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COVID-19: Keep Calm and Carry On

The Power of Fear

March 2020 - Let us begin by first reiterating a point we have often stressed in the past: Fear has the power to alter your vibrational resonance, attract whatever you fear and alter the mass consciousness backdrop against which you live your daily life. You live in a world where reality is attracted to you based on your thoughts, which should be considered actions. Your thoughts, beliefs, intentions and fears generate an electromagnetic field, and this field interfaces with the inner unconscious goals for growth that your Soul has put into place for the current lifetime. As a result, what you say, think, believe and feel are of utmost importance and consideration. Knowing this is a responsibility, and each should act as though your reality and livelihood depend on it, for in many ways they do.

Your medical professionals have long known, as many now understand, that a suppressed immune system is typically the entry point for illness and disease. In that regard, although it cannot be considered a sole contributing factor, it is also well known that emotions such as anxiety, anger and, in particular, fear, actually suppress the immune system allowing it to become vulnerable.

Naturally, all of this has great validity. But it is not the only thing that determines the outcome. There are additional determining factors as well.

For example, some may possess certain genetic predispositions to particular diseases or weaknesses within the physical structure. Your science considers inheritance of these particulars to be accidental, but we would say they are determined (by you) prior to the lifetime. In some instances, they can be the very reason your Soul chose the body, parents and environment it did to be born into for the current life.

Soul-derived (pre-chosen) factors always include traits that predispose you to certain types of possible life “scenarios”. This includes familial, environmental or societal traits, as well as genetic variations. Various physical weaknesses, lowered tolerances or inherent diseases may accompany such predispositions.

As you know however, genetic predisposition is never a guarantee of gene expression during the lifetime. So, what brings about full genetic expression, assuming having a particular dis-ease was not part of your Soul’s original life plan and purpose?

Simply put, it is most likely the beliefs, thoughts, intentions and fears that you carry with you in your energy field on a daily basis. These energy fields are always in flux, but one might actually consider these to be indicative of “free will”. The evolving energetic patterns you project, which can develop along the way or can augment with time, have real power attracting specific realities to you, and this in turn can cause the expression of inherent genetic predispositions. Such energetic patterns have an immediate and drastic effect on not only the physical reality you are experiencing, but your personal physical state of well-being also.

If the request your energetic pattern is making is frequent enough and has a powerful enough intention or emotion (such as fear) behind it, it is pulled into the realm of possibility. As always, the Universe does not judge whether your request is good or bad, right or wrong in subjective terms, but merely fulfills your free-will request for the purpose of Soul growth.

It is important to know here that possibility is not necessarily probability. Possibility includes the things you are drawing closer to you that become possible. Probability includes those things that once possible have now become drawn into your energetic path so as to become probable and attracted to you in the universal “Now.”

However, whether you are talking about a person, a family, a culture, a race, a nation or society, thought forms that are emotionally and energetically charged over a long enough period are assumed to be conscious intent -- a “request” made to the Universe. It is the mission of the Universe to comply with such requests, providing you with the elements of reality that match, in one way or another, your vibrational resonance. The Universe electromagnetically delivers the closest vibrational match via the reality events you experience.

Naturally, the purpose for the Soul in this is to generate opportunities for its own growth, provided to you individually and on a global scale through the backdrop of mass consciousness reality. This equation is a two way street, and contains a feedback loop. What you are projecting energetically attracts events that are similar in vibrational resonance, but where your real power lies is in your conscious reaction to the reality that presents itself.

In many ways, your conscious reaction to what is occurring via the events in the mass consciousness environment is the truest indication of your level of consciousness. Do you find yourself in a state of Fear, or are you neutral to the events? Clearly, the former reaction strengthens and increases the likelihood of experiencing probable events (since similar attracts similar), whereas the latter has the power to alter the energetic attraction.

The thought forms, most of which are negative and fearful, that have culminated through the unprecedented events and challenges of the past many months, including recently the global pandemic, are indicative of an on-going energetic profile of fear. The battle raging between Fear and Faith, both inside of you and outside of you, stands at the nexus of your reality creation.

