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"Privacy, please!" How Truth & Privacy are Lessons in Respectfulness

May 2018 - Q. We hear a lot these days about data mining, personal privacy and the question of what is and is not "true." Almost daily we are told that our personal data is used to sway our inner-most thoughts and manipulate us, and we see concrete facts transformed into altered facts right before our eyes in an effort to convince or deceive us. Can you give us some insight into what is going on?

In order to provide you with a better understanding of the significance you face concerning the topics of Privacy and Truth, let us first take a brief look at certain relevant Ascension-related information we have discussed with you in the past.

First, it should be clear that as the current timeline progresses a great many of the Souls now in physical incarnation in the Third Dimensional environment will cycle-off following their current incarnation. That is to say, many Souls have reached the point of maturity in terms of consciousness and are positioned to take advantage of the universal Ascension process happening during this important period.

As a result of their higher consciousness, these Souls will be able to raise their vibrational frequency in conjunction with the Ascension of the current Third Dimensional time-space wave. This will enable them to end the cycle of incarnations on Third Dimensional Earth and proceed to Fifth Dimensional incarnations on Earth’s Fifth Dimensional counterpart, Terra. Naturally this is the appropriate evolution for most Human Angelic Souls, and it is important to note that these Souls, who are poised to Ascend, have reached the level of consciousness and vibrational integrity that is needed to manage and properly adjust to Fifth Dimensional incarnations where expanded physical and sensory attributes are the norm.

Physical incarnations on Fifth Dimensional Terra are far different from the physical incarnations you currently know and experience on Third Dimensional Earth. While the expanded higher consciousness attributes vary in nature, as discussed in our recent book, “Timeline Collapse,” perhaps the most interesting and distinctly new attribute you will possess and experience in a Fifth Dimensional environment is an augmented sense of perception -- intuitive knowing. Every Fifth Dimensional incarnate has naturally what you might term the gift of “inner sight”, psychic and intuitive abilities, if you will, which, though rare, are increasing in your Third Dimensional realm.

The expanded Fifth Dimensional sensory attribute of intuition and inner knowing allows one to intuitively have the ability to know and clearly identify “Truth”, distinguishing it from falsehood and even giving the perceiver an understanding of why this or that is, in fact, the “Truth.” This intuitive sense further allows one to objectively and without judgment instantaneously reach into the very depths of an individual entity’s psyche.

Such inner sight is not as intrusive or invasive as you imagine, since it is a talent that all in Fifth Dimensional reality possess and hold with great humility and understanding. Rather, it provides every entity the ability to not only “know” each individual’s Truth, but also allows them to understand all aspects of another's Soul journey, including their life mission, their various experiences up to the point of encounter and a “behind-the-scenes” look at their personality traits, challenges and opportunities.

Since this information is understood to be seen from the higher perspective of each individual’s Soul, judgment or condemnation of any individual becomes mute, since the reason and substance of their personal journey is viewed as it relates to the higher growth of their Soul. Naturally, this inner-sight perception is reserved for older Souls that have reached a level of consciousness where, unlike many younger Souls found in Third Dimensional reality, there is no desire to judge or oblige anyone to conform to specific dogmas or any path that is not their own.

Such an understanding is far removed from the Third Dimensional duality model. Within the Third Dimensional reality, good and bad, right and wrong, heaven and hell, are the only possible perspectives. Duality - as well as the need to choose one side or the other - battles endlessly within the psyche of baby and younger Souls. Fifth Dimensional reality on the other hand provides older Souls with a tertiary polarity - the polarity of complete neutrality. This objectivity, which fosters tolerance and the desire to live and let live is the normal standard of Fifth Dimensional incarnation.

Now, in a world where such inner knowing is prevalent, it becomes clear that Truth is easily recognized and discerned. Furthermore, Privacy, or what you perceive as Privacy, is not necessarily something sought since in knowing the Truth through inner sight, there is nothing left to hide. In fact a true inner knowledge of exactly what an individual has chosen as their life mission and work, and the reason for such choices, makes the notion of Privacy that you experience seem relatively quaint.

However, such an arrangement is only possible in a dimension where everyone has this same ability, and everyone, as it were, is an open book. This renders the use of such Truth for purposes of deceit, control or manipulation unproductive, if not unconscionable. In other words, if you were to inwardly know without question the "Truth," understand the deep seated reasons someone acted as they did, knew their impulses and what drove them in advance and realized who they were was related to their Soul’s desired choices for personal growth in that lifetime, would you not be less judgmental and less concerned with trying to force someone to do things your way or to your advantage? Add to this the fact that they also know your Truth, and you see the futility of trying to falsify Truth or deceive someone about their own path.

