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Finding Your Way to Neutral

You are miraculous beings living in miraculous times. But often such times, and the people, events and discussions they spawn, can be seen as difficult, challenging and evocative. So how do you find your way to Neutral, in a world seemingly beyond your control?

When events are seen through the eyes of Faith (of the universal kind and not the religious type) with the understanding that perhaps there is a greater plan and a higher purpose at work, is it really appropriate to call such things “bad,” “difficult” or “wrong.” Or are the events and situations that transpire, challenging and misguided though they may seem, a product of what you and the many Souls around you are creating in order to explore certain quantum fields within the framework of mass consciousness. Is it possible that these things are created as a way to propel vast and diverse experiences into reality – experiences that must be met by you and at some point could serve as unique and individual opportunities for Soul growth?

Whatever you believe, far too often challenging events and times influence and sway you deeply, reaching down into the core of your daily belief systems and existence. Many of you find yourselves distracted and appalled by what happens around you. Others feel that the quality of their experience is suffering or that certain events, groups and individuals are beyond the pale. Too often many are brought to a state of Fear, afraid for their well-being or for the future of those they love, while others are disgusted and angered by events that seem infantile, arbitrary, uncontrollable and, often, unconscionable.

What is truly happening when these things are present in your life, as we have said in the past, is that reality, by way of the mass consciousness environment, is providing you with new opportunities that demand you to respond. Your Emotional Response becomes critical not only in how you navigate such experiences, but how they become embedded in your own reality via the events you attract to yourself.

While we are limiting our discussion today to events that seem external to your life personally, know that this is also applicable to the people, situations and events you meet on a daily basis in your close personal reality. How you process and react to the situations and events you witness is not only key to understanding the events themselves, it is a precursor of how and to what extent that experience develops for you in your world and your life. And because of this, the manner in which you emotionally meet and respond to them becomes a valuable gauge in identifying your own current level of consciousness and your vibrational resonance. If you will, your Emotional Response (the feelings, sentiments and emotions evoked) is a key expression of the maturity and quality of your consciousness. Let us explain.

First of all, you know by now that what many find arbitrary and accidental is anything but that. Everything that is created is manifest in your reality via vibrational attraction and with purpose. While this greater purpose cannot always be ascertained at the moment, rest assured that even the most seemingly inconsequential events have at their basis some reason that they have been electromagnetically drawn into and generated in physical reality.

The problem is that this “reason” is often related to a growth lesson that may not on the surface have much to do with you personally. In that respect and again limiting our conversation to those events widely generated through mass consciousness, if not for modern communications and instantaneous media feeds you personally would probably not even be aware of half the things occurring in your world. For that matter, things happening across town or even down the street would probably not be readily known to you. In that case, you would have no Emotional Response to them.

In addition, you would not experience the emotional roller coaster ride that you are often forced to endure today, constantly asked to respond and even rate your emotional experience (like or dislike, happy or frowning Emoji, thumbs up or down). Most importantly, you would not be swayed or pushed into a state of fear, which is a vibrational-deadener, if we may be so bold. Certainly, you would not become emotionally drained and constantly pushed off balance, susceptible to all manner of coercion, manipulation and emotional prodding much as you currently are from the barrage of news, information, advertising and drama now delivered to you 24/7.

So what is really happening? Let us begin by answering the first part of the question we have posed. What can be the greater good related to the constant barrage of information, particularly that which concerns difficult and challenging events?

The answer to this comes in two parts. As we have said in the past, your world is currently experiencing Ascension, where many younger Souls will continue incarnating in lifetimes within a newly formed Third Dimension, rife with all manner of Third Dimensional learning experiences and lessons. The challenges you see emerging daily, which appear to you unlike any from the past, are an indication of this, as is the entrenchment of individuals on all sides of an equation who appear to dig in their heals refusing to see any side of an issue but their own.

As we have explained, these young Souls see the world as “Me and other Me’s” and they would prefer to force everyone to believe what they believe and be like them rather than be open to any experience of tolerance, acceptance and unconditional love (attributes of older Souls). For these young Souls growth is almost always based on group interaction and karmic energetic balancing, something that would be difficult to obtain in a world that has independence, acceptance and unconditional love as its basis.