During times of mass turmoil such as this the struggle between Fear and Faith (not religious Faith, but rather the belief that the Universe and your Soul are always present and omnipotent in providing you with the reality and experience you choose) becomes extraordinarily important. Not only does it separate younger Souls, who revel in karmic and challenging physical situations, from older Souls, who either prefer to exist without involvement in the fray or are ready to cycle off Third Dimensional incarnations completely, it separates these groups quite literally.

If we discuss this with you, it is to explain that you are not within the vortex of an out of control, tornado-swept Universe. First and foremost, whether you are a younger Soul looking for karmic growth or an older Soul looking to cycle off Third Dimensional incarnations and Ascend, you have agreed to participate in the creation of the mass conscious reality. Inevitably, for better or for worse, growth in every sense comes through your interface with that reality.

Secondarily, it is your responsibility to monitor your thoughts and emotions around these emerging issues. To do so, consciously acknowledge but, wherever possible, remain neutral and emotionless. Do not harp on situations, repeat them endlessly, obsess over the details or become fearful of the possibilities. Prevent yourself from feeling a sense of loss or powerlessness, knowing that you are a contributor to the energetic outpouring that ultimately creates reality.

As always, participating energetically in the mass conscious outpouring has great responsibility. With regard to the current situation, participation can now include vulnerabilities that could imperil physical well-being and life.

It is naturally wise to take every practical and rational precaution to ensure your well-being and safety. But if you do so, be aware that this is primarily to provide you with a sense of control, comfort and satisfaction, and this in turn changes your own energetic projections, and therefore your participation in the reality being experienced.

This has an added benefit of changing the prospects related to your personal outcome, in as much as changing your energetic profile will change the reality you are attracting to yourself. Grounding yourself in Faith, even the kind that is only temporary and soothes you through comfort and peace-of-mind, not only allows the neutralization of Fear, it helps you remember that emotions and thought forms left unchecked can easily draw you into the eye of the storm.


A World Divided

Now that we have addressed these events from the perspective of Fear, Faith and energetic attraction, let us explore some additional facts you may wish to know concerning current world situations. As we touched upon here, and as explained extensively in our books, “Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension” and “The System Lords”, you are currently traversing the Grand Cycle of Ascension that occurs approximately every 260,000 years. We have explained that during this period, younger Souls will emerge as a majority and will continue on in Third Dimensional incarnations. Older Souls on the other hand, are preparing to cycle off Third Dimensional Earth incarnations in preparation for Ascension to higher dimensional levels.

The great conflicts in ideology that have emerged in your world today are a ripe and understandable metaphor for this scenario. In general, Older Souls cringe and recoil at the many gruesome karmic endeavors Younger Souls will tend to seek out and revel in. Older Souls have no further need for lessons that embroil others, which Younger Souls seek out, including karma that involves whole communities, nations or races such as in the case of war or general strife. Older Souls will always prefer self-karmic lessons that deal with inter-personal situations.

This disparity and rift is evidenced everywhere in your world today, and it is increasing at exponential rates. We would suggest that this is because of the Ascension period you are in, and Ascension energies will continue to separate Older from Younger Souls for the foreseeable future until such time as Older Souls have fully passed on and Ascended, cycling off the planet forever.

One should not misunderstand or presume that Older Souls identified herein necessarily refers to individuals of older physical or chronological age. Nor are Younger Souls necessarily youthful in terms of their physical or chronological age. However, it is true that there is indeed a preponderance of Older Souls who are currently of older physical age on the planet at this time. And many young children, particularly those who develop diseases or pass from life at early ages, are actually Older Souls incarnating to provide their parents or loved ones with opportunities for Soul growth related to their conditions. As a result, these Older Souls, incarnated in physical bodies as children, are angelic beings that are physically quite vulnerable.

