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The Money Paradigm

Let us begin by stating an old spiritual adage – one you have undoubtedly heard used in some form or another - “The love of money is the root of all evil.” This saying was not arrived at by happenstance, and it could also be said that this phrase is a verbal demonstration that when it comes to the principles of “money” and monetary success many of you have empowered an object of little real significance with a relevance that is out of control in your world today. First and foremost, be assured that the issue of which you speak is one pondered and shared by many of you. The concept of money, and the experience of energetic exchange that it once represented, has outlasted its worth and is no longer compatible with the higher consciousness that is now dawning. Thus, its existence is drawn into question. As you enter a new Golden Age, those elements of your culture and society that are no longer relevant, valid or based in truth, such as the concept of money and success, begin to collapse. Thus you will begin to see in the broader reality around you drama and turmoil, particularly that related to the concept of money and the world of finances related to it. In fact, were you to see it from our perspective, you would see that the systems you have created regarding worth, success and gain are, in fact, in the process of collapsing. Though it is kept alive in the short-term by those who have a great stake in the continued viability and success of the system, within approximately a 25 year-period it will disintegrate as a viable measure of your worth or your world, and ultimately money will have no truth, validity or basis in your emerging reality whatsoever. What you are experiencing when you have difficulty attracting money is your own Higher Self weaning you from a misguided attachment, as well as the fear of financial instability it generates, while pushing you towards Faith and the emergence of a new system of value and worth. In the process, and in the absence of the old monetary standards and paradigms that will shortly be no longer valid or relevant in your lives (due to their absence), you are given an understanding through life experiences that not only will you survive and continue to be taken care of, you will thrive, even amidst a lack of that which you fear you do not have enough of, money. As this transition takes place, there is in your world a disillusionment based on finances (what it offers, what it procures and what it can no longer achieve or attain) and the collapse of standards that are no longer valid are being substituted by your own ability to survive without them or have what you need in your life created as you need it. This is in contrast to your previous need to have a warehouse of “money” to lull yourself into thinking that you had the possibility of procuring your every need when the time came. Instead, you are learning to manifest what you actually need as you need it, rather than horde a fictitious item that is relatively benign but that you have empowered. You are being shown the truth of what it is to have Faith versus what it is to be constantly in a state of Fear; Faith that you will not be able to manifest in your life what you need without hording a disembodied paradigm, rather than your belief that you will be able to manifest easily and quickly whatever you do not yet have available in your life. In the process, you are forced to learn the principals of reality manifestation as well as the creation of your needs through Faith and not through Fear. Thus you wrangle with yourself, for though you are approaching the time when you will readily have the ability to manifest daily what is necessary for your life to be happy and satisfied, your former attachment to the concept of money and the long gap needed to make it “real” makes you fearful that you will not have what is required from day to day. Though necessary in a lower third dimensional resonance reality, the concept of preparing for a rainy day has become pervasive in your beliefs. But in the emerging Ascended vibration of higher dimensions that you are entering such precaution is no longer relevant. Yet this remains problematic for you, since disengagement from the existing paradigms, which continue to hold relevance for many, has not been achieved. This will continue to be so until you discover a new way of thinking about your own survival and until such time as everyone is on the same page, meaning the time when collapse of the old, outmoded and prior untrue model is widespread and complete. We assure you that if you have a belief that money and finances will ensure your survival, you are probably in for a great surprise as those systems that you believe in move closer and closer towards collapse. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you are being guided to expand your consciousness and have Faith that whatever form your finances take you are assured the essentials and things needed for your happiness and survival. While we admit this seems a challenging place to be right now, particularly in a culture and society that has come to worship money’s existence, you are being led to discover that survival and even wellbeing are not necessarily financially based but rather come to you as a matter of your own Faith and feelings of stability, security and prosperity. To answer your second question, we would suggest that you practice seeing yourself secure and stable, as we have said, for now more than ever before thought is action in motion. That which you think is that which your cells resonate, and that is what you will attract and manifest in your life. This is not an invitation to endlessly think about the idea of “money” and expect that you will attract money, as many have been led to believe. It is however an invitation to think of yourself as happy, see yourself provided for, experience the sensation of feeling stable and secure and focus your thoughts, as actions, into reality expression in your world. If you do so, whatever form is necessary for you to be happy, stable and secure will find you whether it be based in the paradigms you have empowered, that of money and gold, or seashells and beads for that matter. Therefore, we suggest that in this instance you take your attention off of any particular object you wish to attract, particularly objects such as money where too many have already placed their power erroneously, and bring your power of creation back to yourself and your wellbeing. This will assist you to reprogram your beliefs and in its wake restructure your cellular resonance. Believe, with all your heart, that you will be well, you will be happy, you will be secure, you will be loved and you will be fulfilled. This is the true meaning of having “Faith,” and in doing so you attract the things that are necessary to keep you happy, secure and fulfilled. If one of those things happens to be a certain financial state or status, then so be it. But we caution you that those who have put their power and belief into objects such as money, things that only have power because all of you agree they do in the current moment, will be very disappointed as consciousness awakens and the world discovers there is no truth or validity to be found in these objects or precepts. Wean yourself from the attachment and focus on monetary amounts, vast monetary sums or various specific possessions, and learn instead to manifest the feelings, sensations, truths, events and actual realities that bring you satisfaction and happiness. In this way you will create what you need in your life, things that currently you rely on money to procure. Moreover, this will help you to be spared the let down of a system that is no longer based in truth and leaning towards collapse. To paraphrase another old adage, money, as well as many of the cultural standards and paradigms you have come to count on, such as your world financial system, does not bring you happiness, and such attachments may prove fleeting and inconsequential in the coming age.

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