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Safety Lies in the Eye of the Hurricane

September 9th, 2021: Some time ago, we informed you that the current transformation of the age was characterized symbolically in three major world events. As they occurred these significant events raised eyebrows, but few saw them as the turning points they most definitely were. Yet within the context of this age of Ascension, these events are important metaphors that announce the death of the current world Human Angelic civilization. First was the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddahs by the Taliban in Afghanistan in March of 2001. Metaphorically, that event signaled the destruction of the world’s “Heart” Chakra.

Next was the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York in September of 2001. That act represented the destruction and death of the current world culture’s “Mind”, or its Third Eye Chakra.

Finally, there was the fire that nearly destroyed the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris in 2019. As we told you then, this was not accidental and its truth was covered to prevent panic. Regardless, it symbolically represented an attack on the current world culture’s “Soul”, or the destruction of your culture’s Crown Chakra.

It should be understood that civilizations and cultures, like the planet itself and all physical beings, have "Chakras" or energetic portals that link them to the Electromagnetic Grid of Earth, as well as the Dimensional timeline and the Akashic Records. The Chakras of a civilization or a culture are contained within the important global edifices it creates, and the current world civilization is no exception. It is no small coincidence that the ancients identified "Seven Wonders" of the World, as these corresponded to the seven Chakras of a given civilization.

On the current timeline, besides the three important portals we have mentioned here, other world culture "Chakras" have similarly been attacked and compromised as of late. Most notable among these stands the US Capital Building, and its occupation and desecration in early 2021. However benign some groups might have considered that event to have been, it represented an attempted destruction of the current world civilization's Solar Plexus Chakra.

Any destruction, attempted violation or abandonment of a world civilization's Chakras, via the demise of its symbolic edifices, has certain implications, and the destruction of the current civilization's “Heart”, “Mind” and “Soul” Chakras, as it were, carries important symbolic meaning. That symbolism is associated not only with the continuing escalation in the collapse of the current timeline being wrought by this Ascension period, but also announces an unveiling of the end of the current era.

Unfortunately, time has passed quickly and most do not associate these recent events with the symbolic announcement of the fall of your current world civilization. But many of you can feel in your heart that something is profoundly different when remembering these particular events. That is because despite their difficult and sad circumstances, and the fact that it will require decades for historians to realize they were the beginning of the fall of an age, the fact is these challenging events are poignant symbols that signal within Human Angelic consciousness the end of an age and the beginning of the next.

We have always told you that you incarnated into physical bodies at an extraordinary juncture on the timeline. That juncture has the potential for not only great change and technological advancement, but vast challenge and turmoil as well. Many of the difficult circumstances you are facing in the world, at an almost breathless rate as the timeline speeds up towards its ending, are a result of the momentous energetic forces thrust upon the dimension and the planet as a result of this Ascension cycle.

Now for the most part, these circumstances, difficult though they can seem at times, are naturally occurring as a result of the transformation of the Dimension and the heightened Ascension energies we have described. Naturally occurring energetic augmentation at such times is instrumental in creating the unique mass conscious environments and events that will serve to test the metal of all incarnated Human Angelic Souls by virtue of their free will in navigating the period. Ultimately, it is the consciousness derived from such events, particularly those that are highly charged and challenging, that serve to push forward the transition of the timeline into the next, while also transforming one Universal Dimension into the next as per the evolutionary procession of Ascension.


This said however, when the evolutionary circumstances that are naturally aligned with the energies of Ascension are subverted and exploited by malevolent and covert forces, for the purpose of control and domination, a different level of pain and suffering is unleashed on Human Angelic Souls. Older Souls will take the opportunities presented to them during challenging world events to cycle off their current life incarnations, and an exodus of Older Souls is always present during important cycles of Ascension. Younger Souls however, eager to participate in the newly emerging karmic endeavors being created by intensified energies and the collapse of civilization's traditional systems, will incarnate faster than before into the dimension, in order to participate in the events and opportunities transpiring on the timeline during the period.

If we are discussing this with you now, it is first of all to point out that you are living during times where the collapse of the institutions and age-old standards of your world civilization are inevitable. Secondarily, it is to help you distinguish the difference between those natural evolutionary events that are the result of Ascension energies, and those unnatural events that are being orchestrated under cover by malevolent Beings.

In general, natural events, even when they appear to be unnatural, will never attempt to usurp Human Angelic free will. Nor will they ever interfere with or alter human physical biology, or invade human consciousness through fear and hate. Unnatural events, however, have the hallmark of attempting to manipulate, dominate and control Human Angelic behavior, thought and emotion through fear, coercion and deceit.

