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"Timeline Collapse" Update: A fresh look at where we find ourselves on the Dimensional Tim

June 2020 - Published in 2015, many have requested an update to "Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension". Yes, the Dimensional Timeline is dynamic and as we've always explained it does change the actual timing and sequence of certain events. For this very reason, when remote viewers, intuitives or psychics look at something on the most current or probable Timeline and see a specific event, it can indeed shift up or down with respect to timing as well as gain or lose its intensity, importance or effect.

In analyzing "Timeline Collapse", let's bear in mind that most of the events discussed therein take place between now and 2050, with the majority of them taking place after 2025. While events cited in the book may have been detailed retrospectively or historically from a point in the future and discussed as one event leading to the next, the fact is that the relationship between them is sometimes difficult to see in real time due to the lapse that occurs between the actual events when they happen. In other words, the fact that most of these events seem to be detailed in succession but do not actually occur in a rapid stream makes them difficult to ascertain, and that can make them seem disassociated and not related. However, this does not mean they are invalid or will not eventually come to pass, even if they seem out of sequence, disjointed, delayed or unimportant at the moment.

That said, a fresh look at the current Timeline trajectory taken recently does not indicate that the principal events foreseen between now and 2050 in "Timeline Collapse" have changed dramatically. This is despite the fact that some details, sequential order, overall impact or event catalysts may have changed, or that the Timeline may have shifted somewhat with respect to their actual occurrence.

To understand this better, let's first revisit a summary of the main events foretold in “Timeline Collapse” that are seen to occur between 2015 and 2050:

  1. Growing political, economic and social division, with hyper political partisanship, will severely divide the United States through 2025. What is "True" will come into question as abusive, illegal and sometimes covert government injustices are uncovered at all levels.

  2. Sometime between 2019 and 2021, amidst this growing political and consciousness schism, a major economic collapse will occur.

  3. The on again off again turmoil in the Middle East that began in Syria in the mid to late 2010’s is actually the origin of what will one day be called World War III despite the fact that it will not be known by that name until much later in the 2020's. That conflict will continue to erupt and expand well into the 2020's. Ultimately, it will be settled through the use of limited nuclear weapons used by several sides.

  4. The US will fail in that conflict and in the eyes of the world will substantially lose its credibility, prestige and power, particularly in the region. In combination with the severe economic downturn that starts somewhere from 2019 to 2021, as well as other internal turmoil, the US Federal government is pushed closer and closer to bankruptcy until it finally fails altogether in the mid 2020’s. In conjunction with this the US dollar ceases to be used as the global currency standard and will also face collapse on the world stage.

  5. Severe natural disasters and "unnatural" natural weather events increase and plague the world starting in the late 2010's and early 2020's, in particular throughout North America and the United States. These events, many of which are the result of on-going covert global military efforts where scalar energy is used to generate natural disasters as a "cover" to destroy and affect regional economies, will further exacerbate the dwindling resources of an already teetering US Federal government.

  6. As the US Federal government falters due to economic losses, defense expenditures, corruption and increased natural disasters, it will be forced to severely cut most government services in the 2020's. Individual US States will be forced to pick up the pieces and step in to protect their economies and their populations from ruin. Though the Federal government is not completely dissolved (as yet), it begins to be overlooked or ignored almost entirely as many former American States begin planning and protecting their own futures and populations by forming independent regional Unions, which become defacto independent countries and states. This appears to occur on the timeline between 2025 and 2030.

  7. The Pacific Union will be created, the New England Union will be created, the Texas Union will be created, the Chicago Territory will be created, and a handful of other Territories and Feudal City-States formerly part of the United States will come into existence. Those former US States with the financial capability and large populations are successful in doing so, while many smaller conservative States clinging to the old US Federal government, particularly in the Mid Atlantic and South, collapse completely.

  8. The collapse of these States and mid continent rural areas causes a break down in law and order within them, and bands of roving Partisan Rebels and Militias are created. This heralds the emergence of a second US Civil War as Partisan Militias within these now defunct US States take charge and begin to fight with each other after about 2030.