Thus, you have a pandemic leading to the passing or cycling off of many people at once, with the vast majority being either much older or much younger in physical age, and the common denominator is that they are predominantly Older Souls. Again, this is not to say that any individual of any other age is not an Older Soul and vulnerable. And it is not to say that every life is not valuable and precious. But it is to say that participation in the current pandemic events can be related to the great cycling off from the planet of Older Souls that are ready to Ascend. War, cataclysms (natural and unnatural) and global dis-ease, such as pandemic, almost always provide a specific vehicle for these Souls to cycle off, en masse, to higher dimensional incarnations while at the same time providing lessons for those left behind.

Though this may be difficult to accept, many who will tragically succumb and pass away from this situation, whether they be young, middle aged or old, are actually choosing to do so at this time as a matter of Ascension. These Human Angelic Souls are destined to Ascend to higher incarnations at Higher Dimensional levels almost immediately, and the influx of these Souls into Fifth Dimensional incarnations, where they will begin to reincarnate as Baby and Young Souls, is highly anticipated with great love. Any trauma experienced by virtue of such mass passing from physical life is always a matter of great angelic concern and cooperation, and each will be met and cared for lovingly as they are reintegrated with their Soul within the higher astral planes following their departure from physical existence in the Third Dimension.

Having said this, some mention should be made concerning the current pandemic and circumstances leading up to and around the unleashing of these events. Despite the chosen participation of individual Souls worldwide, albeit for positive or higher purposes of growth or Ascension, the orchestration and unleashing of these events on the world were anything but normal or natural at their core.

Returning for a moment to our discussion of Fear versus Faith, it must be understood that Fear is the great manipulator. At a time when consciousness is attempting to open up to higher vibrational forces, Fear deadens this awakening and blocks the lines of communication each person has with their own guides and Higher Self. Nowhere is this blockage more profound than in the physical body’s immune structure. And nowhere is the fear of contracting dis-ease more powerful as a tool of manipulation, than during a global pandemic.

Sadly, not all beings incarnated on the planet today are Human Angelic Souls. Even though Human Angelic Souls are designated by the planetary guardian races as the sentient species meant to inhabit Earth (in all dimensional levels), Alien species have long made attempts to invade Earth’s Third Dimensional realm. Contrary to what you may believe however, these invasions have been made through Soul influence rather than direct conquest.

You should be aware that not ALL physical human beings, biologically identical to others as they may be, are actually Human Angelic Souls. That is to say, Souls have species in much the same manner that physical beings do. The proliferation of Alien Soul-influenced human beings, and their current control of some of the most important political and governmental structures worldwide, carries with it the highest degree of peril.

The objective of this Alien Soul species has long been to generate Fear and “fence-in” Earth’s physical reality so that guidance to Human Angelic Souls from the higher angelic realms cannot penetrate the Fear. It is not by accident that, as the saying goes, one is “blinded” by fear, and this would certainly seem the objective of those attempting to manipulate Human Angelics on Third Dimensional Earth at the present time.

This then should serve as a departure point in understanding that there are in fact individuals who desire that Fear be generated as a means of control and domination of the populace. To what end? With the ultimate goal of decreasing the number of Human Angelic Souls incarnated on Earth today, and thereby enable a kind of bio-invasion of an Alien Soul species incarnated in Human physical form.

Discussions beginning to surface among UFO enthusiasts concerning the possibility of “hybrid” alien-human beings are misleading. Most believe this is accomplished by Alien visitors physically invading your realm and confiscating human genetic materials to create a mixed race, Alien-Human hybrid. However, such a bio invasion is actually accomplished by Alien "Souls" incarnating into identical or only slightly altered human physical form.

Guided by their Alien "Souls", over the past century these individuals have set out to alter the environment as well as re-engineer human physiology through DNA manipulation and genetic modification, such as is used in CRISPR technology. For the most part, they believe themselves to be working to create a brighter future for their fellow humans, and considering their Alien Soul origination they are doing just that. Their efforts however, are not necessarily to benefit Human Angelic Souls, the Soul species designated to inhabit Earth.

