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Where there is Light, Darkness cannot exist

Q: "I have been re-reading Timeline Donald wins the election (much to my dismay). The probable future does not look good. Reading about the fall of ancient Rome is one thing, but to be right here right now is another! Do you have any guidance?"

Once a Buddhist Monk and his students needed to pass through a certain village that was consumed by chaos. Neighborhood rivals had taken to rioting, and villagers were in the streets hurling obscenities, sticks and stones at each other.

The Monk instructed his followers to walk down the main thoroughfare through the fighting crowd, holding their heads high and remembering to be without fear, judgment or loathing. He informed them that after they had passed through the crowd, he would follow in their footsteps and meet them at the other side of the village.

Shaken but trusting their teacher, the students began their treacherous walk through the violent crowd. For a moment the fighting broke off, and a slight path opened for them. But as the students passed deeper and deeper into the crowd they forgot the Monk’s instructions, lost Faith in his words and became fearful for their safety. They began to lament that they could be swallowed up in this terrible chaos, and the violence could be directed towards them at any moment.

The students wrung their hands and began to tell each other that they would be far better off to fight their way through such a crowd. As their fears augmented, suddenly and without provocation the crowd fell upon the students and even worse fighting began. Trapped in the midst of the violence the Monk’s followers were forced to defend themselves however they could, and they ran through the chaos being beaten and abused as they attempted to reach the other side of the village.

Having finally reached a hill on the other side of the village, the students watched and saw that their Master had begun to proceed down the same treacherous path they had just taken. Seeing this they wailed, “Our Master is walking directly into that villainous riot, and he will surely be injured or perhaps even killed.”

Then they watched in amazement and saw the Monk walk slowly through the crowd untouched and completely unnoticed. To their even greater surprise, they saw that as the Monk passed, villagers began to shake hands, make peace with each other and wonder out loud why they had been fighting in the first place. Calm and quiet took reign over the entire village, and people returned to their homes and businesses as if nothing had ever happened.

As the Monk reached his students on the other side of the village, they were perplexed and asked, “Master, why did the villagers beat us savagely when we walked through the crowd, but when you walked through it there was suddenly calm and peace, and everyone forgot what they were fighting about?”

The old Monk looked lovingly at his followers and answered, “Where there is fear, there is darkness. But where there is light, darkness cannot exist.”

There are several points this allegory makes. First, it gives evidence that your vibrational quality is your protection. Secondly, it informs you that your vibrational quality is contagious exponentially. Thirdly, it explains that Fear deadens your vibration, and drags you into the midst of turmoil since like-vibration will attract like-vibration.

All of these lessons will become important as you witness the transformation of your Third Dimensional realm through the evolutionary process known as Ascension. As we have explained, more and more there will be a separation of those destined to remain within Third Dimensional incarnations and those destined to evolve to incarnations on a Fifth Dimensional Earth, known as Terra, once the current lifetime is complete.

In the meantime, those older Souls who are of a higher consciousness are destined to remain surrounded by more and more younger Souls, for whom basic karmic interaction is the standard and the norm. This will become more noticeable as well as intense over the coming years. As the divide augments, older Souls will be dismayed and disillusioned as they begin to feel they are a minority in a world that has seemingly lost its order and its reason. They will quite frankly be disheartened by events where the values previously held high by all individuals of higher consciousness fall silent by the roadside, trampled by lower vibrational energy fields and individuals who profess incomprehensible (to older Souls) values and standards.

As we have detailed for you, this period where older Souls and younger Souls must cohabitate lasts for approximately the next 300 years, with the greatest changes taking place through the 21st Century. During that period, you will find that you are forced to make a choice with increasing frequency and impact concerning where you stand, as well as where and with whom you wish to be.

We have told you many times that like attracts like. Those of similar vibrational fields will ultimately find others of similar vibration and Soul age. Great migrations will take place, as older Souls who can no longer tolerate the low karmic energies of younger Souls change domicile and move to regions where more like-minded individuals are the majority.

In saying this, it must be remembered that it always takes two to tango. With respect to vibrational signatures, this means that often what appears to you to be two opposing sides is actually the other side of the same coin. In other words and as an example, religious fanatics, regardless of the trappings or what doctrine or other tailored attributes they may have, are almost always individuals of the same vibrational quality regardless of being on opposing sides. Often the same goes for a particular political loyalty or any other delineation. In most cases, the oppositions are merely younger Souls choosing sides in order to take part in opportunities for growth that may be generated by their conflict. One side is not necessarily better or worse.

