerged, and as the media and medical community have abdicated their reason and pronounced each variant to possibly be far worse than the last, fear again has swept from nation to nation throughout the world.

That is, until now. Let us explain the turning of this tide.


We have always informed you that higher dimensional Guardians exist who have the ability to alter the very fabric of time and space in lower dimensional theaters. We have explained that higher can see lower, but lower cannot see higher. Thus, whether we are discussing Universal Dimensions, or Sub-dimensions that dissect and intersect each Universal Dimension, higher dimensional Beings have awareness of you, even though you do not have conscious awareness of them.

At the highest Universal Dimensions, the cycles of planetary Beings found throughout the Universe, as well as the divinely ordained evolutionary process known as Ascension, are guided and assisted, when necessary, by those high dimensional Beings. Many of you would expect that these Beings are a form of what you know as the Universal God, but the truth is perhaps more profound than can be expressed herein. Suffice to say that these high Beings, under the auspices of divine guidance and existing at a lower dimension than the Realm of All that Is (God), are the designated Guardians of various sectors of the known Universe.

Seeing the havoc being orchestrated by the extraterrestrial bio invasion being perpetrated on Earth, these Beings have now intervened. How? They have done so through natural evolution, and they have used the Covid-19 Bioweapon itself to enact an intervention that will save humanity and end the current Pandemic.

Seeing the trauma that was unleashed on the world in the form of this bio-weapon, these Guardians of Earth, who also serve as Guardians of the Human Angelic Soul group that populates the planet for purposes of Soul growth, have naturally evolved the Covid-19 Virus into a recent variant known as Omicron. This new variant is purposely more contagious than almost any virus known to man. But it is also much milder than its parent-virus, thereby becoming, for most among you, an illness with symptoms and immune responses similar to the Common Cold.

They have done so in order to generate mass contagion of a much milder version of the original Bio-Weapon. By doing so, the mild variant allows natural immunity for Coronavirus in anyone that comes into contact with it, as well as immunity from any variation of it, including the original deadly strain -- the Bio-Weapon known as Covid-19.

Mass contagion of this new, naturally mutated mild variant of Covid-19 (Omicron) in world populations, and other variants to come, will generate herd immunity globally through mild, somewhat benign symptoms, not unlike a cold or seasonal flu virus. Herd immunity generated in this way will allow mass immunity to the Covid-19 virus, and the population will ultimately reach an end to the current Pandemic.

But be aware that this will not put an end to the attempts to drive you into fear, in order to coerce, manipulate and control Human Angelic populations. Nor will it stop future attempts to generate mass fear in order to further control and manipulate the many by a few. This must be up to you.

In order to do so, make a vow today not to be driven into panic or fear again. Work diligently to push from power those leaders who have grossly abused their positions, even if they are established government officials, scientists or pseudo-medical experts. In many cases, the professionals who head the most important national and world organizations and agencies are the very ones who funded and created the devastation you have witnessed. These are the ones responsible for generating and magnifying your fears, in an effort to control the populace for their own economic and political gain. They are the ones who will continue their attempts to deceive and keep you locked in a traumatic state. They will even continue to employ threats of contagion from milder viral variants to frighten, control and coerce you.

If you do not stand tall now and acknowledge the divine intervention behind the weakened variant that will afford global herd immunity to develop naturally and harmlessly, these same individuals will return to the forefront, with a vengeance. Banish fear by any means, and resist those who have used their power to orchestrate such devious hardships (in many cases to foster the transhumanistic agenda we have detailed). Laugh in the face of those who have attempted to imprison you and exile your Soul from future physical incarnations on Third Dimensional Earth. Turn away from their gaze and their statements of panic, misguidance and manipulation forever.

It is simply a matter of becoming truly Conscious. Recognize Truth; Banish Fear from within you; Bring higher consciousness to the world; Demonstrate daily your commitment to the Light and the higher purpose of your Soul; Share your inner Truths with loved ones, friends, colleagues and the community at large; Use your Free Will wisely, and do not abdicate it to anyone, ever, for any reason.

Finally, bring this blessing for the Winter Solstice and the coming New Year into your life by proclaiming it as often as you can:

“Once and for all, I raise my consciousness and vibrational frequency by expressing my belief, confidence and faith in a Universe full of purpose, joy and light -- a Universe of my own making that loves and comforts me, as I allow its blessings to unfold in my life. I am infinitely grateful for a Universe where divine intervention is not only possible, it is part of everything bestowed upon me, now and throughout the year to come.”

We wish each of you peace, happiness and boundless health as you navigate the coming New Year.

(Notice: The information found in this Post or in any other Post found on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any products or claims about specific products discussed on or through this Site have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This Site is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advise. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. EssencePath makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the information contained or found on its website. You are encouraged to find your "Truth" and to research and confirm any information obtained from or through this website, or other related EssencePath materials, for yourself through other sources, and review all information regarding any medical conditions or treatments with your physician.)


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