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To Understand Your Reality, Become Aware of the Expression of Your Will

In the past we have spoken to you of conscious intention, and we have explained that every thought is an action and same or similar thoughts linked together become creative acts put into motion. When combined with your emotional state and level of consciousness, after being filtered through your pre-life karmic goals and your life mission, the vibrational resonance generated at a cellular level is a divine combination that ultimately attracts your personal reality.

What we perhaps may not have explained amply is that your heart serves as the focal point of your creative experience. As a multi-dimensional Being you receive energetic messages via your heart. Your heart then communicates this to the mind/brain (your mental body) and the endocrine system where it is processed. These systems then raise or diminish your personal cellular response via a vibrational resonance created as a result of the emotional “grade” you have given the message received from your heart. That vibrational resonance, which is a vibrational signature of sorts, is not only transmitted to and translated unconsciously by the world around you, it becomes the principle electromagnetic element pushed forth by you into the world that inspires, attracts, magnetizes and draws into your proximity the reality that ultimately becomes your experience.

In this way and in a manner of speaking, the world can be said to be an approximate facsimile of where you place your vibrational focus. Your reality will always tend to align with the vibrational resonance that you, against the backdrop of mass consciousness, generate, whether what is being experienced is to your liking or not.

It is not by accident therefore, that the heart and one’s emotional state are highlighted, romanticized and seen throughout esoteric and metaphysical literature as perhaps the most important center of the physical and energetic body. Nor is it by accident that unconditional love, which neutralizes the heart center freeing it from fear and negative output, is the basis of much spiritual training. Additionally, it is not incidental that mastering one’s emotional state is a paramount principle of mindfulness, or that most meditative training or bio feedback techniques focus on grounding, centering and calming the heart center, using this center to calm the mind and focus the distribution of higher thought and energy to other chakras and energetic portals.

What has been forgotten in this mix is the concept of Free Will. Your Will, that is the ability to consciously focus the energy that is provided to you from your Higher-Self in the manner in which you choose, is a prime component of conscious intention. In this way Will can be said to be a precursor of conscious intention, or even that conscious intention is an extension of your Free Will.

Without Will, you are cast out on an ocean of happenings randomly experienced. When however, you are the Master of your Will, you in fact direct your energy according to your conscious desire or intent. When this energetic flow unites however, you have the power to alter the very nature of your vibrational resonance, allowing the process of creation to follow your lead more closely.

We are discussing this because it has become apparent in your world that the concept of Will is being relegated to an inferior position in the creation of reality. Many have lost hope, stifled feelings or been told that their Will is unimportant or extraneous to the creation of their desired reality. Many others have been trained into submission by a system or by a group that relegates one’s own desires to the closet, preferring the dogma and rule of the majority or the wishes of the many. This is expressed in such old adages as “All for one, and one for All,” which on the surface is pleasant enough sounding and sometimes necessary, but in reality serves to make each of you subservient to the Will of the group authority or greater majority.

This is particularly important at this time, where it is clear that there is an emergence of a struggle between younger Souls, those destined to remain incarnated in the Third Dimension, and older Souls who are transitioning and will eventually find their next incarnations to be Fifth Dimensional in nature. It may be helpful to recall that young Souls see the world as “Me, and other Me’s.” Their Will is turned over to the group mind. Older Souls, on the other hand, see the world as “Me, and others who are independent and separate from Me, each with their own life mission.” Will for an older Soul is the linchpin of creative expression and the key to a personalized reality, demonized though it might be by younger Souls and group authorities. (Bear in mind that older Souls generally have passed the need for outward karmic endeavor, and thus tend to be less aggressive or violent by nature as well as more compassionate and caring towards their fellow humans.)

As this separation in Soul age becomes more pronounced, one of the primary struggles will be centered on issues concerning the Will/Rights of the individual versus the Will/Rights of the masses. In fact, as always we would suggest that the situations, scenarios and arguments you see surfacing in the world around you are not by happenstance. We would further state that many of the contentious issues under debate publicly (some of which sound inane or silly to those of higher consciousness) serve the purpose of creating opportunities for reflection and growth of consciousness, allowing for greater lessons to be learned from both sides of the equation.

