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The Thing About Cures...

Part 2 -

May 2020 - We have spoken to you often in the past about how your consciousness carries a vibrational signature specific to you that identifies who you are throughout the multi-dimensional Universe. In conjunction with that, we have explained that your DNA is part of that vibrational signature and acts as a communicator between your cellular structure and your Etheric (Energetic) Body. Transmitted through the electromagnetic grids of Earth this two-way street connects your Energetic Body to you at a cellular level and also connects you to your Spirit Guides and, ultimately, to your Soul. Experiments conducted by your science have already amply demonstrated this. If you remove cells containing DNA from someone and isolate those cells miles away, they will react to stimulus being effectuated in the distant body as if they were still present within it.

Now your DNA can also be considered part of the unique vibrational signature that identifies who you are, literally, metaphorically and spiritually, when in the physical world. What is not currently widely known yet is that your DNA also identifies who you are at a Soul level, including identifying your Soul cadre, Soul Mates and your Soul race (yes, Souls that are cast out by Source, or the God force if you prefer, are cast in varying species and races). Most human beings in Third Dimensional incarnations today are cast from the Human Angelic Soul race with an orientation that is considered to be based on Service-to-Others (this should not to be confused with ethnic, racial or other physical differences of the physical body, which are immaterial to the Soul).

However, since all creation begins as non-corporeal or spiritual in nature and is then said to take on “physical experiences” as part of the Universal Ascension process, it is not uncommon for Alien-Soul races to sometimes incarnate as physical human beings on Third Dimensional Earth. Many of these Soul races are cast from a Service-to-Self orientation that is diametrically opposed to the Human Angelic orientation, and, though it is a difficult transition for an Alien Soul to be born into a physical body that is not intended to house it naturally, this has become especially prevalent on Earth at the current time.

None of this is good, bad, better or worse, but it should be recognized that the guidance and overall mission of different Soul groups is vastly divergent (just like individuals, organizations, cultures, nations, planets and even Soul groups can have life missions). And therein lies the predicament. Although Third Dimensional Earth is the designated planet in this Solar System within all the superimposed Dimensions for Human Angelic Soul incarnations, this does not preclude other Soul races from attempting to usurp the Human Angelic physical presence in your sector of the Galaxy by incarnating amongst you as physical human beings.

While many are watching for UFO’s and space invaders coming from the skies, the fact is the invasion is occurring before your eyes as a bio-phenomenon. Now more than ever before, there are those walking among you who are incarnated in physical bodies, and for all intent and purpose they are human beings who are guided by different intrinsic principles and values by virtue of their Soul connections. Many of these beings have been born into positions of great wealth, power and prestige globally, which adds another level of complication since many of them today run vast corporate and media empires, political organizations and governmental structures.

Now as we said, you carry your vibrational identity throughout your lifetime as you journey within Third Dimensional physical reality. Though your scientists have widely discovered the fact that DNA can be used as a unique physical identifier, what is not widely known is that a vibrational link is accessed through your DNA to your cellular structure, your energetic body, your higher dimensional Guidance and your Soul. In the ancient past, this link was what was called the “Ancestors”. Although you have been taught to believe the reverence paid by ancient cultures to one’s ancestors was to honor forebears out of nostalgia, it actually was a symbolic understanding that your vibrational signature links you to your physical self as well as your genetic, energetic and spiritual self, in addition to your Soul group.

While your quotidian sciences use DNA commonly today in a wide range of identification areas, including ancestry determination, genetics and criminal prosecution, few have unlocked the deeper mysteries inherent in your DNA. In that regard however, recently there have been advancements made by covert organizations that not only allow them to identify who you are physically through your DNA, it allows anyone in possession of your DNA to track you wherever you might be on the planet.

This is done through scalar impulses that can trace DNA back to its source anywhere in the world. This is not much different from the technology used to track your cell phone location no matter where it is in the world with one exception -- tracking you electromagnetically requires that your DNA be harvested and then registered somewhere.

Even in terms of such technology however, many in your world today might be fine with tracking their whereabouts 24/7 by whatever means. Some would even consider this a benefit with respect to finding lost children, preventing abductions or keeping dementia or Alzheimer patients safe. What they might not be fine with however is the added nanotechnology that would permit a marker to be carried permanently within the physical body. Such a nanoparticle could piggyback your DNA, be triggered electromagnetically and be activated at will without an individual’s knowledge or approval using scalar technology.

The only component necessary to do so would be an individual’s DNA as an identifier, and this would turn over control of the physical body to anyone able to send impulses from outside the body to the express nanoparticles. Of course, any project to do so would still require two additional steps: 1) Obtaining and maintaining a registry of every individual’s DNA, and; 2) Finding a way to insert the nanoparticle into an unsuspecting populace that would reside within the physical body and that could be stimulated from outside whenever desired.

Accomplishing these steps would provide the whereabouts of individuals via their DNA and also provide for a nanoparticle to be resident inside the physical body. Once a nanoparticle is attached to the body’s cellular structure it can be controlled by anyone who has access to the DNA registry and also has the scalar technology needed to target and impulse the nanoparticles hidden inside the human body.

In addition to all this and perhaps more importantly from the standpoint of our previous discussion concerning the incarnations of Alien Souls into human physical bodies, these advancements in identifying DNA also allow those who wish it to identify who you are at a Soul level. Such information would be considered important to those looking to isolate or segregate individuals by virtue of their Soul group affiliation. This is similar to the enslavement and segregation of different ethnic and cultural groups that is a hallmark of the past 2000 years in the modern era. In some ways, segregation by Soul race through DNA, for whatever purpose, could be seen as the karmic effect of these issues now being balanced at higher, cosmic levels.

The karmic implications aside, possessing your DNA and the information it contains also permits the possibility of generating a kind of energetic fence around you that is specific to you and blocks you from the natural connection you have with your Guides, your Higher Self and, in a manner of speaking, God. At the extreme, this energetic fence can be implemented to block your higher spiritual connection not only while you are residing within your physical body but also when in the dream state and even after you have departed the physical body in death.

Such fencing has enormous impact with respect to Ascension, which is the process of Universal evolution. Pinning you in a state of limbo following departure from the body keeps you penned in the Third Universal Dimension and the lower Astral planes cycling through physical incarnations, ultimately preventing you from the Ascension that is your Soul’s divine right.

As if this were not enough, there are now added affronts to the human immune system that you face daily. Pollution, lack of proper nutrition, Chem-Trails, 5G implementation and a constant barrage of poisons to the hormonal and organ systems of the body add insult to injury by lowering immunity and making today’s populations highly prone to a wide range of illness, dis-ease and disconnect that, most likely, is not intended to be part of the individual or the Soul’s purpose in the lifetime.

Sadly, several chemicals used widely in your environment as well as many pharmaceuticals in common use are known to calcify or shrink the Pineal Gland so that it is barely recognizable. As you may be aware, the Pineal serves as an important amplifier of the communication between yourself and your higher guidance, without which you become virtually stone deaf to natural intuition, guidance and related inter-dimensional communication. Mystics and the adept understand the Pineal Gland to be the location of the “Third Eye”, acting as a central point of communication between the metaphysical and physical worlds. In effect, you are being systematically cut off from your own divine inspiration.

So what does any of this have to do with pandemics and “cures”? Much more than you may suspect.

To be continued...

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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