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You Are a Multi Dimensional Being

Be aware that you are principally spiritual beings having a physical experience. As such, you are multi-dimensional in nature, and the being you really are resides simultaneously in numerous dimensional frequencies or vibrations. It is unfortunate that because of your physical life focus and the subsequent necessity of physical limitation, you forget that your true origination is multi-dimensional in nature. However, because of the energy that is coming into the world at this time, you are once again able to sense, to realize and to discern the fact that you are in truth an extension of a spiritual being that has simultaneous projections of itself in many other universal realities. We have described in the past the nature of overlap in the dimensional structure of the Universe, and we have explained already that there are essentially what we have termed twelve universal dimensions. You, that is, the life you are currently experiencing, exist in the third universal dimension and there are sub levels to the universal dimensions through which beings like yourself evolve and advance. What is perhaps confusing to you is the fact that you believe that one dimension is here and another is there, one is over to the left and one is light years away from where you currently find yourself. But this is not the case. Dimensional overlap is intrinsic in universal structure, and universal dimensions are much closer than you ever imagined. In effect, each universal dimension overlaps the other, and there is considerable sharing, both energetically and even in terms of actual substance, between them. This means that if you are incarnated in the third sub level of the third universal dimension on what you know as Earth, you are in fact living within an energetic and, in some cases, real overlapping of first and second density. Although not “seen” in the way you may know or defined, these dimensional values are none the less all around you, and one could even state that every time you look at a mountain range you are in fact witnessing a second dimensional entity. Every time you see a cloud, you behold the passing of a first dimensional entity. And if you are able to grasp this truth, then why would you not believe as well that a fourth or fifth or even sixth dimensional existence is present side by side with you, overlapping and sometimes encompassing where you currently are. Because you are beings essentially realizing physical lifetimes in the solar system that contains Earth, it is also this area where your Soul has essentially decided to incarnate again and again through, for the most part, the order of the twelve universal dimension cycles. While this is a general statement, and varies with each Soul, for the most part this means that when your Soul Ascends to incarnations in the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth dimensions, and beyond, you will not find yourself incarnated in some far flung reaches of a Universe with which you are not aware. Instead, you will find yourself contained within your own area, albeit a vast one, and that is an area with which you have considerable expertise and accompanying knowledge. Thus, when you are ready to Ascend and begin incarnations in the fifth universal dimension, which, if your Soul origination is human angelic as we have explained, is your rightful destiny, you will in fact be incarnating in roughly the same area of space in which you currently find yourself. However, the physical attributes you perceive, due principally to the physical properties of universal structure, will seem familiar but never the less will be quite different for you. Because of this, a fifth dimensional Earth, known as Terra, is far different structurally than the third dimensional Earth you recognize and know well. As you evolve through universal structure in the process known as Ascension, you will become experts in all things related to your quadrant of the Universe. You will grow experience, in opportunity and in wisdom based on new things that you create and develop that are founded on the expanding dimensional attributes you find along the way as you grow. But you will not, as you may think, find yourself in some foreign or far-flung galaxy that is not native to your Soul. You will find yourself ultimately on an Earth that is higher dimensionally in nature, with the changes inherent in higher dimensional validity, but retaining a rather close proximity to your current positioning in terms of actual location and the space into which you currently project your reality. Where there is a second dimensional mountain range on third dimensional Earth, on fifth dimensional Terra there may be an ocean. Where there is a civilization, in fifth dimensional reality there may be a field of poppies. Whatever the case, do not be fooled for you have not left the location you know so well, you have simply changed your attunement and raised your oscillation to the point of seeing what you were not able to see when your consciousness resided at a different vibrational frequency. More importantly as you go, become familiar with the energetic exchange that has been described in many ways, but is perhaps best understood as karma. We take karma to simply mean the dispelling and balancing of energy, and what you may not realize is that this balancing of energy is also a vital component of a multi-dimensional Universe where expansion is transcendent. Currently, you perhaps realize that you have numerous lifetimes situated in different time folds within the third universal dimension. What you perhaps do not realize is that what you are creating and doing here does not dissipate but evolves and transcends in a never ending progression to higher and yet higher dimensional values. In a multi-dimensional system, what you create energetically is not necessarily confined to your dimension, and for this reason what you, or your brethren, create in the third universal dimension has bleed through and consequence on the energies that emerge in other dimensions. This is true within the sub levels of your third universal dimension, say the Astral planes for example, where intense energetic occurrences in your world have an almost immediate and sometimes impactful effect on beings residing in other sub levels of the dimension that you may be unable to currently access completely. This is also true inter-dimensionally, where intense energetic happenings create a ripple effect and energetic waves are transferred from one universal dimension to another. You do not, as you have perhaps been taught, leave behind any piece or part of you energetically. That which you created and navigated through in the third universal dimension will also have a place in what you reap in the higher universal dimensions when and as you move forward. Granted these experiences may take different forms, as they express themselves in new opportunities that are based on the physical structures inherent in higher densities. And your way of dealing with these energies will also be afforded new opportunities for growth based on the higher-dimensional personal attributes you obtain, expanded sensibilities that give you new ways of analyzing the issues so you may invent new ways to experiment with and balance your creations. But do understand here that the energies surrounding you will ultimately be the karma that not only lifts you to higher vibrational resonance but also actually serves as the basis for your opportunities for growth in the higher dimensions. Therefore, once again, be reminded that what you give, you shall receive in this lifetime, the lifetimes that are third dimensional in nature, and also in the lifetimes that you push into and experience in higher dimensional realms, albeit experienced and met with higher dimensional understanding and ability. We leave you with the thought that much of what is being created now in your third dimensional world is a distraction, perhaps intentional, from your true purpose in existence. Do not be hypnotized or swayed from understanding that you are a multi-dimensional being focused on one of many singular experiences. You need only focus your attention on those areas that you wish to explore in order to have them materialize in your life. Hopefully, these same experiences will be of benefit to you in a higher dimensional realm, which, in every case and whether you believe it or not, will prove to be a journey as rewarding as the journey you have already experienced ascending through the first, the second and, now, the third universal dimensions. We bring you much love and peace, and wish for you every success on your journey forward from third universal dimension reality into fifth dimensional Ascension, which many of you have already begun.

© 2015 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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