Meanwhile, the current Third Dimension is evolving and in time will transfer its energetic components to a higher vibrational resonance incorporating Fourth and Fifth Dimensional ideals and qualities. This includes those older Souls currently incarnated in the Third Dimension who have graduated in terms of their vibrational quality and who will in the future incarnate in a Fifth Dimensional world, but currently remain incarnated in the Third Dimension. Despite their Third Dimensional incarnation, these Souls seek to gain growth through individual endeavors rather than relying on group karmic balancing with others. Thus they have a more “laissez faire,” independent expression and style of learning. Their moto is generally, "You are you, and I am I, and each of us are free to be what we choose, causing harm to none."

As Ascension-based evolution takes place, there is an overlap of these dimensions, as well as those older and younger Souls incarnated within them. Thus, more and more there will be young Souls firmly positioned in Third Dimensional Reality, who will continue on therein but who will find themselves side-by-side older Souls, who are destined to evolve after completing the current lifetime.

The great span and disparity of consciousness and belief that you see happening between people and groups all around you is indicative of this evolutionary pattern. In time however, as these patterns and groups delineate, like-minded will find like-minded wherever they are, and you will witness great movement of people, without them knowing exactly why, as they strive to find the like-minded people and communities with which they resonate.

Simply put, more and more today you discover people attempting to find “community”, identifying, communicating and even moving to places where other like-minded individuals reside. This is occurring on both sides of the equation. Ultimately, this will further separate those remaining in a Third Dimensional environment from those evolving to the Fifth Dimension in future lifetimes. This will occur even though these individuals must continue on and complete their current incarnations in the Third Dimension, living together in the same physical world while doing so (whether this can be done peacefully and productively is yet another question).

This is also despite the fact that these individuals, older Souls if you will, are already exhibiting and utilizing Fourth and Fifth Dimensional ideals and standards while still continuing lives in your world. And it is precisely because of this that your world seems more separate, disjointed and divergent than ever before. It is perhaps for this reason that there seems to be a clash of civilizations, a struggle emerging between the old world and the new one; old religious dogma and new belief structures; the East and the West; the Industrial World and the Third World; the Haves and the Have-Not’s.

Returning to our original question, we have often stated that Fourth and Fifth Dimensional attributes and sensitivities make one highly intuitive, and such sensitivity means that one is constantly aware of situations and events, as well as the emotions they evoke in the world around them. In higher dimensions, these things are experienced naturally as an added physical “sense” and instead of manually tuning into the 24/7 news-stream on a fabricated device, you are inwardly and intuitively aware of exactly what is transpiring in your family, your community and your world just by thinking of them and without the need for any communication device, social media pages or news feeds.

But such sensitivity and intuitiveness carries with it the awesome responsibility of protecting, controlling and managing your own Emotional Response and Energy Field, and this is what relates to our current discussion and question. In such a world, the ability to find Faith, peace and emotional Neutrality (boundaries if you will) becomes a high ideal if not a matter of self- preservation.

Thus in a sense, the external technology that currently affords you the ability to have an instant connection with your world and demands an immediate Response from you, in all its myriad of emotional colors, is in effect a training ground for what is to come for all those evolving to higher vibrational resonance and higher dimensional incarnations. If you will, this is a way for you to experience these events, including the emotional response that they evoke, as a form of “practice” for a future time where this knowing will be common place and a natural part of your inner talents and abilities. Surely, if you did not have control of your Emotional Response under such circumstances, you would have the greatest difficulty functioning in such a future environment.

So this leads us to the second part of the question. If having such immediate knowledge of things, events and people via externalized technology has the higher purpose of providing a kind of future emotional response “training,” why are you thrown into torrents of fear, loathing and anguish? The answer to this is that in having such ability, whether it is technology driven as in the Third Dimension, or a natural inner sense as in the Fifth Dimension, it is vital that you become conscious of your emotional state and output. Moreover it is especially important not to be swayed or pushed into a state of Fear by the events, challenges and people you are witnessing.

Your most valuable guide here is your Emotional Response, and in that respect all of the things you witness currently become lessons -- guidance working to assist you in finding understanding, calm and "Neutrality" when your Emotional Response is provoked. You are, in a way, being given the opportunity to take a step back before hitting the like or dislike button or forwarding that Emoji. You are being asked to be thoughtful and to feel, yes, but not to panic, fear, lash out or react. You are being shown the importance of finding a Neutral emotional response, or some close proximity. This is so even when in extreme disagreement or witnessing challenge and falsehood that you know inwardly must in time be corrected.

