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Q. There have been discussions, books and even a movie put out about significant events that are supposed to happen on Earth in 2012. Can you explain what all this is about?

A. Do you not question at all that something as significant as the Ascension process we have discussed over these many years has been placed into such a fearful criteria? It is not by accident and we would suggest that there are those individuals, perhaps unknown to themselves, being impulse by either their own fears, or by others who utilize such mysteries in order to generate fear. However, there is little reality, so to speak, revealed within the particular forms of entertainment you are referring to. In truth, 2012 represents the high point of a period that began more than 100 years prior. If you were to look at it from our particular standpoint, you would also see that this in truth began 2,000 years prior. 2012 serves as a pinnacle, the top of the mountain if you will, in terms of your ascent towards the period of the Ascension. It is at that particular point we would suggest that critical mass must be obtained in order for the vibrational frequency of each individual and the planet as a whole to move into full Ascension. However, 2012, or a specific date therein, is not the moment of Ascension for this will take place gradually and on a schedule that is first and foremost related to each individual and, secondarily, to the realm as a whole. Suffice it to say, however, that this will occur most intensely over the course of the coming decade, to a lesser degree over the course of the coming 100 years and from our perspective over the course of even the coming 2000 year period. Therefore, do not succumb to tales of destruction and woe. These are not accurate. Will there be changes? Absolutely. Will there be Earth changes? You experience them daily. Will there be things that happen that are energetically motivated? They are already happening. Will there be dramatic mayhem? Most events, even the dramatic ones, will not be nearly as fearful or purposeless as those related by, and with particular slant, through your media. Will the events be similar to those related in this form of entertainment that essentially was intended to generate fear in its audiences and finances for its owners? They certainly will not. You are at a miraculous turning point for it is through this process that not only every individual soul within this dimensional realm has the ability to ascend to the next dimensional reality, but a time that is extraordinary. Not only does it represent the 26,000 year period at which point Souls are able to graduate from a particular dimensional level but you are also at a significant point in universal history since it relates to an approximately 250,000 year process that also enables your solar system and the galaxy as a whole to transcend to the next universal dimensional vibration. This is extraordinary for if the period you are in represents the manner in which solar systems and galaxies evolve and, in fact, Universal Ascension, meaning a growth of consciousness that allows souls, every Being and entire realms to transcend to a higher consciousness and dimensional level within the multi-dimensional Universe, is currently at hand. We must explain that your Earth has gone through many periods such as this. You must understand that approximately every 26,000 years, the energetic waves coming from the galactic center in the form of the photon belt of energy permit those souls incarnating within the realm to rise to a higher dimensional level. In other words, as we have said in the past, your 3rd dimension, which we will term the 3rd Universal dimension, is dissected, if you will, into 12 sub dimensions. If you are incarnated in the world today, your physical being exists within the 3rd and 4th dimensional sub level of the 3rd Universal dimension. Many animal species exists with you at this level, whereas Trees, Mountains, and many other states of Being that you consider non-living exist with you in the 3rd Universal Dimension, but exist at the 1st and 2nd dimensional sub level. Every 26000 years, the souls within a Universal dimension are able to transcend to higher levels of consciousness within their own universal dimension. Thus, as an example, a Soul might no longer need to incarnate at the 3rd sub level of the 3rd Universal dimension, and might choose instead to incarnate at higher sub levels, such as the 5th, 7th or even 8th sub level of the 3rd Universal dimension. Some might view these higher sub levels of the 3rd Universal dimension as different areas of the astral plane, the “Paradise” or heaven known to your mythology and folk stories, or even as parallel worlds. Every 250,000 years, this same process of transcendence is available not only within the Universal Dimension, but for the Universal Dimension as a whole as well. And it follows that this then applies to the Ascension of each Soul from one Universal dimension to the next Universal dimension. It is for this reason that it is so important, for when witnessed from a higher point of view, or from the 7th Universal dimension from which we are positioned, it becomes relevant in that if there is a split or inability for one Universal dimension to raise itself to the next, this has far reaching implications for each Universal dimension. It is for that reason that many have come to assist and that many have come to watch, It is also for this reason that there is a great multitude of souls incarnating within your universal dimension currently, but that is another discussion related to the grounding vibrational frequency in order to ensure Ascension of your Universal dimension. Again, because each has the ability to choose not to ascend, they may in fact choose to remain within the 3rd Universal dimension. But what they do not realize is that at that time, the 3rd Universal dimension that they will continue to incarnate in is actually the 2nd Universal dimension that has ascended. When you follow this ascension process via lifetimes you have planned, or that you will plan, it is most likely that over the course of the coming 100 to 2000 years, you will incarnate on an Earth that was once within the 3rd Universal dimension but that is now in the 4th or 5th Universal dimension having transcended or ascended itself. To complicate the matter further, it is possible for individuals who have reached levels of consciousness upon Ascension to transcend and ascend in a non-linear fashion. The multi-dimensional nature of the universe permits those who have attained a certain level of consciousness to go directly from say 3rd Universal dimension incarnations to 5th or even 6th Universal dimension incarnations. And in attempting this explanation, we will add one additional thought for we realize this is difficult information to follow based upon the current standards and understanding of both Ascension and the nature of your universe. We will add that just as you have Higher Selves – over-Souls if you will -- incarnated in higher Universal dimensions and just as they know of you but you do not know of them (remembering that higher dimensional levels can see lower ones, but lower levels can not see higher), so too the realm in which you live and incarnate has higher dimensional beings associated with them. Earth itself is the name given to the planet you know so well fixated in the 3rd Universal dimension but you undoubtedly have heard the names Terra or Gaia. You perhaps thought that these were names given to the same entity you know as Earth for fictitious or other reasons. However, what you have not understood is that indeed Terra and Gaia are connected to the Earth entity just as you are connected to your Higher Self and you Soul. In reality, Terra is Earth in the 5th Universal dimension and Gaia is Earth in the 7th Universal dimension. While there are similarities, there are potentially no comparisons. It is important to understand that just as you evolve so do planets, galaxies and the universe. Each of you one day whether it is this particular period or in the next 250,000 year time period, may, potentially, ascend and choose to have incarnations on Terra, and some day, perhaps, even upon Gaya. Is this understood?

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