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The Power of Group Intention

Each individual attending or cooperating in a gathering or a group is present not only by conscious choice, but for purposes related to his or her own Essence Path, mission and unconscious goals. However, once a group forms it generates its own mission, goal and energetic resonance, and in many cases focused conscious intention arising from the hearts of several or many individuals joined in a group can have a far reaching impact on reality.

For the most part therefore, group gatherings are never accidental, rarely inconsequential and their importance should not be overlooked. When individual thought and energy are unified, organized and focused in a group format, a new tangible power arises from the intentions generated. Because thought forms, goals and missions expressed by a group demonstrate an oscillation that increases exponentially with each individual, the potential for reality manifestation by a group is maximized. Thus the group’s ability to manifest its goals, desires and intent in reality, whether by conscious desire or not, is greatly enhanced. We would go as far as to suggest that aside from physical survival of the young, this is perhaps the true basis of the family units you know, at least from a metaphysical perspective.

Naturally, as we have often reminded you this effect can originate from either a positive or negative polarity, and it should be remembered that fear and challenges expressed by a group are just as readily manifest in reality (if not more so) as faith, desire and goals that have a positive benefit. This is the reason that group motivation and desire is an important consideration, as the emotional and energetic content found therein is quickly propelled into your world.

It is not by happenstance that many of your religious and esoteric practices not only call for individual prayer and meditation they base much of their philosophy on the power emanating from group prayer, organized gatherings, unified thought and directed meditation. A well-known biblical adage confirms that when two or more people come together in unified thought or prayer their request is more readily addressed by “God.” This is because a vortex of energetic desire is created by group action that maximizes the potential for reality creation and manifestation (known or unknown to the subjects).

It is immaterial whether you believe the manifestation that occurs, whatever form it takes, is a gift from the God source or merely a physical representation of your own conscious intention. In either case the fact remains that group prayer, meditation and focused thought increases energetic and vibrational potential, and this maximizes a thought form’s power to magnetize and sculpt the creative particles necessary to generate reality’s miraculous unfolding.

In fact, we would say that although group gatherings large and small take place worldwide constantly (in conscious forms you understand and unconscious forms you may not) and are commonplace, it is unfortunate that the truth about methodology and the power of such gatherings to create reality are not better understood and more willingly utilized. We would suggest that this is perhaps not unintentional. Indeed, many political, religious, governmental and other authorities that understand the true magnitude and power of group energetics, particularly those wishing to directly control the reality manifestations of internal groups, work actively to stifle such understanding. To do so, much of the esoteric literature, and many of the meditative practices and philosophies you are taught, are at the very least misleading seeking to divert you from accurate and truly valuable forms of prayer, group or otherwise.

As an example, from the youngest age most are taught to beseech an invisible force to answer their personal needs and desires. Usually, such emotional requests are for those things that are not present in life and the request originates from the fear of what you either do not have or do not want in your life. Because fear is so emotionally charged, such prayer is also emotionally charged, and such a prayer request is akin to sending an energetic message to the universe asking it to reinforce the very things you are fearful you will not or do not have. Generally, the result is a continuation of the fear, or “lack”, which is embedded in your state of fear.

Remember that the Universe does not judge and therefore does not see a specific condition or state as good, bad, right or wrong. It knows only that you, as a co creator of your reality, are sending out emotionally charged thought forms, which you wish to be attracted into your reality. Like attracts like. For this reason, we would advise you to refrain from prayer and meditation that is fear-based, or that demands a redress of your current reality. Such prayer and focused thought, whether by an individual or by a group, works to reinforce the state of lack you wish to leave (please see our discussion on editing down from wholeness entitled "Becoming Whole").

Instead, although it may seem counterintuitive, we would suggest prayer or meditation that offers a grateful acknowledgement of your situation and a conscious understanding of your state's relevance to your higher growth. Then in conjunction with this, focus an expression of your truest firm belief (and faith in the Universe, or God if you prefer) that not only will you achieve what you desire, but it is already present and available to you in all ways, even if it is not visible. Such a method of prayer and focused intention is far more productive to changing your current state.

