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When Adversity Seems Relentless

September 2017 - Q. The challenges occurring now are confusing and relentless. There are times when I feel that the events taking place around us, whether they are political, societal or environmental, can no longer be avoided and are becoming insurmountable. What is happening to our world and why is this taking place?

At a time in the grand cycle of Ascension when you are faced with the obligation to discover who you are and align with your own inner truth, it is only natural that you are faced with events that force you to consider what in fact you believe and on what your inner Truth is actually based. During the course of such a time, things you face that immediately resonate as being false, even abhorrent and despicable, surface forcing you to examine your inner belief structure.

As this occurs, the things you consider to be deceitful and lacking Truth are louder, more devastating and more sensational than ever before. It is as if the universe is forcing you to discover and reconfirm your Truth by witnessing through your heart the things you know to be wrong, false and evil.

Thus the period you are experiencing now is intended to bring each of you into close alignment with your own Truth, whatever that “Truth,” for you, might happen to be. In doing so, the universe intends to push you towards thought patterns that are consistent with your Truth. When this happens, you are able to come into closer association with energetic patterns that will magnetize to you like-minded individuals so that ultimately when you are congregated together, you will be positioned to attract into your reality events that match your vibrational resonance.

In this way, the mass conscious belief structure of those who are banded together with the same Truth will attract into reality events that are consistent with their level of Soul consciousness and Soul age. The widening disparity and separation of beliefs you see happening all around you is indicative of this, and thus the congregating of individuals who have similar Soul age, beliefs and life preferences becomes an important aspect of Ascension. As this process continues, you will see more and more extreme division, divisions that in time will seem to separate friends, families, businesses, whole communities and even nations as the current timeline continues to emerge.

We have said many times in the past that the belief structure you have – your Truth, if you prefer – creates a vibrational resonance that magnetizes reality and attracts to you, and others in your proximity, the events that become the fabric of your lives. It is not by accident that for many years now we have informed you that what you think and what you feel are universal acts that contribute to your vibrational resonance and attract a reality that is similar in vibration. If you will, your personal world view, which often includes your family, friends, community, culture and even your nation, individually and jointly attract events that respond electromagnetically to whatever vibrational wave is being emitted. What you focus on, personally and en-masse, becomes vibrational intention, and this in turn attracts events and situations – we prefer to term them opportunities for growth – to you.

But this does not mean that you are subject to the many challenging events that transpire, unless of course you participate in the vibrational resonance of those events. Participation takes place through your beliefs, the thoughts you have based on your beliefs, the similarities in your patterns of thought and the emotional content (in particular fear) with which you imbue your beliefs. These elements combine to become the way you see the world -- your “Truth.”

An example is warranted. A young man takes a journey to a far off land. He meets amazing people and sees amazing new things. His belief that this journey will bring him wondrous and joyful things, or even his simple naivety and lack of preconceived notions about what will happen there, provides him with experiences that reinforce his belief that all is well and he is meeting amazing, accepting and joyful events. When he does come face to face with something that is not consistent with his belief system, he quickly turns from it, recoups his energy and chooses to take another route where once again he meets experiences consistent with his belief. His “Faith” (of the universal sort and not the religious type) is clearly being demonstrated in real terms through the physical reality that passes right in front of his eyes. Even surrounded or faced with challenging situations, people or events they evaporate as he enters the scene – at least for him and from his perspective.

An older man sets out on the same journey. He believes that where he is going is poverty-stricken, the people are beggars and thieves, the language is incomprehensible and he will be ostracized for being an outsider. His vibrational resonance not only attracts the very things he believes, these are the only things he sees since these are the glasses (of belief) through which he now sees the world. Needless to say, he is robbed, threatened, treated poorly by the natives and surrounded by a relentless torrent of uncomfortable events. His experiences confirm to him that his beliefs were right all along and this is truly a horrible place.

Finally, these two meet up and trade their impressions of the land they are visiting. The young man is mystified and appalled when he hears the older man’s descriptions of places and things he has found magical, easy and joyful. To him the old man is senile and cranky, and the tales he tells are completely fabricated, false and untrue. The young man believes he is hearing fake news from the older man.

Similarly, the old man thinks the young man a fool. He is certain the youngster is crazy or on drugs, and the old man is convinced the young man will certainly be kidnapped by gangs, injured in a natural catastrophe and robbed by locals. To him, the young man has told him tales that are completely fabricated, false and untrue. His experience has told him otherwise so he is certain the young man is disseminating fake news.

Both the young man and the old man saw the Truth – their Truth -- as it appeared to them. Neither was better or worse, good or bad. Neither perspective was fake in the eye of the beholder. But clearly one Truth was a joyful experience and one was full of challenge and fear. Both however, were real, exemplified through the experiences of the person who navigated them. This example demonstrates that; 1) Your belief structure has significant impact on your resonance, which then attracts events of similar resonance; and 2) Each attracts experiences that align with their inner “Truth.”

