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The Guidance You Attract

What dictates one's vibration and the guidance a person actually attracts?

There are several answers to this particular question. First and foremost, understand that yours is a Free Will reality. This is important in that no one is predestined to or obliged to listen to guidance of any kind. Your Will lies well within the bounds of your Higher Self or your Ego self within the 3rd dimension to determine and choose within the context of your physical reality. However, having said that there are many factors that come into play with respect to how one is guided and the kind of guidance that is listened to or that one might be predisposed to attract. 

First and foremost, understand that principally one is predisposed from birth by karma to specific concepts and specific patterns that have been developed and chosen by the individual, by their Higher Self, for purposes of growth. For that reason, it is possible for one to pick guidance that others might not deem appropriate, for in their own minds they are actually following guidance since they are linked into an unconscious desire to fulfill certain karmic pre-dispositions, which opens them to situations others might not understand or choose, but where growth might be readily available to them. 

 Yet this is not the only way in which one finds guidance and growth. Indeed, within the reality you face currently, there is, by divine intervention we might say, a higher level and higher degree of guidance available to you than has ever been available in the historic past currently know in the Earth realm. For that reason, you are predisposed at an energetic level to accept and to find in a synchronistic way that guidance that is akin to you. That brings us to one of the other main ways one finds guidance, for like attracts like and similar vibrational frequency will always attract to itself similar vibrational frequency. Because of this, just as it can be said that fear does attract that which is feared, higher consciousness of a certain type does attract higher guidance of a certain type. But again, we remind you that your realm, the 3rd dimensional Earth realm, is a free will zone where it is open to each individual to be attracted to, to accept or not to accept and be guided by whomever or whatever each resonates to. 

 In general, we might add that if you are at a certain level of consciousness everything is guidance. However, it is up to the individual to make all decisions about what they accept and what they choose not to accept. Even in our case, it is paramount that each individual, at a certain level of consciousness and enlightenment, be objective and open to listening to the guidance being offered but accept only that which resonates within each individual as the guidance they wish to accept, for it is important to understand that in truth no one needs to be “guided” in the midst of their own guidance. 

 All guidance is always available to you and is already within you. In a certain sense, whereas you have the impression that you are just opening to guidance and that you are retrieving and finding guidance through growth, the truth is that being in physical incarnation has diminished your immediate access to the all knowing guidance of your Higher Self and All That Is. All you are truly are doing is reestablishing your ability to communicate with your Higher Self and higher consciousness, a talent that will become much more readily available as you evolve to a higher vibrational state.

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