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The Multi Dimensional Universe

The universe is multidimensional and consists of twelve what we shall call “universal” dimensions. Each universal dimension vibrates at a specific frequency, and what is visible in one dimension may not be visible in another dimension. This is particularly true in that higher dimensional levels, in general, can see and experience lower dimensional levels, but lower levels have great difficulty “seeing” higher dimensional realms. Thus you personally might exist at a certain level of the third universal dimension and be aware of the existence of second and first dimensional beings, such as the plant and mineral kingdom, where despite the fact that you cannot actually communicate or participate directly in their existence, you nevertheless have the ability to interact and, to an extent, have dominion over their environment. In much the same manner, you yourselves may not have direct awareness of fifth or sixth dimensional beings living their lives alongside you, though we assure you that they are generally as aware of you as you are of the giant redwood or boulder outside your window. 

 There are nine universal dimensional levels that we will call the dimensions of experience, and there are three additional levels: the tenth, eleventh and twelfth universal dimensions that begin the realms of completion, the realm of All That Is or the Creator God Force, if you will. Though truly we must add that the Creator itself is present at the highest dimensional levels that extend beyond the twelfth universal dimension, the realm of All that Is, the places of highest light, wisdom and enlightenment are found at the tenth, eleventh and twelfth universal dimensional levels, and it is within these realms that those who have evolved to this point begin the process of reintegration with All That Is at levels and understanding that are beyond most beings in the lower universal levels at this point. 

 These three universal dimensions (the tenth, eleventh and twelfth) are rare dimensions of the highest nature and order. While these dimensions are indeed independent of each other, they are also unified and could be said to serve as the basis for what you know as the “Trinity” symbolism. They are truly the dimensions most closely associated with what you would term God or All That Is, individuated just as Trinity consciousness is in Christian and other religions, yet unified as the ultimate beginning of integration into All That Is. While it is natural for the entities within the third dimensional realm as well as the second and first dimensions to see everything with a higher or lower hierarchy, this is not necessarily the case with these three dimensions. The tenth dimension is not necessarily higher or lower than the twelfth dimension. However the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensions are unified in God-likeness and All That Is, Nirvana, if you wish to term it, or even perhaps the ultimate experience of Heaven in the western way of thinking. These are, in fact, the highest universal dimensions obtainable by evolving beings and consciousness prior to entry into the realms of pure spirit where only the God Force exists. 

 The universal dimensions themselves are physically separated in various parts of the universe. Each universal dimension can only be seen by Souls who have reached the maturing stage or vibrational frequency of that universal dimension. For example, third universal dimensional beings would not be able to see the fifth or sixth universal dimensions until they complete the learning process of the third dimension and reach the vibrational frequency of those universal dimensions. Fifth or sixth universal dimensions are thus seen as the faraway galaxies and solar systems only glimpsed in the night sky by those incarnated within the third dimension. Since time and space are not structured as you think and, indeed, are unified wave and frequency structures, though enormous distance appears to be the case from a third dimensional perspective, the reality is that these faraway galaxies and solar systems are actually quite close and, in some cases, even overlap. Conversely, a sixth universal dimensional being, for example, would be able to witness the third universal dimension as much closer to and perhaps even unified in some manner with their own dimension (just as you witness and might interact with a tree or mountain in your reality, though it is not likely you would participate in the “being-ness” of trees or mountains. Every Soul then progresses through each of these universal dimensions, and it must be noted that there is not necessarily a specific order followed in terms of progression. However there is, in general, a format that is followed by most whereby there is a natural progression that corresponds to each entity’s vibrational frequency, usually achieved by the natural evolution and elevation of consciousness. This evolution, which applies to each Soul, each being and entire solar systems, galaxies and even the universe at large, is known as Ascension.

 Now there are dimensional forays within each universal dimension. Each universal dimension is further subdivided into twelve closely related sub-dimensional levels that overlap within the universal dimension. Thus if you are hearing or reading this, you are living life currently at the third sub-dimensional level of the third universal dimension. To be sure, there are vast properties and similarities that the universal dimensions share with the sub-dimensional levels related to them. When you, physical beings in the third dimension of the third universal dimension, communicate with those who have passed on from your physical reality, you are in fact communicating with those who now exist in a reality closely related to the fourth or fifth sub-dimensional reality of your third universal dimension, and these Souls may cycle to higher sublevels of the third universal dimension, or they may await new physical incarnations at the third level of the third universal dimensional reality. Similarly, as we have explained, for the most part they can “see” you, but there is still much debate from your side as to whether or not they even exist. This is one of the great ironies of universal interplay. 