Many will likely scoff at such a notion. They would have you believe that you must react quickly, take a stand and, where necessary, resist change, challenges, people and events that go against you or disturb your core belief system in some manner. They liken a Neutral Emotional Response to denial or disinterest. Certain public figures have even made the speed of rebuttal and their consternation a hallmark of the day. Yet this is a clear indication of a younger Soul unable to achieve Neutrality.

The inability to achieve what we shall term “Thoughtful Neutrality” (closely related to the vibration of unconditional love) demonstrates lower consciousness and, as a direct result, a lowered vibrational output. A lowered vibrational output inevitably leads to attracting and generating a more challenging reality. When reality is generated far from the Neutral spectrum it magnetizes future events and situations that have a corresponding resonance since these events are usually derived from the negative polarity, which, by virtue of a lower vibrational quality, are more challenging in nature.

To be fair and in truth, sometimes a strong response is needed, and in some cases one is indeed being asked to take a stand and resist violations of universal Truth (again, these instances are usually opportunities for growth that are being generated by you for you, or for a higher purpose related to your own Soul growth or the Soul growth of others around you). Even so, considered resistance expressed from a place of Peace and Neutrality is always inherently more powerful. It is never a product of Fear or loathing and it is never defensive. Such resistance derives power from its Neutral polarity. It leads others to respect and rally around it, and never attempts to dominate, bully or cajole.

If you have any doubts concerning the difference in Response, let us use as an example the experience, albeit one caused by considerable world tragedy, fear and shock, when Western leaders rushed to strike at the heart of the challenges they faced when confronted with an unprovoked attack on the very brain center of your world in New York City at the beginning of the 2000’s. The mass conscious Emotional Response that event generated, in conjunction with leaders who pushed hard to exploit the Fear and loathing of the populace without using a leadership based on "Thoughtful Neutrality," propelled your world in a direction that is a hallmark of the early 21st Century, if not the century as a whole.

We would suggest that while the outcome might not have been extremely different overall, and those events might still have required a stand for Truth and the innocent, the various contributing events the world has faced since then could have been quite different if individual and group Emotional Response had been tempered with Thoughtful Neutrality. Clearly, this was not what was intended by the Physical System Lord's incarnated entities who found themselves in positions of authority and influence at the time.

That said noble resistance is always based on a commitment to a higher vibrational Truth and understanding. As a result, meeting it calmly and thoughtfully provides Soul growth for all who are involved. However, achieving it requires that one first find Neutrality, allowing the response, emotional and otherwise, to originate from there rather than from Fear. Responses that are Fear-based and emotionally charged on the other hand will ultimately propagate and increase the challenges derived from what is feared. Thought, when propelled into creation by your Emotional Response, inevitably attracts into reality events that are similar in vibration, and when the thoughts and Emotional fuel are Fear-based, the learning experience is far more challenging.

Because of this, we suggest that you see your Emotional Response, whether to situations with your friends and families or to events you see in your neighborhoods, communities and world, as a test of your ability to either approach or find Neutrality. See your response, for better or worse, as a measure of your vibrational resonance and quality of consciousness. The closer you are to finding “Neutral” (call it thoughtful calm if you prefer), and a Neutral Response, the closer you are to an enlightened consciousness and a more pleasing and beneficial outcome.

We would further suggest that this is the true intention behind the philosophy that calls for you to “turn the other cheek.” In fact, such a philosophy is a call to Conscious Neutrality rather than a call not to maintain your Truth, place yourself in harm’s way or go into denial. As an added benefit, finding that same breed of noble Neutrality makes you more equipped to enact a fortified resistance to what is being perpetrated. In such a manner, you metaphorically stare down the provocateur without allowing your own energy to lend the event or person additional power via the intense fear and loathing you feel; A power, we would add, that invites the continued manifestation and even augmentation of the very thing you are fearfully reacting to.

If you find yourself swayed dramatically by the people and events you see appearing in or dominating your world, it would behoove you to examine what in that person or event has swayed you in this or that direction and why your emotional content is so charged. Do you feel defensive or threatened? Are you fearful and do you recoil and wish to hide yourself away? Or, like the Good Witch of the South in the ‘Wizard of Oz’, are you able to laugh and brush off the scary threats of the Wicked Witch of the West, telling her in bemusement to “…be gone, before someone drops a house on you…”

What is significant in this is that your Emotional Response, whether it be to minor and insignificant things happening to you in your day to day life, or to world altering events happening in your community or your world, is a key to understanding your own consciousness and the growth of your Soul. Better said, the true measure of your consciousness corresponds to your Emotional Response and visa versa.

