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Expresing Your Energy in Uncertain Times

Q. There seems to be what feels like a pause in our lives. It seems like a wondering about what will happen next. A loss of momentum, either financially or career wise, that brings with it confusion about where to go. It seems to bring us to a general feeling of sadness and loss. What does this mean in terms of what the new influx of energy in the Earth arena is all about? Meanwhile, there are many people who are still going full steam ahead in whatever their work is about – people who believe that by keeping their nose to the grind stone, they will negate what is happening all around them. Their work seems to be very applicable to whatever it is that they are involved with. In order to assist those people who are experiencing a pause, is there a way to distinguish between the pause that is meant for re-evaluation and re-identification, or a pause that is a holding pattern?

A. To answer that, we have to ask: Would it be easier to fall while running full steam ahead or while standing still? Ultimately, if you were to continue mindlessly moving forward, you would truly be continuing to use the criteria and beliefs that are existent in the world currently. That criteria and beliefs, however, are in the process of disintegrating (our shall we say changing since this is more acceptable a term). Thus, it is easier for you to pause, re-think your beliefs, and withdraw then it is to reinvent yourself based on a collapsing paradigm. We make note here, however, that this does not mean a disastrous destiny for you or that you must succumb to the collapsing paradigm around you. It merely suggest that this “pause,” perhaps, is a way of you stepping aside from that inner knowing that guides you and makes you understand that what is currently around you may, in fact, no longer be valid to your reality very shortly. In doing so -- in separating yourself out and taking a pause -- you are much more able to move forward safely when the time comes then you would be were you running along side a collapsing paradigm and outmoded belief structure. If you were to look closely at the people who continue to do what they have always done, you would find that they are doing what they do not for the sake of doing it but because it offers them a method and availability – a vehicle if you will -- that is directly related to the expression of their energetic profile. And what is interesting is that if you were to further investigate, you would find that these same people are able to do almost anything as long as it has relevance to the expression of their energy. And so, what one needs to understand is that you are not what you do. And in doing what you do, it is not necessarily about the definition of what you do, or the identity you obtain from doing what you do. Nor is it about the physical, material rewards that you receive from doing what you do. We suggest instead that it is about finding the vehicle that allows you an expression of your truth, which is also an expression of your energetic self. So in order to distinguish, it is no problem if you continue doing what you are doing within the context of even a collapsing system, as long as you are receiving the benefit of expression through that medium. Furthermore, there is a need to understand that while your world has put heavy emphasis on identifying with something that you do, professionally or otherwise, in the public arena, this is not necessarily related to who you are or to your expression, but is only a vehicle for that expression. We would add that there are many such vehicles for that expression. If you have paused then you are attempting to identify the truth of what your expression in the world is about in terms of who you are as a Soul, what your purpose in this life is and what ultimately brings you joy and happiness. These things are very much related. And if you have paused, either voluntarily or seemingly against your Will, then you are attempting to realign yourself with your own Truth. If you are continuing to do what you have always done, there is nothing good or bad or right or wrong about that, it merely means that that has been and remains a vehicle of energetic expression for you, and you have understood it to be merely a vehicle of expression as it evolves and transforms, or even cascades or disappears. And in such an event, since you are not identified with what you are doing, but are doing it as a means of your expression, you will naturally, when the time comes, identify new vehicles and forms of expression for yourself. So we would say that the first order of the day is to realign yourself with your Truth – that which gives you joy, happiness, feels worthwhile and feels like a true expression of who you are. Then understand that these things can be achieved through anything that you do in the world. No one needs to be identified as the perfect executive, the perfect real estate agent, the perfect artist or the perfect healer. Although any of these efforts might be or have been in the past a mode of expression for you, they do not identify you and it is not necessary to think that only these things can be used as a vehicle for expressing your own current and evolving Truth.

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