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Truth & The Integrity of Your Soul

It is our intention to discuss, if you please, the nature of your connection to your Soul and your Soul’s connection to Source. You are miraculous beings, as are all creatures in the Universe. But whereas other creatures that live and breath in your density may not be what we would term sentient (they do not have a spirit consciousness that incarnates again and again), you are in fact the masters of your realm in as much as you have come to this place in order to explore the act of creation together with your Soul and with the divine Source -- All That Is, or God if you prefer. This is a primary purpose of life as you know it and in every dimension, and indeed all beings and all dimensions have an inherent understanding of this. Life in your reality then is the effort of your Soul, through you, and its Source to explore the wonder of creation and master its intricacies. And it is because of your important role in the creation and co-creation of your world reality that integrity and respect for yourself become of upmost importance. For when you are not abiding by your own Truth, when you are not integral and maintaining the integrity of your Truth, when you perform actions or do things that you feel you must though you sense they are abhorrent or uninspired to you, when your actions are counter to your own integrity, obliged by someone else and not truly what you wish to do, you are in fact rebuking creation and diminishing your role as Creator. Not only does this have impact on your own life and reality that you manifest in conjunction with Source, it also has an impact on the world that you are all co-creating together. We have spoken many times with respect to the importance of the current time period and the augmented galactic energies that are affecting your world. Quite literally, now more than ever Truth shall be revealed. To be sure, understand that Truth is multi-faceted and is not of one nature, one choice or one substance. Rather, Truth is related to the integrity in each individual incarnate, and each life within your realm could be said to maintain at its core its own “Truth.” As the current time wave collapses and energetic waves originating from the galactic center enter your Solar System through your Sun, each of you will be triggered to discover your Truth. That Truth is revealed as whom you are when faced with the reality you have created around you. But this is not always an easy place to be. If you are in alignment with your own Truth and maintaining your integrity, if you are grounded in your core beliefs and pride in your self, you will find the revelation of Truth in your world to be wondrous for it will confirm to you that you are on your Essence path evolving to a higher consciousness and awareness, preparing for Ascension. If, on the other hand, you have been maintaining a life or life style that is counter to your true intention and is alien to what you truly feel and want, if you have submerged and gone into denial about who you are and what you wish your life to be and if you find individuals in your life that you do not or no longer resonate with who now cause you excessive pain and suffering, then revelation of your Truth will be difficult. Indeed, it will expose to you the un-truths that have caused you so much pain. It is at these moments transfiguration is possible, and thus it is that at this moment in time, through the unveiling of Truth, transformation and Ascension is possible. The Procreation of All That Is and the On-Going Evolution of the Universe How does this apply to that mystical spirit you think of as being “You” that you call Soul or your Higher Self? To answer this is to help one understand the connection that you have to the God Source and to your Soul, which is synonymous with your Higher Self. We would add that this is the case throughout the Universe, whether you are incarnated in a different Solar System, a different dimension, a different time line or a different reality within the same Solar System as third dimensional Earth, where you are currently incarnated. What happens is this: Within Source, All That Is, there is a desire to be and the desire to be is the desire to create. Thus Source, what you may term God, procreates by throwing off and casting parts of itself into what we shall call Soul entities. These Soul entities are numerous and they are what you might identify as your Higher Self or Over-Soul. Once these Soul entities are cast from the God Source, they in turn fragment themselves further and these fragments of your Soul entity, itself a creation and fragment of the God Source, create the lives that ultimately are you. This is simplistic in terms of an explanation for we are attempting to address strictly your connection to Source and to your Soul or Higher Self. However, it must be understood that these Soul entities are multi-dimensional in nature and are able, because they are cast from the God Source at the level of generally the Ninth and sometimes even the Tenth, Eleventh or Twelfth dimensional frequency, to fragment or progenerate into as many lower dimensions as they choose. Now, it should be understood that just like the cells in your body, the fragments that make up the lives and lifetimes that essentially are “You” are numerous and in general can count among the thousands. It should also be understood that the Soul generally chooses to begin at the beginning and although this is not prerequisite, for the most part each Soul will choose dimensionally to begin its incarnations in all realms that are essentially resonating in a lower, beginning dimensional frequency. The reasons for this are complex, but in simple terms this hinges on the fact that the union of your etheric (spirit) and physical body (whatever the form) that comprise the fragment’s being is genetically coded to be slower paced within lower dimensional frequencies and this provides a greater gap with respect to the being’s manifestation of physical matter thus providing you with the linear time perspective you know -- your past, present and future. But while this genetic coding of linear time length is not true in higher universal terms, it is