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The Thing About Cures...

Part 3 - Conclusion

May 2020 - We have long discussed with you the polarization of your society as different Soul ages and, as we have now detailed for you, different Soul types align with each other and take sides. It is precisely this polarization that will ultimately lead to the breakup of the American Republic into various State and regional consortiums. These regional alliances will take over from a Federal government, which falters and is unable to fulfill its obligations and, ultimately, declares financial bankruptcy and dissolves in all ways except name.

By now you have witnessed how the pandemic has highlighted the start of these occurrences, and it should be obvious to everyone that as the American Federal government becomes unwilling and then unable to fulfill its duties, each State will be forced to fend for itself. Those States that have the financial clout and ample caring populations to thrive will by necessity pick up the pieces and form regional unions, including the Pacific Union, the New England Union, areas around Chicago, areas within Michigan, the Union of Texas and the Union of Florida. As opposed to the prior American Civil War, the coming breakup will occur spontaneously and naturally overtime with little to no objection from an already failed Federal government.

This will occur despite the Federal government’s last ditch attempts to offset the great financial collapse by instigating World War, an event that will also see limited nuclear engagement, destruction in the Middle East and Europe and will finally collapse a once great nation within the coming decade. The civil unrest that follows these events in the former United States will be limited to middle continent and southern, non-allied former US States where poverty, starvation, totalitarianism and lack will predominate.

Throughout the former American territories, this will cause city-states similar to those of the period known as the Dark Ages to spring-up and become self-isolating, and these will become the only bastions of protection in certain national locales. All travel, business and communications will be virtual in nature, and we would suggest that the virtual craze sweeping the world at this time is in effect a test-run for this coming situation and governance. Unfortunately, turmoil will become the norm. No matter from where you originate or with whom you align yourself, the community in which you live currently will soon become the most important measure of how well equipped you will be to successfully navigate the coming decades.

Though this may seem to have happened overnight, the fact is that in symbolic terms the end of your current era, as well as the current culture and society, has taken place over the past two decades, with the final act heralding its end taking place on Monday, April 15th, 2019. Let us explain.

When the Afghanistan Taliban destroyed the more than fifteen hundred year old Bamyan Buddahs in March of 2001, the first attack against the “Heart” of the current era and culture was completed. The total destruction of those physical monuments meant that there was no turning back and no possibility of regeneration. The monuments, representing the “Heart” of the world, had been destroyed.

Then, when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were demolished later in 2001, the second attack on the current era and social structure was completed. In this attack, the “Mind” of the current era and world culture was obliterated.

Finally, on April 15th, 2019, the “Soul” of the current era and culture was destroyed when the third and final attack on humanity was completed and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was destroyed by fire. Though widely reported as accidental to prevent ethnic retaliation and world panic, that act was in fact premeditated and deliberate. The “Soul” of the world was demolished in that attack.

Those who have awareness around the energetic body of Human Angelics will realize that you are essentially spiritual beings having a physical experience for the purpose of Soul growth. The spiritual being you are, when incarnated in the physical body, has three distinct components: The Emotional Body, representing the “Heart” and emotions; the Mental Body, representing the “Mind” and the function of consciousness, reason and the ego; and the Etheric or Energetic Body representing the “Soul.” These bodies, unified but acting separately, energetically animate the biological physical being you are. At death they reunite and recede from the physical world via the golden cord into the Fourth Dimensional Sublevel or lower Astral plane.

The destruction of the world monuments symbolically representative of these three energy bodies has great significance concerning the state of the current modern era. Moreover, their destruction symbolically heralds the death and end of the current world era and culture. Although daily life as you know it continues on, it should be recognized that the era has come to a close and cultural and societal deterioration will be occurring over the coming fifty to one hundred years. During that time you will be living through the death of one era and witnessing the birth of another. Life as it was previously known is being dismantled bit by bit before your eyes.

None of this is good, bad, right or wrong, as we have informed you. It is a natural evolution as Ascension occurs simultaneously and older Souls cycle off their reincarnations on the Third Dimensional level of existence. For those living through these times however, what is perhaps not noticeable as the world slowly transforms is how the events are reflecting the period back to you. Nowhere is this more evident than within the issues emerging around the current plague and pandemic.

In that respect, it could be said that the COVID-19 pandemic is not the cause of these circumstances but the largest symptom of them globally that you have seen thus far. It will be followed (not in quick succession, but in waves) by economic collapse, famine, World War and ultimately the disintegration of your current society, governments and standards. For those familiar with religious and metaphysical mythology, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse would not be a far off metaphor for describing many of these current and future events.

For example, it is not by accident that you have a portion of your society wanting isolation and quarantine as a remedy to the pandemic and a portion of society demanding an opening and return to business as usual using the old economic standards. Seen from a higher perspective, you are witnessing a struggle of fundamental importance. In a world that seemingly veered off track the past several decades in a never ending pursuit of financial gain by whatever means, ethical or not, you are now faced with a definitive choice. What is more important to you – the value of your social and economic structure or the value of human life, including your own? More aptly put, a choice has been created that pits the service-to-self against the service-to-others Soul orientations.

Once again sides are being drawn, partisanship is rampant and polarization delivers heated disagreement. But unlike the polarization and disagreements of the past few years where duality was not directly life threatening, now the conflict literally becomes a fight to the death. And because each person has a vested interest in this that could come down to saving the life of a loved one or, for that matter, their own, the stakes have never been so high.

