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The Power of Creation

We have told you in the past that what you resist in life will persist, but what you embrace and walk through will in fact disappear from your vision. Each of you knows well by now that you are the co-creators of your existence. What you fear is created. Similarly, what you love is created. Sometimes these are distinct and different. Sometimes, they are confused and unified. Understanding the differences and subtle links between the emotional outputs of energy that act as a vortex of energetic and physical magnetism is important to understanding what you create as well as the power of your creation. What is perhaps not as easily understood is the fact that often what you become obsessed with and focus on incessantly is in fact related to a lesson you have chosen to work on, consciously or unconsciously, as essentially a “spiritual” being experiencing a “physical” encounter. When you are constantly faced with situations that seem to be beyond your control, you should know that more than likely this is in fact the case. Likewise, when you experience specific issues that, to you, have impact and depth, you are in fact doing so as a matter of conscious awareness. Things that befall you are never accidental or haphazard. But if you refuse to take notice or pretend that the things that are happening to you are beyond your control, you essentially provide these things with the control you have abdicated. When you understand that what is being attracted to you is necessitated as a matter of your conscious growth, it is then possible to step back and understand what is happening to you. We have told you many times in the past that within the plane of duality where you currently find yourself incarnated, you have the option of experiencing life from either the positive or from the negative polarity of experience. Most will revolve through these polarities, experiencing some things from the positive pole and others from the negative pole. There is no right or wrong experience, and your Higher Self is unconcerned from which polarity you orchestrate your experience. It knows only that you have come to conscious awareness in order to experience certain physical realities as a matter of consciousness growth. All things can be learned from either pole, although it becomes clear that becoming conscious of this and experiencing life through the positive polarity is far less challenging than experiencing events from the negative pole. Generally, your focus on particular issues, persons, places or things will merely recreate themselves over and over again in various formats. If you are experiencing life from the negative polarity, then essentially you will be dealing with these things as the same “demons,” so to speak, although each encounter may seem to be completely new and unfamiliar to you. It is for this reason that we tell you that what you resist will in fact persist, recreating again and again. On the other hand, what you become conscious of and embrace, negative or positive, will allow you the space to move beyond a particular lesson or event. How is that accomplished? It is accomplished through Faith. Not the Faith you know as the religious variety, but the variety that provides you with belief in yourself, your Higher Self and the Universe, and the assurance that what happens to you has hidden within it reasons that reason does not know. Faith is accomplished through believing that what is transpiring is not accidental, has merit of some kind and is certainly not beyond your control. It is accomplished through unconditional love towards yourself and others providing you with the steppingstones of grace that ultimately allow you to walk through any situation blocking you, any person that you feel has wronged you or anything pushing to keep you silenced and minimized. Believe that you are a miraculous Being. Believe that life is within your ability and your control, and life shall become everything you wish for. But if you choose to believe that others are responsible for your environment, or others and the situations being generated are conspiring against you or have the ability to oblige you to their will, you shall never be able to understand your real power. In refusing to acknowledge the power of your creation or become conscious of the events being attracted to you, in giving your power over to the individuals and situations that appear and reappear (in different forms) again and again, you are in fact subjecting yourself to re-experience the same demons over and over throughout the lifetime.

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