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Q: There are many people receiving information and guidance from different sources today. How does the giving of guided information from higher dimensions work, and is there a way to distinguish information and guidance that is “Truth” from information that is not?

A: Let us begin by explaining that there are entire higher dimensional societies that have as their purpose assisting worlds, the entities within them, solar systems and even the dimensions themselves to evolve through the process we have called “Ascension.” There are also numerous groups and societies, from higher dimensions and otherwise, that work hand in hand with those who are in some way affiliated or connected to them, whether through Soul matrix origination, through Soul purpose or agreement, as founder races or merely as representatives, Spirit Guides as they are sometimes termed, acting on behalf of those entities incarnated at lower dimensional levels. Naturally, the most important statement we can make here, particularly with regard to the bevy of guidance, information and, in some cases, instruction that is currently coming through is that there is in fact much truthful information being received but also there is information that is not always of a truthful purpose, and could be said, in a sense, to be meant to dissuade and deceive. There is also a large content of well-intentioned information that is not well received or interpreted by those receiving it. Those who work in this area must understand that there are parameters with regard to the consciousness and the methods of communication and transference of information where information is always within the confines of the understanding, symbolism, and knowledge (the language if you will) of the recipient or the disseminator of the information. As more and more individuals raise their vibrational quality, through higher consciousness or actual genetic affects caused by the photon energies flooding your solar system at this time, more and more of you become open to receiving the waves of information coming from an array of sources. It is for this reason it becomes of vital importance that you question everything. Draw in that which resonates to you or to which you are drawn naturally after your own experience, synchronicity or guidance has confirmed it as Truth to you. But do not stop questioning the information or even the Truth you have received simply because you have affirmed one or two other things you are given. Incorporate into your consciousness and being what you find to be Truth and discard what you once thought was Truth, for in reality what is True for you today at a certain level of consciousness may not be True for you tomorrow when you have grown. Children have beliefs that are for them Truth until such time as they are ready to grow in awareness, consciousness and responsibility. Then the Truth that was once so prominent in them transforms and is replaced by a new Truth. Truth, when not forced and not dictated as belief by others, will establish itself within you naturally. But always turn away from that which does not resonate to you, even if the information comes from a source you once believed to be truthful. Do not adhere to dogma or stipulation, and never assume that because one item of information from a source is true then all items must be truthful, or even relevant to you for that matter. In receiving any guidance or information of this nature, if you are told by those giving you the information that they have arrived upon the definitive “Truth” and you must adhere to their dogma and follow what they say then you are in fact hearing from lower entities who are not necessarily interested in your Ascension or your growth but are interested in creating organized third density enterprises for the purpose of manipulating energies, emotions and creation in your world. We would suggest that at this point organized religion has overstepped its bounds and now serves essentially as an attempt to harness mass consciousness and point it in a specific direction related to the intent of a certain group – usually the group that is in charge of the doctrine. Such offerings are of a lower energetic value and have no business existing as your world opens its consciousness to a new higher level of understanding. It is for this reason that many who have achieved a higher level of resonance or consciousness today have absolutely no interest in following the organized established religious institutions of the past. This becomes a fundamental understanding, and leaving such dogma behind is generally the first step in opening your consciousness to higher truths and true spiritual awakening. Let us remind you that you have no need of anyone or anything to identify your Essence Path or achieve the highest levels of guidance. Those individuals or organizations that tell you that you must adhere to specific methodology, rules, behaviors or this and that guide or Guru are merely attempting to lock you in their grasp and limit your rise in consciousness. Information from higher sources should provide you with higher insight and thought that permits you to personally grow in love, peace and joy, and never demands that you blindly obey it or force others to believe as you do. Those who tell you that you must follow them unquestioningly in order to proceed with your own growth, whether they are spiritual, religious, institutional or governmental in nature, do you a great disservice and any such intentions should be questioned by all of you. As the process of seeking the Truth grows within you, your ability to discern and resonate to the Truth increases and you find yourself naturally turning away from what does not in fact possess Truth. Your heart sings when you align with your Truth, and as you do so you come into concert with your Higher Self, which as a part of you (or rather, you as a part