What those lessons are depends upon your specific vibrational resonance, your life mission and your own particular Soul age. Clearly though, younger Souls or those remaining in a Third Dimensional vibration will see things quite differently than those elevating their consciousness in preparation for new incarnations in Fifth Density in the future. Our point here however, is that, as an example, debates concerning which bathroom "will" be used by what segment of the populace should perhaps be seen as a beard covering the true debate, which we suggest is based on lessons concerning the expression of Will in your lives as reflected in your society.

There are many reasons such debates are timely. The most prevalent, as we have mentioned, is vibrational and consciousness growth around group-Will versus individual-Will. This becomes important in a society and prevailing world culture where in the past, to a greater or lesser degree, the Will of the many has so often been superimposed on the Will of the few. Moreover, in a time where consciousness and vibrational resonance is opening up for so many Human Angelics, it is interesting that a seemingly inane debate about bathroom permission becomes ground zero and precursor to any discussion within your dimension as to whom exactly has the authority and power to subjugate whom.

Clearly, there are those in positions of authority and power who would prefer that you not have a clear route to expressing your individual Will, for you are easier to manage as a population and a mass consciousness if your reality is haphazard and devoid of your own conscious intent. Whole religious dogmas are devoted to such an effort. If you are without Will, then your intention is not able to position itself in the attraction of your reality. In this way you are easily placed into a state of fear as you become hypnotized by the drama of what is happening, by the news events of the day or even by the local celebrity and social chatter around the issues, all of which hinders you from focusing on Truth. Make no mistake however; the intention of such distractions, pointless banter and endless debate is an effort to derail your own individual Will.

Without Will the conscious focus needed to change the probable course of your reality, which includes the events that transpire in mass consciousness and the world, is altered. Reality is then haphazardly delivered to you. When this occurs you become an individual who must scramble to deal with whatever is thrown at you at whatever time, and in some cases your life becomes a constant series of reactionary or defensive events.

However, if you are a master of your own Will, if you take that Will, that conscious desire you intended, and focus it through your thoughts and your actions, you become the purveyor and creator of the events that transpire in your world. Discounting for a moment karmic and pre-life contracts you have, this places your vibrational resonance within grasp. Not only is this true in terms of creating the events in reality that are external to you, such as those within the mass consciousness backdrop, but those events that take place in your personal reality as well.

Why is Will important? Because it becomes the main consideration in terms of determining the kind of world and environment you choose to participate in and of which you are part. If you are content, as many younger Souls might be, to have reality thrown at you, and as a result be forced to react and defend yourself constantly, then know at least that your Will is being suppressed and diminished. However, if as an older Soul you are of a higher conscious resonance -- if you are connected to the enlightenment of higher wisdom and guidance – you become privy to your own inner consciousness. It is only in this manner that you will clearly see how the events upon which you focus are directly related to where you are on the road of mastering your Will.

Use Will wisely as the gift it is, and place it as a precursor to the choices you make. Rather than relegate it to the back seat in favor of any group commitment or dictate, harmonize it with the messages coming from your heart, trust your feelings and check your emotional state. Then accept it as a component of your conscious intention.

Always remember to frequently verify the validity of your choices since these are subject to change by constantly checking the caliber and quality of your thoughts. Be vigilant and mindful about the management of your thoughts as well as the emotions and emotional state they evoke. Through conscious awareness work to not harm the spirit or suppress the Will of others. Do so unless their Will is being imposed upon you forcibly, in which case you are being guided to remember your Truth and reminded by your Higher Self to preserve the integrity of your own Will. Recognize the subtle difference between the proper expression of your Will and an effort to exact control over others.

In this way you become the central player in your life, and you relinquish the need to remain in an endless state of reaction and control, destined to dance only as you are forced to dance. To master your dimensional reality, understand the value of your Will and focus it through your intention, your emotions, your desires and your thoughts. When this is achieved, you also master the understanding of conscious control of the energy that is ultimately you.

Once that is accomplished and you perfect your own participation in the Third Dimensional reality of Earth (regardless of whether or not the Third Dimensional reality around you ever reaches your idea of perfection), you become poised for the new experiences that await you in higher dimensional realities. It is within those higher dimensional realities that creation is closely linked to your individual Will, your intention and your thoughts. In such a reality, these things unify with greater accuracy and speed to magnetize the particles of creation (reality) to you in ways you are not fully accustom to presently. Having mastered the proper expression of your Will, you are ready to exist in dimensions where reality -- and its consequences -- are manifest almost immediately, and, in some cases, instantaneously.

We bring each of you much love and peace – offered to you as an expression of our Will.

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