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The Thing About Cures...

Part 1 -

May 2020 - “One day, a snake oil salesman rolled into the outskirts of a friendly town. But this was no ordinary snake oil salesman. Though he appeared completely human and wore convincing human genetic garb this salesman was being guided by unseen forces from an inter-dimensional race of service-to-self Alien Souls.

And this salesman knew well the foibles of man. He was especially aware that fear was a primary motivating emotion for most Human Angelic beings, in particular those who were of a younger Soul age that possessed limited consciousness. So prior to coming to town, the salesman gathered up every poisonous snake, scorpion and deadly creature he could find, all of whom recognized him as a close family member, and trained them to come to him whenever he beckoned or called.

Armed with thousands of deadly creatures, he released them at the outskirts of town and then disguised himself before he ran through the streets yelling, “The sky is falling. The end has come. God has released every manner of poisonous snake and creature upon us. We are all going to die, and the town is doomed.”

Returning to his wagon, he then unraveled his signs and rode into town brazenly claiming that when ingested his snake oil rendered all poisonous creatures completely harmless, which would cause them to speedily depart. The deadly problem could be averted if the town just paid him a small fee for providing the “cure.”

Once his coffers were laden with all the gold the town could afford and every person had at least one dose of cure, the salesman secretly summoned the snakes and other poisonous creatures back into his baskets and barrels. Then he announced to everyone that his cure had worked and all the poisonous creatures had fled.

As he rode out of town, he tipped his hat and whistled a happy tune vowing that he would return whenever the good people needed his help. And as they waved goodbye, the townspeople congratulated themselves on their good fortune and called the salesman a saint among men.”


The thing about cures is…they are only as good as the people that devise them, and only as effective as the people who believe in them. But “good” and “effective” are relative and subjective terms. So in light of the vast differences, dichotomies and disputes raging around the subjects of fear, illness and “cures”, let us explore with you a higher perspective concerning the somewhat difficult Truths you are facing today.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of a “cure” for whatever disease or breakdown ails society. Belief in cures is worthwhile in much the same way belief in what is right or belief in what is good has an important place in any physical reality that is based on duality. Without Faith, and a belief that there is good, right and a “cure,” its opposites have sanctuary and Fear reigns supreme accompanied sooner or later by its fellows, panic and chaos. In fact, as we have informed you often, not only is Faith (not the religious kind, but Faith in the Universe to provide what is needed for your Soul growth) an important way to prevent what you Fear from occurring, it is Faith that makes any cure truly effective.

Ultimately, all dis-ease and all healing begins in the Etheric or Energetic body. Emotional or energetic blockages lodged in the Etheric body ultimately bleed through to the physical body, and generally dis-ease or failure develops within the organ or cellular structures related to the associated Chakra. Correct these energetic imbalances to the point where your vibrational output improves, and issues are corrected or “healed” even when they remain dormant in your energetic structure.

Energetic blockages that cause challenge or dis-ease can be caused by many variables, each of which is specific to the individual. Sometimes they are karmic in nature. Other times they develop at specific times during the lifetime for the purpose of Soul growth. But often their cause stems simply from the lowering of the individual’s frequency, or the disintegration of their energetic and vibrational integrity.

An individual’s vibrational integrity, which is expressed in the Etheric Body and passed through to the physical body’s energetic Chakra system, can suffer or be depleted by numerous catalysts. Simply stated however, the most common cause is Fear. In order for what you fear to be attracted to you, it must first be aligned with your vibrational energy. Fear lowers your vibrational output creating the energetic “lack” that places you in close proximity to what you fear.

In other words, when your vibration is high, what you fear, such as illness and dis-ease, cannot see you. But when your vibration is lowered you are not only visible to these things, you are attractive to them. As it relates to illness, more often than not the vulnerability created in the Etheric body lowers your immune system, and if the Fear continues unabated what is feared will be magnetized into your reality and manifested in you.

It is already known to you and your medical science that bacteria, viruses and yet to be discovered organisms are alive, active and always present in your world. In fact, you are aware that these things are even present and cohabitating within your physical body. Why then do they harm or overwhelm some and not others? Although your medical professionals would like to think it is because of genetic and lifestyle factors, which do contribute somewhat to be sure, the fact of the matter is that these myriad of unseen life forms are cooperating with you energetically and are sensitive to your subconscious intentions and invitations.

Usually, their participation is harmonious and favorable, and this in turn develops and builds your immune system without causing undo harm. But when emotions such as fear, malnutrition, chemicals, pollution or other blockage causes a lowering of your energetic integrity it creates an opening for these elements. Their proliferation is then quickly magnified within you.

In a way, you are requesting their cooperation and invite their participation by throttling back your energetic levels (the real mechanism that lowers immunity). This is particularly true through strong emotions like Hatred, Anger or Fear. And if these emotions are intrinsic, intense and lasts long enough, the onslaught of what is attracted to you by virtue of your faltering energetic integrity may eventually allow a breakdown - dis-ease - in the physical biologic structure that corresponds to the Chakra where the energetic imbalance occurs.

So the thing about cures is…they are not magic bullets. Rather, a so-called “cure” works as part of a complex belief structure that affects your energy system, and if an imbalance in the energetic system is corrected in the Etheric body as well as the Physical body, this is what is truly responsible for permanent physical healing. In this way, creating any mechanism or method (cure) for enhancing an individual’s belief system, thereby solving the energetic imbalance and altering their vibrational integrity, is of great value.

Whether this is accomplished through a positive belief in drugs, medical therapies, philosophical practices, nutritional methods or even trickery, as evidenced in our mock fable, any “cure” that helps an individual conquer Fear and realize the changes needed to alter the vibrational force of their Etheric or energetic body (assuming the dis-ease is not karmic or for purposes of Soul growth) has merit. It is always the belief in whatever is used and not the actual method used that effectuates change in the physical body. Moreover, true belief in the healing modality can also have a preventive effect, keeping your vibration higher and thereby making you immune from certain challenges or dis-eases in the first place.

From this perspective it would appear there is nothing wrong with a cure other than the possible financial loss paid to a passing shyster. And even this could be seen as acceptable if the “cure” alters the individual’s belief system enough to push them out of Fear and into Faith, changing their energetic vibration.

No, seen in this light there is nothing at all wrong with any cure. Or is there?

Sadly, this was once true and there was nothing wrong with a “cure” until disease, and the cures themselves, became weapons used in a covert war against Human Angelic beings. Whether you believe it or not, you currently live in a world that has weaponized almost everything you once held precious. From the metallization of the sky and destruction of the nutrition in the soil that renders your sustenance null, to the exploitation and use as fodder of cultural or natural human genetic differences, to the use of atmospheric electromagnetic principles to unleash every kind of un-natural natural disaster, using the natural world as a covert agent in the one sided war being waged against humanity has reached epic proportions.

Nowhere is the use and weaponization of natural events, substances and processes more evident or problematic to the human condition than with the current pandemic and, coming to you soon, the question of a vaccine that carries a “cure.” If clouds can be manipulated so they carry scalar impulses that cause unnatural, natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis; and if bacteria and viruses can be genetically modified, manipulated and turned into bio-agents of war that affect millions globally; is there any doubt that the purveyors of these technologies would hesitate to also weaponize a miraculous cure created and offered in record time?

And similarly, would they hesitate to use whatever means necessary, from testing and collecting your DNA to using innocuous vaccines as an unsuspected delivery system, to succeed in their real objectives? Let us investigate with you a few of the possibilities.

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

To be continued…

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