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Understanding the Struggle between Good and Evil

Q. Our world is becoming overwhelmed by what appears to be a struggle between good and evil. On the world stage we are seeing this struggle played out endlessly right now, from autocrats who invade independent nations, maiming and killing in their wake, to dysfunctional individuals hunting down innocent children. We are even confronted with celebrities seeking revenge and striking each other while televised in front of millions, somehow adding to the perception that might makes right when it should be clear that violence is always an immature response. Why does the world seem to be experiencing this extraordinary increase in the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark forces right now, and what can we do to protect ourselves from the onslaught?

A. In a physical reality based on duality, such as the one you have in the Third Universal Dimension where you are currently incarnated, you are forever challenged by polarity. The equation that two sides of a coin are always present and necessary in order to create free-will choices that ultimately deliver opportunities for Soul growth is fundamental. This dualistic structure is what makes Third Dimensional Reality physics function, and it is also what creates, in your eyes, the proverbial struggle between good and evil, light and dark, the positive and the negative.

Such a struggle therefore, could be said to be the hallmark of the Third Universal Dimension, and the waxing and waning of each side of this equation becomes a matter to not only consider but, indeed, to measure. In this, we would point to the symbol you know as Yin and Yang as being most appropriate. That symbol best demonstrates the dynamic that takes place in a dual system, where two sides revolve around each other in an endless cyclical dance, appearing as if each is trying to overtake or “conquer” the other.

This aspect of Yin and Yang, where each side recedes and expands at certain points, is truly an accurate portrayal of your dimensional dynamics, and the interface of these two opposing forces not only provides the “spin” that propels the world forward on the timeline, it also generates specific opportunities for Soul growth that you must navigate. And within that scenario, it is in precisely at times when the “light” noticeably recedes that “darkness” is seen to increase, taking the place that the light has abdicated. Inversely, wherever light is seen to expand, it can be said to blind the darkness and force it into submission, until such time as it wanes again and the dynamic, or “spin”, is regenerated.

What you see occurring in the world today is just such a cyclical struggle, and that struggle appears, at the current time, to see the light receding and the dark expanding. As it does so, it appears to be an exponential expansion, as witnessed by the many challenging world situations transpiring before your eyes. As light recedes, dark energy inevitably looks to fill the void left behind in an attempt to infiltrate the areas where illumination and light are no longer present.

Now a good deal of what is happening on the current timeline is based on the fact that there is a turning of the current universal cycle, which we have discussed with you in the past. Specifically, we bring to your attention the fact that a good many older Souls, those who were highly conscious at a Soul level and who, when incarnated in physical being, were able to anchor light energy in the Earth plane, have cycled-off the planet over the past several decades. In essence, these Souls have left the physical lifetimes their Souls were participating in, existing as they did on the current timeline. They have left physical incarnation just as younger Souls, who are not equipped to harbor higher levels of cellular enlightenment and vibrational resonance, have been born into and proliferated in your world.

In addition, the Third Dimensional Earth environment is being drastically altered, even as we speak. Geo-engineering that alters weather patterns and the electromagnetic environment of Earth, and bio-engineering to create a trans-human species, are only a few of such dramatic alterations. Related to this and pertaining to our subject matter, over the past centuries several animal species that incarnated as group Souls in your world have also begun to wane, cycle-off or disappear from the planet through extinction.

These Soul races are well known inter-dimensionally as physical anchors of higher vibrational frequencies and "light" on Earth. The disappearance of these species is of concern since it corresponds directly to the planet’s ability to anchor “light” energy and higher vibrational resonances at its core, making it more and more difficult to maintain the duality's balance within Earth's energy fields.

In particular, many large sentient species, those that held or anchored large amounts of “light” energy on Earth, such as the elephants, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus or the buffalo, and, in the world of Cetaceans, the whales and other large ocean mammals, are perishing in numbers never seen before. Whether by Soul choice, having completed their Soul mission in your dimension, or as a result of human arrogance and greed, many of these species are poised to disappear completely from the current Earth dimension.

What is important however, is that as a direct result of all this there is less concrete physical ability in your duality-based realm for “light” and higher vibrational resonance to be pulled forth and held within your world. As a consequence, both metaphorically and literally, darkness expands to fill the voids that are created.

Yet this is not to say that the darkness will defeat the light or that evil will overtake the good, as many may assume. Nor does it indicate, based on our premise, that the light will ever defeat darkness or that good will definitively triumph over evil. One simply cannot exist without the other.

However, as we have often said, where there is light, darkness, and therefore its associated lower vibrations of negativity and evil, cannot exist. The two simply cannot occupy the same space, as we see clearly from our Yin and Yang model. In a dual system, one is endlessly chasing, or becoming, the other. It is precisely for this reason that in the past we have informed you that it is important, especially at this particular point on the timeline trajectory, for individuals to raise their consciousness and become, in a manner of speaking, conscious and “enlightened” in as meaningful a way and as quickly as possible.

