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The Gulf Oil Spill

Q. This question concerns the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Does the ocean have the ability to heal itself? A body can sometimes heal itself with natural remedies. Is the ocean able to heal itself from what’s going on with this terrible oil spill?

A. First of all, we must say that what is occurring is a tragedy beyond comparison. It is a tragedy beyond comparison because it is not at all a “natural” occurrence. To answer your question directly “Yes indeed, the Earth as a whole -- the mountains, the ocean and the sky -- all have the ability to heal themselves.” Just as an individual entity must have the will to heal and live when faced with disaster, so, too, the Earth, as a living entity, must have the same will. What is naturally occurring has every conceivable possibility for healing, but sadly what is “unnaturally” occurring is a disaster for each and every entity bearing witness to it within the realm. The natural effects of this terrible event will be healed, in the long term, though it will take time and thoughtful diligence. However, as we have stated before, many of the unnatural, natural disasters that are occurring at this time are in fact orchestrated for purposes that are uniquely related to those entities that wish to orchestrate fearful situations motivated by power and greed. As an example, we would suggest that what has occurred in this instance did not originate by accidental means. We would further that suggestion with an assertion that the entities who have acted with such blatant disregard to their fellow entities, and to the Earth as a whole, do so for reasons related to propagating a continuation of the conflict that rages in the Middle East at this time. For if, as an example, that which you prize is no longer available to you in easy terms from your shores then you must go seeking it in the backyard of others. If there were a well meaning outcry (as well there should be) to halt these sort of environmentally dangerous off shore operations, then that which you prize must be gotten through the continuing conflicts on-going in the Middle East. And, to elaborate, if there was also a certain group of entities that were fearful that the conflict that gave them so much power and sustenance currently raging in the Middle East might wane it would then surely cut them off from the power and money lifeline that they have come to expect and crave. Those entities would then feel obliged to create difficulties that would result in the renewal of those distant conflicts, and their roles in procuring that “influence” would be prolonged and ensured. There is no right or wrong answer here, but one thing is certain: You are obliged, as a culture, to see the consequences of your addiction to the abuse of the planet\'s resources, no matter where from or how they are obtained. In conjunction with this, as we have said many times in the past, these occurrences are also meant to generate fear. As they generate fear, anger and resentment they also lower the vibrational frequency of those entities and of those groups, en masse, that are feeling those intense emotions. We have said many times that the lowering of vibrational frequency via fear, anger, resentment and what you would term negative emotional content is a great hindrance to evolution and ascension at a time when it is critical that all entities on the planet be elevating their electromagnetic fields, their consciousness and their vibrational sensitivities. Many lives are sadly affected, and, just as with all major disasters and challenges, each entity and group has its role and a purpose for participating within the context of this event. We would add to this that the tragedy you are witnessing of other innocent beings, those non-sentient groups, birds, mammals and those of the aquatic world, many of these are also involved in their own evolution, as well as the evolution of the planet. It is a great and exceedingly sad tragedy to witness their demise, and it is appropriate to send them light and envision them protected, which is helpful. But this should be done in love and not out of pity or fear. For it should be understood that many of these species will soon no longer be present in the lower 2nd and 3rd dimensions, and many have chosen this method to leave your reality in an effort to awaken you to the environment\'s plight. In addition, they have also attempted to bring to light those groups responsible for fear and chaos that recklessly endanger you and thoughtlessly continue a power and monetary grab of resources meant for all. Though the plight of the innocent beings affected is a tragic one, more so because it is caused by an unnatural natural disaster, in fact these entities are leaving this particular lower dimensional field now in order to raise themselves to higher dimensional incarnations. Soon they may disappear from the current 3rd dimensional reality, specifically the 3rd sub-dimension of the 3rd universal dimension, forever. But these species are safe, and they have already reincarnated as we speak in realms related to higher 4th and 5th dimensional awareness. Once they are gone, you will never see them in the current 3rd dimensional realm again. But sad though that might be, they are in fact looking out at you from higher dimensional frequencies, awaiting your own enlightenment and transcendence, at which point you will meet them again in a different dimensional reality.

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