so within the lower dimensions and thus provides an easier, slow-paced course of learning through creative trial and error of physical manifestation. However, our point here from the Soul’s perspective is that because there is no true unified concept of time in the greater universe as we have discussed, all Soul fragments are really incarnating in various multi-dimensional states simultaneously. Thus your Soul fragment procreates itself in order to experience creation in the multitude of realms at various dimensional levels, and it will perhaps fragment itself in lower dimensional densities incarnating as a tree or a mountain, while simultaneously incarnating into lifetimes at higher dimensional frequencies, which could be “You” or another “You” existing within any other dimension. It might also be “You” within your same dimension, but within a different time line, which is best known as a Parallel World. Your Soul might also incarnate simultaneously into lifetimes in higher dimensional frequencies than your own, and all these incarnations might be considered your brethren, if you will. Of course, these higher dimensional incarnations would not be known to you, although it must be said that the nature of their higher consciousness may allow them to recognize not only their shared connection to your Soul, but in many cases, even their connection to you. More commonly, fragments of your Soul incarnate in specific time periods within specific dimensions and even in the same time periods as many other related Soul fragments. It is fragments that are cast out from the same Soul who live lifetimes within the same time wave and dimension as you that are know as Soul Twins. Individuals that appear in your life, who may or may not be cast from the same Soul (but usually are) or are at the least cast from a Soul well known to your Soul, represent the many individuals in life with whom you associate closely, perhaps daily, in your world and with whom you collaborate during the course of a lifetime. These individuals (fragments of the same Soul incarnated at the same time as you) come into your life, and you into theirs, by what we shall call Life Agreements. Because of your Soul connection, each fragment knows the principal intention and purpose of your lifetime, and each works with the other to assist achieving that purpose. Life Agreements are usually based on the issues and occurrences pertinent to the lessons and mission that have been identified by your Soul as your lifetime’s objective. Each Soul fragment, and therefore each lifetime associated with the Soul, is provided with a pre-arranged lesson and mission tailored to a specific time and dimension that will enable your Soul to better learn the process of co-creation in every time and dimensional space related to the Soul’s origination. A Soul’s origination is akin to its energy signature, and this is based on its origination within Source, or All That Is. This could be likened to cells in your own body, which originate from the same place but take on the form and purpose –energetic signature-- of one part of the body or another. So too, all Soul entities originate from the same place, but ultimately will become more defined as their fragments mature and take on their own learning and growth. Thus it is that evolution and new creation that are continually transpiring throughout all dimensions and throughout the universe. This system of the God Source procreating Soul entities and those Soul entities procreating fragments of themselves, and each Soul and each of its fragments acting as co-creators to learn the act of creation evolving through all universal dimensions until they are rejoined again with their Source, could be termed the “Progeneration of the God Source and Ascension Plan of the Universe.” You Are a Hologram of the Totality of Your Soul It is unfortunate that those in physical incarnation in many of the denser physical realms such as Earth identify so closely with their physical structure. In fact, the fragment that you are is a projection of your Soul. When we say fragment, we mean no disrespect and we do not mean to imply that you are “less” or only a fraction of anything since the fact is You represent a whole being that is a full projection into physical life of the signature energy that is essentially your Soul. That projection then is actually a hologram of the totality of your Soul placed into physical form within your dimension and according to the physics and biology of your world. However, when you are in an incarnation within a lower density, it is difficult to understand that you are in fact an integral part of the lessons of co-creation being learned by your Higher Self, or Soul, at all levels throughout the universe. This is primarily caused by the strong identification you have in lower densities with the physical structure you create, rather than the knowledge that the life force and the Soul that drives you is actually wearing that physical body or that the spirit that is You is also a holographic and complete version of your Soul, which makes you not only a part of something greater, but defines the totality of who you are as well. This is a complicated and necessary lesson to learn for it is important to understand that what occurs within your lifetime, though blessed and integral to your Soul’s journey is not singularly decisive and not really the sum of whom you are in the purest sense. When in the course of a lifetime you become obsessed with the physical structure you wear, or the highs and lows of the physical world around you, you are apt to lose sight of the Truth about who you are. In addition, when, through an attachment to your physical identity, you do things in your daily life that are not in keeping with your own integrity, which is always derived from your Soul, you are in fact committing perhaps the most unfortunate sin that could be said to exist in the universe. That sin is the dishonoring of who you are. When you do so, your own vibrational frequency suffers and, as a consequent, your physical creations in the dimension and world you exist in also suffer. More importantly, the vibrational resonance that acts as a link, a communication, with your Soul as well as the multitude