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The Significance of 12-21-12

You are quickly approaching the winter solstice of the year 2012. It is a period that has been much touted, much praised and also much feared by many of those around you. We have spoken with you previously about this time period and the evolutionary Ascension path that you, your planet and your solar system are on. As you arrive at the 2012 winter solstice, a time of particular significance and importance to your world, we confirm that you have reached a critical time in the process of your own evolution as well as the evolution of your world. In a sense, 2012 can be seen as an entry into the next chapter of existence, opening to you personally and for the planet at large a new realm of potential. Many questions have been asked with regard to what exactly will transpire on the date that has been prescribed by many as the “end of the world.” Please allow us to inform you that this date is far from the end of your world and, in truth, is the official beginning point (if one must be ascribed) of a new period of consciousness and evolution. So what exactly will transpire on this propitious and, for some, ominous date - one so many are being led to fear; the date that so many are being told was prescribed by the Mayan civilization as the end of your world? There is, to be sure, a great deal of difference between the idea of the “end of the world” and the “end of time.” One signals the annihilation of Earth - something we assure you is not related to this date or year. The latter however, does hold a modicum of truth and association with the date in that, as we have said, time (your current time line and measurement, if your prefer) is collapsing and thus 12-21-12 not only heralds a significant energetic development, it also implies a possible physical change in the mechanics, as well as the measurement of those mechanics, for your world and the Solar System. Let’s explore this further by taking a look at the Maya civilization. First of all let us proceed by explaining that the Mayan civilization, as you most likely know, was in fact an extraordinary civilization of astronomers and, consequently, timekeepers. Their role as timekeepers was, in fact, the basis of their mission as a society and a people. Many of the techniques, information and wisdom they possessed, particularly those that were related to the solar system, the galaxy and the procession of third dimensional time, had been given to their ancient ancestors for safe keeping by remnants of the Atlantean civilization just as that civilization was collapsing for the third and final time. The distant ancestors of the Maya (existing several thousand years prior to the emergence of what became popularly known as the Maya), who themselves were a somewhat modern though provincial colonial off shoot existing in the area prior to the final demise of Atlantis, were not visited by aliens as some have suggested but by the final vestiges of the great Earth civilization, Atlantis. The Atlanteans were looking to preserve the annals, records and advancements of human angelics up until that time, realizing that the fall of their technologically advanced world civilization was imminent. Thus they spent time to carefully transport the most important and sacred aspects of their knowledge and placed them in certain receptacles around the world for use or discovery at a later time. The pre-Mayan peoples, like another civilization that thousands of years later became the Egyptians, were the inheritors of one of those receptacles of wisdom, and they used the knowledge in their own manner as a basis for organizing a new, albeit more primitive society as the world fell into chaos and decline following the final fall of Atlantis as modern Earth civilization was lost at that time. Because of this however, the people who were the ancestors of the Maya had access to extremely accurate and even advanced astrological and astronomical information (although the truth of the information’s origins was lost within several generations.) As they copied and altered the information to suit their needs, they became, in the Atlantean sense, the keepers of time. Though some of the information was tailored and in some cases lost however, for the most part, the Maya maintained complete and accurate awareness of the advanced progression of the third dimensional time line, merely superimposing their own stylistic view as their civilization grew and changed. One begins to understand that the Maya did in fact have specific and accurate information concerning the astronomical significance of the 2012 winter solstice, as well as information concerning its impact on the current time line and the potential inherent in it for Earth and your physical reality. At no time did the Maya consider 12-21-12 the end of the world – instead they considered it the end of time (as it is currently constructed and measured.) This is so because this represents the date Earth and its Solar System enter a new region of space, called by many the photon belt of energy. The photon belt has many particulars, among which the activation of aspects of your DNA (and thus, your consciousness) is one, heating up of your Solar System is another and slowing of your Earth’s physical rotation and orbit are yet one more. The Earth will move, with your Solar System, through this energetic belt for approximately two thousand years. Simultaneously as the Earth and its Sun enter into a unique alignment with the galactic core, the center of the universe and an area that many might call the realm of God, the Source or the twelfth universal dimension, a beam of concentrated energy emanating from the Source that is further intended to expand consciousness as well as push the Solar System, you and your planet included, into full Ascension, if this is the will and desire of your Soul matrix. This factor also plays an important part in the physical dimensional shift that happens at these times. Your third dimensional time line will evolve into its forth and fifth dimensional equivalent, as all universal dimensions within this belt and alignment shift to a higher vibrational frequency over the course of the coming decades and centuries. As we have explained in our most recent book (“The System Lords and The Twelve Dimensions”) if