To know yourself is to understand your Truth. And although that Truth is subjective and unique to each, understanding it is akin to finding your Soul’s purpose in the current lifetime. Often, it is not even necessary to define that Truth, since the mere searching for Truth can create the same effect, placing one in neutrality that allows similar transcendence.

Regardless, this is what provides you with the vibrational resonance that you project into your reality, and it is also why being “conscious” of the mechanisms and parameters that motivate you internally is so important. In a sense, understanding this defines how you use electromagnetic energy in the creation of your reality. This is relevant both in the events that happen to you personally, as well as a contributing factor in the creation of events throughout the world. As we have always said, your personal vibrational resonance serves, in a magnetic manner, to attract to you the people and events that best permit your life lessons to unfold, so Soul growth can occur.

Moreover, your vibrational quality and resonance joins you to the fabric that is life – the mass consciousness backdrop, which all experience as the dimensional reality. And therein also lies the secret to what you attract to yourself, since your resonance will always match the people and events you magnetize into your life.

You become a harbinger of whichever polarity is most attuned to your electromagnetic projection, your resonance and your Soul's orientation (service-to-self or service-to-others). That is to say, your vibrational quality has much to do with your identification with either the Yin side or the Yang side of the equation.

In general, the higher your resonance, or “en-light-en-ment”, the more you will seem to have an association with the “light” (or whatever standards you may use to gauge what is good to you). The lower your resonance and electromagnetic projection however, the less light your cellular structure is able to attract and hold. As a consequence of being less attuned to holding high consciousness and “light”, the more “darkness” is able to make inroads in, around and close to you.

If you find yourself in an area where the eternal dualistic struggle is taking place, whether it be on a massive scale, such as what you see in Eurasia happening now, or it be evident in your own neighborhood and backyard, be aware that your consciousness and vibrational resonance is being tested. Either you have chosen to be present in the midst of such circumstances for the purpose of rapid Soul growth, or you are simply being “guided” with respect to the measure of your own vibrational resonance.

In this way, you are being asked to be aware of how conscious you are and, as a result, how much light energy you are able to hold at a cellular level in order to increase your vibrational resonance. This is because your vibrational state also contributes to the vibrational resonance that is all around you. In a word, you are being guided to reestablish balance in whatever area the imbalance has taken place.

Whatever the case might be, rest assured that you are always protected in your efforts to increase vibrational resonance, raise your consciousness and, consequently, anchor the light energy necessary to counter balance its antithesis. In general, increasing consciousness and vibrational resonance, and inviting light energy into your cellular structure through an increase in consciousness, together with the refusal to succumb to fear and the rejection of anger through a commitment to unconditional love, has a blinding effect on any opposing force.

You live in a world where the dueling forces of duality provide the illusion that they seek to destroy each other. What needs to be realized here is that this is not even possible. Not only is destruction of duality within your realm not possible, one side of the coin cannot exist without the other.

What is possible however, is balance, and you would do better to laugh at, reject and belittle so-called “evil” in order to dispel its power. Because one state thrives on the absence of the other, as we have said, and even gains power over you when you are angered, vengeful or fearful, efforts should be directed at regaining balance in the equation. Such an "enlightened" approach (the bringing of light to a situation to dispel the darkness) has far more effect at diminishing its expansion than efforts you might make to struggle with it in hand-to-hand combat.

Though little understood, in a way the basis of the geo-political stalemate that governed your world for decades following the end of the great conflict known as World War II, is a perfect example of this. Balance of the duality -- of light-dark, good-evil, east-west, however you choose to frame it -- was achieved through the fear of mutual destruction. As a consequence, balance of the duality was achieved. That fear, or rather the consciousness (enlightenment) that was achieved based on the fact that mutual destruction was untenable, maintained the, albeit tenuous, balance. In much the same way, the symbol of Yin and Yang demonstrates this same ideal of energetically balancing the duality.

Dealing more specifically with how to remove the component of evil from your reality, realizing that absolute removal or triumph is not possible, but diminishing its reach is, you would do well to remember that, light banishes darkness in its wake, and darkness (evil) cannot exist wherever there is light. Such a principle should be clear to you each morning, as the dark retreats at dawn only to expand its reign again during the next cycle when the sun sets.

Being conscious of this implies personal responsibility, and that means you must work diligently daily, through your meditations, your thoughts and your waking efforts, to increase your ability to hold the light. This is done through the expansion of your consciousness, and the augmentation of your personal vibrational resonance, as we have discussed. Any effort to increase your consciousness, by whatever means resonates for you, has an exponential effect on the amount of light you will then be able to hold within your cellular structure, and this has an immediate impact on your world at all levels.