Your ability to reach a Neutral or even a Semi-Neutral response while still able to consider what has transpired carefully and thoughtfully is a key indicator of not only your resonance and consciousness, but the quality of the things you yourself are creating in your world -- for yourself as well as for others against the backdrop of mass consciousness. If you find that your Response is one of Neutrality, one of love, one of forgiveness, one of understanding, then this truly signifies that you have reached a state of grace where you are beginning to evolve, accept and incorporate fourth dimensional attributes.

You may wonder why this particular time period holds so much importance. As we have said already, it is the time of Ascension, an evolutionary process undergone by the universe, the Universal Dimensions that represent its known structure and the Souls and beings that inhabit them. As we have also explained, during such times, as some evolve and some do not, you will see greater and greater separation in your world, represented by the mindset of individuals, groups, communities, countries, cultures, religions and races.

Against such a backdrop, there will be those that are more fearful wishing to hold onto more density, and there will be those seeking Truth and becoming more en-lightened than at any time in the past. But one thing that will be shared by all is the new energetic intensity of the events that you witness.

It is unfortunate that this period also requires a higher degree of turmoil, which is a factor of the polarity tension inherent in such divisional evolution, separation and duality. This is unavoidable in your world, which is based on Third Dimensional duality, something that will remain a constant despite the Third Dimension’s evolution.

Still, as you continue to be faced with the lower vibrational resonances swirling around you, become the conscious Master of your Response. In a good many ways, begin to see that your Response has much to do with the manner in which turmoil finds you in the first place. This is so not only in terms of vibrational magnetic attraction and the degree to which it has an impact on your life, but also in terms of its higher purpose within the context of your own Soul growth and the growth of others.

Meditate on using your Emotional Response in conjunction with your thought forms for your highest good as well as the highest good of mass consciousness and humanity at large. See the measure of how well you control your Emotional Response, given various external stimulus, as a test if you like. Or see it simply as a necessary fact of life. But do see it and the events being manifest in your world today as part of a universal Truth that requires your attention and Mastery in order for you to move through events and situations successfully at the present time.

Regardless of how you envision it, know that your Emotional Response has much to do with your vibrational resonance, and as you know, your vibrational resonance has the greatest impact on what you attract to yourself by way of experience. Despite your life mission, your Essence Path and the many other considerations that influence the events that take place in your life, karmic and otherwise, your Emotional Response is one of the primary areas where your conscious endeavor and Free-Will can take control and put you in charge of outcome. Emotional Response, together with your belief structure, which is where your thought forms originate, remains the primal spark influencing how reality is constructed and attracted to you, by you, in the clearest possible sense.

Finally, discover a precept of ancient wisdom that points to achieving Neutrality of Mind in order to find enlightenment, peace and balance. This has often been misunderstood as being impartial, feeling nothing, achieving "nothingness" or having no response in order to find happiness. These interpretations are incorrect. What it truly implies is that once you are able to tame your Emotional Response and find Thoughtful Neutrality in whatever comes your way, you have reached a point where your vibrational quality rises above the fray, and this is what keeps you from the clutches of Fear, anxiety and misguided, knee-jerk reactions.

This in turn provides you with the ability to respond from a higher level of consciousness -- to feel without being overcome, think pure thoughts without being overwhelmed, receive higher guidance without being confused. More importantly, it has the power to make you impervious to the schizophrenic emanations of lower vibrational frequencies that are constantly vying to establish a foothold in your world.

When this is achieved you no longer feel tossed helplessly upon a rough ocean, forced to respond anxiously to the daily ups and downs, highs and lows and billowing fears being manifested and explored by younger Souls all around you. At such a point you will find that you have reached a place of contemplative Neutrality, where your resonant state remains constant, your vibrational output is improved and, because of that, the physical reality you create and magnetize to yourself becomes more stable. This is the place of peace and enlightenment sought by so many, where joy, happiness and abundance via the reality you are generating and attracting to yourself are the most probable future outcome.

© 2016 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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