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Collapse of the Current Time Paradigm

You live in miraculous times and it is not by accident that you have chosen to be present in this particular time period. For as we have said in the past, it should be known that what distinguishes a dimension, what actually creates dimensional flow is the wavelength of time or rather perhaps more precisely said, the wavelength of time forms the dimension in which you find yourself. Now truly someone would be hard pressed to say that they have not noticed lately that time is speeding up. What was a month is now a week. What was a day is now an hour. This is not by accident. For in the Ascension process, the evolutionary process in which you are now taking part, the current time wave that you are in, the time line that actually creates the dimension of which you are a part, is in fact collapsing. Perhaps this is too scary a word for you so allow us to explain by first stating that we are not discussing here the actual demise of time, although one could allude to that as truly the case. However, what is more precise is to say that time, the frequency of the time wave that delineates and denotes your current dimension is evolving and expanding. But before this takes place, there is a flattening of that same time wave that takes place. So if you were to see this as a wave, as we suggest and as any frequency is, and you were to see your entire dimension as a wave related to the experience of time, you would begin to see that the waves are shortening and becoming smaller as they pass you. As they become shorter, things speed up, with the eventuality that ultimately the time wave you know will quite literally as well as figuratively “flat line.” This does not mean the death or end of your dimension as it might suggest. It is the evolution of your dimension into the next time wave and subsequently, the next dimensional vibration. What is important about this is that different time waves and frequencies also provide different perceptive abilities, usually energetic in nature, within a particular dimension. Your current time line parameters included the fact that you are not necessarily able to understand or perceive higher energetic dimensional and physical properties. But as you move into the next time wave, after you have reached the point where current time is flattened, the wave begins again on the opposite side. And as that wave begins on the other side, so also do you begin again. If you have chosen to be in this particular incarnation at this particular time, it is because you know that being in a lifetime during this period is equivalent in terms of energetic intensity, the amount that is experienced and the growth possible for your Soul equal, as an example, to the potential learning and growth allotted over the course of perhaps twenty–five (25) lifetimes during what you experienced in the past as the normal cascade of time within the current time wave and dimension. It is for this reason that such extreme intensity and urgency is being felt on Earth and in your lives. For the Earth is indeed birthing itself into the coming new time line and as a result is experiencing coming dimensional transformation. This momentary rev in time caused by the flattening of the time line will in fact ensure that each of you who are connected to this dimensional sphere will, together with the Earth, evolve and Ascend into the next dimensional time sequence. For most, your future incarnations will take place within a new energetic frequency, and this new level will provide a myriad of new opportunities for growth available to all those evolving and incarnating with Earth. This is the heritage and the meaning of Ascension as the evolutionary tool of the universe, and you are assured of this if you actively choose at this time. If you are hearing these words and are a part of this group, though you are not exclusive or a member of any elite, you can in fact be said to have obtained the consciousness necessary to hear this message and this in turn signals that you have done the work necessary to assist your Soul in Ascending and evolving its incarnations to the next level of existence. Do not fear that those with whom you are also currently incarnated, those with whom you have karma or whom you love will not accompany you, for in truth the great majority of those incarnated on Earth at this time will take part in this shift of consciousness and coming Ascension. You merely represent those who have understood what is happening first, and as leaders in this you hold greater responsibility in terms of your choices and the manifestation of your reality, particularly in providing others with the Truth and Light energy that you have discovered. Many will sense that something is different and many among them will fear and think something in their life is wrong. It is this impetus that inspires you to go seek Truth at this time, and it is this that leads many to want to shout to the powers in charge of the cultural and political structures of your realm that enough is enough. This is because as you evolve, it is no longer possible to live in a world of distrust, fear and deceit, just as in the new dimensional zone you are entering it is not possible for an evolved immune system to exist within the toxic environment that has been created in the former (your current) timeline. So what you witness is an innate desire to change the world so that it is a world that is more compatible with what is happening to you and who you are becoming energetically. This will continue to intensify through the coming year and will be present well through 2017. While the evolution will not be completed at the mystical pinnacle we described as the 2012 time frame much touted by those who would have you fear this to be the end of the world, the fact is 2012 does indeed represent a critical high point in this transformation and evolution. It is at this marker that you have crossed the threshold of the new time line we are discussing, and it can be seen as a new period that you have entered. While you will continue to rise each morning as you have and though there will continue to be turmoil in your world, you will find after 2012 that for the most part, particularly if you are aligned with your own truth and with this information in a conscious way, you have in fact turned the corner. While others around you may continue to struggle, for each must proceed into the new time wave and dimension at their own pace, you, the fortunate ones who have raised their consciousness and frequency to meet the demand of the new time wave, will see that the devastation happening around you might be problematic and cause fear for others but it is in fact unable to touch or reach you. This is because having aligned yourself with your Truth you have Ascended into a higher frequency and are moving together with, instead of against, the new vibration taking hold on Earth. Think of yourselves as trendsetters, who through your consciousness, your commitment to a higher, personal Truth, your adherence to the higher, lighter frequencies of light and your understanding that what is happening is the Ascension process are first to be drawn into a new body, in a new world, a new time wave and a new multidimensional existence. As you go about your lives from here on out, expect others to instinctively seek you out or emulate you as the evolutionary trendsetters that you are. Then when you least expect it, there will come a time at some point over the course of the coming century when everyone and everything within your realm will reach unity within Ascension and you will move together into a brave new beginning.

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