But as our allegory demonstrates, true opposition is not opposition as much as it is banishing Fear, remaining constant and achieving neutrality and peace. In this regard and as a means of identifying each other, remember that younger Souls have as their moto, “Me and other me’s” whereas older Souls have as their basis the standard, “You are you and I am I, and each of us should be allowed to pursue who we are in peace with harm to none.” Older Souls abhor the kind of base energetic karma that younger Souls find valuable to their growth. In addition, older Souls will never force their belief system on anyone, whereas younger Souls will at every turn attempt to force everyone to believe and act just as they do.

So how does this relate to current events and the Ascension process that is taking place? It demonstrates that: 1) Younger Souls are proliferating worldwide who will continue on in Third Dimensional incarnations, regardless of which side of the aisle or coin they profess to be on; 2) It shows that Older Souls are cycling off the planet at an enormous rate, and they will evolve to higher dimensional incarnations; and 3) It demonstrates that demographic adjustments will find some individuals being drawn to more enlightened places with the like-minded, while others will consider themselves to be in the perfect environment, remaining where they are because, essentially, they have found vibrational compatibility.

What this means for North America, as we have detailed extensively in our book, “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra,” is that a split of thought, culture and, above all else, Soul age, in the US means that the most probable future trajectory you are on may no longer include the concept of a unified nation. Nor, perhaps, is such a concept preferable or even viable under emerging circumstances, a conclusion that will become more apparent as probable future events transpire.

Remembering that generally events in your world are opportunities for Soul growth, what is taking place correlates directly to an increase in the desires of younger Souls for growth and the Ascensionary evolution we have discussed. Such events are a catalyst pushing older Souls and those of higher consciousness to ultimately choose that their next incarnation take place at higher dimensional levels rather than in the emerging environment known as the Third Dimension, where you are focused now. In the meantime and as a practical matter, it creates a need to seek out and join with like-minded fellows, leaving behind outdated standards and the old separations based on family, heritage, lineage, affiliation, culture, tradition and similar variables.

For those wondering where older Souls will congregate in the US based on the probable futures emerging, we bring your attention to the specific regional unions that will in time develop and be successful within former US territories. Specifically, this includes the Pacific Coast Union, which will be comprised of the current states of California, Oregon, Washington and parts of Nevada, as well as the New England Union, which will include the current states of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

In addition, there will be smaller but powerful regional independent states like the Chicago State Union that will include parts of former Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, the Texas Union, which will include the former state of Texas and parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas, the Florida State Union and the Hawaiian Independent State. These regions will be fairly prosperous by the mid 21st Century and some will act as safe havens for those of higher consciousness and vibrational quality.

Unfortunately however, civil war, lawlessness and violence will be the norm in most of the remaining former US territories. In such areas, small city or regional states will develop similar to those found in the historical period known as the European Dark Ages, where trade, travel and communication were disrupted and curtailed by fear, violence and isolation. Advanced technological interface will be the only saving grace for these territories, since travel and all real time physical interaction will become virtually impossible due to the dangerous and violent environments.

Events such as the great Western Economic collapse, the West’s final defeat in World War III, the disintegration of Continental Europe, the bankruptcy and disintegration of the US Federal government in Washington DC and the turmoil of the second US Civil War will be the backdrop of mass consciousness from approximately the years 2017 to 2050. Indeed, it will not be until the direct intervention of Russia and China, at the behest of the new US regional powers in conjunction with Canada and Mexico, that law and order will finally be restored to all continental non-aligned former US territories (those regions not part of the successful regional states we have mentioned). Such measures will herald the invasion and foreign occupation of those non-organized former US states, while also reestablishing peace in North America after 2040.

Though these probable futures may sound disheartening and insurmountable to you, as you encounter these events remember that you will be instinctively drawn to the area that offers you the best advantages based on your Soul’s mission and your unconscious personal desires. Per the allegory of our Monk, let your vibration be your protection. Remember that life goes on, and let your intuition and heart draw you closer to like-minded fellows, organizations, communities and groups. Refrain from being reactive, and try always to be proactive. Be open, be inclusive and allow yourself to be drawn to places where you will find the most growth. By doing so, if your vibration is high and you have banished your fears, you will find safety, well-being and happiness with your loved ones. Remember that these events are not accidental, but are part of the evolutionary process of the Third Dimensional realm (for better or for worse). You will be where you are called to be and where you have desired to be from the start. Have Faith.

Finally, recall that you are Beings of Light. And as you remember who you are, know that, “Where there is Fear, there is darkness. But where there is Light, darkness cannot exist.”

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