If you are reading this now, know that your work in the world is beginning in earnest. Each of you now must claim the title of “Light Warrior”, so to speak, and we would go as far as to say that bringing light into the world to balance and harness darkness is the true meaning of such a term. Since those Souls, Beings and elements of Earth that previously anchored and held the light in place, thereby effectuating a balancing of duality, have decreased, your work as an individual incarnated on the current timeline becomes more important than ever. In your household, in your community, in your country and in your world, the increased consciousness and vibrational resonance you personally achieve and maintain is paramount to rekindling that balance, so that light refills any areas abandoned previously, which is what allowed the dark to gain a foothold in the first place.

However, if you have the misfortune to be angered by what is transpiring in your community or in your world, realize first and foremost that anger, like fear, lowers your vibrational resonance field substantially, and this limits drastically your ability to hold light. Darkness has the ability to creep into those abandoned crevices, and it is not by accident that the mythical figure of Satan is symbolized by darkness, rage and fear. Increasing your resonance and ability to hold light is the first remedy to countering any attacks, or expansion, that the darkness has taken advantage of. We reiterate that standing firm, and even laughing in the face of evil, is far more effective in combating it than being manipulated into fear or anger by it, which only increases its expansion exponentially.

As we have said many times, now, more than ever before, there is a need to gather with like-minded individuals and make your Truth known. In the absence of such energetic resonance fields, lower resonant qualities rise to the surface, move into your neighborhoods and proliferate. This, in turn, leaves an opening for lower energy fields to infiltrate the scene, as they expand their grasp in the absence of higher consciousness and light energy, which are synonymous energetic expressions.

We have told you many times that you have the ability to increase your vibrational quality through daily meditation, through mindfulness, through unconditional love and forgiveness, which fosters grace through neutrality, or through any pursuit intended to raise your consciousness and enlightenment that is acceptable to you. Do recognize however, that in the absence of daily techniques, fear, anger, indignation and rage can infiltrate your energetic expression. As a consequence, this increases the potential for lower energetic fields and thoughts to attract into your personal reality, and into your world, the very things you fear or are indignant and enraged over.

It can be said to be true that the dark will always seek to diminish the light, and that evil will always look to dampen the good. This is a natural occurrence, just as when light flickers and becomes dimmer and dimmer, the result is a shrouding and an infiltration of darkness. But do not despair, for you have the power within you to halt such diminishing in the manner we have discussed.

So be courageous, be aware and be strong. Be mystified no longer. Do not be angry or enraged. Do not be fearful. Stand well and hold the light within you through whatever means you have at your disposal, or through whatever techniques you hold dear. Know in your heart that the preeminent way to dispel darkness, or evil, is to increase the light in its presence to drive it out. As you increase your vibrational resonance, lower vibrational frequencies, including evil, can no longer see you. Make this a reality by increasing your consciousness, vibration and, consequently, the light that you hold inside you, as well as in your home, your neighborhood, your community, your country and, subsequently, the world at large.

We understand that this is no easy task at the current point on the dimensional timeline. Nor is it easy when you witness the physical destruction darkness and evil can bring. Realize that at times these things stand as a testament for you, testing your ability to maintain your integrity and find your Truth. Often those Souls involved in such events, which are despicable and sickening, are in fact participating at a Soul level for your benefit and the benefit of those they love. These highly advanced older Souls offer their participation in such tumultuous trials, whatever they may be, as guidance to you and as a principal lesson in the art of reality creation. It is part of their Soul purpose to do so. If only you are able to remain poised and calm in the face of such events, touted endlessly by your media, and are wise enough to benefit from their noble guidance.

As we have told you, many of those with the highest consciousness, most able to hold an enlightened resonance and anchor light in the world, are currently passing from physical existence in inordinate numbers. This naturally leaves a majority of younger Souls who are vulnerable to manipulation and revel in karmic experiences, emotional and physical, which are the primary vehicles young Souls rely on for maximum Soul growth.

Unfortunately, such lower vibrational vehicles of Soul growth also have the potential to temporarily lead to imbalance of the duality and an expansion of the darkness. This is precisely what you are seeing emerge in your world today, and it is not coincidental that ancient myths, fairy tales and parables are based on the struggle between good and evil, light and dark forces. There are always points on the timeline of the Universal Dimension, such as the current one, where one energetic force wanes and the other expands, and this is relevant whenever there is a major turning of an age, such as now.

But you are not alone, nor are you subject to the darkness or evil that seems to emerge as a result. This is so even when it is at your gate, staring you in the eyes and challenging you though it seems you cannot possibly win. That is the time you must recall that you are a blessed Being, derived from the light. Remember that you are on a journey to return to the light through the expansion of your ability to hold it at a cellular level, thereby increasing the quality of your Soul’s vibration in the current lifetime and beyond, throughout the universe.

Even at times when your physical existence seems threatened or somehow shattered, you can never be truly defeated. Realize your power to banish the dark by being courageous and increasing your own vibrational energy and consciousness. Invite the light into your life and be a beacon so that you drive out the blindness you experience when the dark seems all around you.


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