  9. When these Militias begin to threaten incursions into the new North American Unions, these Unions form protective alliances with Canada, Mexico, Russia and China, and will ask for military and policing assistance. Both Russia and China will adhere to their alliances by invading the middle of the former United States and the now defunct former US States that have failed in a "policing" capacity in order to protect their newly formed North American allies. This policing action migrates on the timeline, but it appears to occur between 2035 and 2050. Once these foreign forces are stationed in North America, they remain within the territories in question until approximately 2075.

Now, with your permission, let’s take a look at some of the things we know to have occurred or that may be occurring before our very eyes since the release of "Timeline Collapse":

  1. Unprecedented partisanship and division - political, economic, social and otherwise - has emerged as a norm in the United States. This division has come to be represented in the media as Red States versus Blue States, Progressives against Conservatives and even, Race against Race. Federal Representatives and State governments have diametrically opposed views on how to govern the populace, including what laws are valid, what constitutes corruption or injustice and what “Truth” actually is, based on one's political, social or economic affiliations.

  2. The conflict in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, continues even now, despite the fact that the United States has for all intent and purpose “dropped out”, losing credibility, prestige and power in the region in the wake of its withdrawal. This on-going conflict may not as yet be called World War III, but it certainly humbled the US and involves a good many world powers. It is possible this is what was seen on the Timeline, or it is possible this will again escalate further so that the US has no choice but to become involved again. The current US Administration has quietly pushed for the right to use Limited Nuclear weapons in the event of war.

  3. With global warming seemingly out of control, devastating weather events have now become the norm. Many of these events boast traits that have no basis in currently known reality, such as the devastating wildfires in California in 2018. On site reports from that disaster suggested that the fires appeared to erupt spontaneously indicating the use of scalar energy, with trees exploding from within without burning on the outside and as if they were placed in a giant microwave. Unprecedented increases are being seen in typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, dust storms and massive flooding, all of which are being experienced around the world in never before seen numbers or ferocity.

  4. In late 2019 to early 2020, the Covid 19 Pandemic began. To combat its spread, virtually overnight there was a global economic shutdown and, some might say, a collapse of the modern economic system that was without precedent. Immediately on the heals of a two to three month global economic and societal shutdown, racial tensions erupted throughout America, as well as worldwide. This further halted and damaged an already exasperated economic condition (Note: The Pandemic does not show up on the Timeline as a main event, even though it seems to serve as the catalyst for a major economic shutdown during the same period. We take this to mean that it is possibly a created event or a manipulation of events [Please see Parts 1 through 3 of the prior Blogs concerning the origins of Covid-19]. The virus may or may not be exactly what it is purported to be. Despite its origins or intensity, as a real and present danger it continues to impact the global economy substantially. However, on the Timeline the global economic situation seems most prominent with the most far reaching impact for the period.) Reaction to the Pandemic further highlights and entrenches the great societal schisms and extreme partisanship seen throughout the United States today. To see this, one needs look no further than the great debate over “Masks” or the violent partisan reactions to steps taken or needed to prevent the further spread of disease. Regardless, despite the current government’s optimistic outlook and several temporary rebounds of the stock market, many economists, as well as the IMF, are beginning to state openly that the current world economic shutdown at the very best will cause a new Great Recession or at the worst a Global Depression. A second wave of the Pandemic, and therefore the potential for another economic shutdown, is being anticipated.

  5. Numerous countries worldwide have begun to either discuss or create an alternative to using the US dollar as the Global Currency or Standard. Some have already begun the switch to alternatives. The US has actively sought to forestall this change, particularly as it relates to Petro Dollars, and many consider this to be the basis for America’s hostility towards Iran, which has blatantly attempted to spearhead a path away from the US Dollar for oil purchases globally.