Although you tend to see the world in duality, with a right and wrong, good and bad side, as seen in our example, we would suggest that there is also a tertiary alignment that we have called neutrality or non-alignment. This is not to diminish the fact that certain sides of the duality might seem clearly wrong or even evil, but rather demonstrates that often those who come into direct conflict and opposition tend to be different sides of the same coin, vibrating at essentially the same resonance. While the details may vary greatly, as an example we would suggest that a Fundamentalist follower of one religion may be very similar to its counterpart who is a Fundamentalist follower of a different religion, despite the fact that they both profess to detest each other and have vowed to destroy one another at every turn.

It becomes clear then that it is not always a question of choosing sides or whether you should align yourself with this or that particular political group, cultural standard or religion. Though such a choice might seem inevitable or even be demanded by your society, and even though, as we have said, it is likely that one or both sides appear right or wrong, good or evil, remember that what you see as good or bad, right or wrong is based on your personal belief structure and is an indication of your vibrational resonance. That resonance is magnetic to the ethereal substance that creates real events and your physical reality.

But what is truly important here is the realization that you can no longer be silent in yourself about what you believe and what your own Truth actually is. Your Truth can no longer remain hidden to you by yourself or from others, as it often was in the past. You are being forced to align with your "Truth" and obliged to make an inner choice by seeing the depths of despair, disparity and depravity of whatever you consider to be NOT Truth, as it were.

Your Truth will no longer be silenced inside you, and the louder, more unacceptable and even despicable events that you focus on or confront become, the clearer it is that you are being guided to make a choice. Thankfully perhaps, the more you are NOT able to submerge the feelings you have associated with the events happening before your eyes the easier your choice of "Truth" actually becomes. But this is only the beginning of the process. Once you have found the appropriate alignment, your Truth becomes a vital component, via your vibrational resonance, of the elements that assist you to find similar vibration and consciousness in your world.

This ultimately leads you to the place where like-minded individuals and communities (to you) reside – in other words you are prompted, through your Truth to find peace and harmony through the need to identify, locate and join with those who think, feel and act as you do. Once Truth has been established and aligned within you, anything that you deem untruth, whether it comes from your best friend, a neighbor, a hate group or even the President of your country, becomes so distasteful it repulses you, as well it should if you are to be true to yourself and your Soul.

It is incorrect however, to think that finding your Truth or making your choice requires your physical participation or interaction, and this is important to remember. You are not necessarily being guided to take to the streets with this or that cause (unless this is what you desire) or physically accomplish or do anything. Therein lies the beauty of your tertiary (energetic) choice (a Fifth Dimensional effect, as we have explained in “Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension”). We would suggest that this third choice of non-alignment through the finding of one’s Truth is emerging in those of higher consciousness at this time, and this leads them to align with their Truth while also seeking “higher ground” as it were.

This is because once you align with your inner Truth you have taken the first step in changing your vibrational patterns so that you can begin to attract to yourself like-minded situations, consciousness and physical reality. As a result, together with like-minded individuals you are able to generate physical events and experiences in your life that are more compatible with your Soul's goals, not to mention better suited to a (usually) higher vibrational quality.

If you will, aligning with your Truth in this manner begins the process of attracting the very people, events and situations that will rescue you from the challenges and (potentially) deliver you from spiraling world events that are seemingly relentless and beyond your control. That is, of course, if this is your intention and the intention of your Soul. In this way, you rise, in terms of consciousness, above any conflict being fought by duality groups that have essentially the same lower vibrational frequency, whatever side they may appear to be on.

As we have said often in the past, younger Souls are now proliferating on the Earth plane and these younger Souls will actually be those entities starting or continuing incarnations in a newly emerging time-space wave of Third Dimensional Reality. It is with this in mind that the challenges present and coming seen on the timeline of the Third Dimension will become more and more visible (louder and louder) to you as the timeline progresses. This is due to the fact that generally younger Souls choose to progress in consciousness by experiencing sometimes dramatic external karmic situations. Older Souls prefer self-karmic lessons and introspection for Soul growth rather than outward participation in mass catastrophic events.

Older Souls of higher consciousness who wish to continue on peacefully in current lifetimes within such an emerging Third Dimensional Reality would do well to understand this and be clear about what is actually transpiring, from a higher perspective, in their world. This clarity, which tends to emerge as a result of the enormous stress experienced witnessing overwhelming en-masse events around you, actually serves as higher guidance coaxing you unconsciously into the need to find peace and safety. Such awareness acts energetically to protect and deliver you from the many conflicts and catastrophic events that will be occurring on the future timeline.