Make no mistake, these technologies have the potential to provide great service to humanity. However, the guidance that is being given from the Higher Self of those spearheading the actual use of them, in conjunction with leaders in positions of power who are also receiving similar guidance, makes the prospect of a positive outcome highly dubious. It is for this reason that Older Human Angelic Souls that educate themselves and are concerned about things like Global Warming, 5-G, Chemtrails or GMO foods can not understand the wall of silence and ignorance they face from the establishment. The individuals creating, promoting and implementing these dangerous innovations fully believe they are acting in everyone's best interest, and indeed, they are being guided by their most inner thoughts and feelings (their Alien Soul mission) to do so.

Moreover, dramatic changes in the environment directly correlate to this. While the discussion rages on as to whether Chemtrails actually exist, fossil fuels really pollute or if 5-G technology degrades the human immune system, there can be little doubt that some degree of bio-engineering is taking place.

Dispersing metallic particles into Earth’s atmosphere not only creates a viable medium for using secret scalar weaponry on a global basis, it blocks and compromises essential electromagnetic fields that most plants and animals, including humans, rely on for guidance and sustenance. Such compromise directly affects cellular structure and can even become toxic to your DNA, which acts as antennae in the on-going communication between you and your Soul.

This is vital during times of Ascension. It should be remembered that communication with your Higher Self (Soul) is not only spiritual in nature, it is also biologic and functional. This includes ensuring the physical body's structural integrity and especially your cellular health from day to day.

In addition, the fall-out from metallic and chemical pollution of Chemtrails is widely known to poison Earth’s soil, and it is doing so worldwide. As global populations become unable to grow their own foods over time, GMO and re-engineered food products will, by necessity, become the norm. But the cellular structure of many of these altered new food forms are not recognized within the current human body, and they lack adequate if any nutritional value at all for most human beings.

Without proper cellular nutrition, via the onslaught of pharmaceutical and other chemicals and in the presence of increased scalar technologies and 5-G microwaves, (being added to the naturally increased universal electromagnetic frequencies caused by Ascension), human cellular toxicity is at a maximum. Quite literally, the body can no longer keep up with the demand. As a result, the immune system deteriorates and becomes highly compromised.

Not only does this place you in peril, it means that ultimately only an altered human physical biology will be able to withstand further assault. Unable to achieve healing nutritional levels, rid the body of environmental and other chemical toxicity or clear the overwhelming electromagnetic waves passing through your DNA and cells, the human structure is subject to catastrophic breakdown.

Over time, and particularly because of the relatively recent stress of confronting magnified electromagnetic and new microwave forces (such as the introduction of 5-G and increased global scalar activities), the result of the toxic overload is that many will perish from formerly mundane diseases and illnesses like the flu (not to mentioned newly weaponized versions). Previously, nourished healthy bodies with cellular integrity could easily fend these off. Now, as a consequence, a depopulation and weeding out of vast segments of the Human Angelic population worldwide has been put into motion.

Similarly, outside of this Global Warming, a combination of an increase in the Sun’s intensity, the heating up of the Solar System overall due to Ascension energies and direct human interference is also a means by which Earth’s environment as it effects you is being pushed to its limits. An altered environment that is far warmer, wetter and somewhat acidic is less conducive to health and far more conducive to an emerging hybrid alien-human Soul species.

These are only some of the dangers being faced. But it is not for us to unmask the individuals or Soul species taking these dangerous steps and creating mass fear and destruction in their wake. That is your mission, should you decide to know more and take action. For the most part, you are inwardly aware of who they are and even what is occurring gradually around you. Eventually, as we have explained elsewhere the Earth herself will take steps to stop this bio Alien-Soul invasion, doing so completely in approximately the mid 26th Century. That is the true Armageddon and return of Human Angelics to Third Dimensional Earth that is foretold in your spiritual texts and seen by seers as the dawning of a New Age.

Our mission here is to show you the many facets of these situations and provide you with a different and higher perspective than you are being led to believe so that you have the means to make choices based on awakened knowledge and enlightenment. Make no mistake, this also provides you with new responsibilities, such as the monitoring and control of your thoughts and conscious intention as well as confronting the damaging toxicity within your environment and demanding that the established powers become aware of your new found knowledge and interest. All of these things represent yet another step toward developing higher consciousness and ushering positive conscious intention into your reality and your life.