  6. Clearly, in 2020 the US Federal government failed badly in its role of national leadership to fight the Pandemic. The current Administration either announced the Pandemic's end or cited financial concerns and lack of resources among the main excuses for what appeared to most gross incompetence. The Administration further released conflicting information daily, while hoarding supplies and, finally, just refusing to discuss certain situations or realities openly. As it did so, individual States stepped up to take charge and protect their States and populations. This was particularly true in certain regions, such as on the Pacific Coast and New York State through New England. (In fact, the coalition spearheaded by New York Governor Mario Cuomo to accomplish this was loosely called the “New England Alliance”). This provided an important glimpse into a crumbling Federal infrastructure and response as States now took up the challenges they faced alone. It also serves as an important view of what will ultimately take place as the Federal Government, through its incompetence, partisanship and immobilization appears to be collapsing. In addition, it seems to have indicated to the US population exactly which States are able to take on the challenges they might endure in the future in the event of total Federal incompetence or collapse. If you will, this has been a preview and seems to have served as an important lesson to US State governments of exactly what might come to pass, sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, slow motion political, social and economic turmoil continues to unfold across the US as of this writing.

When we think about the future or the past, we sometimes forget that the events we are thinking about do not necessarily happen in close association, even though we prefer to see them this way. We also tend to think of events we foresee as being more dramatic and impactful than they might actually be when, and especially after, they occur. Life continues to unfold without taking a breath, so to speak.

Is the current economic crisis the economic collapse seen on the Timeline? Will the continuing Pandemic crisis further collapse an already hobbled world economy? Will the global push away from using the US Dollar as a currency standard, especially for oil purchases, cause the dollar to collapse at a time when the US can least afford it economically? Are the US States that picked up the pieces of a failed Federal response to Covid 19 beginning, however measured, their withdrawal from the American Union? Is the rampant partisanship seen between Red States and Blue States, Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Progressives, the beginning of a Civil War that will sweep through the middle of the US by the mid 2030’s? Is erupting unrest and injustice in America indicative of the growing social and economic divisions in the population, which are also representative of increasing hostility, partisanship and national disparity city to city, state to state and region to region? Is the “New England Alliance” formed by New York State to procure medical supplies for the Northeast region of America the origins of other US regional alliances to come? Was America’s speedy withdrawal from the conflict in the Middle East under cover of night actually the global embarrassment and US defeat that was foreseen? Was the Syrian conflict involving Russia, Turkey, NATO and a host of other world powers the World War that is not yet called a World War? Is there a continuation and escalation of that same war coming soon (the conflict continues despite the fact that it is no longer covered in the Western media, and even if the US is not part of it at the present time)? Does the current Administration’s push to use Limited Nuclear Weapons portend the possible use of Suitcase Nukes, by any side, at some point in the Middle East?

These questions are difficult to answer since all the pieces are not yet present and have not yet been experienced, even though in some sense it should be clear that the stage has just recently been set for most of them. Understanding is sometimes further hampered by terminology. Is it an economic collapse, an economic slowdown, an economic shutdown, or are these all the same thing in the eyes of the Timeline? Is it a global skirmish, a conflict, a war or a World War? Tomato, Ta-ma-ta; Potato Pa-ta-ta.

As stated, in order to better understand what is happening we tend to either link events in our mind in a constant chain, even those that are greatly removed by time and space, or we separate them from each other, even though they may be closely associated. "Timeline Collapse" is an attempt to provide some signposts seen on a dynamic and changing Timeline in order to help guide those who have reached a certain consciousness along the way. However, it is sometimes difficult to see the connections between these signposts when the events are still transpiring. Because of that, perhaps we must wait until all the events sighted on the Timeline have actually come to pass before we can truly know their value.

If the things detailed many years ago in “Timeline Collapse” do not resonate with you currently, remember that we are only at the very beginning of living through these things as they unfold from day to day. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. If on the other hand they resonate for you and you see the kernel of what is foretold in what is taking place now before your eyes, take it as confirmation and use it to understand where these events are headed when they happen.

Like it or not, at some point all the events seen on the Timeline, those that are detailed in "Timeline Collapse" and those that are not, will culminate to create our future reality. It is only after we have lived through them fully and they are part of the fabric of who we are in a distant "Now" that we will be able to analyze their Truth with any real understanding. Until then, life - and the Dimensional Timeline - goes on.

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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