In truth and as you may know, during any given Ascension period, solar and other natural planetary energies are normally intensified. Thus, natural weather patterns and other phenomena can seem altered and extreme. However, it is the manipulation through technology of those same naturally intensified energies, by way of the use of electromagnetic and scalar technology to disrupt the balance of Earth’s electromagnetic grid, or the use of weather manipulation technology to augment and even steer weather patterns, as an example, that can portend devastating effects. We term these to be unnatural, natural events, since they are orchestrated by covert forces, and their goal is to sway Human Angelic behavior, through fear, in an effort to control and manipulate the population.

Nowhere is such interference by malevolent forces, extraterrestrial and otherwise, more evident or shocking than in the current pandemic crisis. If the release of a formidable unnatural bioweapon affecting world populations and economies is not enough to garner mankind’s attention and outrage, its companion “cure”, which is now being used globally to introduce genomic manipulation technology into the human biology, should cause pause and deep concern.

As we have told you, whether you decide or not to be the recipient of such a “cure” is not the point here, since you always have the definitive power to allow or negate any influence within your physical body and genome, through your free will, vibrational resonance and conscious intention. Your intention is the operative term here, and within that equation, it is your vibrational resonance (frequency) that attracts or dispels dis-ease, genomic, karmic or otherwise.

However, what is the point here is that in the current pandemic, fear and loathing, which have the power to lower your energetic vibration and therefore your immune resistance, make you prone to the experience of illness regardless of any vaccination status. Unfortunately, fear mongering has been used relentlessly to manipulate your thought processes and your belief systems, particularly as it concerns dis-ease and wellness.

In addition to this, recently new fears, manipulations and efforts aimed at population control are emerging around this "cure". Instead of the cure providing a measure of "Faith" that the bioweapon virus has been eradicated, a new level of panic is being instigated around the world. That panic has to do with efforts, official and otherwise, to segregate Human Angelic populations into those that are willing to comply with government dictates and those that are not. All Human Beings would do well to take notice when governmental decrees attempt to exert mandated control over your biology, especially when that same government begins to enact programs meant to marginalize or sanction certain groups by banning their participation, promoting their isolation and containing their movements in the world.

Needless to say, such programs should be seen as objectionable, if not tyrannical. In the long run, they serve as a way to initiate methods to completely control entire populations, not just those few who refuse to go along with the majority at the present. At their best, such endeavors always lead to new forms of discrimination. At their worst, such initiatives lead to authoritarianism, and the psychological or even physical enslavement of entire populations. It is a great irony that enslavement of entire countries, and the subsequent karmic imbalances it generates, can often begin with the irrational fears propagated by a few, usually those currently in power, over some minority, whomever that may be.

Throughout the current timeline in the Third Dimension, duality has always served as a catalyst around which controversy and dissension occur, and through which opportunities for choice and Soul growth are found. This is so even when the opposing poles are seemingly different and conflict is established around them as a result. Thus, you have endless battles built around two sides of the same coin, and artificial dichotomies created; from the “haves” and “have-nots”, to “believers” and “infidels”; “Fascists” versus “Communists” to conservatives versus liberals; from those who put themselves forward as the Masters to those who are enslaved by them.

Now, as a result of Covid, you are faced with a new duality that has the potential to mandate control of human free will on a scale perhaps not seen before. If allowed to occur, and if chosen by the majority of Human Angelic Souls currently incarnated, this new duality will not only divide the population, it will bring great future strife through technological domination of the world.

All of this stems from the seemingly innocuous (for now) conflict being orchestrated between the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated”. Rather than seeing this as an issue of health however, it would perhaps be better to see it as a struggle emerging between those allowed an expression of their free will and those who believe free will can be subject to limitation and control. As lines are drawn in the sand and divisions are established, it becomes the struggle between those who, through fear, believe domination of your free will and manipulation of your personal genome is a State right as opposed to those who wish to retain their free will. This is particularly true when the choice is not external to the individual, but relates to bodily autonomy and the violation of personal human biology.

If you were to inspect this more closely, you would find that similar core issues around the expression of free will and choice were at work in the colonization and beginnings of America as a nation in the first place. Thus, you see these same issues come full circle, signaling completion of the cycle. For those who are adept, this confirms currently highlighted astrological configurations that parallel your current point on the timeline with the time period of America's founding as a nation. This also reinforces the notion that dramatic changes in the nation's trajectory are probable at this junction on the timeline.

