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The Meaning of 11:11

Q: I’ve been seeing a lot more 11:11, 22:22, etc., than ever before. They seem to be increasing for me personally. Is that in anticipation of the new energy coming? Is there more messaging in this?

A: First of all it must be understood that everything in the Universe has a vibrational signature. It is for this reason that even your words are important, for the word when spoken is a vibrational frequency that attracts to itself creation. But more important even than this is the coding of symbolism and vibration that is inherent for the human species. For those individuals of opening higher consciousness, the vibrational signatures that are being noticed more frequently of late are seen in what we shall call the master numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. Though not entirely precise, it is nonetheless sufficient to say that each of these master number vibrations is encoded in the human species within the DNA, and as such they have a specific meaning and significance that is registered by you in either a conscious or an unconscious way. Until now, these vibrational symbols and signatures have only been triggered in an unconscious manner. But now, due to the rising consciousness that you have, your recognition of them and the synchronicity experienced with regard to seeing them is because, as we have remarked, they are important symbols that have been coded into life, your DNA, and an awareness of that coding is emerging at this time. Each of these master signatory vibrational symbols has meaning and while we cannot here discuss each of them, the one that you are questioning with respect to the number 11:11 has a symbolic meaning related to the opening of your consciousness. This number sequence, which has been present in your world for millennia but is only now becoming a form of gifted awareness, particularly over the course of several years, is in fact related to unlocking certain coded signals in you that are related to understanding consciously that the time of grand “opening” has come. Therefore, we would very much associate 11:11 with the coming winter solstice 2012, and the period we have described when your planetary system is entering the electromagnetic band (cloud) in space known as the photon belt. 11:11 signifies and evokes in you the understanding that the dimensional doorway has opened and you have entered a new energetic realm in both a literal and philosophical sense. You will find shortly that other master numbers will begin to resonate and become important to you as well. In particular, you will notice the numbers 3:33 or 4:44. These have coded significance with regard to the direction of your consciousness with respect to your journey as a Soul and, particularly with respect to 4:44, your connection to the astral plane, your astral body and others that have passed before you and are residing in the higher astral realms at this time. Suffice to say for now that 11:11 is significant principally in triggering in you certain vested knowledge that begins your journey on the path of opening consciousness and higher awareness related to the photon energies coming from the photon belt and the Galactic Center. We would add to this that were you to investigate, you would find that many of the legitimate crop circles that have appeared around your world at this time are also related to this symbolic signature and when seen, without conscious understanding, have the effect of triggering your desire to evolve (become aware) and opening your consciousness in various ways as well. Most crop circles utilize sacred geometric shapes formulated encoded master vibrational equations, and their symbolism is intended to inspire or trigger in you a sympathetic resonance that allows you to unlock the doors of awareness found deep inside of you. We would add that were you to examine crop circles as mathematical and geometric theorems and equations, you would find that many of them equate to the resonance of the master number 11:11 that is related to entry into this new level of consciousness – a symbol for awakening the conscious opening and new potential for growth that is being revealed at this time.

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