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Becoming Whole

You are miraculous beings. The life force that is “You” is derived from the energy of your Soul. That energy is transferred to the physical body via the etheric or energetic body, which communicates to your vital organs, via your chakra portals, with the assistance of your DNA, which further communicates the energetic instructions it receives to all aspects of your cellular structure. We have told you in the past that DNA acts as a two-way antenna and the etheric body, meaning the energy body, does in fact communicate with your physical being through your DNA, just as your DNA communicates back to your energy body its state and condition. Thus, for the most part, your DNA loyally communicates to the cells in your body the instructions it has received from your energetic or etheric body and generally this is the condition that is ultimately revealed and pressed into human physical form. It is for this reason that we have said many times that almost all-chronic dis-ease or physical dis-comfort (removing for a moment a discussion of traumatic injuries) can be said to originate from a lack of communication between the energetic or etheric body and the physical being. In fact, it is energetic blockage within the communication process that ultimately leads to physical body discomfort. How is this possible? Let us explain. First of all, in physical reality you should be aware that all that is possible exist already. In other words, all that is possible is present in the physical, within your grasp, within your ability to perceive it and within the reality itself. Thus, the energy coming from your Soul through your energetic body is perfect in nature. However, when this energy transfers to the physical being, blockage in the chakras causes your physical being to “edit-down” from all that is possible and all that exist. This means, once in physical awareness, you edit down from wholeness and from perfection. The resulting block located within a chakra, body part or area is a type of “guardian” that you have placed in order to “edit-down” the all-ness that is being transferred to you. Why would you do so? Generally it is for reasons related to your mission in the lifetime, your goals for growth or your karmic endeavors. That is to say if there is a reason for you to experience certain issues and "lacks", whether they be health, financial, emotional or the like, the perspective of lack serves as an opportunity for growth. Based on pre-chosen events, the environment you grew up in and your learned responses, among other things, you have edited-down from all-ness so that you may be provided with a certain perspective and the parameters for an issue to be made present in your life. By editing the energy down you have created a personal vehicle for growth in whatever area of your life you have edited down. But this need not be your final lot in life. Naturally, if you have chosen this, which in most cases you have prior to the lifetime for significant karmic growth lessons, then it is possible that this is something you must experience as ordained by you and your Soul, God if you prefer that terminology. But this is rare to be sure, especially now in this age of Ascended energies. In many cases, the process of editing down is spontaneous due to newly formed belief structures that have been superimposed on you, electromagnetic and environmental factors or other blockages that have taken from in the energetic exchange between the etheric body and the physical body. These blocks can be removed through free will, by the grace of God, and you have the ability to edit-up rather than edit-down if only you do so via your conscious intention. Thus, as an example, if all wellness and all health that can be had exists already, and your dis-ease is caused by energetic blockages in the information coming to the physical structure that creates an edited down health presence, you can just as easily edit up to all wellness and health. Naturally, this requires conscious intention and energetic as well as real physical effort, since once a blockage of this nature has manifested within the physical existence, in essence it is a reality that now must be dealt with. As we said, it is not possible for us to discuss here the myriad of reasons an individual might edit down from all-health. Sometimes this is related to growth and sometimes it is related simply to a misalignment of the energetic body. Often times it is because the higher self has deemed that the life purpose is accomplished and thus physical existence is no longer necessary. In such a case, the Soul begins to recede and slowly pull its energy out of the physical being through the etheric body. We understand that this is not a subject most are comfortable with due to your current focus in physical reality and your perspective that makes the physical body the sum total of who you are in the universe, though please understand that this is not accurate or true. What is important is the understanding that you have the ability through your belief and your conscious intention (Will) to reinvigorate and recharge the communication between your DNA and your cellular structure, your DNA and your etheric body and the etheric body and your Soul. How is this accomplished? Let us suggest that this is first and foremost a matter being within one’s Essence and on one’s Essence Path. Being in one’s Essence is related to being in the now with the conscious understanding that one is doing the work of one’s Soul, rather than the work of one’s Ego. More importantly, since many have questions with respect to how one actually heals, the manner in which healing is effectuated, as we said the most important aspect of this is the belief in editing-up to wellness and healing as opposed to the continual editing down of your health status. There are many ways to effectuate this, but all of them have a common denominator: Belief that all wellness and all healing is already present in physical reality and has been accomplished. In your Essence, in the “Now” believe with all your heart and emotional content that wellness is achieved and prosperity is present. Regardless of what your logic and rational thinking tell you, communicate this message back through your cellular system via your DNA, through the chakras that may be blocked, and tap directly into the energies of your etheric body and your Soul. Pull the all-ness of your Soul’s energy through the body, and bring them forth into the physical structure, changing the vibrational patterns, eliminating the energy blockages and revealing wholeness to any situation. Miracles are accomplished everyday both by individuals and by groups. Group energies in this respect are invaluable for as a Master once said: “If two or more of you agree on anything and ask, then it will be given.” Coming together in groups to envision wholeness, to envision healing and to believe that it is actually present with you in the Now is paramount to achieving wellbeing and wholeness. Have you not wondered why when you are in a group situation, where everyone is feeling a certain way, you pick up that feeling? Why are you are able to leave the group and continue on for however long with that feeling and that energy? It is because the feeling (energy) that has been transmitted to you is a powerful healing that you have taken on and resonated with. In essence, you have edited up (or down as the case might be) to that energetic level. What is a difficult and unfortunate thing is that though many will see something or feel something or think something together with others in the Now, hours later they are swayed back to thinking or feeling or seeing something in a manner that forces them to lose the center and grounding they had previously achieved. In fact, they have re-found their original “editing.” The objective then in true healing is to change one’s editing perspective, maintain one’s center position and open up to the wholeness that is available – editing UP to all wellness, all abundance, all health, all happiness and all love. And more importantly, remember to consciously maintain that energy, that belief, that feeling and that faith as you move forward without being swayed or knocked off your feet as you walk through the proverbial village. If you can do this and learn this conscious process of being then you have not only learned how to center, ground and retain a conscious emotional connection to yourself, you have learned how to tap into your energetic body, dispelling blockages that may occur between the energetic body, the DNA and the body’s cellular structure. The quality of your vibration improves as you consciously connect to your Soul. And when you have reached a certain vibrational quality, dis-ease, negativity and evil can no longer sense your presence because blockage in the communication emanating from your energetic body to your physical structure is no longer possible. You are miraculous Creators in that through your feelings and your thoughts, through your emotional content and your belief structure, you have the ability to change the fabric of your reality and the makeup of your world. This begins with a change in your own physical being whether it be the healing of illness or the changing of your state and status in the world. Believe that health is already present within you. Believe that wellness is already present in your body. Believe that abundance and prosperity are already in your hands. Believe that love, tenderness and joy stand in front of you right now. This is the process of creation and wholeness is the condition most akin to the natural state that connects you not only to your world but also to your energetic body and your higher self. This is the key to a life that is satisfying and fulfilled, a life filled with the “all-ness” of all that is possible in your world.

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