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The Quickening: Part Two

July 14th, 2021: As we have said many times, the Transhumanism program, originated by extraterrestrials working with global governments without an understanding that a bio-invasion is occurring, will not be successful. It is also interesting to note that not all world COVID vaccines are formulated or produced equally. Not only is it the case that various different formulations are being used (some completely inert and inactive) under the same branding, certain among them use completely different and protective methodology.

Those regions of the world utilizing unique, secret genomic protective technologies and formulations, which are being used on a very limited basis or not at all in the West, will emerge as winners in this scenario. In the not too distant future, Human Angelic Souls still incarnating in non-hybridized physical human bodies on Third Dimensional Earth will mostly choose incarnations within those global regions, and this will continue as the norm in the coming decades, as well as for centuries going forward.

This is another reason why specific Eastern and Eurasian areas of the world, in particular, will predominate beginning after 2030, and especially after 2050, while many countries in the West that currently have a leadership position will see an important shrinking of their populations and resulting loss of global political and economic stance. The basis of this shift is directly related to human bodies being used for hybrid Soul incarnations by extraterrestrial Soul races, versus incarnations by Human Angelic Souls into genetically manipulated human physical bodies. As highlighted in “Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension”, this trend will augment until such time as the cataclysmic reset of Third Dimensional Earth by Human Angelic Guardians, which is currently seen on the timeline to take place in the 26th Century.

Returning to our conversation and the question at hand, it is important to stress that whether discussing a bio-weapon or its so-called preventive vaccine, as we have stated often in the past, vibrational integrity and resonance is of utmost importance. This prevents pathogens from being attracted to you in the first place, minimizes their effect in the event they do reach you and can curtail the toxic side effects of any vaccines or medications you are given as a counter measure. Conscious intention and meditation to elevate your vibrational frequency is not only more important than ever, it is now vital to override the physical and biologic effects thrust upon you.

In fact, vibration and frequency are quite literally the name of the game when it comes to pathogens. This is not a metaphor. Everything has a vibrational or energetic resonance, including bacteria and viruses. These are all around you constantly. But what enables their access to you is vibrational resonance and the quality of your own frequency.

Your scientists are beginning to uncover this. Research shows that viruses, including the Coronavirus, invade your cells through vibrational compatibility. In effect, they jiggle the lock of your cells in a molecular dance. If the vibrational frequency of your own cellular structure is close to or compatible with them, the pathogens are able to “jimmy” the lock and enter as if they had the key, causing disease.

Technology to hinder and destroy pathogens using frequency in this way was suppressed by medical and pharmaceutical rivals for economic reasons when first discovered in the early 20th Century. Despite that suppression however, using frequency and vibration to destroy or lessen the effects of pathogens will one day soon become the basis for eradicating them. (

Until then, your own efforts to improve the quality of your cellular vibrational energy is a key to preventing compatibility and, therefore, contagion in the first place. We would suggest you achieve this through meditation, alignment with your “Truth” and conscious intention, visualizing a strengthening of cells and immunity through an increase in cellular frequency and vibration that makes the pathogens’ invasion mute and unable to unlock your cells.

Is it any wonder then that some come down with contagious diseases, while those standing and sitting beside them never do? If like vibration attracts similar vibration, as we have said many times, then it reasons that groups that have a similar resonance will congregate together. Vibrational compatibility of a group of people with a particular pathogen then, becomes the main reason an entire group may be subject to catching a disease at the same time. This can be seen as the reason prevention during the current crisis has relied mostly on separation and isolation, and also demonstrates how vibrational compatibility is key.

By improving the quality of your vibrational resonance, not only can you prevent pathogens from recognizing you, you also have the power to negate any interference in your genomic or cellular structure. This begins simply by stating so to yourself both internally and externally using your voice as a vibrational director. Think of yourself as the musical director or conductor of your own vibrational and cellular symphony, and visualize perfect harmony in the orchestration that is "you", excluding unwanted and lower vibrational resonances.

Whether you are compromised by accident or by force, as in the case of a possible vaccine mandate, you have the ability to refuse its access once it is within you, and negate its power or effect over you from within your own cellular structure. This is as simple as using a daily mantra to take a stand and banish the low-level vibrations bought about by emotions such as fear, anger or hate. When doing so, confirm your own power to yourself, and state vocally, as we have indicated, your conscious intention that no outside pathogen or force, whatsoever, is allowed to compromise your cellular integrity, or override your higher guidance and connection to your Soul.

You have the power to negate any interference in your genomic or cellular structure simply by stating so, and even if compromised or placed upon you by force, you have the ability to refuse its access within you, or its power over you from within your cellular structure. Use a daily mantra to confirm your own power, and state vocally your conscious intention that no outside force whatsoever be allowed to compromise you or override your higher guidance and connection to your Soul.

Then there are a few other things that can be used to protect the physical body from assault as well. This becomes particularly true once vaccinated, or as the demands to be vaccinated become overwhelming, if not mandatory.

First, in the case of the vaccine, use of toxic heavy metals that have been detected by some are plausibly denied because they are not necessarily present in every formulation being administered. When it is however, it actually is part of the nanoparticle vehicle being used to protect the mRNA and allow it access into the cell nucleus.

Once there, it is well known that the messenger RNA instructs the cell to create Spike Protein. Some have expressed concern that substances such as Graphene Oxide are being used, and indeed this substance is known to be used in various vaccines or medications for the delivery of biomolecules and to deliver antigen. As you may also be aware, nanoparticle delivery systems, whether they be based on heavy metals, petroleum, a variety of nanolipid bases or other lethal adjuvants, are cumulative, and as a result they can be highly toxic to the human cellular system and biology. All debates concerning the cumulative toxicity of modern vaccines relate to the use of such substances, and should be considered.