of it, which is more accurate) is interested only in your highest good and the expression of your purpose in the current incarnation. We would add to this that if information resonates for you as Truth and for some reason it is not Truth, then you are resonant with that information because there is purpose and an opportunity for growth that you are allowing to be created by following an erroneous Truth. Such circumstances become opportunities for learning and growth that is ultimately related to the discovery of “real” Truth. For the most part however, you will find that true information, particularly information coming from trusted higher sources and guides, is information that is uniform and vaguely reminiscent to you, makes no attempt to dictate or force action upon you, does not override your own “will” and asks only that you assess and ponder what is being offered. If you are receiving such information, from one source or many, and the wisdom expressed is essentially similar, serves only to enlighten you or elicit consideration of fundamental precepts about your world, does not admonish you or oblige you to action, does not oblige you to denounce all other sources, does not organize itself into a worldly doctrine and has at its heart an expression of universal love, it stands to reason that perhaps there is some basis for hearing and considering more. We can not fully answer this question however, without making some reference to how the discernment of Truth is becoming more and more difficult for you due to technologies being employed that are capable of implanting thought within the minds of humans. This technology is holographic and electromagnetic in nature and is not only known by certain organizations and governments but is being actively employed to target specific individuals and, in some cases, communities that are susceptible. A prime example of this would be someone who creates havoc and causes great harm to others because, as they may say, they heard voices telling them to do so. Although this can sometimes be the very nature of mental disturbance and imbalance, more often than not today it is actual thought manipulation caused by those groups or organizations targeting specific individuals and using this technology for their own purposes. Another area of concern is the use of this technology in the control of tragedies, disasters and other events that elicit great fear or dread in the minds of whole communities in order to predispose them to ideas and push their decision-making in this or that direction. Sadly, this technology is also being used to provide disinformation to those currently opening and thirsting for wisdom and Truth. Because there are similarities between the manner in which higher guidance and information of this nature comes through from higher dimensional levels and the unnatural technologies being used to manipulate thought, many who are being told they are receiving information from the highest sources and guides are actually receiving cleverly disguised misinformation. This misinformation tends to have half-Truth within it, but mixes with it items that are false and misleading. Thus someone who does not question the information and tends to accept everything as Truth that comes from a particular source can be waylaid (but not halted forever), until such time as they question their beliefs within the context of their experience as seen through the eyes of their heart. Again, heart resonance, discernment and questioning are your greatest assets in conjunction with your use of free will to distinguish what is Truth from what you might choose to forgo. Your firm conscious intention and a commitment to be open but to only allow real Truth to resonate for you is also paramount and will protect you in this. In addition, your refusal to blindly accept all information coming from any given source becomes an expression of that prime intention, and in some ways can be considered a form of guidance. Finally, to answer your question specifically with regard to our own mission with this group and others, we did in fact have an agreement to provide this information to you at this time and if you are hearing this information now, more than likely you have agreed to be awakened at this time. But we are not seeking converts, do not wish to create sermons and are not interested in having followers. We are not concerned with whether you believe us or if you believe the information we offer, but only that you are open to its consideration. Nor are we concerned with whether or not you even know who we are. We merely invite you to look for the reflection of what you have heard within your own life as you move forward. It has always been our purpose to assist individuals to understand their Soul’s mission, to raise their consciousness in conjunction with the rise in photon energies reaching your world and to help them understand that what is being created in their lives is dependent upon their energy, their vibration and their thought patterns. As we have said many times, your vibrational oscillation identifies you universally and the resonance of consciousness affects your Ascension, your evolution, and ultimately, the evolution of your world and dimension. Hopefully, we are able to inspire some of you in providing this food for thought together with what little universal information we can impart that we consider to be of a truthful and honest nature in order to assist you on your journey. We offer it so that you will have access to greater awareness and the ability to raise your own consciousness through the union of your mind and your heart. We leave it to you to decide for yourselves what you will take, what you will incorporate into your belief structures, what you will use as a stepping stone to higher levels of wisdom and what, using your own judgment and free will, you will leave behind.

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