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The Earth's Chakra System & "Un-Natural" Natural Disasters

You, as we have said in the past, are miraculous beings. You are no less miraculous in that you are energetic beings residing in physical bodies housed within a physical structure known as your reality. It is not by happenstance that we have endeavored in assisting you in the meditation we have just completed to understand the importance and relevance of the Chakra system. For indeed, the chakra system may be seen as an energetic system of exchange between your physical realm and the realm of higher vibrational quantity, the realm of your higher self, the realm of your Soul, as well as the higher dwelling of All That Is. What is not fully understood is that what you term “Chakra” is in reality a grid system or portal of energy that not only allows energy transfer into your physical realm through you, but also allows communication and energetic information to be transferred from you back to Source. It is indeed through this energetic connection that your Higher Self grows from the lessons that you perceive within physical reality. As such, this system is important in that it is an open street that you have with the higher realm, guidance if you will, and connection with your etheric, emotional, energetic and higher bodies. It needs to be understood as we have said many times in the past that what is found within the etheric body often times finds its way into physical form and that which is in physical form then finds its way into the information bank that is sent back into this energetic system. This truly is the means of communication you have with your Higher Self regardless of the fact that you may believe that in some instances it is your mind playing tricks on you, or your own voice communicating inside of you as a matter of convenience. However, it should be known that there is no true healing in the physical structure without healing also in the spiritual and etheric realms via the energetic grids – the Chakra systems. This is an important concept to understand, for just as you yourself have portals of communication known as Chakras that link you with your Higher Self and link your Higher Self with the physical you, so too the Earth has portals – an energetic grid – enabling its communication with its higher realms and its higher entities. Additionally, when you are in physical incarnation the energetic transfer through your Chakra system is linked into the Earth’s Chakra grid as the principal means of energy (communication and light) transfer received not only by Earth, but by you via the Earth’s electromagnetic grid. What is occurring in your realm currently, related to the evolution that has become known as “Ascension,” is an increase in the energy that is being communicated back and forth through these portals -- Chakras if you will -- of Earth, and subsequently, the energetic transfer into your own Chakra system as well. This energetic exchange is natural, but relies upon the openness of the system to ensure the flow of energy necessary to increase frequency (light) so that evolution of the realm, the species and you, individually, can occur.Now in general we must agree with your Einstein and paraphrase him affirming, “God…,” if you please, “…does not play dice with the Universe.” Thus, the Chakras found in the Earth body will, under normal circumstances at times and particularly times like this, have extraordinary energy built up inside them that needs to be released. What are termed “natural disasters” may then, from time to time, occur. Not all of what you are experiencing in the Earth currently, however, is necessarily that which could be considered a “natural” occurrence. While these portals would, in and of themselves, at times present a natural energetic shifting, we must propose to you that what is currently transpiring is a result of technology known to the Earth at this time that is attempting to blatantly force these energetic portals open, or closed, depending upon your perspective in these matters. The violence that you are experiencing in your weather patterns and in the trembling of the Earth located at the source of specific energetic portals is not one hundred percent caused by natural evolutionary occurrence, but rather is the work of mis-guided technicians, scientists and governments that are in fact attempting abuses within the energetic grid of the planet. The abuses being orchestrated cause energetic disharmony within the portals that consequently severely affect the physical structure of Earth, and ultimately, you. It is with some irony we note that you term such ordinary events as natural disasters, for though they do indeed exist and do occur spontaneously and naturally, those currently being experienced are in fact anything but, and should in fact be termed unnatural, natural disasters. It is for this reason that violent changes, unintended within the scope of energetic communication and Ascension, seem to be occurring. If we inform you of this, it is as a matter of awakening in the knowledge and understanding that since these are not the natural disasters you assume, there is a measure of fear around them that can be avoided. This is important because it is the fear such events provoke that works to inhibit your own evolutionary ascent. For, if you are in constant fear caused by the awesome and unexpected power you feel attributed to Earth, then you vibrate at a frequency that ultimately slows your own progress on the road to vibrational quality. This will always be our prime message to you. Fear, of any sort, disintegrates and begets fear. Fear closes your Chakras and limits the energetic exchange that is available to you from higher realms, whereas understanding, consciousness and Faith in the universal order and intent of All-That-Is keeps you aligned with your higher guidance in such a way as to counter any potential misdeeds or maneuvers being orchestrated upon the Earth by those mislead by the technology they have discovered. While there are many causes, in particular we bring your attention to occurrences related to particle beam experimentation as well as to the intense efforts placed by those at lower vibration quality to the causes of war, power and control. These are sad abuses of the gifts given in the Earth. While many of these things by themselves may not seem rancid, in fact, when they are placed together and used to augment already natural occurrences within the planet, indeed they have awesome power to create chaos, as well as a state of fear and uneasiness. Again, our purpose here is merely to explain to you in some way why it is that each of you must retain Faith that all is well despite the sad occurrences you witness that are, in truth, being generated by those who would prefer to keep the Earth realm, and those within it, trapped in fear and unable to reach Ascension. By physically closing Earth’s natural energetic portals – via unnatural causes that tip the meticulous balance of energy within these Chakras -- energetic communication and transfer necessary for the Earth at this time in order to raise the Earth’s vibrational frequency, is also damaged. If the portals are diminished or closed, unnaturally as it were, the energetic waves being impulsed to help you from higher realms is also diminished and, in some cases, closed off, and the process of Ascension is stifled. Thus what you see occurring utilizes the natural portal system of energetic exchange built within the Earth and tips the balance unnaturally so that unnatural, natural occurrences become possible. In reality, you are witnessing an attempt to close these portals of communication by blocking them to limit further augmentation of energy and prevent the grids intended opening. This is no different than each of you having, as an example, let’s call it psychic surgery intended to close down one or most of your Chakras. As we have impressed upon you these Chakras are a two-way street of communication providing higher realms with information and awareness of you, while also permitting you the light, higher guidance and energy needed in your realm so that your own vibration frequency might augment. This vibrational augmentation increases your consciousness so that Ascension might be assured. To understand this further, your own energetic portals are inextricably linked to the energetic grid of Earth, and it is via these portals that your own individual energy transfers from higher realms. In order to safeguard your own Chakra system, you must guard your body’s energetic portals to the best of your ability through resonance, health, joy, light and consciousness. In doing so, you augment your receptive abilities, and even though the portals of Earth are being diminished and tampered with, the augmentation of your own receptive abilities ensures that you continue to receive the energetic communication and transfer necessary to your success. And most importantly, nothing is more important to the safeguarding of your energetic system then the adherence to Faith and the banishment of Fear in your lives. We wish for you every opening and every understanding knowing that nothing can prevent your evolution. This is so despite your awareness that you are, in fact, living through a time when there is a misguided effort by those in positions of power to keep your consciousness low, your vibrational quality dense, your understanding limited and your Ascension delayed.

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