Suffice to say however, that the current manipulation, through Fear, that you are experiencing with a very real global pandemic, though not unprecedented, is certainly a grave challenge to encounter. Many more things then are readily apparent are being kept from you and will shortly come to pass as well, and therefore we would like to take a brief opportunity to touch on some of those issues.


Bio Weaponry as a New Front in an Old Covert War

Firstly, as we mentioned long ago a state of undeclared, covert war has existed between numerous world nations and regions for nearly two decades now. In fact, the many complexities of that situation and the number of nations involved behind the scenes make this as close to a raging World War as one can get without hostilities being declared.

Though actual out and out World War will only be declared sometime in the not so distant future, with respect to the current situation there have long been controlling forces in the West aligned against various controlling forces in the East. This particular front, the one with China, has as its mission an effort to prevent China from becoming the economic and political world power it is on its way to becoming. In particular, it is an attempt to slow or prevent a Chinese dominated Pacific Rim-based world economy.

Unseen battles on that front have been waged for many years, but these battles have increased of late yet remain anything but visible or known for what they really are. In a world where scalar weaponry is used regularly in a covert manner, you should know that hidden attacks take the form of natural disasters. We would suggest that many (not all, but many) of the so called “natural” disasters experienced around the globe of late -- in China, Japan, Indonesia, the Middle East, Europe and North America -- are in fact "unnatural" and unseen battles in a covert war that has been waged globally for nearly two decades.

As an example, Japan’s massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima (an attack by China against Japanese and US interest, aimed at attempting to pull Japan closer into the Chinese sphere of influence and punishing it for cooperating with the West); California’s wildfires in 2018 and 2017 (a threat to the US concerning what was possible if trade wars opened up, were conducted and the West Coast of the US did not cooperate); and numerous US, Chinese, Asian, Indonesian, Turkish, Russian and Middle Eastern disasters (devastating earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis and other unprecedented violent natural disasters orchestrated by both Western and Eastern players) are all blows back and forth by various players.

A new and deadly escalation introduced late in 2019 however, is one that includes bio weaponry. The resulting global pandemic however, was not foreseen accurately by the perpetrating parties, for reasons we will endeavor to explain.

It is known in certain behind-the-scenes circles that a bio weapon introduced into China in 2019 represented the opening of a new front in the on going covert war against Chinese advancement as a major economic rival, and its subsequent political and military meddling in the Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South America. This was intended only as a limited attack on a major industrial hub, meant to slow the country’s manufacturing capabilities while also bringing Chinese negotiators to their knees and limiting their ability to stall or bring about a favorable trade deal as it pertained to the increasingly difficult trade wars.

The weapon, of which there are actually several variations, was developed in North America and understood by its developers to have a specific genetic and gender component that targeted certain races that were more vulnerable than others, in particular Asian and Middle Eastern/Iranian races. This was done by triggering gene expression in the already compromised and taxed immune systems of the targeted groups. Although not full proof, perpetrators were under the impression that because of the incorporated genetic component targeting specific racial groups, introduction into larger parts of the world population would be minimal and gene expression in those groups would be milder or most likely not occur.

Thus, when initially introduced, the plague swept across large swatches of Asia affecting Asian populations as anticipated, quickly followed by Middle Eastern populations as seen in the out of proportion and unexplained Iranian epidemic that ensued. Perpetrators were slow to react, and in fact either denied its existence or belittled the possibilities thinking that, unbeknownst to the global public, the problem would be contained through the implanted genetic/DNA targeted component.

What perpetrators did not count on was the fact that the genetic component that they thought would isolate the weapon was one now found to be similar and far wider within the global population than ever expected. Nearly two thousand years of inter-racial and cross cultural breeding and mass migration worldwide, dating to the Roman Empire and before, ensured that the genetic component intended to spare most populations in Europe, the United States and South America, was now prevalent in the genetic makeup of vast segments of the world population. In short, almost anyone who at any time ever had any Asian, Middle Eastern or Mediterranean heritage, dating back thousands of years, was now at risk.