Entities incarnated on Fifth Dimensional Terra, who are only able to incarnate in such a frequency when they have mastered the need to manipulate, harm or force others to their way of thinking, something younger Souls often do, understand what a gift this particular sense provides. Fifth Dimensional beings are focused on their own personal growth through the understanding of their inner nature and are not at all concerned with the need to manipulate or change others. Manipulating others through clandestine efforts is neither desired nor possible since such manipulation would be readily known. Therefore, Privacy is not an issue.

But this is NOT the case in Third Dimensional reality. In the Third Universal Dimension, where younger Souls predominate and are increasing incarnations at this time, the arrangement through technology of knowing the inner personal workings of various groups of individuals by those who are intent on controlling and manipulating the individuals they have secretly gathered that inner knowledge from, is an affront to the sanctity of the individual and violates higher universal law.

We have told you that many currently incarnating in the Third Universal Dimension will soon be ascending to incarnations in the Fifth Dimension. Furthermore, you should know by now that the current Third Dimensional reality is in the process of Ascending to Fifth Dimensional frequency, just as the Second Dimension will soon evolve into a new Third Dimensional timeline. As we have also mentioned, there are those Souls (mostly baby and younger Human Angelic Souls) who will continue on in the newly emerging Third Dimensional timeline. These younger Souls will repopulate the new Third Dimension as older Souls cycle off and establish new incarnations at higher dimensional frequencies.

At this moment then, you have entities that are incarnated in lifetimes who will be living on a Third Dimensional timeline of Earth living side-by-side with those entities that will soon be cycling off to Fifth Dimensional incarnations on Terra. Such a transition is gradual in nature and almost unperceivable to those of lower consciousness. One need look no further than to the emergence worldwide of diametrically opposed groups that seem to become more entrenched in ideology and the consequential separation it fosters every day,

In many cases, these groups begin to form and utilize their own view of reality, and when looked at they appear to be living in an alternate universe or at the least, living according to alternative facts. We would suggest that this is indicative of the current Ascension phenomena we are discussing, where these individuals are in fact reshaping their personal reality to meet their goals and needs. We would further tell you that until such time as the Ascension process has completed over approximately the coming 250 years these divisions will become more and more pronounced.

It is because of this that we have spoken often about the importance now more than ever of finding one’s Truth. Truth, and what is true, comes to the forefront at this time in order to force your consideration and provoke you to seek your Truth. In doing so, the process allows you to align with the reality that is most akin to your Soul and your well being.

But what is paramount to understand is that seeking the Truth is not necessarily a debate of what the Truth actually is. Rather, it is your obligation to seek and find YOUR Truth. The nature of the current division not only demands that younger Souls find each other, it requires that older more enlightened Souls also do the same. Finding your Truth, the Truth that resonates with you, is what will bring you to those of like mind. Together, you will generate a mass conscious reality that is derived from your "Truths", and in doing so, hopefully, you will be guided to a more enlightened environment and insulated from the coming turmoil.

Bear in mind that reality is constructed based on your personal belief structure -- your Truth. That means it is based on what you believe to be true, NOT what the actual Truth might happen to be, since many Truths and many converging realities are possible. Knowing this you realize that what the Truth actually happens to be is a debate you will soon tire of, finding it as endless as it is pointless to convince someone of a Truth that is not their own.

It is quite possible for there to literally be many different mass conscious realities generated concurrently around varying belief systems within the same time-space. Where you place your Truth (belief) then has much to do with the reality magnetized to you. Additionally, the nature of the Truth, and subsequently the reality that is drawn to you, is not only an indication of your Soul age and consciousness, it also places you in alignment with your Soul’s intention -- your Essence Path. In a way, finding your Truth becomes a precursor to creating and understanding your own personal reality, something you will begin to realize more and more as this timeline progresses.

Returning to the issue of Privacy then, as the question of Truth emerges it also exposes considerations concerning Privacy. If Truth exists in relationship to the consciousness of the entity experiencing it and is also the precursor of a belief structure that creates personal reality, protecting and respecting that inner process becomes important. If left unguarded, it is an insight into one's inner world that can be exploited or disrespected by those of lower consciousness and devious intent. The consideration of respect for an individual's inner world, through Privacy, also provides a means of identifying who exactly possesses a neutral, objective and more mature consciousness from those with a lower consciousness who would seek to use the inner knowledge of someone's Truth for their own purposes, among which greed and the desire to control you figure prominently.

So here you are witnessing a time when polarizing separations of Truth, spurred by vastly contrasting levels of consciousness, ultimately lead you to conversations around protecting the inner and personal information (Truth) of each individual. Some among you begin to feel mindful of the information gathered from others through technological advancement and acknowledge the Privacy that ability now necessitates. Those of a decidedly more tribal orientation (younger Souls who believe the world should only be stocked with "Me and other Me's") ignore the need to protect each indvidual's inner Truth. Instead they look to either force an individual to their way of thinking, or seek to benefit from the stolen knowledge to control or manipulate an individual or the population.

