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Unmasking Your Truth

Q: There is so much fear, apprehension and uncertainty in the world right now -- the world situation is spiraling out of control, the economy continues to struggle, war has caused waves of refugees around the globe and major changes are happening to us all everyday. In the midst of all this, many of us feel we have reached places in our careers, our relationships and in our lives where we feel overwhelming anxiety and personal dissatisfaction. What is going on and how does it relate to our personal journey?

A: The time when you were able to retreat or hide from yourself is quickly coming to a close. For if you cannot be truthful with yourself about who you are, then how can you survive and remain grounded in an environment where your sensitivity is enhanced, your senses are constantly bombarded, you are all seeing all the time and where you are open to a flood of universal energies bringing you new awareness and, in its path, heightened emotional trauma?

While avoiding or hiding your truest self might have been easy even a short time ago, when you were bathed and cushioned in a family, a small town, a village or other “tribal” associations and beliefs where you could believe what you were told to believe or pretend to be something not related to your true nature and your Truth, this is no longer possible. Why would this be so?

We have told you many times that most of you will be headed towards future incarnations in a world that provides you with genetic qualities that have Fifth Dimensional attributes. Among these attributes, you will find that certain forms of telepathy are a prized new sense, just as hearing, smell and touch are senses you know well in the Third Dimensional environment that you know. If this is so, you will participate in future lifetimes in a world where everyone understands everyone else’s true nature. In such a world, it is not possible to hide your feelings or masquerade. Your truth becomes who you are, visible for all the world to see.

As the universal and Ascension energies in the world you now know intensify, so do the situations being experienced. As the Timeline of which you are part speeds up and approaches collapse, merging as part of the Ascension process with a new Timeline that will continue on for those destined to remain within incarnations in the Third Dimension, you experience a kind of “dress rehearsal” pertaining to the future traits you will have. To prepare you, your Higher Self purges you of those patterns and worn out masks that you have become so accustomed to wearing in front of each other. In many cases these masks have become so ingrained, you have forgotten which is true and which is false. In some cases the beliefs and ideas you hold that were forged around your families, your friends, your communities, your work and even your governments are so removed from your own current Truth that it is unrecognizable to you.

How is it possible then to rediscover one’s “Truth.” What transpires in such a case is the disintegration around you of anything that is not related to that Truth. While we appreciate and understand that Truth is ever changing, just as you are Beings that are ever changing, those many things that you have done to bend over backwards trying to accommodate your belief structure and make things “work out”, trying as hard as you can to walk on eggs and play hide and seek with yourself endlessly, are no longer possible.

Thus, each of you are being triggered, through dissatisfaction or through obligation, to re-find your “Truth.” You are being guided through chaos and dissatisfaction to eliminate what is no longer relevant and no longer True for you and, in a sense, re-identify and reinvent yourself for the world that ultimately is coming.

As you do so, there is massive upheaval and change all around you. In your personal lives, it is the reason you feel insecure, as you watch some lifelong friends, relationships and associations fall by the roadside. It is for this reason there is a new sense of inequality and injustice. It is even for this reason that there are currently mass exoduses, whether you are speaking of people migrating far and wide to escape violence, those forced to find new homes in the wake of disaster, those forced into new careers under the weight of changing business norms or those seeking new ways of existing in a world that seems newly unfamiliar.

It is also precisely for this reason that world economies and economic values are shaky, that organizations are experiencing scandal or taking bold new directions never seen before and that world governments are experiencing grid lock and failure to move forward. Although you find yourselves at the moment when these institutions continue to hold onto outmoded beliefs in an effort to maintain themselves, they find their very existence threatened by all kinds of groups of a lower vibrational resonance delivering mayhem and devastation to their doors that threaten the very fabric of their being. In a manner of speaking, chaos is not only at the gate, it has infiltrated your world structure in an effort to hasten its demise and, thus, force you to redefine and reinvest in your own Truth.

Such moments are perilous indeed, and vigilance must be maintained. Vigilance comes in the form of self-awareness and Truth, and realigning with your Truth, whatever that may be, ensures a higher resonance and stronger vibrational quality. This is your armor and this is your protection in such turbulent times. But in finding your Truth, beware of false prophets, organizations or those that would have you adhere to this or that dogma or doctrine. Truth is a personal experience that is defined only by an effort be raise your consciousness and remain integral to your Soul’s path, without the need to enforce your Truth on anyone or anything else or the obligation to follow something that is not your Truth.

If you are not currently aligned with your Truth, if you are not aligned with your higher purpose – your Essence Path -- and if you are not unified with the coming higher dimensional frequencies, your journey will be challenging, problematic at best. Simply stated, that which no longer holds Truth for you will not survive the intense influx of energies.

Only what is True for you, only what is real for you and only what is aligned with your higher purpose will survive the coming evolution. Remember that from chaos comes an obligation to renew your own Truth. In the midst of such turmoil opportunities for growth abound and individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities and even nations that reestablished their Truth now (whether they are forced to or do so voluntarily) will emerge stronger and truer to their purpose then ever before. This is what you should strive for, and in doing so you not only lighten your load and arm yourself, you become a beacon of higher consciousness and an example to all.

© 2015 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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