you are an incarnate of a human angelic Soul matrix, your destiny is ultimately to evolve at this time to future incarnations on a fifth dimensional Earth, known as Terra. Thus we find the idea, as represented by the end of the Mayan calendar grand cycle, that after 12-21-12, time (and its measurement) collapses as space and the dimension of which you are a part evolves to higher frequencies. But what else, if anything, were the Mayans expressing that is important for you to know, and what precisely will transpire on 12-21-12 as Earth enters the photon energy belt and aligns with the galactic center? It is certainly not as ominous as you may think, and in fact, could be said to be beneficial in terms of an opening for potentially elevating your own energy and consciousness at this time. It must be remembered that the Mayans tailored the information they received for their own use. So the Mayans, as an ancient people communicating not necessarily globally but rather to their own civilization and region, knew that their particular region of the world (that is, the area related to the southern most parts of the United States down into Mexico, through Central America and into northern South America) would be the area of Earth facing the alignment with the galactic center of which we are speaking. That means that the photon energy, the light (en-light-enment) energy being received coming from the galactic center, will have direct access and will hit directly those portions of your world that we have described, an area populated in large part by the Mayans. It is the knowledge that they were going to be bombarded in their particular part of the world with this photon energy and that it has the potential to change the nature of consciousness that allowed them to end their cycle with approximately a 3 to 4 day period of no time calculation, after which a new measure and cycle of time could be created based on what emerges and evolves. The Mayan knew that physical and mechanical changes to the Earth and the Solar System would ultimately require them to adjust their calendar and they did not have the basis for creating a new measuring devise until such time as they passed the threshold of the experience. What this means however for those on Earth at this time is that from December 21st, 2012, the winter solstice as you know it, until approximately December 23rd reaching into the early part of December 24th, there will be approximately 3 days of enhanced energetic vibration coming from the galactic core through your Sun that will trigger your world, with particular effect on those portions of the Earth where the Mayans resided. Naturally, the energy being experienced will have a potential effect on all humans throughout the world, triggering as it does consciousness with the physical body and mass consciousness of the human species. And it is also during that period, although only for short episodes of time, that each of you will have access, if you desire, to higher knowledge and higher consciousness. The opening in consciousness that will be triggered will actually permit you glimpses into your higher nature, the reason for your existence and an array of higher wisdom (what you might consider insights or intuitive awareness) that few have had regularly in your world over the course of approximately the past 5,000 or even approximately the past 26,000 years of time. We are explaining this to you in order that you utilize this period of opening wisely. It is the opening of a door that will continue to open wider and wider beginning now. But it is at the opening of that door that you will find the most insights and greatest awe obtaining higher levels of understanding with respect to who you are at a Soul level and what you have come to Earth in order to accomplish at this time. It is also for this reason we would suggest that this time period be used to consciously tune in to these energies for they will be available to those who are aware that they are coming and who attempt to find or ask for. As we have always said, the Earth realm in the 3rd universal dimension is a realm of free will and it is for this fact that with respect to the current opening that being unaware or unconcerned with access to this higher wisdom will only allow you to go a short distance in awakening your consciousness. Being aware that the energies are available to allow you to open your consciousness in ways that you have only dreamed of is something that must, at the correct time, be consciously requested and nurtured by you. We would suggest that if at all possible you remember this awareness over the course of the three-day period, from December 21st into the early morning of December 24th, and meditate, pray or reflect whenever possible. Meditate on opening yourself to a higher level of consciousness, on your role and mission in this lifetime, on your Soul’s purpose, on your connection to those around you and on your dreams, hopes and desires in the future. Allow whatever is revealed to expand and permeate as truth within you. In every instance, ask “Why” and explore the depths of the information you receive. Materialize your insights by writing them down, so they are manifest in reality and not washed away. At the very least, attune yourself to the knowledge that you are in a period when by asking you shall receive. For many, this particular period will open the door and after the 3 day period has subsided, while this window of opening will no longer be as accessible, you will notice that there is a change in your consciousness and you will thirst for more as more is then provided to you over the course of the coming years. We caution only that those that are not aware and who do not particularly ask at this time for the elevated energies to inspire, enlighten and open them, shall experience the period as a mere dream that passed over them, and after the period is over, they shall recede back into their limited consciousness and the direction of their choosing. You have an important choice to make as you approach this important period of awakening, opening and new potential. Know that we, and others like us, are with you in your progress, and look forward to greeting you as you pass through the doorway known as December 21st, 2012.

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