These toxins deplete the body’s vital antioxidant levels, particularly Glutathione levels, which are particularly important for detoxification of heavy toxins in the body. If Glutathione levels are compromised, as they almost always are in older individuals, those with any manner of metabolic or hormonal dysregulation, or those whose biologic systems are already taxed by overly toxic environmental and food sources, become at high risk for altered immune systems that are unable to protect them. Countering this factor physically in anyone who has the disease, or similarly, who has been vaccinated, in order to replenish protective Glutathione levels is an important measure. Among other antioxidants, NAC has been used by some to restore Glutathione in the body, and governmental efforts to limit access to these and other similar natural substances, supplements and amino acids should be seen as telling.

Secondarily, consideration should be given to the fact that the Spike Protein itself, even without the active viral element, is an important antigen that can affect the body in a myriad of ways. Thus, although there may be many ethical questions concerning the use of mRNA, based on its genomic manipulation, the use of mRNA to create Spike Protein in the human body can have unforeseen consequences.

Most prominent among these is the fact that Spike Protein has an affinity for the now infamous ACE II receptors. In fact, it is well known that this is the manner in which COVID infects, since the Spike Protein essentially "docks" easily with the body's ACE II receptors. These receptors are prominent in many of the body’s cells and tissues, particularly those of the lungs, heart and cardio vascular system, liver, spleen and gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, a secondary approach to protection, applicable to COVID infection as well as to vaccine recipients, is to utilize methods for blocking the Spike Protein and keeping it from attaching to ACE II Receptors.

In this regard, among its other uses the drug known as Ivermectin has been shown to attach to the Corona Spike Protein, preventing it from attaching as readily to the body’s ACE II Receptors, while still allowing the ACE II receptors to function normally. In addition, lower viral replication has been widely reported with other drugs, such as Statins, and even certain blood types as well, all of which can play a role in limiting or blocking ACE II receptors. This should be considered confirmation that keeping the Spike Protein from “docking” to ACE II receptors hinders its potential assault on the physical body. (

Furthermore, and perhaps of even greater importance as we have discussed, preventing the Spike Protein from delivering its payload on a cellular basis also has the potential to keep it from manipulating your genomic and cellular structure. This factor has implications with respect to any unintended manipulation of your genome, particularly as it concerns the takeover and blocking of higher guidance through the energetic communicative mechanism of your DNA.

This blocking becomes of utmost importance to protect you from any attempt to substitute your own Soul guidance with an Artificial Guidance, delivered to you via scalar or other electromagnetic technology. Assuming you understand what is emerging as the long-term intent of this global program, is there any wonder why the use of well tolerated drugs, such as Ivermectin, or natural substances, such as Dandelion Extract, which have the ability to bind to Spike Protein, continue to be formally discouraged or dismissed as front line defenses?

It becomes clear that a three-prong strategy should be employed for preventing unintended complications from either COVID itself or the repercussions from the vaccine: 1) Conscious Intention that asserts your divine power and directs your cellular and genomic structure to override any internal manipulation; 2) An effort to increase immunity through well known supplementation of such things as Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C, among others, as well as the important care of detoxification systems in the body, such as with the replenishing of dwindling Glutathione levels through supplementation; and, 3) The use of any means at your disposal, hopefully with the assistance of those medical professionals still focused on real healing with adherence to the motto, “Do No Harm”, to block the Spike Protein from binding to ACE II Receptors; such as may be done with pharmaceutical treatments (used if you currently have or have had COVID, and especially if you have been administered the vaccine), or through the exploration of various natural extracts that are known to either block or bind Spike Protein.

Finally, if there was any doubt left as to the reason your culture, your societies worldwide and each of you have been faced with the need to uncover and ponder Truth in recent years, amid a dizzying array of “Truths” that all seem so contradictory, look no further for understanding. In order to successfully make your choices and thereby express your Free Will, you must be able to discern Truth.

In your sector of the universe, Free Will is what distinguishes Human Angelic Souls from the many other life forms and Soul races that exist, extraterrestrial and otherwise. The ability to discern “Truth” is paramount to your Ascension, as well as to existence within higher dimensional formats. More and more, it becomes vital to your existence in the current Third Dimensional reality as well. In this, as in all things, guided by your Soul you are asked to step up and face your Truth. Sleepwalkers are no longer immune.

There is no right or wrong answer here, and whether you are compelled by force, physically or not, you have complete control and power over all your choices through the continuous conscious expression of your Free Will. Just as your Soul is the Guardian of You, You are the Guardian of your physical body, and its environment. Thus, Free Will also carries heavy responsibility, and, in some cases, important consequences at this and all levels of reality. Most Human Angelics will not discover their profound power in this until they have either explored or discerned what Truth is for them. Many will not discern it until after they have shed the physical confines of life in the Third Universal Dimension.

You should be aware that you are existing in the midst of a great universal test that will ultimately separate the wheat from the chaff, the younger Souls from the older ones and the villains from the meek, as well as those who will remain in physical incarnations on Third Dimensional Earth from those who will depart. Use your Free Will wisely, and place trust in your Truth, as you navigate these unsettled waters.

(Notice: The information found in this Post or in any other Post found on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any products or claims about specific products discussed on or through this Site have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This Site is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advise. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. EssencePath makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the information contained or found on its website. You are encouraged to find your "Truth" and to research and confirm any information obtained from or through this website, or other related EssencePath materials, for yourself through other sources, and review all information regarding any medical conditions or treatments with your physician.)


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