 Compounds, substances, minerals and mountains are typically first dimensional beings. They evolve to become plant life and animal life that are second dimensional beings. Other first and second dimensional beings are found in the Devic Kingdom--the fairies, elves and trolls of your mythology are an expression of the energies closely linked to the life experience of the plant and second dimensional kingdom. For the most part, first and second sublevel dimensional beings within the third universal dimension do not have individualized Souls but have what we would call hive Souls, where they are part of a Soul group such as all “plant-ness,” all “cow-ness,” all “rock-ness,” and, ultimately, as they evolve higher, they offshoot and become individualized Souls that ascend to the next level of sentient being. It is quite possible that any one among you may have had their first origins, prior to becoming an individualized Soul, experiencing life as part of “rock-ness” or with origins from any of the other Devic or other lower dimensional kingdoms. The possibilities are, literally, endless.

 Sublevel first and second dimensional beings of the third universal dimension co-exist with beings, such as you, positioned at the third sub-level dimension of the third universal dimensional. Humans can see certain aspects of first and second dimensional being properties, but, to be clear, there are also certain aspects that humans cannot, or prefer not, to see. For example, you can see the mountain, but you cannot see the mountain evolving or see it energetically, with a purpose, a mission, a desire, a feeling and a structure. Typically you do not picture mountains as separate and distinct but see them as a group. Similarly you see a field of flowers, but you do not see the energetic waves of expression around them – the “fairies,” anthropomorphized representations of the flowers’ etheric body. As we said before, most humans incarnated at the third sublevel of the third universal dimension today have in fact evolved, over eons of chronological time, from the first and second sublevels of the third universal dimension. 

 Approximately every 26,000 years, the Souls within a Universal dimension are able to transcend to higher levels of consciousness within their own universal dimension. Thus, as an example, a Soul might no longer need to incarnate at the third sublevel of the third Universal dimension and might choose instead to incarnate at higher sublevels, such as the fifth, seventh or even eighth sublevel of the third universal dimension. Some might view these higher sublevels of the third universal dimension as different areas of the astral plane, the “Paradise” or Heaven known to your mythology and folk stories, or even as parallel worlds. Every 250,000 years, due to the energetic nature of the universe and the “waves” that come from the Creator--All that Is--this same process of transcendence is available not only within the sublevels of a universal dimension, but also for the universal dimension as a whole. And it follows that this then applies to the Ascension of each Soul from one universal dimension to the next universal dimension. In a free-will universe such as this one, each Soul has the ability to choose not to ascend and, some may in fact choose to remain within the third universal dimension. At the time of Ascension then, the third universal dimension into which those souls will continue to incarnate will actually be the second universal dimension, which has ascended to take its place as the third universal dimension via the ascension process. For those Souls that choose Ascension, they will incarnate on an Earth that was once within the third universal dimension but that now is in the fourth or fifth universal dimension, having transcended or ascended itself. To complicate the matter further, ascension is not necessarily linear in fashion. It is possible therefore, for entities that have reached certain levels of consciousness upon Ascension to transcend and ascend in a non-linear manner. The multi-dimensional nature of the universe permits those entities that have attained a certain level of consciousness to go directly from say third universal dimension incarnations to fifth or even sixth universal dimension incarnations. 

Currently your realm is at a miraculous turning point, for not only does the current age represent the 26,000 year point at which Souls are able to graduate from a particular sub-dimensional level, but also you are at a significant point in universal history, since this time period also relates to the approximately 250-million-year process that enables your entire solar system and the galaxy, as a whole, to ascend to the next universal dimensional vibration. This is extraordinary, for the period you are now in represents the manner in which solar systems and galaxies evolve, and universal Ascension, meaning a growth of consciousness that allows every Soul, every being and entire realms of existence to transcend to a higher consciousness and dimensional level of consciousness within the multi-dimensional universe, is currently at hand. This, then, is the true meaning of “Ascension.”

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