of other lifetimes that are “You” and your Soul also suffer. When this occurs, you have unwittingly provided these with a burden for you have pulled down the energetic frequency of the whole. This is not to say by any means that your Higher Self, or any of the other fragments of your Soul, holds this against you. But because communication with your Soul and other fragments akin to you is a two way street, with them comprising the “whole” of You and you comprising the “whole” of them, we can say that lack of integrity and Truth causes a break and blockage in this energetic exchange. This is no small matter in a multi-dimensional universe where communication, resonance and energetic exchange, albeit an unconscious exchange for many in physical incarnation, is a vital part of your experience relying on transfer and transmigration between holographic selves and the Soul to accomplish the lessons and mission set forth by you and your Soul prior to your lifetime. It is for this reason that maintaining your Truth, your integrity, your inner beliefs is of utmost importance. In many cases, your own physical health, your emotional well being, your mental stability and your awareness of your path is dependant upon it. And where this is true generally, it has become of even greater importance due to the particular time period in which you find yourself. If in the recent past, the light (energy) that you emitted on a scale of 1 to 10 was, say, a 2, the magnification caused by the photon energy coming from the Galactic Center into your world currently drives that light resonance upwards exponentially, and thus what was only recently a 2 on our scale is now magnified to an 8 or a 9. And this works in much the same manner whether you are talking about the positive polarity or negative polarity, positive energy or negative energy. This means that if you are functioning in terms of integrity to Self and your Soul at a light frequency on our scale of 2, you are now transmitting your resonance to your realm, to your co-fragment lifetimes and to your Soul on a level of 8 or 9. However, if you are lacking integrity, not maintaining your Truth with respect of Self and are constantly engaged with things that do not resonate for you, making excuses to others and to yourself, that same 2 on our negative energy scale has now become an 8 or 9 in the negative resonance you are transmitting. You understand therefore, that now more than ever before your energy is magnified and you are augmenting the frequency and vibration that is being received by all of the lifetimes in all the dimensions and times that are You, and ultimately this energy is joining with the totality of who you are at the level of the entity that is your Soul. This is crucial because as we have said many times, this is the moment, the juncture, at which the Universe evolves. It is the period at which all of the fragments and lifetimes that make up a Soul’s journey graduate from their grade and are able to rise to the next level of learning and co-creation. If this is not possible because the higher consciousness levels are blocked by negative energetic expression exponentially augmented through the current energy wave, then the realm and the dimension may be hindered in its Ascension and evolution. It is as if the class does not graduate and is left back a grade. While many among you, your brethren, your Soul Twins and the other fragments of your own Soul and other Souls incarnated in the dimension are certain to evolve at this time into the next level of dimensional consciousness, lower energetic resonance and consciousness could mean that the fragment that is You, and therefore possibly your Soul, might be caught repeating lessons in third universal dimensionality over the course of the next many millennia while awaiting the next Ascension portal to open. Soul Ascension Blockage and The Case of Atlantis We do not wish to imply that anyone present or hearing this is not fully conscious, mastering their lessons, vibrating at higher light frequencies or able to reach Ascension. We are referring to what occurs in a universal sense at the time of Soul evolution and Soul growth, such as the one currently available to you in your Solar System and dimension. We are discussing this because as we have told you previously, in the past already within the Earth realm at this juncture approximately two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) of your Earth years ago, the time wave associated with the last energetic union and ascension of energy of the kind being experienced today, Ascension was not possible for the entire realm. This was in fact a tumultuous time for your planet, and the dimension as a whole, for there was not sufficient consciousness or positive frequency on the planet to permit evolution of the Souls that incarnated there. While we do not wish to take time here to give the full explanation of what transpired, which is a complex history that spans across several hundred-thousands of years in your time line, suffice to say that at that time there was a civilization known as the Atlantean Empire. That particular time period represented perhaps the highest and finest period of the Atlantean civilization, and this culture not only possessed all of the modern technologies you know, it possessed knowledge and technological advances far to your own currently. At that time, almost all humans, and the Earth as a whole, were aligned with fourth and fifth dimensional qualities similar to the ones that you would experience following the shift of your current dimension into the vibrational frequency of the next dimensional level. Also at that time however, there were an equal number of incarnates cast from Souls who had embraced negative polarity, choosing through free will, to follow the path of service to Self. This was in stark contrast to those incarnates of Souls cast from the positive energetic polarity and dedicated to the path of the Law of One, an ancient universal precept based on the concept that all beings come from and return to Source. This is a fundamental Truth, and unfortunately, at that time, the polarity difference was enough to push the shift that occurred into a lower, rather than a higher dimension. The