Proximity to these events becomes a guide to the nature of your own consciousness, and your distaste for the situations you see, as well as your desire to extract yourself from them, is potentially the greatest indication of where you stand in the process. Naturally, some older Souls will participate deeply in these events for purposes of rapid Soul growth. However, we would suggest that the majority will find such situations disturbing and abhorrent, and (making the tertiary choice) will choose to not align with the lower vibrational resonance that attracts the events in the first place. Older Souls will intuit guidance and will make choices that allow them to disengage from individuals, communities, locations and societal structures where lower energies attract such challenging events. Younger Souls, those who inevitably prefer the rough and tumble karma of Third Dimensional events, will experience Soul growth through direct interaction and participation in the coming events, challenging or otherwise.

As we said, whether you find yourself in the midst of certain situations or are removed from them is almost always a result of where you hold your Truth and the resonating factors that attract reality to you. Ideally, Older Souls who have aligned with their Truth will recognize the need to find a place of inner peace and harmony where they feel comfortable and safe. Ultimately, this will lead them to search for, discover and congregate with individuals of higher consciousness who believe and think as they do, wherever those Souls may be.

This is not to suggest however, that Older Souls will be completely absent from the dramatic events happening, catastrophic or otherwise. Many will choose to participate for their own Soul or karmic purposes. But it is to say that in general your immediate surroundings -- environmental, political and otherwise -- respond to the resonance of your Truth and the Truth of those in your proximity. That Truth is exponentially amplified in the creation of reality when it is unified energetically with those of similar resonance and thought patterns, wherever and whoever they may be. It is clear that for this reason, physically moving and leaving behind homes and locations that no longer align with your Truth is quickly becoming paramount to finding higher consciousness, safety, peace and harmony.

One needs look no further than the outpouring of love and assistance provided to victims of unnatural weather and catastrophic Earth events to understand that terrible situations generate mass Soul growth opportunities for all involved. However, there are those who would choose, through higher guidance and alignment with their Truth, to not be in close proximity to these disastrous events in the first place. Neither Soul choice (participating or not) is right or wrong, good or bad. Each choice has its purpose, and each is aligned with a particular Truth that either embroils you in the fray or delivers you prior to or during an impending disaster. (We will not for this discussion explore the nature and origins of the extreme Earth events happening now, which is another discussion completely – See “The Earth’s Chakra System and Natural ‘Unnatural’ Disasters”.)

It needs to be understood further that many of the leaders and individuals - political, military, cultural, business and other - that you think are for or against you are actually neither. In most cases these entities are unconsciously fulfilling their own missions, creating and in many cases exasperating the events that you now find and may find in the future challenging. As the timeline progresses however, and the events outlined in our book “Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension” materialize, it will become clear how important it is to be aligned with your Truth so that inadvertently through fear, vibration and emotional input you do not become overwhelmed and ultimately trapped in close proximity to the many challenging events, environmental and political, that will take place.

Seeing what your heart knows to be untrue forces you into alignment with your own inner Truth. And being in alignment with your Truth is precisely what will assist and guide you in the coming period. It will appear that many have been haphazardly thrown into the conflicts or accidentally find themselves in the midst of events beyond their control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your proximity and participation in these events is almost always a factor of your personal karma, your Soul’s desire, your fears, your Soul age, your vibrational resonance or a combination of all these things. How you traverse these events and whether you experience them from the inside or from afar will be based entirely on your Soul's goals, your belief structure, alignment with your personal Truth and the reality you are creating locally and regionally both individually and en-masse.

Many who are aligned with their Truth and who have been guided to extract themselves from situations that do not have their vibrational character, will likely find that they have been guided to places where, together with like-minded individuals, the events created locally are not as challenging or dramatic as they might otherwise be. For these individuals, dramatic en-masse events will still take place and potentially be witnessed by them, but will happen far off and at a safe distance. Their vibrational fortitude and "Faith" will still be tested however, and for these individuals it will become more important then ever before to banish fear and loathing in order to retain higher vibrational integrity and not attract to themselves the far off dramas they may witness.

But in order to find such a place of peace and harmony, many will be obliged to leave behind long time homes, families and friends. And though we do not wish to suggest that challenges of every sort will not be present in some form or another everywhere, we would state that the reward for finding Truth and following one’s inner guidance is generally the ability to remain isolated and removed from the most devastating challenges your world faces. When harbored in places where the vibrational resonance is more stable and consistent with your own inner Truth, the events being generated and created in those areas tend to reflect the community’s augmented vibrational state and consciousness, as well as the Soul's desires and the higher consciousness of the individuals involved in creating mass reality on a local basis.

Whatever your choice, let alignment with your own Truth, love of your fellow journey-men, association with the like-minded and a conscious desire for personal higher guidance be the hallmark of your experience. In this way you may rest relatively sure that for the most part the personal reality that unfolds around you, taken within the context of the mass conscious reality being played as a backdrop to your lives, will be one that delivers you from conflict, devastation and dismay, whatever its origins may be.

As always, we wish you love and peace, and the ability to access the highest guidance as you discover and align with your personal Truth.

© 2017 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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