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The Quickening: Part One

July 13th, 2021: Reader Question - Well, it would seem we’re in for it here in France. The government wants 100 percent vaccination. Without a health pass, we won’t even be able to enter a shopping center. Populations are being told to comply or be locked out; Conscientious objectors, even those with solid medical, moral or ethical reasons, are being shamed and forced into complying.

It feels as though unseen powers are becoming desperate to enforce compliance. The lies get worse and there are daily media and governmental contradictions. Can you explain the ever-increasing push to vaccinate the entire population?

EP Response: Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can sense the undercurrent of desperation living inside the current push to vaccinate the world population with one form or another of the mRNA genomic technology vaccine. But is this push truly an effort to protect the population from a bio-weapon that brings you face to face with a present global danger? Or is the urgency and fear mongering only partially based on that real danger, and instead derived from something else completely? When that particular question is asked, something seems very amiss – even terribly wrong.

The simple, direct response to the question is, Yes, there is in fact an effort to hasten rollout of the experimental technology known as the Coronavirus mRNA vaccine. But to answer the question more fully, we need to take a look at why such a “quickening” is being implemented at the present time.

As we have mentioned many times in the past, your genomic, cellular and energetic structure links, through the electromagnetic grid of the planet, the physical and etheric body that represents you in the physical Dimension with the spiritual body that is your Higher Self, or Soul, residing in a higher Dimensional reality. In this manner, higher guidance from your Soul is energetically communicated to you, and (often unknowingly) you are energetically linked and able to communicate with your Soul. It is not by accident that the genome is the seat of what has been called “unlimited potential”, nor is it by accident that in physical reality some genes express themselves readily, some are brought into play at particular points in your life and others lie dormant or are never physically expressed during the lifetime.

Many of the physical attributes that express themselves in you through your genome provide the parameters that form the basis of who you are. This, in turn, forms a foundation for how you see the world, which evolves through various stages during the lifetime. Naturally, how you see the world, based on the expression of the genome as it manifests in your physical traits and as seen in the condition of your physical body, also forms the basis of many of the opportunities for Soul growth that arise in your life. These “opportunities” for Soul growth, be they challenging or rewarding, are attracted to you based on this energetic connection.

When pushed vibrationally out into the world via your cellular resonance and the communication we are describing, this attracts to itself the physical situations that resonate to you by virtue of your inherent vibrational frequency. Your reality energetically forms around these vibrational impressions and intentions. Tampering with your genome in certain ways, therefore, can have various levels of consequence. Nowhere is this more relevant than if, or when, such manipulation affects some aspect of the fundamental communication and vibrational exchanges you enjoy with your Soul.

Having understood this, let us return to answering the question as to why there is seemingly a push to expedite vaccinations. It is important to remember however, that the use of mRNA to alter or instruct cellular behavior is, in essence, an experimental genomic technology. In the wrong hands, such technology does in fact have the ability to override the energetic genomic instructions that, in many cases, are derived directly from your Soul. In other words, your natural biologic and autonomic functioning, as well as your immune system, are often directed in expression through the genome as a result of the opportunities for growth that your individualized Soul has identified for your lifetime.

We state this with the understanding that there are many well-meaning individuals, doctors, scientists and organizations that believe they are accomplishing the highest good in perfecting well-being and healing. In many cases, they are, but they do so only in conjunction with the belief systems and the conscious intention of those they are “healing.” Yet the fact remains that genomic manipulation of such a nature has far reaching implications, particularly as it regards the potential to initiate an override of not only the direction, but particularly the universally-given guidance and communication, you receive daily from your Soul.

Disregarding the fact that the plans for roll out of all of these programs is appearing at least 5 to 10 years earlier than remote viewed on the current timeline even a few years ago, the unnatural feeling of the current push is based on the fact that only achieving 50% of first world compliance is not enough to turn on the next phase of the global program. Without greater compliance, the coming phase is potentially compromised. In fact, it is the coming phase that is necessary in order to activate the interactive technology facilitated through the genomic experimentation.

It is the next phase of the program that will allow activation of the hive-mindedness, scalar thought-control technology that has now been perfected and put in place. Time is of the essence for those implementing these plans, in order for the coming stages to be covertly deployed. Let us explain.