In a sense, this dualistic struggle can be seen in a broader context sweeping the globe now as well. From New York to Kabul, Moscow to Beijing, today you are faced with important issues around those groups that demand freedom and the ability to express one's free will choices opposed to those groups actively working to curtail individual freedom and dominate another's free will, usually through fear, force and coercion. Seen this way, the subject matter, or cover stories, of "vaccinated" versus "unvaccinated", "masked" versus "unmasked" or "pro-life" versus "pro-choice", is decorative only, hiding more profound issues.

Be assured that curtailing someone's choice and free will in self karmic matters (those karmic choice endeavors that are independent of others), especially when the issues are around violation of your personal biology and genome, is a precursor on the current timeline to much more severe biologic restrictions and controls yet to come. Technology that is currently available will permit unscrupulous groups and leaders worldwide to not only dramatically interfere with your higher guidance, but intercept and even redesign your personal thoughts and feelings without your knowledge. Thus, whether your tendency is to comply with governmental mandates or not, you should nevertheless see the emerging global efforts to tag you based on your biologic condition, as seen with the so-called "COVID Passports", as a violation of not only the divine authority you have over your own physical body and cellular structure, but an attempt to stifle your free will, and thereby contain your future liberties and freedom.


You should understand by now that often there are unseen contributing factors at play in any given crisis, and these need to be taken into account. With respect to the current pandemic you are experiencing, consider the possibility that the Covid bioweaponry was used to generate fear and panic, and then coerce the population, through modern propaganda campaigns, into adopting a dangerous and endless “cure” pushed forth by a medical industrial complex with close ties to the governmental organizations you previously trusted to do the right thing. Once the deceptions you face are discovered, as they will be, the loss of faith in such institutions is profound, bringing with it a fundamental questioning of your entire belief structure. Such questioning inevitably leads to collapse.

Similarly, consider that the fear and loathing now being aimed at a particular group, those that are not compliant with what they are asked to do by governmental authorities, brings forth a more insidious side of the pandemic crisis. In fact, in an effort to prevent these truths from being discovered, you should be aware that there is underway a marked effort to manipulate the populace by governments around the world seeking to exploit the tendency Human Angelic Souls have towards heightened emotions and sensitivities during the present cycle of Ascension. These governments, and the institutions and organizations they control, are being directly influenced by malevolent, higher dimensional extraterrestrials originating from the Zeta Reticuli star system. Their hidden agenda, which is behind many of the fearful events sweeping the globe, needs to be considered.

Anyone interested in the details of this extraterrestrial Soul race and their purpose can read the many past references we have made to it here and in our books. But let there be no doubt that of most prominence in the current mix of challenging events on Earth seen transpiring now, as well as coming up on the dimensional timeline, is the attempted bio-invasion of the human physical structure by that group, as we have outlined. This is being done as a covert first step by that Soul race towards the future colonization of Third Dimensional Earth.

In fact unbeknownst to most, a good deal of your emerging technology, particularly technology related to fields of Artificial Intelligence and Genomic alteration through nanoparticle techniques, as found in the COVID vaccine, is being used to facilitate that invasion. Thus, your world is faced with a blatant attempt to speed up transhumanistic alterations so that human physical bodies, in time, are made to be more compatible with the extraterrestrial Soul race in question. Over time, such subtle alterations to the genome will make the human physiology more conducive and responsive to hive-mindedness, thereby limiting the use or need for individual free will, as we have told you.

In addition, the natural Earth changes present in your environment because of the current Ascension energies are similarly being exasperated and augmented from behind the scenes in order to eventually make your planet more compatible with the extraterrestrial Soul race's preferences. The clandestine metalization of your atmosphere is one such misguided initiative that has been underway for decades now.

It should be stressed that none of this is being done in conjunction with the Ninth Dimensional Human Angelic System Lords we have discussed in the past. Those high Beings work through their incarnated Avatars to create social and geopolitical events on the timeline for the benefit and evolution of Human Angelic Souls. The events in question here, such as the bio-invasion under discussion, are accomplished through the unconscious influence of individuals through a link to these extraterrestrial races by virtue of their Souls. Those entities have incarnated in physical human bodies, which are intended at this time only for Human Angelic Soul incarnations and not for incarnation by extraterrestrial Soul races. Regardless of this, and despite the fact they these individuals are incarnated in physical human bodies and, for the most part, are unaware of their Soul connections, many of these hold high positions of world power and authority, both in industry and government.

As we have often mentioned, secret agreements have existed for decades between world governments and these various extraterrestrial groups, a few of which have been masquerading since the middle of the 20th Century as benevolent races wishing to assist human development by providing new technologies to mankind at this time. Ultimately, as we have foretold, such influence will terminate in the 26th Century when the current global human civilization definitively ends, and a new purely Human Angelic physical race is reestablished. Until then however, this influence unleashes havoc and turmoil on world Human Angelic Soul populations, not to mention the planet entity itself.