It is not by accident then that in Italy, as far as Europe goes, the bio weapon had nearly as far reaching impact as it did in Asia or the Middle East. This will continue to be a problem for those of Mediterranean heritage throughout the world. It is not our purpose here to discuss the karma involved in this, which originates with the Roman Empire and has been inherited by Rome, Italy, the Catholic Church and, in many ways, the United States. However, it is important to realize that based on the age old genetic ties coming from the Middle East, carried through the Mediterranean and then circulated around the world, Italy, most of the Mediterranean, a good deal of Europe and any other country where immigration has occurred anytime over the past one thousand years, is now inadvertently under attack via the bio-weapon’s genetic targeting component.

Again, our discussion does not include the karmic balancing taking place globally stemming from recent nationalistic repudiation of immigrants and outsiders. But it certainly should be noted that it is an irony the perpetrators attempting to strengthen disunity and discord among different peoples, races and countries would be faced with a epidemic gone global -- one that has no boundaries. It is worthy to note that microbs and viruses are not deterred by customs agents, immigration laws or border walls. But that is another discussion entirely.

What we would like to suggest however, is that anyone anywhere in the world with a heritage connecting them to Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern populations, even a minor DNA connection going back thousands of years, has the genetic marker that makes this illness particularly potent and potentially deadly. Naturally, this includes one of the widest segments of the global population existing today, as DNA ancestry tests have already and certainly will attest.

Those of Slavic, Northern European, British, Scandinavian and related heritage with no DNA ties over the centuries linking them to Asian, Mediterranean, North African or Middle Eastern populations demonstrate resistance and even immunity to the weapon. While it is still contagious for these groups, it may not have the power it does with respect to individuals carrying the targeted genetic component and vulnerability.

Evidence of this can be found not only in the case numbers seen in these regions, but also in the initial reactions of certain government and political officials, particularly in North America, who from the start of the pandemic seemed to be unconcerned about either quarantine or isolation of its populations from particular regions. As a further example, many populations concentrated in the central United States, where immigrants with historic ancestry from Northern European and Scandinavian countries predominate, show resistance to the full power and devastating wrath this disease has for those carrying the genetic markers.

As the bio-weapon’s impact proliferates, both its creators and the countries it has now victimized have taken advantage of the turmoil by rolling out additional plans to use it as convenient cover for introducing unpopular or unsavory political initiatives. There are many of these already in the works, from the use of the crisis as an excuse to conceal the demise of a global economy that was on the verge of collapse; to the implementation of new digital monetary systems worldwide so that paper and coins need not be exchanged; to the bankrupting of the most vulnerable among you to hasten the demise of the middle classes; to introducing permanent new monitoring, movement and border restriction protocols; to mandating new methods of obtaining and cataloguing a population's DNA; to encouraging or even obliging anti-viral vaccinations containing nanoparticles that can respond to scalar impulses; to covering voter suppression schemes intended to ensure predetermined outcomes; and even including, as you shall see shortly, new excuses for nationalistic isolation and, eventually, global World War.

Forewarned is always forearmed. While you may not be able to single-handedly prevent or avoid these challenging mass events, particularly the ones that change your world forever, you can rest assured that disengaging from the emotional discharge and refusing to participate in the creation of such a reality is where your most significant power rests. Understanding that the coming Third Dimensional reality is being remodeled for those Young Souls who wish to have these parameters to explore in the discovery of their own Soul growth (challenging though the events are) is a step in the direction of ensuring that you remain untouched by them.

Take reasonable, rational and realistic precautions without Fear, whether they be related to protecting your health and well-being or related to your personal security and maintaining Faith in a volatile society where the future is uncertain. This becomes your principle responsibility, and also becomes your own vehicle for potential Soul growth, whatever the outcome may be. Meditate; find guidance; ground yourself; stay in the "now"; avoid thought form projections of the future; neutralize your emotions; disengage from your fears and the fear mongering around you; find like-minded Souls; engage with your community at the grass roots level; and, above all else, Keep Calm and Carry On.

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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