conflict between these Soul groups was more than just the typical conflict of entities at odds with each other, and the emphasis on the negative polarity was a free will choice that actually caused the dimension to revert to a lower frequency, one that was third dimensional in nature. You have incarnated within the boundaries of that lower, third dimensional frequency ever since. To be clear, aspects of Earth did ascend at the time, as did many Souls incarnating within it, but for the most part the realm was destined to wait until the next shift in energetic consciousness today to reclaim its place in fifth dimensional reality. It is for this reason that you are ascending into fifth density with the coming time wave change, since essentially the former shift was backwards from fourth to third density. The coming Ascension period and galactic energy are intended to correct that step back. At the time in question, when Atlantis achieved its pinnacle, the physical chaos wrecked on Earth as a result of the energies being experienced caused tremendous Earth changes. These natural changes were augmented by the Service to Self incarnates in their “war” with Atlanteans of the Law of One, and ultimately this was in fact the first of three major destructions of the continent known as Atlantis. Originally, that continent was one land mass that stretched from what today is known as Bermuda to the Bahamian Islands, to lands now submerged off the coast of Ireland and England down to what today is known as the Azores. Over several hundred thousand years, through natural and unnatural disasters and three major Earth altering catastrophes, that continent was changed until the islands mentioned, the continent’s highest peaks, were all that remained. Though it took millennia for the Atlantean civilization to disappear, the final throes and disappearance of the last remaining unified land mass and central culture occurred by approximately 13,000 years before the Common Era began. Prior to the final demise of Atlantis, several Atlantean colonies were established around the globe, among them southwestern North America and Meso-American outposts, Mayan and South American colonies and minor colonies in coastal Portugal, Spain and southwestern France. Additionally, there were small centers established in England, as well as major centers established in Egypt, the Middle East, Central Asia and India. As centralized Atlantean culture deteriorated over time, these colonies retained only vague memories of their former connection and eventually their descendants built over the ruins of vast structures and landing sites that had been established by the Atlanteans thousands of years prior. In many cases, though not all, artifacts today being attributed to alien races are actually artifacts or structures either directly derived from or based on Atlantean civilization. The structures built by the Atlanteans sometimes later took on holy or mythological significance, and examples of these include important Meso-American and Egyptian sites that align to significant astrological symbolism, Atlantean mining operations in mountainous South American regions, or even areas that still hold religious significance today, such as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Most of these locations and the mythology surrounding them have been unrelated to their true original purpose for many thousands of your years. Moreover, the Atlantean civilization was made fully mythical soon after the final disaster that destroyed it, a disaster that also engulfed most of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern world in what you now know as the mythical Flood of your Bible and other historic doctrine. By 5000 years before the incarnation of the entity known as the Master Christ all technology and almost all knowledge of the Atlantean civilization was lost, and by 3000 years before that entity’s life, the Atlantean civilization was deeply buried inside the stories and myths passed down by ensuing cultures relating to beliefs concerning those cultures’ founders or, in many cases, their Gods. In truth, the Atlantean events had a tremendous effect not only on the period following the civilization’s demise but, surprisingly, an even greater effect on your current, modern times. It has been remarked and may have occurred to many of you already that the struggle that has emerged in your world today is essentially one that may seem familiar or one that has been fought already in the past. In fact, this is true, and it is a struggle not between good and bad or right and wrong, but a struggle that emerges periodically between the positive energetic polarity and the negative energetic polarity. Those polarities are represented by the incarnates that seek to evolve and Ascend to the next dimensional level and those who, through the choice of service to themselves, have chosen not to participate in, and to actually resist, the evolution of your realm. Simply put, there exist in your world today incarnations of those younger Souls that wish to remain in current third density, and these that have come into conflict with the incarnations of Souls who wish for the realm, and themselves, to Ascend. If you have noticed a marked difference in the philosophical approach and beliefs of certain groups of individuals ranging from those who seem to exemplify the concept of service to themselves wishing to force everyone to do and think just as they do, versus those who through compassion and wisdom prefer to set aside difference and focus on unity and peaceful coexistence, you are witnessing the kernel of the original Atlantean struggle as it applies to the current Ascension period. We end this discussion by telling you that not everyone wishes for or shall find Ascension. However, those within your observation that find their Truth, retain their integrity, commit to peace and healing of themselves as well as their environment and their fellows, will most assuredly evolve and within the next incarnations will find that their Souls and the realm of their choice have been lifted to higher levels of learning, levels of consciousness far greater than can even be imagined by you today.

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