That havoc includes presently the attempted complete domination and control of world populations through the use of fear, division, coercion and strife, as well as through the use of advanced genomic modification technologies to identify you and influence your thought patterns. Programs to that end are now in the process of being unwittingly thrust upon you. Although many of the doctors and scientists working on and promoting the COVID vaccination for therapeutic use against the Virus have good intentions, covertly and unbeknownst to them the new nano technologies and ingredients being introduced into your cells will utilize your circulatory and genomic structure to create an antenna effect that allows thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which are not your own, to be "broadcast" to you whenever wanted in the future.

Efforts will begin in earnest as implementation of national and worldwide 5G networks takes effect. These microwaves have the ability to pierce cellular structure and access the nano metallic particles piggybacked and used as hydrofoils in the vaccinations. Once these elements have proliferated in the circulatory system and passed through the blood-brain barrier, as they inevitably will, they will recreate themselves non-stop through the altered genome, turning your own cellular and genomic systems into biologic broadcast receivers.

Once again, we advise you that we are discussing here experimental attempts that by no means foretell their success. The attempts to reinforce this technology through endless "boosters" demonstrates the fear these groups have that their efforts may not succeed, and we remind you that you have the power to minimize and dispel these effects through your free will and your conscious intention. However, conscious intention first requires that you are "conscious" of certain Truths, which is our purpose in offering you this information.


In the past, we have alluded to the fact that different political leaders in the United States and in Europe are held within the sphere of certain influences, through the extraterrestrial links they share. It is for this reason certain political leaders and groups will gravitate towards and attempt to align with one culture or perspective over another. Specifically in this case, it can be said that one such group shares sympathy with the Western/Russian influence, and the other has its sympathies with the Eastern/Chinese sphere of influence.

The race to war after the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, the “Mind” of the world civilization, was under the auspices of the Western influence. On the other hand, the race to abandon that same war twenty years later, as you are seeing currently with the situation in Afghanistan, is being guided under Eastern influence. Let there be no doubt that as foretold in Timeline Collapse, the influence from either of these factions, and the loss of trust government institutions will bring upon themselves as certain groups become aware of their deceit, will ultimately bring about the collapse and disintegration of the United States. That slow-motion collapse is occurring before your eyes, and although dates measured using your standards will always shift slightly back and forth on a living and dynamic timeline, the economic collapse seen to begin between 2019 and 2020 (occurring with the pandemic and following the West's defeats in Syria, the Middle East and Afghanistan) will have its true and most devastating impact felt with the collapse of the US dollar that lies ahead.

For the current discussion concerning COVID however, understand that as political domination changes from time to time within the country, the influence of one or the other faction takes hold and is put into play nationally and globally. Based on this, and because the Eastern influence currently predominates in the United States (at the time of this writing), you have begun to see different influences and subsequent events emerge that were not present in early 2019.

First and foremost among these, and relevant to our discussion, is the connection all this has with the bioweapon known as COVID-19. It is not by accident that such a bioweapon, irrespective of its origination, was deployed during an election cycle in the US so that the need for a competent leader, in light of the pandemic crisis, would be painfully highlighted. The results, whether you believe them to be true or not, were as intended by both political factions. It was also not by accident that a remedy to the pandemic problem, in the form of an experimental vaccination, was waiting in the wings, so to speak, ready to be rolled out on demand by a newly appointed regime.

Based on this, and what most fail to take into account, are the additional hidden threads and connections, which we wish to bring to your attention here:

If, in fact, the Eastern (Chinese) influence is closely aligned with the extraterrestrial Soul race we have described; And if the extraterrestrial Soul race directing that influence is desirous of a global transhumanistic alteration, using nano-technology, which has the power to intervene in human thought and feelings while generating social commonality and hive-mindedness; If the creation and release of the COVID bioweapon, which, as we have told you, was created as a US, Canadian and Chinese joint venture, was done in cooperation and implemented worldwide with the assistance of secret factions of the US government under Eastern influence; And if the current US political structure, again under Eastern and, therefore, extraterrestrial influence, is attempting for unseen future political and economic reasons to force hundreds of millions to relinquish their free will and accept an undertaking known as the COVID genomic mRNA vaccination; Then does it not reason also that the “solution”, birthed out of fear and being accepted as a way to stop the spread of COVID, is a covert transhumanism program under the guise of a therapeutic intervention?

