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An Earth Day Message

We are pleased to meet again and are honored to be with you on a day that has become commonly known as Earth Day. Many would think that this is a newly found awareness – a concept that those within the Earth plane have evolved to only recently. However, to the contrary, we would say that this awareness, the understanding that those who treat the Earth with respect are in reality respecting themselves, is a notion that is paramount and primal. In fact, it is a belief that is the foundation of the Earth realm and was prominent early in your current cycle of history. For if you look back within your own linear time line historically, you will find that in the Earth realm originally all of the primal religions and all of the shamanic and related practices were identified with and based upon the sacredness of the Earth. This was forgotten over the course of your time, and ultimately respect of the Earth was substituted and projected outside of your own being onto an invisible regulating, external power. While this facilitated the growth of certain societal organizations that used a newly externalized force to cement the position and power of some for the so-called benefit of all, it caused a block and disintegration of the natural connection all physical beings that inhabited the realm have with the body of Earth itself. Now during this miraculous time, you have begun once again to witness and find your connection to Earth. This is not by accident. Indeed, it is the first step to an evolution that allows each and every individual incarnated in the sphere to understand his or her connection with not only Earth but ultimately, with All That Is. It is the first step in understanding that you and the Earth are one, which you and every individual, every living being and every other living part of creation share commonality as you participate in this miraculous creation. So it is a blessing that this sacred connection has in fact been not newly discovered, as many would believe, but re-discovered. For as we said, your understanding of the connection you have with Earth is the first step to understanding the coming miraculous age -- an age where each of you will consciously re-discover a connection to how you co-create your reality within this realm. And in doing so, you evolve to the next level of wisdom as you find, once again, your place not only within the Earth sphere but within the universal dimensions of which you are so miraculously and expertly connected in endless multi-dimensional ways.

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