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Conscious Intention

We have in the past discussed with you that this current period is an important period in the time known to you as Ascension. This transition period is the time that truly separates the adults from the children in terms of soul age and soul energy for it is the time when you will discover your true purpose and your power in the world. But what perhaps is more important is that the current energies coming into your realm are related to this transitional period and, as we have said, related to the transition from 3rd to 5th dimension in a simultaneous occurrence that allows you to live side by side with those who will remain in 3rd dimensional incarnations in the future and those who will rise vibrationally and, ultimately, physically incarnate in 5th dimensional lifetimes. Until such time as you incarnate in a truly 5th dimensional environment, where Earth is known as “Terra,” you will continue to live alongside those within the 3rd dimensional realm that you currently know. But there are important distinguishing factors regarding this of which you must become aware. And you must become aware of these factors for they will become more and more intense and more and more important as time goes on. As the energies increase, those with certain vibrational qualities will find that easily and quickly what is thought will materialize into physical reality. This is the reason that we have discussed with you prior that it is so vitally important to be aware and to be conscious of your thoughts. As we have said, thoughts are actions. And now, more than ever before, what you think shall in fact be made manifest in your lives without the delays of the past and in relatively short time. In order to help you focus and understand the true meaning and impact of this, we wish to discuss with you a principle and a process that we shall term “Conscious Intention TM”. It is your intention made conscious or rather your conscious intention that allows you to control what it is that you are creating in your life. In the past, you were like ships tossed about on waves. What you thought was created willy-nilly, sometimes created here, sometimes created there, sometimes never made manifest. Your manifestation of reality, of physical reality, the events and actual things that happened to you in your lives were random in nature because, to a greater or lesser degree, they were unconsciously manifest. It was in this sense that your innermost fears were created and delivered willy-nilly to you, and it was in this manner that you grew and learned responsibility of your creative nature and reached an understanding, ultimately, of your true power. Now we move into a new phase in the story of 3rd dimensional creation. No longer will what you believe, think or fear be unconsciously or randomly created. Now what you believe, think and feel consciously will allow you to focus energy in such a way that manifestation of what you are consciously intent on creating will not only be possible, but will be almost immediately rendered in your life. We have in the past briefly described the physical act of creation – the act of drawing reality and its events to you. We will again provide you with a basic understanding. Your emotional content, the feelings that so many of you banish to the realm of hokum, are actually reflective of your belief structure and your innermost desires. Those feelings and emotions are heartfelt and are heart centered. They rise from the heart chakra. Their true purpose is to communicate to the brain a certain frequency and wavelength and, in that respect, the brain along with the DNA at a cellular level are antenna waiting to pick up the impulses received from the emotions from the heart. When the brain, or your mental body, receives the messaging of emotion (which again is based on your beliefs both conscious and subconscious,) it then signals further to each and every cell within the body a certain vibrational and energetic state that it demands be created. As the cellular structure changes and vibrates in resonance with the brain’s signaling, which in turn is receiving its messages from the heart, your cellular structure is then poised to communicate with the atoms and molecules in your reality. These are then reformulated so that they create (invite is perhaps the best term) the events, the situations, the people, the things and the places that become your reality and your life. Now more than ever before this relationship can be measured. And it is for that reason that conscious intention becomes so vitally important. You have within you the awakening, and thus the power, to understand the basis of your emotions and feelings, and this allows you to master and control them rather than be mastered or controlled by them. By using your awakened consciousness your conscious ability to focus attention and energy, you are able to interpret your feelings and your emotions and, where necessary, change them so that the signals being received by your brain, and thusly those sent to your cellular structure, are also altered. In this way, the reality in which you live is able to change as well, since reality will almost always acquiesce to your cellular vibration and your demand. This is the principle of Conscious Intention. And it must be understood that whereas in the past you thought about things with intent only occasionally from time to time, spending perhaps 5% of your time in conscious mindfulness, while spending the rest of your time lost in trance, creating life in a willy-nilly and mostly subconscious manner, now the table may be turned. The more mindfulness and conscious intention you have, the more your reality will reflect that conscious intention. Now you must recognize and be aware that every waking moment of consciousness is a moment when you can control your feelings and your intention. By doing so, because of the extraordinary energies your world is being bathed in currently, you have the power to manifest your intention almost immediately into reality. Using the principle of Conscious Intention, now you have the power to manifest health and wellbeing. Now you have the power to manifest happiness. Now you have the power to manifest prosperity and joy at all times of day, at all times of the month and throughout the year. Through Conscious Intention you become deliberate co-creators, no longer subject to the willy-nilly subconscious attraction of affairs reflected in past creations of reality. Through the understanding that you must consciously be aware from moment to moment how you feel, what you are experiencing in terms of your emotion and what you are thinking, you gain access to the principles of reality’s manifestation. Knowing that what is in your heart is always projected to your mental body, your mind, and that what is in your mind is then communicated to your DNA and entire cellular structure is the key to understanding that your resonance and vibratory frequency is at the essence of what attracts certain similar thoughts and situations into your life. This becomes important because as we have said now more than ever before the intensity of the energies present within your world will manifest reality quite readily and quite quickly right before your eyes. We do not intend to suggest that you will be able to “conjure” reality out of the blue, for 3rd dimensional physics continue to apply, but we do wish to suggest to you that you will have the power to bring forth and create similar vibrational frequencies in the form of events, situations and people, in almost an uncanny and unprecedented manner. And in this you must understand that while your higher self has compassion and unconditional love of you, it is your cellular structure that obeys your every command. If the feelings and emotions emanating from your heart are fearful, are subconscious, are disharmonic, are worried or are in any way negatively charged, that is what you will be communicating to your mind and mental body, and that is what you will be instructing your cellular structure to attract to you in the reality at large. Now is the time when you are being coaxed to not only master your emotional expression but to actually take control of that which you create. Now is the time to consciously banish all fear, anger, hate, discontent, envy and greed as well as all feelings and any emotional content that originates within you that is not in keeping with who and what you wish to be. Be gentle with yourselves in taking the steps towards constant Conscious Intention, but be vigilant too. Understand that this is not a process that happens overnight, but in fact a process of awakening, an important evolution in terms of personal transcendence and spiritual Ascension. Work at becoming consciously intent by being attentive, mindful and aware of how you feel and what you are communicating to yourself and to the world. Work diligently at becoming consciously aware, moment to moment to moment, aware of your feelings, of your emotions and of your beliefs. Let your results be your guide, and if there are blocks either within your physical being or in the events that are transpiring around you, seek out the cause within your heart and ask yourself why you are seeing the results that you do. Becoming consciously intent, living your life with Conscious Intention, will allow you to transcend this time period and will allow you to navigate the transformative period that is coming and is, in many ways already here. It will allow you to push away from the 3rd dimensional reality beginning the process of understanding the nature of 5th dimensional existence in preparation for the time of Ascension.

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