The basis of this however, is perhaps not exactly what you think. In fact, it may not have anything to do with life or death at all. If this is so, it is because the covert, long-range purpose underlying the origination and use of this bio-weapon to create the current pandemic is different than you think. In other words, if you believe that a bio-weapon was created in order to kill large swatches of the population, you are only partially correct. Though it may do so, which certainly is happening, its primary development and implementation has far more insidious implications.

Despite enormous casualties, this bio-weapon was principally created in order to manifest worldwide panic and fear with a very specific long-term objective. Its makers worked overtime to create a problem that would foment mass fear so great that the solution they introduce to solve the global situation would be welcomed with open arms. That solution, which a fearful public is clamoring for, brings us back to our original discussion.

What does any of this have to do with pandemic and “cures”? The quick answer to that question is the registration of your DNA. The more complex answer is to provide a cure that also carries nanoparticles with the ability to infiltrate your DNA. The combination of these two steps allows anyone with the proper scalar wave technology to locate you using your now registered DNA and vibrational signature, and activate, at will, the nanoparticles covertly implanted in your physical body as part of the pandemic “cure.”

As we discussed earlier, there is nothing wrong with a cure, nothing wrong with medical procedures and nothing wrong with vaccines, per say, especially if you choose to hold a belief in them, which activates their effectiveness for you. However, using these methods after they are weaponized to unleash secret operations on a fearful and unsuspecting populace is something you need to be aware of so that your choice is informed. No one can tell you what choice to make, and this will come down to your own guidance, considerations, consciousness and use of Free Will.

In fact, from the perspective of higher dimensional beings and Guides, it is highly probable that this technology will fail in its implementation, and will have little effect on you based on your own consciousness and vibrational frequency. If not, it is also highly possible that Human Angelic Guardians will intervene to ensure failure of this plan, which is being principally implemented by Alien Soul races through their human incarnations and in cooperation with Alien technology derived by shadow government agreements and alliances. Such long-term interference will not be permitted.

Regardless of this however, what is clear is that wherever that information may be housed, once your DNA is obtained and registered, those who seek to know who you are on a physical level and AT A SOUL LEVEL will know more about you than you may even consciously know about yourself. It is for this reason that we have long advised not to participate in any schemes to obtain your DNA voluntarily whether it is the allure of knowing your ancestry, seeking to know your genetic qualities or for any other reason. If you do so, ensure above all else that every manner of security and privacy is adhered to and maintained.

Though it could be considered a wise thing to “test” for a disease under normal circumstances, the calls for testing exposure to the current virus, which (by design) has proven not to be accurate or effective for the most part, is cover for the first step in a long-term plan to voluntarily obtain your DNA in conjunction with pseudo registration. Secondarily, vaccination for the virus, though also an effective means of curtailing and preventing disease under normal conditions, would be a wise investment were it not for the fact that the vaccine being planned in this case will be weaponized using nanoparticles attached to viral antibodies that have the ability to penetrate the human cellular structure.

Once injected into the physical body, these permanently implanted nanoparticles can be activated from a distance using scalar wave technology by targeting and communicating with an individual’s specific DNA. The damage possible in the human body through the use of such nano and scalar technology is vast, from mild to extreme and ranging from simple lowered physical immunity to cellular bursting caused by microwaves, DNA degradation and forced genetic expression of genes that would normally remain dormant throughout the lifetime. In such a case, being free from the virus, a mere sideline of the vaccine, would be of small benefit considering the vaccine’s overall impact.

As we have informed you here and over the course of the past several years (“Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth & Fifth Dimensional Terra”), the dye is cast, and while changes are possible, particularly regarding when these events will appear on the timeline, the world events before you that we have summarized are the most probable given the timeline’s current trajectory. We assure you that any last ditch attempts by covert organizations and cooperating governments to consolidate control of global populations will come to naught primarily as a result of the coming governmental, economic and societal collapse that you see beginning to unfold before your eyes.

If we have detailed these events for you here, it is not to cause you Fear but rather to inform you of your choices. In doing so, we wish to give you the tools to take back your own power. Forewarned is forearmed. Shortly, the purveyors of these technologies and their implementation will also become the victims of their strategies.

While it is certainly not universal, pockets of awareness and consciousness are being identified and lines are being delineated. You see certain regions where leaders have taken a compassionate and considered approach to preparing and navigating the future. These are in sharp contrast to those leaders who, callously and without compassion or concern, are choosing to value corporate and financial endeavors over human life. The disparity and widening gulf between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others individuals, regions and policies will become more and more apparent as the future unfolds, particularly in the United States.

The thing about cures is…as crisis after crisis numbs you, remember who you are as a Human Angelic Soul. Do not allow Fear to permeate your heart or alter your vibrational integrity. Do not allow it to inhibit your Third Eye, to block your guidance, to lower your immunity, to clog your mind or control your decisions. Be grateful, be vigilant, be conscious, be compassionate, be meditative and be prepared. And always remember that when you are on your Essence Path, when you remain True to who you are at the highest levels of consciousness and when you keep your vibrational energy high by whatever means, evil and dis-ease simply cannot see you.

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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