We assure you that such self-service motivations of power, control and greed are in this case more closely aligned with lower Third Dimensional karmic consciousness than with a higher Fifth Dimensional vibration. Your personal information is not being used in such instances for the greater good, as you may be told by those who gather it, but instead is being used by planetary (as well as off-planetary) groups who seek to dominate you, possibly with the intent to even usurp the planetary Ascension process.

So what exactly is happening in a world where technology permits you to unlock the veil and look at the inner world of an individual? The answer is two fold. First of all, entities who are growing in consciousness and will ultimately Ascend to higher Fifth Dimensional lifetimes are, without realizing it, “practicing” as they experience what it is like for others to have the ability to see and "know" the inner workings of every individual. If you will, this is a primitive version of the experience you will have with Fifth Dimensional awareness where others will innately have inner sight and will be aware of your most personal inner Truth. Again, recall that such telepathy is an innate sense possessed by every being incarnated in the Fifth Universal Dimension.

It is not by accident that issues surrounding Truth - what is true and what is not -- have come up in your world first, followed now closely by issues around Privacy and the need to find and protect one's inner Truth/information. For many the issue of Truth and Privacy appear to be completely unrelated, but in fact they are different aspects of the same valuable lesson of respect and empathy,

As your experience around Truth becomes practical, and as the "Truth" of each individual is brought to light and revealed, each of you comes to realize the importance of respecting your Truth. Those who state proudly that they have been "true to themselves" do so with good reason. Once this is mastered, next you become aware of the intrinsic value of everyone's personal inner information, which, in enlightened individuals, naturally leads to a desire to safe-guard Truth through the protection of private information.

Finding Truth becomes a lesson in self-respect. Self-respect leads to the consideration of Privacy and provides a lesson in protecting and respecting the inner Truth of every individual.

Secondarily, it is for this reason that individuals from older Soul groups have now come together in an attempt to protect the sanctity of their inner knowledge -- their Truth. This is the case in various parts of the world, such as in the European Union, where older Souls, mindful of Privacy, coordinate initiatives whereby an individual is respected and protected. The inner Truth of each person, obtained through technological advancement, is to be respected by being placed out of the reach of lower consciousness entities who would otherwise exploit it through secrecy and deceit. Countries and societies that lag in doing so demonstrate their domination by younger Souls and lower consciousness entities who would rather hold onto and linger in lower dimensional vibration.

As we have said, your world is experiencing an exodus in terms of those Souls who are departing lifetimes within the current realm and who are destined, through Ascension, for lifetimes in higher vibrational universes. Those Souls are readily being replaced by a myriad of baby and younger Souls that do not necessarily have the level of consciousness needed to understand the importance of Truth or, as a result, the need to respect personal Privacy. For the most part the entities destined to continue on within incarnations in the Third Dimension, where Soul growth is primarily obtained through karmic interaction, have no need or desire to curtail access to their private inner worlds, since in many cases the rape of their Truth serves as the fuel of their karmic endeavors and future growth.

This is not so for individuals that have reached a higher level of consciousness. In that respect, if the world you see emerging before you is one that seems alien to your nature and distasteful to you, difficult though it may be living in such a reality congratulate yourself nonetheless on knowing that you feel this way because the reality you are seeing does not align with your Truth. Nevertheless, continue to seek out your Truth, work to find like minded individuals and insulate your reality from outside forces carrying their beliefs like torches that are alien and unsavory to you. Remember that while it is not always evident to you, doing so ensures a personal reality generated based on your own Truth and this is your best defense in a wayward world. Your Truth and the beliefs it generates will ultimately shield you from external tampering, and insulate your experiences no mater what version of mass conscious reality appears to be raging all around you.

It is not for us to tell you upon which side you should place your allegiance. Instead, we simply wish you to be informed about the higher, often hidden reason these things occur in your world. As we have said already, understand that your inner and intuitive reaction to these things is in fact a good indicator of your level of consciousness, your Soul age, your growth and perhaps even your ability to move forward through the evolutionary process of Ascension in the coming period.

For those of you who are beginning to understand the nature of their personal “Truth”, who are beginning to align themselves with that Truth and who are understanding the need to be respectful of Privacy and the personal information of each individual, we wish you well as you continue to seek your Truth. Remember to be impartial, objective and clear headed in your search for Truth, and be respectful of yourselves and others you meet on your journey. In doing so, may you create a world reality that resonates for you, where acceptance, love, respect and protection of the inner workings of every Human Angelic Soul are guaranteed.

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