Many (not all, but many) who are being vaccinated currently will begin to experience auto immune and other biological and physical issues within one to five years of receiving the experimental mRNA vaccines. Those who already had compromised immune systems will be first to begin to feel those effects, and many, if not most, will ultimately pass from physical reality as a result over time. Because the adverse reactions are greater than expected and because more and more are becoming aware daily that something is amiss, the program’s expediency is being augmented.

Already, adverse effects are being relegated to other causes, such as old age or other preexisting conditions. Many of these individuals were originally said to be more at jeopardy for succumbing to the released bio-weaponary in the first place, which in fact they are. Even so, warnings that something is wrong are already beginning to emerge. It’s one thing to write of an adverse reaction or death in anyone aged, obese or ill, but quite another to write them off in a youngster that was previously completely healthy. Because of this, regulatory agencies have reluctantly begun to place warnings on these vaccines, while simultaneously assuring the public that the percentages are so small as to be negligible. But what exactly counts as negligible, and is that truly the case?

As more and more people are made aware of the danger, realization that this might well be a covert bio-terrorism program begins to become apparent; and as we said, the next phase of activating the scalar technologies that will interface with the genomic manipulation is useless without the current phase's completion. Thus, the quickening takes place.

To explain further, if, as an example, a quarter of only 50% of the population vaccinated begin to suffer or perish from some form of adverse reaction, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. In other words, if a quarter of the 50% vaccinated suffer or perish, there is no plausible deniability as to what caused it. However, if 80 to 100% of the population are vaccinated, and a quarter to a third of those suffer or perish over the long term, it is far easier to maintain plausible deniability and attribute the reactions to any number of other natural or non-related causes -- perhaps even “breakthrough” by the disease itself. Meanwhile, non-defined variants of all kinds, which for the most part are minor deviations from the original virus, dangerous though they might be, are not only used to add fear, but ultimately becomes an incentive and an ideal excuse. Talking head "experts" are already seen to proclaim, “After all, no vaccine is 100% effective, is it?

As has been said, bear in mind that numbers lie, and liars will always find ways to figure. Because the numbers are not high enough to put the next phase of the plan into action and maintain plausible deniability, a mad rush ensues. Knowing that it is only a matter of time before real connections begin to be drawn between long-term auto immune and other issues developing in the population, and before that same population becomes aware of the links, hive mindedness and "thought" influence via scalar technology becomes more urgent by the day. In other words, if the technology, both used internally through phase one of the program and externally through scalar and magnetic technology, is not implemented quickly enough, the related Artificial Intelligence program being implemented is exposed. And should the population become irate when it is discovered that they and their loved ones have potentially been hypnotized and duped, what better way to keep the storm at bay then to be able to switch on an artificially induced scalar calm, via cellular communications that have the ability to override your own internal cellular knowing and instincts?

Clearly, not all but many, particularly those who were already immune compromised, will begin to experience long term auto immune and other issues as a direct result of experimental vaccination, particularly as boosters begin to be introduced. It should be remembered however, that not all vaccine formulations being received by the public are equal in content, even if they bear the same branding. But for many, the experimentation -- call them live public clinical trials if you like -- auto immune complications are inevitable, even if the diverse nature of these issues and the long time it takes for them to break down the body’s functioning cause them to not be directly pegged to the technology being used.

As an example, heart failure, stroke, thrombosis, diabetes or brain damage, all long-term complications possible from the Virus, but also possible through a Spike Protein engineered by one’s own cells without the actual Virus attached, will most likely not be attributable to the experimental vaccines. Nor will this be recognized as collateral damage by any but the most attuned. Naturally, that is assuming almost an entire population has been vaccinated, permitting scalar thought technology to be implemented in order to generate the hive mind and artificial thought guidance necessary to calm the masses.

The irony, of course, is that for the most part the artificial thought guidance generated by implementation of this new genomic and scalar technology will be interpreted by most as their own personal, inner most thoughts and feelings. It will be difficult for most to fathom that their thoughts, indeed their very intuition, knowing and guidance, have been hijacked. Regardless of this, however, over the coming decade many of these compromised individuals will leave an inconvenient and altered physical body, departing existence on your plane of reality.

(To Be Continued…)

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