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The Question of Relationships

Many times the question of “relationship,” one you have with another individual or one you have with a group, comes into play. We would like to explore with you the basis for many of those relationships.

First of all, it should be understood that each entity entering into physical incarnation comes with a particular set of desires and goals that it wishes to accomplish in the lifetime. These desires and goals are generated in various ways, but one of the principal vehicles used for achieving life goals are the “extenuating circumstances,” shall we call them created via the various relationships you form. These extenuating circumstances are most often generated when in conjunction with your Soul you form experiences of mutual participation with other Souls who participate with you along the way. These relationships, or sometimes their absence or lack, formulate the basis of what become substantial opportunities for growth in the lifetime of a particular individual.

As such, during the lifetime each Soul, individually and with individual intent, has what we have termed in the past “Soul Mates” (for the purposes of this discussion, let us overlook for now other important levels of Soul particpation, which include Souls that originate from the same Soul group or matrix, as is generally the case among other things). Soul Mates, who might also be described sometimes as Task Mates, are those Souls that have through Soul contract or for the purpose of energetic (karmic) balancing decided to participate with you at some point during the lifetime in a way specific to growth for either you or the other Soul. Generally, and not to discount free will, which allows you to bypass or negate such contracts during the actual unfolding of the lifetime, these are the individuals and in some cases groups with whom you have life relationships in one way or another.

It is unfortunate that Soul Mate in your vernacular has come to mean a love object or a person you desire, or even a person who is closely related to you or associated with you in terms of liking what you like and being your friend. While this can be true, usually nothing could be further from the truth. You should be aware that the basis of a Soul Mate relationship from the perspective of your Soul is NOT the individual who likes the same things you like or wants to do the same things you want to do. On the contrary, more often than not your Soul Mate is that relationship that provides you with the maximum opportunities for growth, and as such can sometimes push your predispositions in extraordinary ways.

In many cases, in fact in the majority, that growth and the relationship are charged with important dynamics that originate through the volatile situations and difficult challenges coming out of the relationship. Again, although this is not always the case and it must be remembered that a Soul Mate is most likely an entity known to you at a Soul level who supports your growth unconditionally, generally Soul Mates are those individuals in the lifetime who provide you with extraordinary challenges. In important ways they participate with you, unconsciously, in difficult and often extreme situations intended to provide you with either the development of certain aspects of your character or for long term growth from inside the lifetime.

We have discussed in the past how an entity creates the basis of their Life Path prior to the lifetime. In conjunction with this, you understand that aspects of your personality are developed in childhood and are formed as a result of your childhood environment, including your parents (many of whom, for better or worse, are indeed Soul Mates), your siblings and the environmental parameters that forge your personality features. You know also that these features play an important role in your perspective and how you see the world, which also plays prominently in the events you create and the polarity (positive or negative) from which your Essence Path and life mission unfolds.

What may be unclear to you however, is just how a Soul Mate contributes to the creation and unfolding of your Essence Path and your life mission. As an example, take a domineering parent who was always critical of you, refusing any demonstrations of love or affection, and always demanding more. Now imagine that one of your purposes in the lifetime was to work on issues of self worth and pride. Clearly, that parent has accomplished their work well, albeit in a seemingly challenging way for the child, and then the adult that is you.

Few among you would admit that such a parent was a “Soul Mate” but the fact remains that the parent acted in accord with your pre-life agreement in order to instill in you the personality features necessary for your to work on the issues of self worth and pride. Similarly, those who find themselves abandoned by their parents, either through death or through actual abandonment, might provide any entity looking to a life lesson based on learning the lessons of acceptance and rejection with an invaluable head start in learning the principles of such an issue.

In this way, and despite the fact that in many cases this is accomplished through sometimes difficult, even tragic events and situations, Soul Mates nevertheless are those who have a special relationship with you that has nothing to do with similarities or things you all agree upon. It is in cooperation with “Soul Mates” that your particular polarity, your life mission and your personality traits are developed and explored. In this manner, you come together in relationships whatever their nature or outcome in order to provide each other with specific opportunities for growth related to your Soul purpose.

We would further this discussion by stating that in many cases when the desired opportunities have been fulfilled, often relationships have then served their original intention. In such a case, they become neutralized and many times there will no longer be a magnetic charge holding each individual to the other. In these cases, relationships wane and individuals grow apart or move on. Sometimes however, relationships that have reached their purpose are neutralized in such a way that they seem to take on new life and it seems as though the relationship is revitalized and different. When this is the case, usually these relationships remain in tact and are important to the individual life long. It is also in these instances that the true Soul Mate experience is enjoyed, where through a neutralization of the originating bond individual relationships transcend and are at last understood as from your Soul's perspective.

This also occurs in difficult relationships when an individual understands, through unconditional love, that what a parent or particular person did was most likely by arrangement. Challenging though the relationship was or is the individual is now free of that bondage and able to reach a state of understanding. This is one of the reasons forgiveness is of such value to you, since understanding that there are reasons conscious reason may not know allows one to forgive the individual and the situation (acknowledging that this is most probably a Soul Mate who treated you in this or that manner at your behest). Such awareness creates a state of grace that allows the individual to transcend the situation and, in many cases this neutralizes all connection to the other. Often it also eliminates the need for you to continually repeat that particular pattern of growth through a never ending chain of similar relationships.

But why else have we chosen to bring this discussion of relationship to the forefront currently? It is for this reason. In the energetic (Ascension) environment in which you find yourselves today, the participation and opportunities each entity may have with another is sped up and maximized. In many cases, the relationships you have, and sometimes the fallout from them, are intensifying in ways that you have not experienced prior to now.

Most importantly, we would like to explain that just as you have Soul Mates in the individual sense, so too relationships of this nature can form between groups or between a group and an individual. Opportunities of this nature can be identified by situations where one group of individuals provides and participates in opportunities that might give the individuals in another group opportunities for growth.

While we cannot say that when this occurs at a group level there is always a basis of Soul recognition as with a true individual Soul Mate, it is important to know that groups when they organize and form also have an Essence Path and life mission, as well as some sense of what the individuals contained within it are seeking for growth. While this might not be wholly individual in nature, it does pertain to the group since as we have said before, groups, families, communities, races, cultures and countries all have group missions and purposes in much the same way an individual does.

All of these groups then are intermingling constantly and participating with each other at various levels in order to provide itself and the individuals that comprise it growth as part of an overall purpose. Sometimes this happens in ways that are harmonious, but at other times, as is the case with individual Soul Mates, these group “relationships” can be extremely challenging and difficult. While this applies to companies and organizations, it can also apply to cultures, religions, countries and continents. One need look no further than the extreme political situations found in your day to day politics, in the severe extreme positions of different religious groups worldwide, or the seemingly uncooperative nature of cultures, races and whole nations to verify the validity of this. In such a way, one might say that the conflict that ensues between these groups, as well as within it, is far from casual or accidental in nature.

In times such as these, where evolution through Ascension is apparent throughout your Galaxy and in a time where energy is augmented and must as a matter of physics be discharged and dispelled, there have been and will emerge vast “opportunities” for group interaction and participation throughout the world. Some will be inconsequential, some will be harmonious and some will be extremely challenging.

When these interactions occur, bring to mind our discussion of “Soul Mates.” Acknowledge and understand at those times that much like Soul Mates, when various diverse groups interact and global situations arise the opportunities for growth, both from an individual and a group perspective are abundant. More difficult still, remember that many of these world growth occurrences have universal purpose in providing all participants on every side with opportunities for growth, despite the fact that the events generated may seem to shake the very core of Third Dimensional Earth.


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