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Dreams, The Astral Planes & The Afterlife

Q: What happens when people pass on in terms of dimensions and energy? What really happens when you communicate with people who pass on? Where do they go? Are they still in the 3rd dimension but in a different energy form? Or have they moved on to a different dimension all together?

A: Once again, this is a question that cannot be answered in simple terms. In general, those individuals who pass on from physical incarnation remain within a higher vibrational dimension related to the 3rd dimension and it could be said they are transferred to a dimensional reality that is closer to 4th dimensional reality but is not actually 4th dimensional in nature. In general, many of those entities are waiting new incarnations in 3rd dimensional reality. As they pass, they reach a higher level of dimensional frequency, since they discard the dense physical body, where they remain until such time as they are unified back into the higher understanding that could be said to eminate from their Higher Self or Soul. This also entails understanding how the life incarnation they have just lived melds and works together with all the life times of the entity. Finally, in conjunction with their Higher Self -- whom many see as God or a Guide of sorts -- they orchestrate the blending of their energy within a new incarnation once they have reviewed and, in some instances, relived events from the prior physical life time. In many ways, the dimensional reality where they initially find themselves is very much related to what you would term the dream state. It has also been known as the astral state. While they are not completely unified back into the energy of their Higher Self, they do have what we would call transference potential, and this is specifically the reason why many who have passed do in fact come and “visit” those still in physical incarnation while the latter is within the dream state or the dream reality. We would add that in general these type of transference episodes (while dreaming) are not mere fantasies but actually, in most cases, are visitations from those they have known in life. When one accesses from the physical 3rd dimension those who are in higher astral state, it is very similar to the manner in which many access higher guidance, and therefore seems to have an association for most with what is popularly know as angels or guides ,for there are similarities indeed. While these kind of communications are possible, we would add that in simple terms those who have passed from physical incarnation are rejoining the greater part of themselves in leaving the physical lifetime, but by no means do they disappear. Rather, the process is one of transferring energy back to where each of you is originally derived. In other words, taking on physical existence is, in a certain sense, a diminished point of view that is obtained by the necessity of the Higher Self taking on a physical body. That same lifetime, when discarded, is not completely torn away but is taken off in a physical sense only. Then it is looked at, explored and ultimately integrated in an astral sense as time warrants and as each entity, in conjunction with their Higher Self, prefers. This is the reason why we would suggest that if you were to take a look at the concept of visitations or “ghost” so to speak, we would say that it would be rare for you to find such entities wandering the earth more than 200, 300 or perhaps 400 of your earth years at the most. This is because while each individual in astral transition will ultimately begin to understand what has happened (physical death) to them, in many cases those that you would term “ghosts,” do not have this understanding. Until they become aware of the cessation of their physical beings, they waunder places that they recognize or had attachment to while in the physical body. Once they begin the process of moving through the astral plane and the higher astral plane to a point where they are no longer linked to physical reality, however, and have reached a point where there is less communication with the physical dimension, they progress to the point of return to their Higher Self and the potential of reaching new physical incarnation. We would add also that this is the reason why when loved ones have passed, they seem so close to you for a year or maybe two, and sometimes longer, but as time progresses in the physical realm, you notice that there is less sense of contact with them. Most still within physical reality assume this means that they themselves have moved on in their physical lives to a point where they no longer are so closely connected with the pain caused by the loved one’s departure. However, we would say that the loved one has actually moved on within the astral and higher astral dimension, and therefore ceased communication or contact with you in the dream state as they continue the process of their return to all knowing and their Higher Self – in other words, the unification with their soul.

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