Misdirection of focused thought and prayer deadens the real potential that exists to achieve a rewarding life experience, which is the ultimate gift possible as each individual masters their ability to co-create reality. This is magnified greatly within the potential inherent in prayer and meditation performed jointly or by a group.

Why is this so? Because groups at all levels that come together in unified prayer and meditation, especially those that understand the power behind their energetic projection, increase the magnetism of their desires by creating an energetic vortex of sorts. Once created, that vortex has an augmented ability to attract any desired goals (prayers) into reality. In addition to this, when speaking of Ascension mechanics, such group focus augments aspects of energetic communication between you, the planet’s electromagnetic grid and your Soul matrices. This allows an increase in higher levels of guidance available to you.

This also works inversely to increase the grid’s power and, in its wake, pushes the energy grids of the planet to higher vibrational resonance. At the current time this is highly productive if not critical to the planet and the Solar System’s dimensional transcendence, as it facilitates the evolutionary process that raises all universal dimensions an octave and, ultimately, will serve to propel the dimension into Ascensionary evolution.

Let us add one other important and perhaps unknown aspect to our conversation concerning the power of group intention. Although it is true that human existence in the Third Dimensional realm for the most part allows each entity to participate in the process of their own Soul’s evolution and growth as co-creators of their reality and environment, this is true precisely because human and planetary energetic structures are aligned and allow this to be so. These structures, which are both physical and energetic in nature, are highly organized and unified, linking each individual, each group and all beings to the planet and subsequently to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

First of all, be aware that Earth, your Solar System and your Galactic sector are designated as the home of Human Angelic Souls. The DNA of Human Angelics is therefore coded to be in perfect synchronicity with the electromagnetic grid of the planet Earth. As part of this alignment, the energetic human Chakra structure, which is each individual’s personal energetic grid and higher communication system, parallels and is linked with the structure of the energetic Chakra system and electromagnetic grid of planet Earth.

It is human DNA that acts as a scalar communications link between an individual’s Chakra system and all the cells in an individual’s body. In turn, the Chakra system of the individual is further organized to communicate and link with the Earth’s Chakra system and electromagnetic grid. This communicates an individual’s vibrational resonance (formed by thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, as well as higher purpose and goals, etc.) to the universe, and it is this link that magnetizes the particles that pull your reality into creation.

The manifestation of reality is therefore based on the vibrational communication it has received by virtue of this system. Finally, there is a two way street of communication between each person’s Chakra System, Earth’s Chakra System and electromagnetic grid and the Universe at large, which includes one’s Soul or Higher Self and, ultimately, the God source itself.

Because of this, all Human Angelic incarnates in your world (unbeknownst to them) act as channels of sort, communicating what is desired to the Earth grid and the Universe, while receiving guidance and information from the Universe via Earth’s Chakras and the subsequent personal “download” you receive via your own Chakra system. There are overlapping considerations to be sure, but this is the main reason it is so important that these energetic systems, including your individual Chakra system as well as the electromagnetic grid of planet Earth, be open and unencumbered by interference.

In this regard the environment in which you exist today is problematic at best, as it grossly interferes and tampers with these natural avenues of energetic communication, diminishing your access to higher guidance as well as dampening the internal communication of your own Chakra system, your DNA and your cellular structure. It is important to be aware of this and to work towards combatting the environmental effects through the care and maintenance of your physical and energetic body, as well as by care and consideration for the Planet’s well being whenever and wherever possible.

We have provided you here with some understanding of just how group gatherings, focus and intention can augment the channels of energetic communication, increasing power and potential so that what is desired may be beneficially propelled into reality in your world. By knowing that the focused energy originating from group intention has the power to activate the Earth’s Chakras and grid system in extraordinary ways, facilitating reality's manifestation, you are well on your way to understanding your true power and the importance of your choice in participating at a group level. Add to this the ability of a group to increase planetary vibrational resonance (through the Earth Chakra and grid structure) as well as the timeliness of such energetics when seen through the evolutionary process known as Ascension, and you have the basis for understanding why joining together in focused desire, thought, intention, prayer or meditation is so powerful.

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