Additionally, in the wake of COVID a new fearful enemy is being touted to replace the global terrorist threat worldwide; to the extent that twenty years, trillions of dollars and countless lives are quickly forgotten as the so-called War on Terror is abruptly abandoned and ended. Terrorism, like its colleague fear, comes in many forms. In the case of Covid, the new enemy is the one that lies within, and this notion is still being developed in the minds of the population through endless propaganda and media reinforcement.

Shortly, anyone running afoul of current government policies, including any transhumanist agenda that the government or the medical industrial complex might have in store for you, will be isolated and shunned in the name of protecting the world from a dreaded virus. Any group to dissent will now be considered society's enemy combatants.

Many shocking, and in some cases difficult, global events stand before you. Unfortunately, these challenges will no longer be contained within the boundaries of some illusive foreign sponsor of terror located in another part of the world. As a result of the COVID bioweapon, you are now being entrained to not only fear its impact, but as a means to conquer that fear you are being swayed to seek out the "terrorists" within your midst -- namely, those who refuse to comply with governmental edicts, beginning, but by no means ending, with vaccination mandates that require digital registration.

Meanwhile, digital currencies necessary to reset the global economy because of the coming demise of the US dollar, COVID and biometric passports to identify you, sanctioned programs of populace segregation and many other initiatives to force compliance with governmental demands await their cue in the wings, ready to come roust within the confines of your own neighborhoods and homes. And all of this comes courtesy of the fear of dis-ease that your resonance and vibrational integrity have the power to rebut.

As we have told you many times, Fear, and the loss of Faith it represents, lowers your immunity and, more importantly, deadens your connection to Source and your Higher Self in ways you cannot imagine. In this scenario, fear also now holds the power to curtail your freedom and diminish your liberty.

Of course, there will always be opportunities for growth deep within any of these events, challenging or not, for each Soul incarnated, or incarnating, currently. Of most importance however, banish fear and find, through meditation and by abandoning the need to be part of the conflict or to be right, a neutrality that gives you peace and strength. Choose wisely the causes and situations you give your energy to and participate in, knowing that duality and polarity generate electromagnetic spin, and this will attract events to you that align with your emotions and your resonance. These events will continue to circulate within the mass consciousness background, and be visible to you, until you turn your attention away from them. When they no longer resonate for you, their consequences will no longer be relevant to you because they will no longer be attracted to you by virtue of your vibration or conscious intention.

Learn to never express your free will through fear or loathing. If someone else's will is forced upon you, remain outwardly aloof, but deny their power over you and confirm your own power internally. Through meditation and prayer, tell yourself and your Soul that you do not submit or permit such domination over you. Do so even if overwhelmed and even when physical resistance seems not to be possible. Remain conscious, vigilant and be aware of your true feelings, your thoughts and where you put your focus. Be on guard for false thoughts that pop into your head unexpectedly, especially if they seem erroneous or artificial, as if they are being broadcast to you from outside rather than coming from deep within your belief structure.

Turn the station and tune out the noise, or anything that distracts you from your state of peace and wellbeing. Recognize when you are being propagandized, and, whatever form it takes, turn it off. Remember that fear and anger, as well as all intense, negative emotions, deaden your connection to your Soul. Meditate daily as a way to monitor and revitalize your vibrational integrity, your cellular resonance and your level of consciousness, since these are protective to you. Do so even if it seems as though your physical biology and your person are in jeopardy or being compromised.

Now, more than ever, know that events in your reality will unfold and seek you out based on their compatibility with your vibrational state and your conscious intention. It is time to take responsibility for that state. Refrain from conclusions or judgments, and consider each side as equal, even if you do not agree with one or the other. Be flexible and neutral. Do not take sides, and see instead the futility in doing so. Banish anger, fear, loathing, contempt and any attempt to persuade, coerce or oblige others. Consider carefully which groups are worthy of your attention, and with whom you entrust your Truth when you create your inner beliefs structure.

As you do so, understand that there are higher reasons that your analytical reasoning may not always see. Respect your body, and acknowledge it as a sacred vessel that carries your Soul to completion. Understand that the free will choices of others, even when they are different from your own, may have merit in the context of their lives, as related to their Soul purpose.

Doing all this demonstrates true Faith, which brings you to a state of Grace. And Grace has the power to set you free by delivering you into the relative safety of the eye of the hurricane.

(Notice: The information found in this Post or in any other Post found on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any products or claims about specific products discussed on or through this Site have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This Site is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advise. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. EssencePath makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the information contained or found on its website. You are encouraged to find your "Truth" and to research and confirm any information obtained from or through this website, or other related EssencePath materials, for yourself through other sources, and review all information regarding any medical conditions or treatments with your physician.)


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